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  1. Piracy

    Stevie Crawford

    Bad luck is part of the game. We need to work hard making our own luck. Developing confidence with a few homecwins will make the difference. We're not far off mid table standard just now with the ability within the team available to push on further in preparation for promotion next season.
  2. Piracy

    Black and White noise

    Good effort
  3. Piracy

    Stevie Crawford

    I'm still backing him and the team but we have to see a home win soon or the pressure for change will crank up. What's other fans views on how long we stick with the guys currently in charge?
  4. Piracy

    Pars v Alloa

    Heading along soon. Few pints and a decent bit of music by young Ben Sharp in Charlie D's pre-match. COYP
  5. Piracy

    Pars v Alloa

    Home win is a must. No point in sporadic good performances as we need consistency to build confidence. Alloa will be hard to break down but if we keep the ball on the deck and keep at them we'll win this game.
  6. Piracy

    McCall to Partick confirmed

    I hope this mucks up for both teams for our benefit. Just to add I now dislike of either club or McCall himself.
  7. Piracy

    Moving from EEP

    First of all, posting on DAFC.net is bad for your health. So as the forum health advisor keep your distance, thanks 🙂 On the stadium. I wouldn't ever want to move away from East End. I love the stadium, even in its present form. It's what we know and there is a feeling of belonging for me as a fan.
  8. Piracy

    Moving from EEP

    Same here, mind you I'm strictly hetro.
  9. Piracy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    I think he did okay. I also think he's going to prove to be a guy who will give us goals. You can screenshot this. I will be proved correct in this instance.
  10. Piracy

    Pars v Alloa

    I'm going to the game. Will be heading to Charlie D's as well for a few drinks beforehand. I like drink
  11. Piracy

    Moving from EEP

    His ear isn't near the ground, he's over 6ft ffs
  12. Piracy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    Dow was the difference. Turner is a player. It's in him to win matches. Give him freedom to roam. Gill was steady as he was last week. Ashcroft cleared his line. No nonsense. That is how its done in this league. Ball on the ground, pass it. Much better today. ****in brill
  13. Piracy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    Must win today. Old cliche but spot on.
  14. Piracy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    Lizzie bus is no more. Split into 2 buses. Tappie Toories and Pars Tour Group. Tappies will cater for the younger more vibrant fans and PTG is a mixed effort. Best for all. Lizzie bus had run its course being honest. But on its day was easily the best bus on the road.
  15. Piracy

    Pars V ICT

    We didn't win. It was woeful.