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  1. Superally

    Support Group

    A title party. Yeah
  2. Superally

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    Good point, I have chucked into the biscuit tin
  3. Superally

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    What, What, donations to East End Bounce! Has this been through the Board of Directors yet?
  4. Superally

    Liverpool - Man U (Clash of the Titans)

    Easy 'Pool win 3-1 imo
  5. Prediction League Week 23 Fixtures Fri 31st Jan Partick v Ayr Sat 1st Feb Dundee Utd v Arbroath ICT v Alloa Morton v Dundee QoS v Dunfermline Remember to check your scores before posting. Good Luck and COYP
  6. Prediction League Week 21 Rearranged Fixture Tues 21st Jan Alloa v Arbroath Feel free to post a new prediction or I shall use your old one. COYP
  7. Superally

    Lang out on loan

    Good decision imo. He needs game time and will come back stronger for playing for a team he is already familiar with. Will be a better player for us next season.
  8. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    Just had the courage to watch the highlights. Their second with the diving header was a cracker in fairness. However all three were clearly preventable. Im never a fan of keepers who punch the ball, even when a catch is the easier option, however that was a bloody shocker and no mistake. Its easy to pull in a keeper - but will they be any good. A keeper is like a good striker hard to come by I'm afraid
  9. Superally

    So where do we go from here?

    Its all a bit of a mess atm, I'll openly admit that latterly I wasn't a fan of AJ and wanted him to go. I feel that since he has moved on to QoS who have hardly set the heather on fire that it was the right decision by the club. I applauded the club for trying to create a new direction and for having the ambition to do so. Fans just have to realise we are no longer the big fish in a wee pool and we don't have resources to spend wildly on the team like we did before. We are living within our means and that means tough decisions are made that don't meet the ambitions or expectations of some of our fans. Equally by the same criteria I had set for AJ its plain to see that he is struggling atm, I desperately want the team to do well and would be happy at the start with a mid table position at the end of the season. However its quickly turning sour and from a poor start and then a spell of good form where we reached 3rd we are being dragged towards a play off spot. Its easy to see confidence is low and sadly we are a fickle support and there is a moronic childish element that are never happier unless we are beat. However some of the demonising of the players is out of order. I heard of a post (didn't see it) last night on the other site stating there were "undesirables" in the directors box which is unacceptable and beyond any degree of banter. I really want the club and Craw to do well but there is a limit and ultimately the directors will look at it and decide what's best for the club and i'll go with that. Mean time I'll continue to go to home games and support the team and remember that we still have a club and know we have been in worse times. COYP
  10. Superally

    Support Group

    Roond ye
  11. Superally

    Support Group

    Quite happy for Liverpool to win it GIRUY
  12. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    In truth I don't think AJ would have done any better, QoS are hardly setting the League on fire are they?
  13. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2019/20 Prediction League Week 21 Scores Sat 11th Jan Alloa P Arbroath P Dundee P Ayr P ICT P QoS P Morton 3 Dunfermline 2 (1470) Partick 1 Dundee Utd 4 Only 2 games in the championship and sadly we were allegedly playing in one of them! And there are low scores all round. With only two games played there is no top 5 However Charlie 1who earned the crowd bonus has the winners podium all to himself with a good 17pts. No change at the top The Bad Guy increases his lead to 12 pts. As before if you feel there is a problem with your scores, let me know and I’ll fix it. Good Luck with Week 22. COYP 1 The Bad Guy (2 Jokers) (12) 403 2 Vinnie (2 Jokers) (2) 391 3 Charlie1 (1 Joker) (17 Inc Crowd Bonus) 388 4 Oxpar (4) 387 5 Andrew 283 (5 Jokers) (12) 369 6 The Roy Barry Fan Club (5 Jokers) (2) 365 7 Superally (5 Jokers) (9) 352 8 Craig Dougs McAuliffe (4 Jokers) (7) 339 9 The Saline Hill Puma (5 Jokers) (5) 331 9 Sea Bass (3 Jokers) (7) 331 10 Andrew Whitaker (4 Jokers) (12) 323 11 Teuchter (4 Jokers) (4) 322 12 Buffy (4 Jokers) (9) 310 13 Ian John (2 Jokers) (7) 301 14 Richard Rutherford (4 Jokers) (12) 283 14 Krisg84 (3 Jokers) (15) 283 15 Andy Carp (5 Jokers) (5) 259 16 Charlene Fyall (5 Jokers) (5) 235 17 The Beer Baron 222 18 Chris Whitaker (3 Jokers) (4) 203 19 Craig Harrower (5 Jokers) (7) 191 20 George Fyall (5 Jokers) 59 21 Digs (5 Jokers) 57 22 Salvo Montablano (5 Jokers) 44 23 Secure Par (5 Jokers) 21 24 Casy Harrower (5 Jokers) 19 25 Reuben Hannah (5 Jokers) 5 26 Piracy (5 Jokers) 0 27 Kyle Holley (5 Jokers) 0
  14. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    3-1 now Its becoming unbearable - 3 headers!!! FFS
  15. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    We shouldn't be conceding two goals from headers We have four CH's on the pitch FFS!