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  1. Piracy

    OFW signs

    Never been called that before
  2. Piracy

    OFW signs

    I got an A. I was encouraged to stay on and go to Art College but I got a job, an apprenticeship actually. No regrets apart from feeling like I let my art teacher down by not going to Art College. I never draw or paint, and by all accounts I should. Cannae be ersed 🤣
  3. Piracy

    Photo of the week

    When he got interviewed he sounded like he was on helium 🤣🤣
  4. Piracy

    OFW signs

    Tony Hart if he's still alive or Mr Ratomski my art teacher from Queen Anne High School.
  5. Piracy

    Transfers / signings

    I like what we've done and I'm hopeful Stevie Crawford can get the best out of the guys by instilling a formidable team spirit now we're seeing the club get players onto 2 year and the odd 3 year deals unlike previous seasons. You can see what we're attempting to do.
  6. Piracy

    Danny Rose Interview

    Regarding black people or people of Afro-Carribean origin within the UK, many have been here for generations so not sure why they're still deemed to be foreigners by the uneducated. Lot of bulls*it and just pure ignorance and predijuce. The Police are there to serve us, the public and are meant to be without predijuce, which evidently they're not given the extensive evidence on offer. There are social problems in black communities as there are in any communities with large groups of social housing wracked with poverty and a lack of real opportunities to progress in life. We get the society we deserve.
  7. Piracy

    Danny Rose Interview

    I believe what he's saying. It's a common situation for black people. YouTube has all the evidence you need. Also, I was just reading about UK sprinter Bianca Williams who made a complaint after being stopped by the Police. She was pretty disturbed by it all, and you can understand why. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-london-53307561
  8. Piracy

    OFW signs

    More assured than Scully. Glad he's signed.
  9. Bryan Adams - song from the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie. Back in the sea ya Canadian c*nt. KC & the Sunshine Band - Give it up. Played everywhere in 1984. Wet Wet Wet - their cover of the Troggs song from that horrendous film 4 Weddings & a Funeral.
  10. You have no idea how much I hate that song. I genuinely going to say the same when I read the thread title.
  11. Piracy

    Jack Charlton

    These men are the kind I remember from times gone by. When men knew what their role was in society. Seems to be oh so different now with fake tans, gyms and Instagram photos. Give me fitbaw, fags, Lager and double-time Sundays with a hangover 😎
  12. Piracy

    Transfers / signings

    Seems like a decent enough signing and has some Premiership pedigree with reported potential. 2 year deal as well. I like that we're doing that. They develop and hopefully thrive, we benefit with a sale hopefully.
  13. Piracy

    Transfers / signings

    The thing is your absolutely minted as well. I think you should buy all ours 😎
  14. Piracy

    Transfers / signings

    Yeah, I'll get to mine this Friday. Few mates been buying them too.
  15. Piracy

    Transfers / signings

    Games generally in a mess. Just hope we're in good enough shape to ensure we continue not too badly affected for the league starting. The signings so far have been superb and we're not hearing anything negative so fingers crossed all appears to be OK.