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  1. Piracy

    New posters

    Welcome aboard
  2. Piracy

    Transfer news & gossip

    Messi!!! No wonder you can't say anything 👍
  3. Piracy


    Speaking of riff-raff, anyone spot a certain poster/protester/poser from our forum?
  4. Piracy


    Agreed, the right class only 😉
  5. Piracy

    Big Ivo

    Big Ivo, running down the wing
  6. Piracy


    Playing devil's Advocate here, there were elements of decsions made to bring unpopular elements into the body of the Kirk back then that were understandable. Pars Supporters Trust, DAFC. Net for example were there at the time and it meant using them meant not having to find alternatives to replace them. Resources were limited etc However I'm like a lot of other fans from that period who were less than pleased about certain individuals being allowed positions of influence. As times goes by hopefully alternatives will be put in place and certain individuals will have less to do with the workings of the club. More proffessional people brought in with the right attitude, more pragmatic, more collaborative, more socially aware, more ambitious and not self entitled. All said and done we all just want what's best for the club, a club thst belongs to us all.
  7. Piracy

    Transfer news & gossip

    Any sources mate?
  8. Piracy

    New posters

    Just read the thread again, it's just mental. For the record it was me who posted it on P&B, then deleted it 😂, hope I don't get attacked now!!
  9. Piracy

    How to get into game ?

    Wonderful where the bairn gets that fae 🤔
  10. Piracy

    Seven years ago

    Ross McArthur sent a text to a guy I know well on the day the German gents took over just the other week. He thanked him for the support and initiative back in 2012/2013. Touch of class and he knew who to trust in nasty circumstances.
  11. Piracy

    New posters

    It's what we want to make it Rossmcno1 as a collective. Fairly liberal approach to moderation and try not to upset the flow of discussions. Being honest Admin don't have to do much.
  12. Piracy

    How to get into game ?

  13. Piracy

    New posters

    Just admitted some more fellow Pars fans to the Forum. In advance, welcome to the Forum.
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    Enjoy the forum, and "Come on Ye Pars!"

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