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  1. InsidePar

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    back in normal seat for this one and looking forward to it, not the same in hospitality. confident after Hughes has had a week with the team
  2. InsidePar


    blame the SFA for that
  3. InsidePar


    one of the best atmospheres to be in for years, great day and night out
  4. InsidePar

    Pars Fans

    plenty of good and bad in every support
  5. InsidePar

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    Cannot do any worse, let's get going. "As is normal, a small group of directors, nominated by the board, followed a robust process to select candidates both from those that formally applied" Good trolling
  6. InsidePar

    Sportsmans brunch

    Didn't manage to get tickets but great it sold out quickly. Club could learn a few things on marketing from that
  7. InsidePar

    Pars v Morton

    Some of which can be very easily dealt with
  8. InsidePar

    Pars v Morton

    At least you've not deleted it this time, that's progress
  9. InsidePar

    Pars v Morton

    That was woeful Highlight for my dad and I was being in hospitality and having a convicted sex offender going table to table selling golden goal tickets, we all told him to bolt
  10. InsidePar

    New Manager

    Even waiting 48 hours would be a robust recruitment process compared to what happened with Crawford and Grant appointments
  11. InsidePar

    Auld photo of EEP

    I went on a stadium tour ages ago and they said some of that old building is still there, they built over it
  12. InsidePar

    Arbroath v Dunfermline

    A new low, even by Peter Grant standards. He can add this to his cv
  13. InsidePar

    Supporters Council

  14. InsidePar

    Supporters Council

    You could just go to the Old Inn if you can't get a ticket but want the inside info.
  15. InsidePar

    Supporters Council

    whatever happened to the Maltese creep, not shown his face again since? Has some serious previous given what has been circulated about him before