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  1. kelty_par


    For all the rovers fans that stayed away cause goodwillie was signed, probably are back now yet he’s still employed by them😂. That bellend Shaughan McGuigan said on his tv show that when he signed that he’d never be back until goodwillie was gone, yet was back for the cup final. But for the point of the post, I don’t understand why anyone would want to be associated with them after the last few months, and the fact he’s still at the rovers
  2. kelty_par

    Season tickets?

    Still to get my season ticket too but defo getting it
  3. kelty_par

    Season tickets?

    Mon let’s beat Falkirk at least, they are hitting 1500 today
  4. kelty_par

    Friendly last night

    Ohara and Wighton got to be the partnership for this season. Worked well in the championship for us when Wighton first came in. I’d say all our strikers weren’t helped much due to lack of service last season.
  5. kelty_par

    Could Dorrans be on the move?

    Far too injury prone and can’t be relied on. No one would be daft enough to take him on so we’ll be burdened with him for the remainder of his contract
  6. kelty_par

    Friendly last night

    Any trialists play drew?
  7. kelty_par

    New Falkirk home shirt

    Bugs bunny to be the new Falkirk mascot
  8. kelty_par


    Or he was asked to come in and refused, and wanted a 4 week holiday before he joined
  9. kelty_par

    Supporters Meeting

    Credit where credit is due. The updates have been good so far and good to see a meeting announced too. Can’t always criticise and not credit the club
  10. kelty_par

    Josh Edwards

    Time to move on and leave ex players in the past. New players and fresh ideas needed. Martin far too injury prone to rely on
  11. kelty_par

    Josh Edwards

    Turner we also paid a fee for
  12. kelty_par

    Josh Edwards

    Some good deals done by Crawford, some terrible deals too. Pretty much like any manager I suppose
  13. kelty_par

    Season tickets?

    500 seasons tickets sold so far already, great effort. Still needing to get mines sorted but hopefully we could reach 2,000
  14. kelty_par

    Chris Hamilton

    Just find it funny I mention negativity and you’re the first person to defend constant negativity. Fair enough everyone seen Peter grant being a disaster, but not sure what constantly slating everything achieves.