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  1. Piracy

    17 Players Released

    Move on. Valued poster.
  2. Piracy

    17 Players Released

    No issue with GG Riva, but it does appear sometimes that we're lectured in a condescending manner. That's all. I worry longer term for our club. I support making decisions to look after it's longer term interests.
  3. Piracy


    Council are silly for closing refuge plant at Luscar. They could easily manage social distancing.
  4. Piracy

    17 Players Released

    Just sometimes it's good to have alternative viewpoints on here. I get its important the club gets its message over as well but nobody on here needs to be told to have a word with themselves imo.
  5. Piracy

    17 Players Released

    Shame but expected. Feck aff Covid-19
  6. Piracy

    Championship behind closed doors?

    Here's a rant of sorts. I'm sick of hiding from this virus. The majority of people recover no problem and others shrug it off. Obviously the vulnerable category need to take a lot more care. What's the death toll now due to other life threatening conditions not being treated, heart conditions, cancers, diabetes etc I think we're being subjected to an unnecessary state of affairs with this lockdown nonsense. What's the economic damage? , what's the educational and development damage to our bairns and young folk? Levels of domestic abuse through the roof. What's the damage to people's wellbeing and mental health? The damage is greater than the risk from this stupid f*ck in virus. We've been risk assessing life since birth, and right now I would go into a busy pub and a football match, no question. Closed door fitbaw is just a no no for me, you'd be as well folding all the leagues and taking up knitting groups on Zoom or whatever it's called.
  7. Piracy

    No SPFL league reconstruction

    I'm keeping out of Rangers/Celtic sh*t. Because that's what it is, sh*t
  8. Piracy

    I thought you were dead

    Well done folks. Thanks
  9. Piracy

    The most brutal game in history

    I reckon Keyser the guiser is less fit than GG Riva
  10. Piracy

    New Kit

    Both strips are great. Pity I'm a fat basturd and they'd look awful on ne
  11. Piracy

    I thought you were dead

    Funding issue. Back now
  12. He felt he was forced to come out and stick up against the allegations made. That is what he more or less said. Yeah of course he's old and ugly enough to look after himself and will do the best for the club. No argument there. TRBFC is often near enough with what he says. Evidently having an Oxford degree suggests he's reasonably intelligent 😂 and he's close to the Board as well. Both good spuds.
  13. I'm glad that Ross has come out and stuck up for himself but it's sad that it had to come to that. Some people have no class and are driven purely by self interest. I worry about our national game.
  14. Boris Johnston did not take heed of other countries experiences to this Covid-19 situation. He dithered and f*cked about because preserving the economy was more important than preserving life. That's the problem with Conservatives and their dismissive societal ethos, allied with their inherent obsession with money. People are expendable. We've got the second highest death rate in the world with over 31,000 acknowledged deaths attributed to Covid-19 and the real/true figure likely to be over 50,000 deaths. He was too late in acting decisively in locking down society. He kept allowing flights to come in to UK with no restrictions: over 100,000 people a week if estimates are to be believed. Missed around 5 Cobra meetings early doors. An exit strategy should substantially more detailed than his "blither-blabber-stammer-stay alert" .. (and repeat) message last night. As for folk using common sense I think that's exactly what the vast majority have been doing. There's been heroic and heart warming tales of people rising to the challenges presented. There has been absolute tradegies like the deaths of 200 NHS staff carrying out their day to day duties. There will be a namby-pamby enquiry no doubt and Boris and subordinates will not be held to account. Disgusting. Sorry for the rant but it's sickening what's been going on.
  15. The Tory government have blood on their hands with their inept and arrogant initial handling of this situation. It's brutal but a fact that people died unnecessarily. Sturgeon is showing leadership. I believe she's looking after the Scottish people first and foremost and I'm not an SNP supporter. No idea why we have to delve into politics on this subject about getting back into a game of football.