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  1. Rengade Master

    Crawford & East Fife

    I think East Fife have done pretty well out of that deal. All the best to SC. I actually thought he would end up back at Hearts with Robbie.
  2. Rengade Master

    Paul Watson

    Why even post stuff like this on a public forum? It makes us look an utter shambles for starters. Secondly something like this getting passed to the SPFL/ SFA can get us in to a whole load of investigations, questions and potential punishments. We were relegated due to copping a point deduction due to scurrilous rumours appearing on a forum???????? Really some folk need to think before posting this sort of stuff!
  3. Rengade Master

    Ojo sending off (Second Yellow)

    Hold on I was miles off a minute ago, but you have now seen the shove in the players area. BBC now carrying a very similar story to what I was told. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-59400549
  4. Rengade Master

    Ojo sending off (Second Yellow)

    Have you seen the CCTV?
  5. Rengade Master

    Ojo sending off (Second Yellow)

    Think you will find a Dundee Utd fan left a hospitality suite and entered a player/official restricted area and went for Ojo, he defended himself by pushing the fan away who stumbled and fell before being led aware by stewards. Police are investigating reports of a minor assult involving Ojo.
  6. Rengade Master

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    Keyser have you ever watched "on the tools" videos on facebook. Fantastic banter and part of life on the building site involving young and old.
  7. Rengade Master

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    So you get mollycoddled through your development, you are are shielded from banter, leg pulling you progress to be a good player and make your debut in front of a crowd! How do you protect that same player then?
  8. Rengade Master

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    You'll be saying next that players should be allowed to wear tutu's if they so wish so they are not alienated. Come on the same could be said on the same balance we could lose kids due to the lack of banter, atmosphere, discipline. In life we all learn during childhood and adolescence the environments we enjoy and fit into. You can't change most situations to suit all as we are all fundamentally different!
  9. Rengade Master

    New Manager

    Hence why I added Paul Hartley as currently very successful at Cove and even more so at Alloa with no club connections.
  10. Rengade Master

    New Manager

    A number of ex players not mentioned from what I have seen, currently in and around management at varying levels. Davie Irons George O'Boyle Craig Brewster Andy Rhodes Barry Nicholson Istvan Kozma Billy Davies Another manager with a better win ratio than most not being mentioned is Paul Hartley at Cove. Just a few new ideas to chew on!
  11. Rengade Master

    Radical Idea

    Perfect site for a Kaufland Superstore. 😎
  12. Rengade Master

    Ross Mcarthur steps down

    What I meant by this Scott, was that Peter Grant is prepared to sit fast while the Chairman walks away, because as much as he wants to sack PG he can't. Managers come and go, good chairmen don't. The abuse the RM has received is because PG is still manager, PG seems to be very complicit in this. It won't get any easier for PG now in fact it will get worse. If PG had an ounce of dignity he'd be in the Chairmans office handing in his resignation, not sitting there watching while his boss he abused and attacked and driven to the point where he is prepared to walk away! Caused by the guy who blatantly out of his depth and lost the backing of the supporters!
  13. Rengade Master

    Ross Mcarthur steps down

    My only concern! Why is a Chairman walking away (potentially) before the cause of the whole situation (Peter Grant) is still employed? 1. Germans won't endorse his sacking (Nothing RM can do) 2. We can't afford to sack? (PG is a Knob) 3. Ross McArthur won't sack him? (well he's falling on his sword) 4. The club are being stubborn and are playing hard ball against supporter pressure (Well hell mend you, that has driven RM out and subjected him to utter shocking abuse he is not entitled too) The club has a board of directors if they are hanging Ross our to dry then the whole board should be ashamed of themselves and consider their own positions on the board!
  14. Rengade Master

    New Manager

    As someone alluded to either here or on the other site, this appears to be a perfect rumour to out the leaker from EEP. It has very little creditably McCulloch has a decent job with a decent team and Kenny Miller is in Australia. I think the club will now have a very good idea who cannnae hold their weesht!
  15. Rengade Master

    New Manager

    Ferguson is being very cute, we are a challenge to boost his ego especially next season, with 2 SPL clubs in the league Partick and ICT it's going to be a tough league top prove much. Getting Alloa back to the Championship is probably a far easier challenge especially if he has been promised some money. 3 or 4 seasons in the lower leagues looking good will win him a bigger mover in the long run!