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  1. Superally


    Hatrick for Nizzy in his second game
  2. Superally


    Good to see him get off the mark
  3. Superally

    Aberdeen - idiots

    They deserved to be hammered for this, no excuses
  4. Superally


    I wish 😳
  5. Superally


    Already firing in his excuses if he doesn't win. He is an clown of a A-hole of the highest order. What saddens me is that America voted for him in the first place (albeit did not win the popular vote) and in that case you get what you deserve. I agree about Boris on a UK level we are already seeing some of the worst policies of right wing incestuous self interest already. I would like to think that Scots have greater social judgement and tolerance, but sadly Trump is half Scottish (Mother was a Mary MacLeod Born on the Isle of Lewis, but thankfully no relation to this MacLeod - I have checked) so there is nothing to be smug about either!
  6. Superally

    Transfers / signings

    With Owain Fon Williams signed, I thought I would update the squad list: Keepers Owain Fon Williams (2022) Cammy Gill (2021) Ben Swinton (2021) Defenders Lewis Martin (2021) Ewan Murray (2021) Tom Lang (2021 Inc option to extend 2022) Arron Comrie (2022) Josh Edwards (2021) Thomas Bragg (2021) Matty Bowman (2021) Paul Watson (2022) Midfielders Ryan Dow (2021) Kyle Turner (2021) Matty Todd (2021) Lucas Berry (2021) Steven Whitaker (2021) Iain Wilson (2022) Forwards Lewis McCann (2020) Gabby McGill (2021) Declan McManus (2022) Kevin O'Hara (2023) Dom Thomas (2022) 22 players in total
  7. Superally

    OFW signs

    Dave Westwood leaves his role a keeper coach and I wish him well. However I'm happy with Craw signing OFW. It will now up to Gill to step up and make the challenge and I hope OFW's full time playing coaching role will allow him to develop
  8. Superally

    Photo of the week

    Nice one for Josh. Congratulations
  9. Superally

    Season Tickets

    End of July figure is 1732. COYP
  10. Rene & Renata: Save your love
  11. Superally

    Season Tickets

    1554 Season Tickets sold thus far. Its coming along nicely. Hopefully a few more on the back of the fixtures being released todsy
  12. Superally

    Championship 20/21 fixtures

    Tough opening match, but we are home. Can't wait till we get started. COYP
  13. Superally

    Goalkeeper Situation

    It's been heavily touted that we are close to signing Owain Fon Williams on a permanent deal following his loan from last season. I would be happy with that
  14. Good, no compo either. Let's get the seasons fixtures sorted and get them out.
  15. Interesting arrangement where it seems that the two clubs have managed to get together to look at some sort of partnership to reduce costs and to help each other out by sharing facilities and resources. It seems that the pars will use their stadium for training and the each team can use either stadiums if either go out of commission due to the Covid crisis. I suppose there may be a element of doubt and inconsistency regarding the current arrangement for training facilities so this may be worthwhile.