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Favourites for relegation

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3 hours ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

If you'd said "I think we'll be fine" or "I believe..." or "... because of x, y and z" then that would be fair enough and maybe saying it's being positive. Just saying "we'll be fine" is the sort of thing that fans of teams who have been relegated (or worse) have said. All IMO of course.

Yeah, thing is we've seen a continual negative bombardment of endless gash on social media that cannot in reality be attributed to supporting this club.

Some of the personal abuse has been unforgiveable and the deliberate posts on the likes of .Net that encourage unwarrented conjecture do nothing to help our dire situation.

I know for a fact Honk is more than aware of what this means for the club regarding an under performing team. Same as eveyone else. He had enough awareness to kick start the saving of our club so I'd imagine he knows how bad the situation is now.


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