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  1. Superally

    To-day's Guardian Cartoon

    PMSL brilliant
  2. Superally

    Prediction League Week 2 Fixtures

    Friday 23rd Oct Arbroath 0 Hearts 4 Sat 24th Oct Alloa 0 Dunfermline 2 (24m) Dundee 2 Morton 1 ICT 1 Ayr Utd 2 QoS 1 Raith Rovers 2
  3. Prediction League Week 3 Fixtures Sat 31st Oct Dundee v Raith Rovers Dunfermline v QoS (Time of first Pars goal?) Hearts v Alloa ICT v Arbroath Morton v Ayr Utd
  4. Prediction League Week 2 Fixtures As there is no crowd bonus, i'm giving 5 additional points for guessing what time we will score the first pars goal. I'll give the 5 Points to everyone within 3 mins of the correct time. Friday 23rd Oct Arbroath v Hearts Sat 24th Oct Alloa v Dunfermline (Time of first goal?) Dundee v Morton ICT v Ayr Utd QoS v Raith Rovers
  5. Superally

    Pars v ICT

    Im sure Ross will would have been gracious in victory with his ICT counterpart Gardiner
  6. Superally

    Pars v ICT

    Good win today, especially against a well organised team that always does well against us. Delighted to come back from such a soft goal after 2mins, and delighted that we were able to stand up to a team that previously bullied us out of the game. Its important that if we are to have any success that we take points from teams who we will be challenging for the top 4 - so this was a well deserved 3pts in the bag. Apart from the goal I dont think ICT really threatened and we had decent opportunities to score another 1 or 2. There were times that ICT were really strong but overall I feel we had the best of the game and we should go to the next fixture with confidence. COYP
  7. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2020/21 Prediction League Week 1 Scores Fri 16th Oct Hearts 6 Dundee 2 Sat 17th Oct Ayr 2 QoS 1 Dunfermline 3 ICT 1 Morton 1 Alloa 0 Raith Rovers 3 Arbroath 0 Top 5 1. Teuchter 34 2. Andrew 283 34 3. Buffy 32 4. Superally 29 5. Oxpar 29 First game in and a 3-1 Pars win. A great result to start the season the only let down was not being at EEP to watch a Pars victory. On the first EEB Prediction League the winning Podium on week 1 is shared between Teuchter and Andrew283 with a very decent 34pts. So well done to them both. Obviously no crowd bonus this week but next week I will be giving an additional 5pts for guessing the first Pars scorer and remember your predictions can be doubled if you play a Joker. Its not to late to take part, just submit your predictions and good luck for week 2 COYP 1 Teuchter (5 Jokers) 34 1 Andrew 283 (5 Jokers) 34 2 Buffy (5 Jokers) 32 3 Superally (5 Jokers) 29 3 Oxpar (5 Jokers) 29 3 Andrew Whittaker (5 Jokers) 29 3 SeaBass (5 Jokers) 29 4 Grant Smith (5 Jokers) 27 4 Scott Thomson (5 Jokers) 27 5 Dave Young (5 Jokers) 26 6 Charlie1 (5 Jokers) 24 7 Ian John (5 Jokers) 21 7 Craig Dougs McCauliffe (5 Jokers) 21 7 Kris Griffiths (5 Jokers) 21 8 The Saline Hill Puma (5 Jokers) 19 8 Chris Walker (5 Jokers) 19 9 Craig Harrower (5 Jokers) 18 10 The Roy Barry Fan Club (5 Jokers) 15 11 Andy Carp (5 Jokers) 11
  8. Superally

    Pars v ICT

    That was worth 7 pts too
  9. Superally

    Pars v ICT

    Team news Williams Comrie, Watson, E Murray, Edwards Dow, Turner, Wilson, Thomas McManus, O'Hara Subs: Martin, McCann Allan, F Murray. Mayo, McInroy, Gill
  10. Superally

    Prediction League week 1 reminder

    Last shout to get you predictions in. COYP
  11. Superally

    Prediction League week 1 reminder

    Game on tonight, get yer predictions in folks
  12. Superally

    Chairman's Statement

    Good statement by Ross, wouldn't have expected anything less.
  13. Superally

    Pars v ICT

    Mon guys, use that collective wisdom and have a go in the prediction league!
  14. Superally

    Transfers / signings

    Dembele would be a great loan deal. COYP
  15. Superally


    Have to say I have been utterly apathetic about Scotland for several yrs Hopefully they can sustain this run of form and get some success. I might even start to pay attention to when they are actually playing. Even better when Nisbet has been drafted in