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  1. Piracy

    Radical Idea

    I removed my previous post. Long winded pi*h as usual. If my current state of disconnection lifts a few notches I'll probably be along to the Supporters Council. If we're still rooted to the bottom of the league and scoring own goals I won't be. I'll have taken up craft needlework or golf by then.
  2. Piracy

    The Jags v The Pars

    To be honest I've no idea, I can't see past a scudding. I'll be in Majorca so missing the game, but I might stretch to watching it on my phone whilst consuming cocktails and smoking Regal kingsize.
  3. Piracy

    Radical Idea

    Good news. Like most I'm frustrated with the amount of communication own goals of late. There would always be a few difficulties with a period of transition I suppose. Look forward to seeing things improving on a communication front.
  4. Piracy

    Radical Idea

    How about the club think about releasing a quarterly club communication piece through the clubs website and social media outlets. Just a high level overview covering items on the pitch, behind the scenes, present initiatives, future initiatives, promoting good news stories etc Because right now it's literally silent. The only news is stuff like ill thought out statements or stuff that's been getting leaked for weeks through some individuals and leading to a lot of uncertainty, supposition, frustration, negativity. Right now our club is reeking of politics. We need some leadership shown.
  5. Piracy

    Paul Watson

  6. Piracy

    Paul Watson

    Surprised at Dorrans as well after Grant signing him. Grant needs to go, I'm just not budging from that now. It's all been said about him, it's been distraction after distraction because of a lot of Grant's behaviours. This job is too big for him imo.
  7. Piracy

    Paul Watson

    I fully agree that I was dismissive. I'm not interested in rumour counter rumour. That's nothing to do with moderating, it's a fans opinion. Players leave clubs all the time. Watson isn't a loss for me. I've heard enough about Peter Grant. I want him gone. However if he's in the managerial position I want him concentrating on getting a winning team on the park. Grant out 😂
  8. Piracy

    Newcastle Takeover

    Did you ever get a pint wi Deliah Smith?
  9. Piracy

    Newcastle Takeover

    Also occasionally prone to punch Polis horses off the pus.
  10. Piracy

    Paul Watson

    I didn't accuse you specifically. I'm done with he said, they said, 100% fact etc Bottom line is I'm not interested in what happened. I'm interested in the club concentrating on attempting to get matches won. Like I say this is another distraction.
  11. Piracy

    Squid Game.

    Not for me. Ma young ones have been at me to watch it. Sounds horrendous.
  12. Piracy

    Newcastle Takeover

    Norwich deserve to go down because they're called the Canaries. Sound like a team of utter softies. A team Keyser would support for instance. On the other hand Geordies are hard and eat fried mince for breakfast. Too hard for folk like Keyser.
  13. Piracy

    Paul Watson

    He's gone, that's the only fact on this thread. The rest is all rumour and counter rumour. Hopefully he'll get a new club and we concentrate on trying to win games over the next weeks. This is just another unnecessary distraction.
  14. Piracy

    Paul Watson

    , 😂😂😂