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  1. Number Eleven

    Benitez gone……

    An experiment doomed to fail. The fans couldn’t take a man so associated with their biggest rivals to their hearts. They could do worse than appoint Big Dunc until the Summer.
  2. Number Eleven

    Team v Hamilton

    A much needed win today. I thought we played well in the first half and created quite a few chances. Lawless always wants the ball, McCann never gave their defenders a minutes peace and Dow almost looked his old self. There was a great moment when Fon Williams came through a crowd a players to take a cross late on but the truth is that, while they got plenty of possession in the second half, Hamilton were toothless in attack. Lots of good performances and great to see Lewis Martin for a cameo. Edwards man of the match, defended strongly and helped set up the goal with a great cross.
  3. Number Eleven

    Team v Hamilton

    Game day! I’m struggling to get excited about this one although I’m one of the 500. Not sure if this should be considered a penance given the quality of recent performances. Surely we can’t be as bad as last week? Sadly I think the best we can hope for is a very dull 0-0 draw.
  4. Number Eleven

    Craig Wighton

    So the club at the top of the league see Wighton as a player that would improve them but the Pars at the bottom of the league have no place for him? Yogi is going to have to pull some great signings out of the bag to salvage this transfer window.
  5. Number Eleven

    Kai Kennedy

    Much more likely to win a free kick for an outrageous dive than to score.
  6. Number Eleven

    Team v Hamilton

    With the squad we have and the performances recently there is no right answer for team selection. I’d go with Fon Williams Comrie Connolly Donaldson Martin Dow Dorrans Pybus Lawless Wighton McCann I’d look for Comrie and Dow to rekindle their successful partnership, play Lawless in his natural position and get Wighton to support McCann up front.
  7. Number Eleven

    Paul Allan

    Congratulations to Paul, I understand he’s a local lad and a Pars fan. I think there’s a player in there but he’s no the finished product and probably not ready to play every week in the Championship. With some more time and with better players around him he will hopefully develop into a real asset.
  8. Number Eleven

    Club update

    Thanks and I know the answer the investors have given, my point is that it seems odd to me that they would travel so far from home to find a club that fit their criteria. However they have made the investment they promised and so I’m willing to take them at face value, despite my scepticism.
  9. Number Eleven

    Club update

    I think that it’s right to maintain a healthy scepticism, given the history of what happened with the previous regime. I have the same question about why the investors want to spend their time and money on the Pars, as there is no previous connection but yesterday’s announcement proves they are committed, even increasing on the previously agreed amount.
  10. Number Eleven

    Club update

    The CLN structure means that ownership stays as it is for now without the club having to pay any more, due to 0 interest. If the investors don’t convert the loan note into shares when the 5 years is the club can, so the loan doesn’t have to be repaid in cash. It’s understandable that the investors may have been put off, if even half of what was reported as happening to Ross McArthur is true. So the fact they have maintained the investment is good in terms of the funding of the training facility. What is so sad is that while off field plans are progressing on the field are ambition is now to maintain our place in the Championship.
  11. Number Eleven

    Scottish Free Agents

    Kerr McInroy played really well in the win over Hearts last season but didn’t show that level of performance often enough. Perhaps dropping down to League 1 had opened his eyes to what he needs to bring to every game?
  12. Number Eleven

    New signing

    We need a lot more than 1 new signing.
  13. Number Eleven

    Morton v Pars

    Very bad for the Pars today. I thought a narrow defeat would be as bad as it would get. I didn’t think we were so bad we’d be thrashed by the bottom club who will now have a great confidence boost. Where do we go from here?
  14. Number Eleven

    Morton v Pars

    Game day! A massive 3 points available for the winner of today’s match. Unfortunately the great win over Ayr has been a rare bright point in the season so far so I expect Yogi’s approach will be to keep things tight as we seen wide open when attacking. With Lewis Martin back in the squad my mind goes back to his debut when a side devastated by administration secured a great win in Greenock against the best Morton side in recent history. John Potter was excellent that day, talking his youthful teammates through the game. The same result today would be very welcome.
  15. Number Eleven

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    The club’s announcement really hammers home how nonsensical the 500 rule is. The club is allowed to accommodate up to an additional 200 fans in hospitality as long as they stay inside. I assume that there won’t be as many as 200 due to social distancing but 500 is a hard limit outside, regardless of the size of the stadium. Even though the scientific evidence is clear that we are a lot safer meeting outside than inside. The 500 limit has to be lifted as it simply makes no sense.