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    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    I would presume we did. When Ross mentioned the changing back room staff though he talked more about the impact to continuity than the financial side.
  2. StuPar82

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    I didn’t think think the Callum situation seemed too cryptic, Buffy. My take was that it sounded like he had come to the club as he knew Stevie from getting their coaching badges together and was at a loose end. It sounds like the club want him to stay and have made an offer but the impression I got from how Stevie framed was it that club didn’t want him to see it as a stop gap until something better came along and if he signs up he commits to seeing it through. Gut feel is he’ll getter a bigger more lucrative gig, but more than happy to be proved wrong 😊
  3. StuPar82

    Departing Players

    Faiss must have his tail between his legs a little bit. He / his agent seemed hell bent on finding the most lucrative deal back in 2016 but he’ll probably now have to accept a fairly significant drop in salary. A gamble for any club in the championship, certainly as a first choice striker, and maybe a drop back down to league one on the cards. If Raith fail to come up or of QoS go down with AJ at the helm then that might be a good move for him to get things back on track. He is still one of the most gifted technical players I have seen at the Pars and part of me is very sad to see him go, but I don’t think we can afford the luxury of hoping he comes good next season.
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