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  1. Piracy

    What makes a great manager?

    Best Manager ever was Jim Leishman.
  2. Piracy

    Pars V ICT

    Lads n lassies, that was needed today, so much. We got there and remember when this management team gets it right in the not so distant future after consolidation in this league, we were there whn we were sh*t. That is part of being a Pars fan.
  3. Piracy

    Pars V ICT

    Fu** cautious optimism ismy attitude today. I'm aggressively sure we're going to win today 🙂 We should be fired up like we were playing Falkirk. The time has come to stand up and be counted and show mettle and resolve. I'll be behind the team from the word go. I'm buzzing. COYP (3-1 Dunfermline).
  4. Piracy

    Callum Davidson

    I think this appointment hints at the Boards real ambition. We're fuc*kin skint in reality and they're out there trying to enhance what we have whilst staying within budget. Inspired thinking and given time we're going to come good and get back up to where we think we belong. It was said way back in 2013 that this was a journey. That is what it is.
  5. Piracy

    Man U v PSG

    I agree Fu. Give it up for Dougie Dave 🙂
  6. Piracy

    Gordon Banks RIP

    I remember him as a kid. Two things mainly, one, he had bad eye sight due to a car crash and two, that save against Brazil.
  7. Piracy

    Pars Season

    Yeah people are entitled to choose their time. I'm just a saddo who prefers match day ritual rather than going shopping 🙂
  8. Piracy

    Pars Season

    Your round
  9. Piracy

    Pars Season

    I think the players now have to find that extra gear and inspiration. The fans will repond in a positive manner. Biggest issue for me regarding fans and providing support is the fact lots are obviously choosing not to go. When our backs are against the wall that is exactly when we should be turning up.
  10. Nah you're right it nips a tits as well.
  11. Piracy

    Pars Season

    Starts next Saturday, we now have to get our collective ar$e in gear and get behind the team. Pul together rather than bickering. I knew Falkirk would come away under Ray McKinnon, but it's about what we do. Inverness at home, Ayr away, Partick at home and Queen of the South away. Most difficult game for me is Ayr away. I live in hope. Regardless what happens COYP
  12. Piracy

    Favourites for relegation

    Yeah, thing is we've seen a continual negative bombardment of endless gash on social media that cannot in reality be attributed to supporting this club. Some of the personal abuse has been unforgiveable and the deliberate posts on the likes of .Net that encourage unwarrented conjecture do nothing to help our dire situation. I know for a fact Honk is more than aware of what this means for the club regarding an under performing team. Same as eveyone else. He had enough awareness to kick start the saving of our club so I'd imagine he knows how bad the situation is now.
  13. Piracy

    Sol Bamba

    Past his best and not good enough for us lads
  14. Piracy

    Sol Bamba

    Bring him back and get Klopp as Manager, we'll then win the league
  15. Piracy

    New member of coaching team

    Little Richard is in the swear filter haha