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  1. Superally

    Playing squad 2019/20

    He has his chance this season, with his own squad. As a Pars fan I do hope it works out but its all about the results. I just hope that some of the morons in our support give him and the younger players a chance and allow the team to play with confidence and not to be fearful of being crucified if they make a mistake. Maybe i'm being unrealistic with that …………..
  2. Superally

    Jason Dair

    Good news, Welcome back Dan Dare
  3. Superally

    Jackson Longridge

    Thought that Martin was too easily turned a when he was playing especially as a CH leading to him having hands all over a forward, playing as a LB/RB and facing a tricky winger makes me a bit worried
  4. Superally

    Ewan Murray signed

    Happy with that, The proof will be on the pitch when the season starts, but im feeling optimistic with Craws signings so far. Welcome to the Pars Ewan
  5. Superally

    Jackson Longridge

    I heard that they were a few clubs sniffing around, however realism kicks in a if we are offered money then you have to consider it. Sad to see him go as he played most game for us last season, but least we have a chance before the window closes to get someone in
  6. Superally

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Always felt like Thursday is a good day for signings and it will be interesting to see if there is any news, there is strong rumours of Murray and Nisbit from Raith and it will be good if there is any truth in it. No doubt we will see later on. COYP
  7. Superally

    In The Summertime

    Is DD getting his kit aff instead?
  8. Fine with me 😋
  9. Superally

    In The Summertime

    I'm away on holiday this Sat and will be working to raise the ride height of my frogeye after that. There is enough to keep me going till the friendlies start new season kicks in.
  10. Superally

    Liverpool v Spurs

    Glad Liverpool won but that game was ****e and instantly forgetable
  11. Superally

    Gabby McGill, striker, 2 year deal

    We have signed a striker called Gabby McGill from Middlesbrough and have played a development fee for him, seems to be highly rated and another player who fits into Craws plan. COYP
  12. Superally

    Season Tickets

    1000 tickets sold today, remember the early bird offer closes at the weekend. COYP
  13. Superally

    Matthew Bowman signed on 2 year contract

    Was previously at Middlesbrough and Hull, more of a youngster I think rather than stepping into the first team, signs of ambition in signing players who can be developed though
  14. Superally

    Hippo gone!

    Whoofftt, Now we only have Andy Ryan left. Craw must have a striker/s signed and in the bag
  15. Superally

    Season Tickets

    900 sold so far, and pay day this week for the monthly pays could be a few more. We might not sell as many as last season but I don't think we will be far off. COYP