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  1. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    You are obviously not on twitter then to see the comments and the vitriol being made in their direction!
  2. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    This was by no means a team night out as has been portrayed and while we attempted to comply with Government social distancing guidelines, we now recognise that our group of 8 exceeded the number of households permitted to meet up. This was a genuine error on our part as professional football players, and in doing so, we have let our manager down. According to Sportsound many players at different clubs have only been told to adhere to Government Guidelines away from the club, the players in their apology have admitted to breaching the number of households permitted. Social distancing in Bars etc is 1 metre so if you are an arms length apart you are complying. Not always possible admittedly. How it matters in a pub I have no idea when you have people from any amount of households in a pub, and I think it can easily be misconstrued into thinking that refers to in your own home. I see no difference in going out on your own and meeting 9 different people during the course of the night and having a 10 minute conversation with each. These are the rules that were put in place by the Government. However I still stand by the fact they are young men who are now being tormented and abused by the majority of Scotland for doing what many young people were also doing and they have been made scapegoats almost for the whole Aberdeen situation and the potential for ending Scottish football. We have heard enough of supporting footballers mental health and the demons they deal with anyway. To hang them out the way they have is not helpful. I honestly hope no harm comes to any of them from others or from themselves because the abuse they receiving now is almost at the same level as paedophiles receive.
  3. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    Just like Dunfermline have houses for players how do we know what the living arrangements for the Aberdeen players are?
  4. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    he has not been named and shamed all over social media and a government briefing! What unusual times or are you referring to May? We are now in August pubs and hospitality are open. Playing football tested twice a week doesn't mean 23 people are on that park are covid free! As for pandemic I've had it it was awful, compared with the wife who had flu 9 years ago similar, before you look at confirmed cases look at hospital admissions, no-one currently testing positive is going to hospital, they are suffering mild symptoms equivalent to a heavy cold at worst. Covid will kill people agreed, but the vast majority I hate to say it will be living on borrowed time or have undetected underlying health conditions, like those who drop dead on a football pitch or in a marathon only to find out during a post mortem that they had heart or lung conditions undetected. At no point has any hospital been overwhelmed in Scotland and the vast majority expected to recover have. Coronavirus is the common cold (with a sting attached)little bit like anaphylactic shock following a wasps sting) it spreads easily and have never found a vaccine, the flu is a virus despite finding a vaccine thousands still die every year,. Covid will eventually fall into that bracket. It will prey on the weak, obese, elderly, sick. In Scotland no-one under the age of 15 has died and under 30 I think the figure was 3.
  5. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    and if the idiot who was told (having travelled on public transport from another country) had self isolated as told to do so and gone for the test would this outbreak even have happened? The Aberdeen players have been scapegoated on a situation out with their control! Young men have behaved in a similar fashion every week all were asymptomatic when tested as most cases will be. I struggle to think of any person young or old who is going to sign up to an employment contract that will deny them of a social life in the terms of their contract of employment outwith their place of work!
  6. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    I think I will also add that by being so specific in the condemnation has opened up these young men to some pretty vile abuse and if Scottish football is stopped I can imagine their lives will never be the same again, as the very recent case of Caroline Flack has highlighted people deal with pressure and criticism which has the potential of being life changing in different ways. What happened to #bekind?
  7. Rengade Master

    Aberdeen - idiots

    Some condemnation here, go to Lorenzo's on any Saturday night win. lose or draw and you will find some of our players in there. These are young men at 10pm on a Saturday night that are no different to any other young person in the world. (knowing the alleged story of how the virus was taken into the city centre it should never have been there, the carrier was sent away to isolate after failing 2 tests before boarding the helicopter to the rigs. He decided to go out and get bladdered instead) Other players from other clubs were out after games across Scotland. The dilemma here is have these footballers basically signed an ongoing contract of no social life while they watch their mates going out having a good time while they are confined to barracks? Considering how many English players are currently in Ibiza enjoying their summer, these young men have been locked up like the rest of us for 4 months and are now expected to continue that state of isolation.
  8. Rengade Master

    If you could wipe one song from existence...

    Yellow Submarine. Talk about writing and selling utter tosh on the back of your popularity!
  9. Rengade Master

    Drinks break.

    It was brought in also as every player has to have their own bottle and marked as such. Previously water was provided around the pitch to be shared or drank from the physio's bag when he came on to the pitch. Drink breaks are solely down to bio security measures.
  10. Rengade Master

    SFA charge Hearts & Partick Thistle

    I would have thought that as the SFA are the governing body they can hand out whatever punishment they would want.
  11. Rengade Master

    SFA charge Hearts & Partick Thistle

    In real terms obviously a totally new situation what would the likely punishment be? 1. Points deduction 2. Competition exclusion 3. Fine 4. Transfer embargo 5. Suspension 6. Expulsion 7 Relegation Anymore? I reckon whatever the punishment it will then be served as a 1 season or 2 season suspended to keep them quiet.
  12. Rengade Master

    Jack Charlton

    He was a true gent. Had the pleasure to meet him while out shooting. His passion for the countryside suppassed his love of football! RIP Jack
  13. Rengade Master

    Transfers / signings

    Yes on some deals the sale is subject to vat especially if vat was paid on a player coming into a club. Seeing as we added value to Nesbit then I would say yes. So potentially 20% income tax and 20% vat to HMRC if full cash transaction had been deposited into the clubs coffers.
  14. Rengade Master

    Transfers / signings

    Because paying 20% tax on £600k income would cost the club £120k to HMRC. The less cash they can take in through their banking system the less they pay. Also very prudent from all clubs if this was the case.
  15. Rengade Master

    Transfers / signings

    Don't believe the £250k tag for Nisbett the figures being banded about in Edinburgh were far higher as previously mentioned with Hearts being in the prime position at the start of the week. I wonder if the compensation packages being spoken about were not actually paid for by Hibs to save on any tax burden on us receiving payment, hence why the legalities of the deals could only be finalised once Nisbett's move had been confirmed. These would obviously above and be beyond any direct fee received by the club which would show on incomings and outgoings before being put towards wages and offer 2 & 3 year deals.