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  1. Rengade Master


    Heard it was mutually agreed, and by stepping down he keeps his £1m a year salary for the next 2.5 years or he is re-employed!
  2. Rengade Master

    Pars v Wasps

    1-1 with us scoring in the last 10 minutes.
  3. Rengade Master

    Null & Void

    Will be interesting especially as a 2nd offence! 15 point deduction???? 🤔 The players will be fined, with the club "in dialogue with the SFA and government moving forward to find the solution in terms of those boys".
  4. Rengade Master

    Null & Void

    Going to be very interesting to see what comes out of the "Rangers Party" at the moment it seems to keeping very secret on who was all there!
  5. Rengade Master

    Pars Fans Loan Fund

    Saw this on .net but obviously with being on the blacklist can't contribute. If further assistance is required happy to be an additional benefactor to the cause.
  6. Rengade Master

    Five Days of Christmas

    Many ways to look at that. It might be the last family Christmas for many people who knows what the next year will bring. We all die. It might also be the cause for it to be the last family Christmas if you share it with an over 80 year old with underlying health conditions. I think it is down to your own personal risk assessment of how you want to spend Christmas.
  7. Rengade Master

    Negative Reputation

    negativity towards another poster is based on a number of factors (as per dafc.net) dislike of poster! having different opinions! Being anti SNP! Being knowledgeable! Calling out the the established incumbents! PS posting long links doesn't help either!
  8. Rengade Master

    Opinion 2

    It comes down to if clubs have the finances to put on games and what testing measures will need to be adopted. I think every club will know what income streams fund which part of their day to day running costs, sponsorship, advertising, turnstile income, hospitality, programme sales, 50/50, catering/wet sales. Against wages, match day outlay, rent, rates, vat, paye, maintenance, accommodation, vehicles, kit, specialist services etc
  9. Rengade Master


    Stenhousemuir Chairman saying this morning he knows clubs without the cash to make it to Christmas, they have enough but if testing was enforced on clubs then it would have a greater impact on finances and with no additional income that would drive them out business sooner. I'm not sure what the lesser of the 2 evils are start a season and go bust or mothball a club for a season and return with the revenue of fans at the club. That must be the dilemma and the stark reality that many clubs could be faced with.
  10. Rengade Master

    FAO Raymie & GG

    Gents. Just wanting to pick your brains on your Italian heritage. We are heading to Sorrento next week with the family, I'm not sure if this is an area you are familiar with but if you can suggest anything to do or to avoid? We are there for 10 days so plenty of time. We are certainly going to to head to Pompeii and Capri. Anything else which is unmissable and any food recommendations would be warmly welcome. TIA. Andy
  11. Rengade Master

    Ethos of the club

  12. Rengade Master

    The club sold - German consortium

    My tuppenth's worth. I'm prepared to corrected on any point. To my knowledge we don't have a multi millionaire owner. We have a directorship made up of local successful businessmen who invest their hard earned profits in the club. They have also had to put in additional interest free loans to cover the sacking of AJ. We are now 6 months into a global pandemic where the club has received very little income but maintained wages to staff. The idea of this changing in the near future is unlikely. So anyone thinking the board is not acting thinking for the future of the club, need to have a think. The biggest fear I've had in the last 3 months is the club running out of money and going bust a fear felt by many other supporters up and down the land about their clubs. So we then have a group wishing to invest and take over the club with an option to buy the stadium. Why? It doesn't make any sense. No rhyme or reason look at it in from any direction. No explanation something doesn't stack up. But what I am positive of is that we were heading in the wrong direction when you are relying on businessmen who's businesses have been effected by the virus to keep the club afloat. The timing has been financially perfect. The outcome is we still have DAFC for the time being. The future after looking back at Hearts, Raith, Celtic, Dundee could be a roller coaster. But all 4 clubs are in existence. However I would love to hope this is the start of fantastic period for the club!
  13. Rengade Master

    Drinks break.

    so hydration during sport is not important and eliminating cross contamination isn't important? These rules have been agreed as part of the regimen to allow football to get started and folk on here think it's a nonsense. In the current climate who would go into a room and drink from a bottle shared between 22 people? In fact who would drink from a random beer bottle in a pub in normal circumstances? Question for anyone if you were in a gym for 90 minutes and were thirsty would you share a water bottle with another 21 users?
  14. Rengade Master

    New Covid sanctions

    This is a bitter pill to swallow unless retrospective punishment is handed out to both Aberdeen and Celtic. the fact they have cancelled the winter break to accommodate the fixture congestion would indicate not!
  15. Rengade Master

    Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo - idiot

    Sorry reliable is what we are told!