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  1. DougieDave

    New posters

    Welcome aboard No11
  2. DougieDave

    Peter Grant Courier interview

    The content of that is quite staggering - surely they’d have taken notice of the furore of the last statement and tempered his press interview accordingly. All he had to say simply is we need to start winning games and turn this around - leave it at that - no need for the dramatic monologue…..
  3. DougieDave

    Ross McArthur

    I think we all agree with that in here GG
  4. DougieDave

    Marv Steaua

    Very sad news indeed - George was a lovely man
  5. DougieDave


    More great work behind the scenes - fantastic news…..
  6. DougieDave

    Board statement

    Great to see you and your voice of reason back Stanza, fortunately we have a lot of sensible balanced heads in here - we do however all have a common sense of concern at the moment…
  7. DougieDave

    Board statement

    I’d agree with all that - my general well being is still rock bottom - these events this week have had a genuine impact to my mindset - its made me fearful for the future - not only for our Club but for our society - Brexit, Trump, Tories, Social Media, Lockdown - they’ve created a monster of hate and bile I’ve never seen in 59 years - its a powder keg, and good men like Ross are being vilified - I feel utterly ashamed this could happen to him - truly truly awful……
  8. DougieDave

    New Protest

    I’ve already given all my dinner money to the jannie - you two can ram it…..
  9. DougieDave

    New Protest

    One of few positives around this whole sordid affair is the level and tone of debate on this forum - its a real breath of fresh air compared to others - well played to the folks who run and administer this site 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  10. DougieDave

    New Protest

    The spitting event 100% happened - whilst out shopping in town - utterly repugnant indeed - Ross deserves WAY better than this…..
  11. DougieDave

    New Protest

    Just when I was beginning to get my Mojo back and get back out to the games - this is happening - I am utterly at a loss - people can be utterly vile at times - I have taken my time over the years since Ross and Co took over to understand how the Club works, attending almost every Supporters Council meeting - I have also got to know a few of the directors via the DADSC work I do as well getting involved hands on with some voluntary stuff. None of the arseholes spearheading these campaigns and social media vitriol have been anywhere to be seen, their actions are borne out of ignorance and entitlement - I fear many dark days ahead 😢
  12. DougieDave

    New Protest

    Grimm times again 😢
  13. DougieDave

    New Manager

  14. DougieDave

    Board statement

  15. DougieDave

    Board statement

    Dear oh dear oh dear 😢