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  1. Polt

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    I would take any manager that can get us in winning form. My main worry now is how bad it is going to get with Fatigue from covid recovery. I had it 5 weeks ago and I am still not even 75% capable of what I was before. It affects folk different I accept that but regardless I expect to see some player's experiencing fatigue. Wondering what other's experiences are with recovery
  2. Polt

    Transfer news & gossip

    Griffiths to Dundee on loan according to sky sports Swansea striker Jamal Lowe having medical at Bournemouth in £1.5m deal. Could be Swans wanting to make room for Nisbet
  3. Polt


    There is no perfect manager for this league, yet there is manager's that know how to get the best out of player's, in my own opinion that's all I want is the pars to be set up right for the game, no having players playing out of position, play good football adapt formation when it's no working and put in a performance every week. If we play well but result doesn't go in our favour then I would take that. Our fans are fickle like every other teams we expect to be challenging at the very minimum. The current fact is we are way off where we could be and it doesn't look even the slightest bit positive going ahead.
  4. Polt


    I feel ridiculously stupid to have been sucked I again. All the positive talk in the interviews. Now I've actually had enough. I am not going to take a dig at the board as they are right. They have taken us as far as they could. So some need to step aside if that's how they see it. Action needs to be decisively taken or we're going to end up back in 1st division because a certain individual thinks too much of himself and blames everything and everyone but himself! Seen it time and time again a team playing pants turns good with a management change. I think we have a competitive team just not being played in the best formation or tactics. Players can only do what the manager tells them so the buck stops at him. Time to get rid and go through those applications to find a manager that will be good for this squad and league.
  5. Polt

    Dunfermline v Partick Thistle

    Thankfully!! Well wondering what the German directors thought about that. I am not gonna get too tough on PG as most of his signings been recent. However we really need to gel and work harder for each other.
  6. Polt

    Dunfermline v Partick Thistle

    Bottom of the league... .....poor
  7. Polt

    Dunfermline v Partick Thistle

    Well it's surely a grey area. Where home team could lose revenue through live stream, if they consent to away team making live audio. However that first half, kinda gutted I have had to watch it with my eye's. We just don't look fluid at all.
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