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  1. Superally

    The Jags v The Pars

    Like you i'll miss the game too as i'll be in Lanzarote and will try to hook up on Pars TV. Will be drinking something stronger than a cocktail 😎🍺🥃
  2. Superally

    The Jags v The Pars

    Well after a miserable first quarter to the season the Pars head into the 2nd quarter, but are still firmly routed to the bottom spot. This Sat we head along to Firhill to meet Partick Thistle. Partick have had a mixed bag of results this season but certainly made their mark on their last outing with a 6-1 demolition of Hamilton. The Jags sit 4th in the table with 15pts and have taken 6pts from two wins in their last two games the past 5 games they have had 3 losses and 2wins. Former Par Ian McColl will be looking for greater consistency from his team and more of the same from last week. The Pars may sit in last spot but there is perhaps slight optimism that things are slowly turning around. With only one defeat from QoS the past 5 games. Sadly there have been no wins and the points haul remains miserable at 4 over 5 games with 6 in total. The defence seems tighter and with two goals last week against Killie hopefully there is a growing confidence within our own ability to score more. It should be a interesting game, however injuries may determine the outcome. COYP
  3. Superally

    Paul Watson

    Yep there is the possibility that he has engineered his release. I think there is scope he could pick something up as a trialist or even in the Jan window. I think we could do better and he is probably good enough to be picked up elsewhere. I felt slightly more aggrieved at Turner leaving last season, but if players are not committed I don't want them to be here.
  4. Superally

    Dunfermline Ladies Team (Senior)

    TSHP, thats my concern too, the worrying thing is that once that goes it will be very difficult to re-establish and for a club that's trying to be inclusive and having a community base it will be a shame to see it go. It will be interesting to see the reasons as to why the decision was made.
  5. Superally

    Prediction League Week 10 Fixtures

    Arbroath 2 Ayr Utd 0 Kilmarnock 2 Hamilton 1 Partick 2 Dunfermline 1 (28/2250) QoS 2 Morton 1 Raith Rovers 2 ICT 1
  6. Superally

    Dunfermline Ladies Team (Senior)

    Very sad to hear this especially when the woman's game has been heavily promoted and following the success of the recent tournaments. They even have a highlights package on the BBC. Hopefully a Lazurus style Pars ladies team may appear in the future
  7. Superally

    Paul Watson

    Not using this to boot Grant, but if a player doesn't want to pull on the shirt regardless of the manager they can pick up the toys off the floor and FO. I don't want them to be there
  8. Superally

    Paul Watson

    Good decision by the club, thought he was league average at best. Pragmatically we only have Connolly to the Jan window and we can see the difference he has made. Watson leaving frees up a wage for a replacement or towards a loan if needed.
  9. Superally

    Dan Pybus

    I think he is one of those players like Gary Mason who just seem to slip under the radar for not always doing the spectacular, but yes he deserves a load of credit for putting a shift in.
  10. Superally

    Lifeline Legends Wall

    Good post, I'll add Istvan Kozma I'll give some thought to the rest
  11. Prediction League Week 10 Fixtures Sat 23rd Oct Arbroath V Ayr Utd Kilmarnock V Hamilton Partick v Dunfermline (Goal/Crowd) QoS V Morton Raith Rovers v ICT Remember to check your predictions before you post. Good Luck and COYP
  12. Superally

    Pars v Killie

    Much better today at least the players seemed as if they had a purpose and were less aimless. When we went down, they seemed to want to fight and get back in it again. Ultimately our extra time equaliser was well deserved. Both conceded goals were soft, our marking at the first wasn't good and OFW should never have conceded the second goal from that acute angle. Connolly cleared another off the line but he did score a disallowed goal too. At least we have increased our goals scored by 50%. Wighton was a menace and my MOM, but we seemed to lack composure in the last quarter. If Dorans thinks he will find it easy to return to the team, he will have to think again Paul Allan was excellent. Overall it was a much better performance today but you have to temper that with our current position - we are still in last place but we are playing much better and with more confidence than in our last outing. However we desperately need a win and 3pts. Grant may have earned a stay of execution but his head is still on the chopping block.
  13. East End Bounce Prediction League 2021/22 Prediction League Week 9 Scores Fri 15th Oct Hamilton 1 Partick 6 Sat 16th Oct Ayr Utd 2 QoS 1 Dunfermline 2 Kilmarnock 2 (4095) ICT 2 Morton 0 Raith Rovers 2 Arbroath 1 Top 5 1. Superally 36 2. Ian Johnston 31 3. Andrew 283 4. Andrew Whitaker 27 5. Andy Carp 26 Pars Golden Goal (74m) No Winners Nabbing a goal in extra time almost feels like a win, but I would have preferred the 3pts at EEP. Highest scoring week thus far in the Prediction League with the first quarter of games completed and its Superally with 36pts who takes the winners podium. A couple of punters just missed out on the golden goal but Chris Whitaker earned the 5pt bonus for guessing the closest for the crowd total. Superally heads the table for the 5th week and increases his lead over Andrew 283 by 10pts both of which have pulled a healthy lead from the chasing pack. As before if you are not sure about your score let me know and I’ll look at it for you. Good luck for week 10. COYP. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2021/22 1. Superally (5 Jokers) (36) 181 2. Andrew283 (5 Jokers) (29) 171 3. The Saline Hill Puma (5 Jokers) (22) 151 4. Eulum (5 Jokers) (23) 151 5. Sea Bass (4 Jokers) (24) 149 3. The Roy Barry Fan Club (5 Jokers) (16) 145 7. Andrew Whitaker (5 Jokers) (27) 143 10. Ian Johnston (5 Jokers) (31) 141 6. Richey Rutherford (5 Jokers) (19) 136 9. Teuchter (4 Jokers) (24) 135 11. Andy Carp (5 Jokers) (26) 133 8. Charlie1 (5 Jokers) (19) 132 13. Eggy Eggy (5 Jokers) (22) 126 12. Chris Whitaker (5 Jokers) (19) 125 16. Davy Buchanan (5 Jokers) (24) 114 15. Oxpar (9) 107 14. Berry (5 Jokers) 101 17. Andrew Mitchell (3 Jokers) (11) 65 20. Lews Head (5 Jokers) (16) 33 18. Craig Harrower (5 Jokers) 23 19. Sanguine Par (5 Jokers) 22 21. Buffy (5 Jokers) 12 22. Robert Brown (5 Jokers) 10 23. BigCopey1885 (5 Jokers) 9
  14. Superally

    Pars v Killie

    Pretty even thus far, a wee bit more good decision making up front but overall its a reasonable performance. A wee bit more in the 2nd please
  15. Superally

    Pars v Killie

    Great crowd from Killie almost filled the away end of the North. The rest of the stadium looks somewhat sparse!