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  1. SRBpar

    New Manager

    is any of the ITK folk know if there is a board meeting today or when grant will be sacked
  2. SRBpar

    This has to stop

    I never want to see or hear and interview with Peter grant as pars manager ever again in my life
  3. SRBpar

    This has to stop

    This is genuinely heartbreaking seeing the club this way.
  4. SRBpar

    DAFC v Raith Rovers.

    They maybe pars fans but that dosent excuse the fact they are still employing a manager that has been a failure where ever he has been. Why wait till Morton that could be 6 points dropped then we have a mountain to climb and tbh a win just papers over the cracks, he’s not gonna turn our season around regardless get him so far to f**k
  5. SRBpar

    DAFC v Raith Rovers.

    The final nail in his coffin should have been after the QOS game. I’m sure if we were all still performing to his standards in our jobs after being told to pick it up we would have been shown the door. its enivitable that dick Campbell will hit that final nail in the coffin on Saturday when we go up to Arbroath and get beat
  6. SRBpar

    DAFC v Raith Rovers.

    This season in a polite term so far is a sh**e show. last season the objective was to get to the play offs which we managed by the skin off our teeth. this season should have been a progression on that but sadly and worryingly the board are happy sitting on there hands doing sweet f all about it. the fans are taking the brunt off it and continually back the team. The young lads in the north west were brilliant last night and have been every time I’ve been this season. They said in the email I got they weren’t taking the fans for granted it certainly seems that way to me from what I’m seeing. They kept the north west gate shut for nearly 15 mins after game finished last night when next to no rover fans walked passed. We pay our money into the club and gets ****ed up the wall employing a joke of a manager and some off the player recruitment has been utter crap. I’ll continue to go but the board or manager dosent have my support. The players do as I think they are being sold down the river by who is managing them and the club. it’s certainly worrying times being a pars fan
  7. SRBpar

    How bad does it need to get?

    So I got an email back from the club. went along the lines off the board don’t want it to be fans vs board and they have no intention of taking the fan base for granted or to alienate the fans. also the easiest decision is not always the right decision to make, which leads me to believe they don’t have the money to sack him. Read they email a few times and dosent make for great reading tbh. also planning on doing a supporters council where manager will be present.
  8. SRBpar

    How bad does it need to get?

    Not being cynical but all these people ITK haven’t been right once.
  9. SRBpar

    New Manager

    Intrigued to know which player, the club stinks just now, I’ve no idea why he’s still in a job tbh, if I was performing as bad as he is in my job I would be shown the door. so much for a family run club the distance between the fans and clubs is miles apart and it’s sad to see.
  10. SRBpar

    New Manager

    Fair enough, any hints on the players or if grant is going to get the boot
  11. SRBpar

    New Manager

    Why wait till Monday surely be able to do it at anytime, I sent an email to the club tonight expecting nothing back.
  12. SRBpar

    New Protest

    Has anything been said about him leaving or people ITK that he is actually stepping down? I have only meet billy braisby when I down the Mary Leishman walks and thought him and his sons were spot on with me my brother and mum. That’s not to say other people haven’t had bad run ins or story’s about him. I cancelled my lifeline after reading the other thread as I’m sure the previous chairman that left was in the walks and he was a roaster of the highest order. is it not possible to have a fan representative on the board, and are subsequently able to cast there vote when it comes to making important decisions regarding the club going forward. It’s horrible being a fan just now and don’t usually pay much attention to the behind the scenes stuff but as I get older it’s obvious that has a massive impact on the pitch.
  13. SRBpar

    New Protest

    First time poster here, I post on p and b but dot net is the pits, I have been vocalish on Twitter and called the board cowards I’ll hold my hands up to that but for no other reason than footballing terms. if what your saying is true and stuff has happened then that is utterly disgusting. I’m all for fans being heard but has to be in a manner than it dosent harm any one or put fear into anyone. I tried to email the club but got emails sent straight to spam folder, the email wasn’t calling heads off the board it was actually praising them for what they have done it was about the footballing side. anyway good to be hear just feel since supporting the pars nearly 30 years and this is the worst I’ve felt about the club.
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