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This might be a generational thing, but I really miss the "serious" music newspapers...

I long for the days when I could nip down to John Menzies and get a fresh copy of "Sounds" or "Melody Maker" or (God forbid), the "New Musical Express" and leafing merrily through it's finger-blackening pages to further increase my vast knowledge of utterly useless music trivia...

Being a forward thinking  type of person I also invested my meagre earnings in a subscription to the new fangled ("Kerrang!") magazine, a truly groudbreaking publication, conveniently aimed at patchouli-sodden, long haired, denim clad, Marillion loving pathetic individuals like myself...

Since the unfortunate demise of "Sounds", I took "Melody Maker" for a while, but now there seems to be no more specialist newspapers anymore, which is a shame...

I understand that "times have moved oan ya slavering hoor etc", but I'm not really finding anything online that's that interesting either...


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Nothing of interest for me.  Not yet found any decent podcasts. 

The only thing one that I do follow is a fella called Noisey on YouTube.  He interviews all manner of musicians.  Some of his videos have been pretty good. 

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