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  1. rosythpar

    Rhys Breen

    He should be back in October- had to isolate coming back from America, got covid, done his hamstring and then a family member got covid.
  2. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Hopefully the new owners will look at improving the matchday experience. I was in legends before the game on Saturday and thought it was really quiet, before you couldn't get near the bar an hour before kick off. In Germany they are big on football being a full day out via the fanzones bars etc and stuff going on around the stadium. I think this will be Damir Keretic side of things and hopefully we will see some of his ideas come to fruition. We could have an Oktoberfest at the kilmarnock home game on the 16th, this idea was mentioned to our new owners at the fans meeting
  3. rosythpar

    Rovers away

    Live on BBC Scotland and a 705 kick off.
  4. rosythpar

    Stay of execution.

    It would be criminal if wighton doesn't start on Saturday. I think Grant has his favourites though,he signed todorov and knows o'hara from Alloa. I was expecting a lot more from o'hara so far,his best season was under Grant at Alloa.
  5. rosythpar

    Stay of execution.

    Hopefully we see gaspuitis and Watson build a partnership at the back. On paper we have some of the best attacking players in the league, we just need to get it clicking. We have got goals in this team. Grant needs to stick with the 442 on Saturday and just keep it simple.
  6. rosythpar

    Stay of execution.

    I am expecting us to win on Saturday against a poor Hamilton side and hopefully get something out of the rovers game. If we fail to get a win out of they two games,the fans will be calling for him to go and quite rightly so. Grant was the one who put the pressure on himself saying he will have failed if we dont win the league. It was a better performance on Saturday, first clean sheet of the season but we still haven't scored a goal at home or won a game yet.
  7. rosythpar

    Stay of execution.

    I sit behind the goal at the top of the norrie and I am glad I am in the main stand next week for hospitality to get peace from the guy next to me. Thinks he is some kind of referee and contradicts himself all the time. Shouting at the partick game for someone to break Kyle Turner's leg and end his career and this is someone in his 40s,not a kid.
  8. rosythpar

    Pars v ICT

    Yes I think meggle has had a word in his ear,we need the three points next Saturday. Improvement today but need the ball in the back of the net.
  9. rosythpar

    New Manager

    The board of directors have apparently decided to give Peter grant the next two home games to turn things around
  10. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Yes I think that's the main reason why people dont give it to it because of who is involved with it but I wouldnt imagine these guys will get anything for it. My mate had one of his own and started a new one when covid hit for the bus but cancelled it a few months ago and the message he received wasnt the most pleasant.
  11. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Last I heard season tickets were down by about 500 on last season and I know a few mates who haven't renewed season tickets due to the way the club is being run. Saying that, all the people around me have renewed. I think the lifeline memberships have been on the decline for a while, I still contribute to it but I know a lot who dont. It's the same with the player sponsorship, my mate hasn't received his signed top for 2 seasons in a row,the club say it must have been lost in the post and now refuses to sponsor anyone. Another loss of income for the club.
  12. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Would be interesting to see the numbers of how many season tickets weren't renewed and how many lifelines were cancelled since Grant's appointment.
  13. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Got a funny feeling they are going to give him the first round of fixtures,hope I am wrong though
  14. rosythpar

    New Owners

    Q&A with Thomas Meggle now up on COWS
  15. rosythpar

    New Owners

    I personally dont think they have a big agenda,they have plans to try and make the club better. Gundermann was offered to buy a club in Portugal on his own a few years ago and then keretic introduced the four guys to one another. They have looked at clubs in Germany,Portugal,Denmark and Austria. They have connections with st pauli but they could never be majority shareholders of a club in Germany.