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  1. Piracy

    Celtic v Pars

    Superb backing from the fans. Team threw themselves at everything. I genuinely believe we were unlucky. I think it is a good omen that we're together at the moment, club, team and fans. VID_45871223_074244_996.mp4
  2. Piracy

    Celtic v Pars

    First 1000 tickets almost now sold out. Another 600 sent through from Celtic today. Hopefully get them all sold as well.
  3. Piracy

    Celtic v Pars

    Nothing to lose in this circumstance. We go here with our heads up, we're big enough and ugly enough to get stuck right into Celtic. I'm defiant in mood as always and ever hopeful. I'm already looking forward to it.
  4. Piracy

    Fass signs!!!!

    These discussions are inevitable but seriously this guy is way overrated. Out of the 6 or 7 seasons he's been here he shone one season, in the 3rd teir of our league setup. I don't understand the obsession with him. I'm only interested in our current players.
  5. Piracy

    v Celtic

    Lizzie buses booked into Shettleston Juniors next Saturday, all Pars fans welcome. Only a mile from Celtic Park. See you all there hopefully. COYP
  6. Piracy

    Fass signs!!!!

    f*ck him, wage thief and an imposter
  7. Piracy

    The town that floored the World.

    I watched that as well Scott. Superb wee programme and it just shows you how important it was to the town regarding supporting the local economy. Also great to see them still producing Linoleum.
  8. Piracy

    Abertay Uni

    Good thing is it's only an hour up the road if anything goes wrong. They're in a safe environment within the Halls. I worried more the second year when my lassie moved into a flat with some pals. She was fine. They grow up away from home very quickly. Does their self confidence a world of good.
  9. Piracy

    Abertay Uni

    First of all we'll done. My lassie was at Abertay Digs. She went straight into the Halls. Better if they do that. However not for everyone. Train takes an hour from Inverkeithing. Regular bus half the price but around an hour and a half in travel time however you can get the Megabus from park n ride. Megabus takes an hour. Lessons and a car eventually bud. Either way get your wallet out.
  10. Piracy

    Pars V Dundee

    Good enough performance and the support did well. Bit disappointed in the trouble post match though.
  11. Piracy

    Pars V Dundee

    I'll go 3-1 Pars. Again early season optimism. Just to add my predictions are brutal.
  12. Piracy

    Better Together

    The Scottish Conservatives will split from the main party. As for Labour not so sure. Anyway Corbyn for Prime minister.
  13. Piracy

    Ross McArthur

    I did say similar to myself. Sure that would have been considered though.
  14. Piracy

    Ross McArthur

    Voted onto the SPFL committee. Excellent news.
  15. Piracy

    Edinburgh City (a)

    Disappointing it very early days. Could still top the group.