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  1. rosythpar

    Team v Hamilton

    One game at a time but a much better performance yesterday. Lawless giving us that bit of creativity we have been needing. The young trio had a good game yesterday and McCann deserved a goal for his performance,just needed to pick a corner.
  2. rosythpar

    Brian Rice new assistant?

    Was in attendance yesterday.
  3. rosythpar

    Craig Wighton

    Let one of our best centre backs go and now our best striker,another absolutely shocking decision!
  4. rosythpar

    Kai Kennedy

    Joins Hamilton on loan, a stick on to score against us tomorrow.
  5. rosythpar

    New signing

    Going by Yogi's match preview he is 50/50 on signing a trialist who was in last week and we have another two trialists in this week.
  6. rosythpar

    Craig Wighton

    Yes our best finisher in the team and looks like he will be out the door. I thought it was crazy that we let big Vytas go,as soon as it was announced that he had left yogi had a number of clubs on the phone asking about him.
  7. rosythpar

    Craig Wighton

    Daily record reporting that Hamilton are after him.
  8. rosythpar

    Paul Allan

    Yeah Ryan is a good lad,speak to him now and again in the street. He always likes to have a chat about the pars and his father in law goes home and away,they witnessed the abuse he got from the stands from the pars fans. There was a bit of controversy with his move to Falkirk, he signed a pre contract with them when they were top of league 1 last season and then his side partick ended up winning the league. He was getting it tight on off the ball a couple of weeks back lol. He was a player with a lot of potential, capped at u21 level with Scotland and had interest from Hibs at one point but has had a few bad injuries which set him back.
  9. rosythpar

    Efe Ambrose

    The big question will be his match fitness and if he can keep injury free and last till the end of the season. I would rather have kept big Vytas and gave him a run in the team he deserved. This changing centre backs every five minutes is no good. Welcome back GG you have been quiet the last few weeks.
  10. rosythpar

    Paul Allan

    Not surprised by the hard time hes getting on daft net, Ryan Williamson got slated too and eventually thought it was best for him to move on. Our support like to give young players that have came through the ranks a hard time?
  11. rosythpar

    Efe Ambrose

    I was meaning we usually give injured players 2 year deals,for example dorrans.
  12. rosythpar

    Efe Ambrose

    2 year deal incoming, we like to sign players that legs have gone (dorrans)
  13. rosythpar

    Paul Allan

    McCann,Todd and Allan are all part of Fussball GMBH's philosophy of developing young players and selling them on.
  14. rosythpar

    Paul Allan

    Think the best thing for him would be to go to East Fife on loan under Crawford but that wont happen because we haven't got the cover in central midfield.
  15. rosythpar

    New signing

    Yes same with Stephen Kelly. I think if Kennedy got a run in the team we would have got the best out of him,definitely a player with a lot of talent and potential.