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  1. 1950Par

    Scotland Top 50 team

    Goram McGrain, Barry, MacKay Lunn J Johnstone, Bremner, Baxter, Connolly Dalglish Jordan
  2. 1950Par

    Seven years ago

    Superb thread guys
  3. 1950Par

    Darren Young Interview

    Thanks for sharing guys just had a listen ...very good interview... comes across as a top bloke Loved the cup final bit when Bobo punched the ball ...We all know what happened after that
  4. 1950Par

    Thank You, Scotland

    Nice post G.G. Great memories and very welcome in Scozia
  5. 1950Par

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Donald Trump defied all expectations from the very start of his presidential campaign Very few people thought he would actually run. He did. They thought he wouldn't climb in the polls. He did. They said he wouldn't win any primaries. He did. They said he could never overcome resistance from the Republican establishment and win his party's nomination. He did. Finally, they said there was no way he could compete for, let alone win, a general election match-up with Hillary Clinton. Now he's President-elect Trump. He staged the most unconventional of campaigns, running on gut instinct and his trademark bombast when others - both within his own party and outside - counselled moderation and a pivot to positions perceived to be more acceptable to mainstream voters. He stayed true to the methods and tactics that got him to the cusp of the presidency, and in the end he was rewarded for it. Down the stretch Mr Trump boasted that he was leading a movement, riding the crest of a popular revolution that would change the face of American politics. He was right. Trump is the fifth person in U.S. history to become president while losing the nationwide popular vote.
  6. 1950Par

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    They must have at least kicked off in one of the halves G.G.
  7. 1950Par

    The Greasy Chip Butty Song

    You fill up my senses Like a store draught sherry Like a cinnamon stick lit wi a bluebell Like a floodlight fair city’s cup Like a night oot in the Kinema Like a fish supper fae Aldo’s Oh Dunfermline Athletic Come thrill me again Na na na na na Charlie D
  8. 1950Par

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    Keyser I think you are being unfair to G.G. I think we all support an English club of some description Man U for me when they played the football I loved to watch But what club in the present set up does not have a bellend following ?
  9. 1950Par

    Funny Football Video Clips

    A Nut Cracker G.G. ??
  10. 1950Par

    Chairman’s Statement

    Short precise and to the point ....Well done Ross
  11. 1950Par

    SPFL League Reconstruction Fails

    My first thought was maybe Mr. James Anderson has bank rolled it
  12. 1950Par

    SPFL League Reconstruction Fails

    Patrick now going for legal action
  13. 1950Par

    SPFL League Reconstruction Fails

    According to the Edinburgh Evening News :- The SPFL face a potential multi-million-pound compensation claim from Hearts via a civil court claim. The Edinburgh club are prepared to sue for between £4m and £5m in lost revenue.
  14. 1950Par

    Dad Jokes

    I relabelled all the wifes spice jars She has not noticed yet but the thyme is cumin
  15. 1950Par

    Offensive Statues

    G.G. Paying workers a pittance has been going on since time and memorial What is worrying tho is that it is still happening to this day 2020 I wondered about your post thinking it can only encourage unrest and perhaps you have planted a seed in the minds of many Then I heard tonight that King Robert the Bruce's statue is now being targeted ffs we are talking 1300's and the slave trade started 1500's ....Now see what you've done .....:)