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  1. Piracy

    Crawford Out

    We were mince yesterday. We seem to have forgotten how to build play, use width, take shots from distance, just lump it forward. Not good enough. Crawford will see this season out, and rightly so. Getting rid of just now is utter guff, it isn't going to happen.
  2. Piracy

    John Robertson

    He was actually a great player and he's a popular figure in the Scottish game. Spoken to the guy couple of times at Sportsmans dinners, found him to be a gentleman. Best of luck with whatever he does.
  3. Piracy

    Gordon McQueen

    Sad news the other day regarding Gordon McQueen and his battle with dementia. I remember him scoring headers for Scotland when I was a kid and I could name the whole Leeds team he played with in the early 70's. No doubt his ability to header a ball inevitably brings up the discussion on the subject matter of links to dementia. How do you stop headering a ball? ttps://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/football/56168698
  4. Piracy


    He's an articulate guy, and a passionate guy. I admire him for standing up to bigots. Guy has had some ****e put his way, and regardless of mistakes Lennon has made in how he's portrayed himself, he didn't deserve threats on his life. He didn't deserve the treatment he's had off an element of his own supporters either.
  5. Piracy

    Pars v Wasps

    Wighton performed well, scored 2, brought others into play and showed nice touches. Looks a good signing. We got pass marks (just) first half, second half Alloa were the better team. We got away with it and pleased we won, but we need to improve on that performance.... a lot. Improve on delivery into the box, play through the midfield, don't punt high balls from the back ffs. I believe Stevie will sort it out.
  6. Piracy

    Scottish Cup Morton away

    Abdolutely honking draw. No excitement at all.
  7. Piracy

    ICT v Pars

    I think this is a potential defeat. Given we've been poor in recent weeks if we don't improve soon we'll be on the end of a defeat soon enough.
  8. Piracy

    Merry Christmas

    Hi, just before we all rush out get too busy, I'd just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Also, thanks for continuing to use the site.
  9. Piracy


    This is good news, for several reasons. One being, he's good player, another reason it's actually showing an ongoing ambition.
  10. Piracy

    Dundee v Pars

    Not saying he's a poor unreliable keeper, just just a bit more consistency would lift our confidence. Like you say Rovers was an example of poor keeping, then Saturday he put in a competent performance. We'll see what happens.
  11. Piracy

    Dundee v Pars

    Williams gives me concerns.
  12. Piracy

    Dundee v Pars

    Was some strike by Adam to be fair.
  13. Piracy

    Dundee v Pars

    A draw at best. I'm not convinced with our strikers collective ability to get regular goals. McManus is our best by a mile and I don't see him as prolific. Williams in goal is also a weak link in our team. Dare I say it, we need a striker and a goalkeeper. Easy to say that right enough, can't see how we'd get them.
  14. Piracy

    Craw and Turner

    Turner is playing consistently well, even ladt night he had pass marks for me.
  15. Piracy

    Pars v Saints

    Yeah, poor overall. If St Johnstone had scored early I think we'd have been skelped. We've been found out in a sense regarding how we're set out to play. Up our game for Saturday and we should get a result.