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Prediction League 2021/22 The Rules

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The East End Bounce Prediction League 2021/22

I wish to extend a warm welcome to everyone participating in this the 5th East End Bounce Prediction League. Last years Champion was Andrew Whitaker who took the title from Charlie1. As before I will endeavour to have the fixtures up in advance, post reminders before games on the football forum and to have all the scores updated ASAP (usually the same day). So are you feeling lucky check out the rules below and join in! I’ll post the fixtures shortly.

The Rules
This is the important bit. Essentially they are quite simple and the scoring system while initially appearing complex are easy to follow. The competition is supposed to be fun and it’s free! All entries must take place before kick off or they will not be counted. Sadly there are no prizes – just glory!

You are free to edit your predictions up to the kick off time. If your late then tough! All predictions must be made via the appropriate The East End Bounce Prediction League thread or on the East End Bounce Facebook page. Proxy entries can be made on behalf of others, but must be indicated they are doing so. If you make the mistake of making multiple entries, I will only count the last set of predictions and treat them as an “edit”.

The Scoring: (This seems complicated, but its not!)

  • Correct score 10pts

  • Right result, but wrong score 5pts

  • Right score by team 2pts

  • I have screwed up my prediction and it was totally wrong 0pts

So if you predict:
Dunfermline 2 Raith Rovers 0, and the result is 2-0, Your score is 10 pts, (Correct score).
ICT 1 Killmarnock 1, and the result is 2-2, Your score is 5pts (Right result, but wrong score).
Hamilton 1 Arbroath 3, and the result is 1-0, Your score is 2pts (Wrong result, but correct score for Hamilton).
Partick Thistle 2 QoS 1 and the result is 2-0 Your score is 7pts (correct score for Partick & right result).
Morton 2 Ayr Utd 1 and the result is 1-3 Your score is
0pts (Suffer the ignominy!).

And remember if you add a Joker to any of these predictions your score will be doubled!

Covid 19

Not entirely sure how to best cover this. Or indeed if we have a full league season! But If a game has been forfeited I will award a 3-0 win against that team if the match is not replayed at another date.

You will be allocated 5 jokers where you can double your score on any single prediction over the season. If you are lucky you might score 20pts. However if you score 0pts, tough – that’s why it’s a Joker! To play your Joker please indicate “Joker” or “J” after your prediction ie: Pars 2 Raith Rovers 0 Joker. Now the Jokers are important because if there is the possibility there may be a tie at the end of the season. I will do a count back of the Jokers used and points won to establish the winner. So use your wisdom and judgement carefully!

Crowd Predictions:

Are back for this season I also plan to add to the mayhem by giving out an additional 5pts for the first individual to guess the closest to the correct crowd.

Golden goal

I plan to give an additional 5points for anyone who predicts within 3min the time of the first Pars goal

Top Scorer:

Its a new team, full of players we have some knowledge about, so with a new bonus I will give 10 bonus points for nominating the Pars player to score the most goals over a season. You must nominate your top scorer in your predictions for the first game.

Face Palms:

Just to rub it in the ignominy of the “facepalm” award will be given to the few who score a blank / 0pts after all we all love a laugh at the unfortunate.


I’m not infallible and will occasionally make the odd ballsup. If you spot a problem with your scores, let me know and I will amend them - if I agree! Ohh and if there are any other problems, I will act as adjudicator!!

Good luck for 2021/22. Bring it on! COYP



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