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  1. PentlandPar

    New Owners

    A simple thing like improving the tannoy system would be helpful. I used to get a team sheet from the club shop before the game when I bought the programme, but last week they told me that they have now stopped printing them, and I find it very frustrating that the announcements from the NW are very muffled and almost impossible to hear, which is very frustrating. Does anyone else have a problem hearing the announcements, or is it just me?
  2. PentlandPar


    Not trying to defend this guy after the incident at the end of the Ayr game, but if a group of people shouted abuse at you or me close up, then it would be very difficult to keep your cool and not react, and by all accounts it was Dorrans, along with Grant, that was singled out. However, having said that, I am really surprised that so far he has not issued some sort of apology through the club website. Surely that would have been the sensible thing to do, he would have been respected for doing that, and we could have drawn a line under it and moved on. As things stand it sounds like the atmosphere on Saturday could be a bit toxic anyway, if, as expected, Grant is still here. Not quite sure what reception Dorrans will get from our fans after last week if an apology is not forthcoming between now and Saturday.
  3. PentlandPar

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    That's our 3rd 3-0 defeat this season. At least no one can say we're not consistent. Joking apart, hope everyone is safe and well at the club
  4. PentlandPar

    Rhys Breen

    Thanks. Didn't realise he was on the bench against Partick. We seem to be overloaded with defenders
  5. PentlandPar

    Rhys Breen

    Does anyone know what's happened to this guy? Did Grant not sign him on a 2 or 3 year deal from Rangers just prior to our cup game at Ibrox. Not seen any interview with him after signing and there's been no mention of him in the squad for any of our games. Can't imagine him leaving Rangers to sign for us if he's not going to be getting a game here. All seems a bit strange to me.
  6. PentlandPar


    That's 2 games running that our captain has been substituted. Never thought that Thomas was a leader and the correct person for the captaincy in the first place. Now that Dorrins has come in, with his experience, maybe time for him to be given the captain's armband?
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