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  1. Superally

    Trump and Turkey

    Add the fact that Trump actually has significant personal investments in Turkey you actually have to wonder whose interests were served here
  2. Superally

    Russia v Scotland / Euro qualifiers

    6-0 win, My faith is restored
  3. Superally

    Stevie Crawford

    Indeed we were 30 secs off 5th spot last Sat, that's how fickle this game can be
  4. Superally

    Russia v Scotland / Euro qualifiers

    We are an utter embarrassment, I am beyond caring
  5. Superally

    No Deal or Remain?

    I'm firmly in the remain camp, I honestly don't think people were fully informed of the issues in an utterly dreadful campaign from both sides - especially leave, but people know better now. Some people may not change their views and equally I haven't. There has been nothing that has remotely convinced me that we would be better off going through a Brexit either deal or no deal. Johnston, Gove, Fox and their rightwing cartel all told us there would be people knocking at the doors with trade deals yet we have to see any. Running cap in hand to America as the saviour hardly inspires me. And this cartel just cant wait to sell out our NHS. So I remain firmly in the remain camp and it gives me every reason to support a move to a devolved UK and a independent Scotland
  6. Superally

    Stevie Crawford

    Indeed and Johnstone is hardly setting the world on fire at QoS with even with the experience they have and one of the best strikers in the division
  7. Superally

    Stevie Crawford

    He has my support, I think we have been unlucky with some results and while I don't think we have set the world on fire we have never had a doing from any team (albeit Dundee Utd & McMullan did turn us over slightly). Its a long term strategy that needs time, especially with a young squad. I think the club was right to seek a new direction but it needs time to develop. We just cant be in a position to be changing managers every few games just to pander to the shortsighted who demand nothing less than top of the league performances and lack the insight to the financial restrictions we have placed on us.
  8. Prediction League Week 10 Fixtures Friday 25th Oct Ayr V Dundee Sat 26th Oct Alloa v QoS Dundee Utd v Dunfermline (Crowd) Morton V ICT Partick v Arbroath Remember to check your predictions before you post. Good Luck and COYP
  9. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    Brutal, shipped a late goal against ICT and now this. Not getting the breaks imo. We are not playing great but we are not being turned over (except Dundee Utd) but we are needing a change of luck
  10. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2019/20 Prediction League Week 8 Scores Friday 4th Oct Alloa 1 Dundee Utd 0 Sat 5th Oct Ayr 0 ICT 2 Dundee 2 Arbroath 0 Morton 1 Dunfermline 1 (1690) Partick 0 QoS 1 The Top 5 1. Andrew 283 25 2. Buffy 18 3. The Saline Hill Puma (inc crowd bonus) 17 4. Chris Whitaker 17 6. Craig Harrower 15 Heart break at Cappilow today, but this league shows the difficulties of making any accurate predictions in this league. Andrew 283 takes this weeks well deserved plaudits with a top score of 25pts the only player with a score in the 20’s. Making the top 5 with 15pts highlights how unpredictable it is. However a decent prediction of the crowd earns The Saline Hill Puma an additional 5pts and well done to him too. Vinnie continues to sit top of the pile, but his lead is eroding away to 2pts over the Bad Guy and Oxpar who joins him in 2nd spot. As before if you feel there is a problem with your scores, let me know and I’ll fix it. Good Luck with week 9, the quarter point of the season already. COYP 1 Vinnie (3 Jokers) (4) 1652 The Bad Guy (4 Jokers) (9) 1632 Oxpar (3 Jokers) (14) 1633 Andrew283 (5 Jokers) (25) 1444 Charlie 1 (5 Jokers) (13) 1375 The Beer Baron (2) 1336 The Roy Barry Fan Club (5 Jokers) (5) 1327 Superally (5 Jokers) (11) 1318 Craig Doogs McAuliffe (5 Jokers) (12) 1289 SeaBass (4 Jokers) (7) 1279 Buffy (5 Jokers) (18) 12710 Teuchter (5 Jokers) (9) 12611 Andrew Whitaker (4 Jokers) (11) 12412 The Saline Hill Puma (5 Jokers) (17 inc crowd bonus) 11813 Charlene Fyall (5 Jokers) (12) 11714 Andy Carp (5 Jokers) 11315 Richard Rutherford (5 Jokers) (11) 10316 Ian John (4 Jokers) (6) 100 17 Krisg84 (5 Jokers) (12) 9218 Chris Whitaker (5 Jokers) (17) 7819 George Fyall (5 jokers) (14) 5920 Craig Harrower (5 Jokers) (15) 57 21 Digs (5 Jokers) 5722 Salvo Montablano (5 Jokers) 44 23 Secure Par (5 Jokers) 2124 Casy Harrower (5 Jokers) 19
  11. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    4th min of injury time, feckin brutal
  12. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    ****e 1-1
  13. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    Andy Ryan goal
  14. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    Mortons goal disallowed Phew
  15. Superally

    Morton v Pars

    Bet 365 indicates two shots lol and along we have most of the pressure