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  1. DougieDave

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    He’s a ****ing twat - close the thread
  2. DougieDave

    Board end of season statement

    We are badly broken at the moment - its hard to imagine how we’ll recover - however the way Thomas dealt with his terminal diagnosis over the last 2 years has driven home what bravery and strength are all about - his teachings will see us through this....
  3. DougieDave

    Board end of season statement

    You taught both him and my daughter at St Columbas GG - they always spoke highly of you
  4. DougieDave

    Board end of season statement

    In the midst of the pressure at the end of a stressful season, the Chairman took time out to write me a personal letter to offer condolences at the recent loss of my son - this is the calibre of the man we have at the helm....
  5. Great bit of fun - thanks to @the saline hill puma For getting me onboard on the Dundee United away trip early season where I broke 2 ribs and to @Superally for all the hard work organising 🙂
  6. Been otherwise engaged - vaguely interested.....
  7. DougieDave

    Stevie Chalmers (D)

    Another outstanding Scottish footballer - one of the best.....
  8. DougieDave

    It's a mystery.

  9. DougieDave

    It's a mystery.

    Quick google will suffice .....
  10. DougieDave

    It's a mystery.

    Her fiance is significant...
  11. DougieDave

    Pars v Morton

    I will be there Saturday if I can - the team needs every tiny bit of support it can muster....
  12. DougieDave

    Man United Fans

    Here’s hoping.....
  13. DougieDave

    Man U v Man City

    We’re talking football fans here - morons the lot of them - not wanting your team to beat your City rivals and not put you in European slot - as I said - morons.....
  14. DougieDave

    Man United Fans

    Only a win tonight will feature in any United players mind - to suggest anything else is utterly ludicrous
  15. DougieDave

    Man U v Man City

    Under no circumstances will United fans be hoping for a City win - unthinkable - their game will be upped after the Everton debacle but will inevitably struggle to muster a win in this one - I forecast a boring draw