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  1. Number Eleven

    Cove v Pars

    I agree that friendlies are just preparation for the real stuff. As the squad is so light it should be easy to ensure everyone gets a run out. It is possible to draw some conclusions from the preseason. Last year’s matches showed a softness in conceding goals at important times that continued all season.
  2. Number Eleven

    New Assistant

    Welcome to the Pars Dave. I was hoping for a veteran assistant to help the young manager but he’s got someone with good experience who he clearly knows and trusts.
  3. Number Eleven

    New home shirt

    I like that.
  4. Number Eleven


    I think expectation plays a big part. It’s generally accepted that Dorrans is on a huge wage for League 1 and he delivered practically nothing last year. He was expected to raise the team with his quality and experience but was unable to. For me, the ideal solution is for him to leave and be replaced by a player who can actually influence a game. Having said that, if he stays perhaps James McPake can get the best out of him, but he looked past it last season.
  5. Number Eleven

    Supporters Meeting

    It’s great to see such a good response with 150 tickets gone in 1 day. It shows the appetite of the fans to engage with the club that and that is a real positive on the back of a really disappointing season. I can’t make it myself but I’ll look for the reports with great interest.
  6. Hopefully Alan Main can build up Deniz Mehmet’s confidence as he looked dreadful at the start of the season. We need at least one more goalie to provide challenge.
  7. Number Eleven

    Australia v Peru WC Play Off

    I think the goalies are entitled to dance around, in the same way the a penalty taker can hop and skip to try to put the goalie off. The penalty shootout is a psychological battle and so trying to put off your opponent is part of that.
  8. Number Eleven

    Chris Hamilton

    I normally welcome new signings but as he’s a big Pars fan I’ll say welcome home instead. This could be a really good signing as we lacked a ballwinner in the middle of the park last season. He had a great season in the Championship and is young so has bags of room for improvement. Next signing a good young wideman?
  9. Number Eleven

    Kyle Benedictus

    Welcome to the Pars Kyle. I remember watching him play for Dundee as a teenager and he looked a real prospect. Perhaps didn’t kick on as he could’ve but he’s had a decent career and has leadership experience - which is something we were crying out for last season. Should be a decent signing for League 1.
  10. Number Eleven

    Season tickets?

    While I would’ve expected an announcement on the coaching staff by now I would guess that it isn’t yet sorted and so there’s nothing to announce. The non-launch of season ticket sales is bizarre and self defeating as in previous years the message was always about how important it was to get the money in early - they can hardly say that now. Just to see increase the weirdness the club has prioritised a communication on a fixture launch breakfast, which could mes with a discount for season ticket holders - what season ticket holders?
  11. Number Eleven

    Squad For Next Season

    I’d like to see us sign a good, experienced central defender, someone with leadership qualities. I just think that, at 37 Kirk Broadfoot might be too old but he did manage over 40 matches for a decent ICT team last year. I’d like the majority of our signings to have their best years ahead of them, so Chris Hamilton would fit the bill.
  12. Number Eleven

    Update from Cook

    It seems obvious that a football club’s priority should be winning games but I’m glad to hear both the Chairman and the Manager emphasise this point as we haven’t won nearly enough games over the past 18 months. We could be the best run club in Scotland but that doesn’t matter if we can’t win. Appointing Peter Grant as manager was a self destructive act and I’ll never understand why the board thought it was a good idea but we have to move forward now and to focus on something me short term success on the park is a good way to do this.
  13. Number Eleven

    Update from Cook

    It’s good to hear from the Chairman and CEO. The question I thought was missing was on progress on the training ground - is all necessary funding in place and when will it open?
  14. Number Eleven


    I disagree that Courtois was the difference between the teams, I’d expect Allison to have made all the same saves. Liverpool had plenty of possession but their crosses into the box were poor all night and their finishing wasn’t good enough. A real chance missed for them tonight.
  15. Number Eleven

    Premier Sports Cup DAFC fixtures

    The Pars usually make a good start in the group stages and we should be aiming for 3 wins this time around. It’ll be a good test for the new team.