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  1. Piracy

    Playing squad 2019/20

    I wouldn't worry too much. We're going to be mid table at the least. I just don't see this failing as it's a very sensible approach. The crowd in the main are supportive and if the guys are trying on the pitch they're also forgiving as well
  2. Piracy

    Players put through their paces today

    Bein serious... Its Mikey Leonard and Davie Moyes (2).
  3. Piracy

    Jason Dair

    Having a reservation is a rational standpoint. However having the guy written off before he even gets his trainers in the door is poor form. Some of our fans are complete bellends.
  4. Piracy

    Playing squad 2019/20

    What we get out of these players will absolutely depend on how effective our Management teams leadership qualities are. We have a clear and consice vision in place as conveyed to the supporters by Stevie Crawford and Shields at the Supporters Council meeting. Bringing this vision to fruition is the hard part but passion and commitment are an ideal starting point.
  5. Piracy

    Jackson Longridge

    He wanted to go probably. He is gone regardless and we move on.
  6. Piracy

    Jason Dair

    It's full of slavering, self righteous so called fans who have w@nked themselves to sleep post match every Saturday for years at having got the world telt on the Internet. Feeling self congratulatory at thinking their opinion actually counts, safe in the knowledge that their online anonymity means they're protected from having to spraff the same unsubstantiated garbage in public. I read bits of it it back and forth and I find it's full of stuff I care not to read so it's a fleeting glimpse. I have to say though having been at the last supporters council meeting and listening to a couple of fellow fans just wanting to be heard by constant 'look at me posts' I have worked out who might be posting on that site 😂😂
  7. Piracy

    Kevin Nisbet signed

    Not sure it'd be anything like that. However I'm glad he's away if it means we profit in some way. There's not many I'd have kept from last season.
  8. Piracy

    Kevin Nisbet signed

    There is a video montage of the lads 30 goals on the clubs Facebook page. Versatile in front of goal is what I got from watching it. Good prospect.
  9. Piracy

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Yep, 2 more signings is a positive thing. It's been necessary to step forward and try something different. It's just circumstances like these that can turn a situation regards good fortune longer term for a club like ours. As long as we stick together and we keep the ambition to succeed going we will prevail. Positivity for the new season is intact. Really looking forward to it.
  10. Piracy

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Are you P475 in disguise neebur.?
  11. Piracy

    Missing the

    Some of them yes. I'll leave it at that. Once they all left pub normality returned.
  12. Piracy

    Missing the

    zig a zig, ah! ...apparently
  13. Piracy

    Missing the

    I went to Edinburgh yesterday for beer with the wife. Every boozer full of radge wimmin going to spice up their lives by going to Murrayfield to see the Spice Burds in concert. Give me f*ckin strength if I had to visit another Garden Centre.
  14. Piracy

    Scotland v Cyprus

    I can't be ***ed with the TA nonsense However I do like to see the national team winning. But it's been 10 since I last went to a game.
  15. Piracy

    Missing the

    fitbaw, having to live an alternative life and I'm not happy about it at all.