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GG Riva

Will we stay or will we go?

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20 minutes ago, The Beer Baron said:

what was Kim Kardashian wearing last night?!

I didnt notice, it wasnt on for long before it was on my bedroom floor! 

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11 hours ago, Vinnie said:

Been discussing this in the office today.  Out of twenty staff, half say they dont understand it or they dont care and are bored of it.  It staggers me that folk dont try to follow it, or just give up when it becomes a little bit more complex.



Agreed. It's intensely frustrating when people don't seem to give a damn about such important issues.  

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From Reddit:-

"Imagine you knew someone who had slipped into a coma three years ago and now they woke up and asked “what have I missed”? Where would you even begin to summarise what has happened?

Well, remember David Cameron – the leader who stuck his pork-sword in a dead pigs mouth? To suck up to his old school friends he called a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.
During the campaign, Boris Johnson stood in front of a bus (sadly not while it was moving) to tell us how much better off the NHS would be if we left the EU.
Experts in the fields of health, economics, business and security said leaving the EU was a really bad idea. Michael Gove – the love-child of a salamander and Mr Bean – told us we had had enough of experts.
Millionaire man-of-the-people Nigel Farage stood in front of a poster showing refugees from Syria – a country the UK had bombed – and used it as an argument for us leaving Europe. He denied it was designed to stir up racial hatred.
MP Jo Cox was shot dead by a white supremacist.
On the night of the referendum Nigel Farage admitted his campaign had probably lost but said that if the result was something like 52% to 48 it would be “unfinished business by a long way”. His campaign won by 52% to 48. Farage declared it was decisive.
Having spent his whole career repeating that we would be better off out of the EU (while earning money from the EU), Farage then claimed “I never said we would be better off out of the EU” before applying for a German passport.
David Cameron, the man who started the process, promptly did the greatest disappearing act since Lord Lucan and hasn’t been seen since.
Everyone who campaigned for us to leave the EU, rather than put forward a coherent plan, suddenly went very quiet. The task of taking us out of the EU was given to a person who had voted for us to remain.
Boris Johnson, a man who has made a career out of insulting foreigners, was made Foreign Secretary. He also revealed that he had made that whole NHS thing up.
Michael Gove, the man who said we had had enough of experts, was put in charge of protecting our environment.
Rather than draw up a plan for exiting the EU before triggering the process, Theresa May triggered the process without any idea of how to do it. The EU was due to implement tax-avoidance laws targeting the super-rich on 1st April 2019 so it was imperative that Britain left the EU on 29th March 2019.
Concerned that she didn’t have a large enough majority to push Brexit through, Theresa May called a general election and lost the majority that she already had. She was forced to use to taxpayer’s money to bribe some Protestant fundamentalists in order to stay in power.
It was revealed that Facebook had been selling people’s personal details to some shady companies behind the Leave Campaign. It was also revealed that the Leave Campaign broke the law but this didn’t matter because the result was the “will of the people”.
The same shady companies admitted that the Brexit campaign had been used as a “petri-dish for the Trump campaign” to see what they could get away with. Donald Trump was promptly elected as US president. The Trump campaign is currently under investigation for alleged Russian interference.
In the UK, the Leave Campaign had received the biggest political donation in history from a man who apparently had no money but was married to a suspected Russian spy. Still, “will of the people” and all that.
The man in charge of negotiating our exit from the EU did nothing for nearly two years and then resigned. His replacement was so stunned by the revelation that goods crossed the English Channel by boat that he also resigned.
In an attempt to mitigate the potential loss of sea-borne freight, the Transport Minister awarded a shipping contract to a company with no ships (and whose terms and conditions had been copied and pasted from a pizza delivery firm).
Theresa May, having lost her majority and been found in contempt of parliament but somehow still in charge, put forward a vote on a Brexit deal. It lost by 68% to 32 so she tried again. It lost by 62% to 38. She is attempting to try a third time. Einstein once said that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” but they ignore him because he was foreign.
There were calls for a “people’s vote” on the process but Theresa May, who keeps putting forward the same vote on repeat, said that giving the electorate a say would be “undemocratic”.

So that’s where we are.
And still, in all that time, the thing they would probably find hardest to believe is that England reached the semi-finals of the World Cup."

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