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  1. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Have to say I have been impressed with Martin this season. I thought after last years injury where he was out for a virtual season that he would have been off loaded. The season before I thought he was turned too easily, caught out of position and used his hands too often to pull players back. However he has been steadfast this season and has been very consistent thus far. Good decision by Craw and nice to be proved wrong. More of the same please
  2. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Just watched the highlights on COW's, Some fantastic performances there. Good to see that there were a lot of praise for the team and when they walked off the park you know there was nothing more to give. Good to see that Craw also played some of the youngsters and the experience gained will serve them well. While I wasn't at the game there was deserved praise for Morrison, Ashcroft, Martin, Beadling and Nisbet. It must have been difficult to pick a MOM.
  3. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Into ET, fantastic performance from the Pars. COYP
  4. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Celtic 1 Pars 1 Beadling COYP
  5. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Official team news Scully Comrie Ashcroft Morrison Martin Dow Paton Beadling Turner Edwards Nisbet Subs McGill: Gill, Ryan, McGill, Coley, Devine, Todd, McCann
  6. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Im thinking Craw will go for a similar team as last week and guessing that Murray will be fit and will go with a 4 5 1 Scully Comrie Ashcroft Murray Martin Dow Paton Beadling Turner Coley Nisbet
  7. Superally

    Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    Good chance to progress, It would nice to get some of the younger players involved but we need the cash by going through to the next rounds. It wont be lot but it will make a difference
  8. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Would have been happier if they scrapped through, I fear the backlash as they have something to prove
  9. Superally

    Celtic v Pars

    Next round of the League Cup takes us to Parkhead against Celtic. Ultimately Celtic must be the form team in Scotland atm putting 7 past St Johnston and 5 past Motherwell both premier opposition teams. Being the home team playing on a wide pitch it will be short odd's from the bookies for a home win. However Celtic also have a European game mid week and perhaps they might be tempted to rest some players with the prospect of qualifying for the league sections of the Champions League. Realistically I think most Pars fans will fear a absolute pumping. Hopefully if that's the case the confidence of our younger players will not be shot and they use the experience positively, be inspired and learn from it. A positive factor is that a good crowd will boost the club finances and perhaps give Craw further scope to extend the squad. Good to see that we have also nearly sold out our ticket allocation. Might be good odds on a Pars win, worth chucking a couple of quid at it - why not . COYP
  10. Prediction League Week 4 Fixtures Friday 30th Aug ICT V Morton Dundee Utd v Dundee Sat 31st Aug Arbroath v Dunfermline (Crowd) Partick v Ayr QoS v Alloa Remember to check your predictions before you post. Good Luck and COYP.
  11. Superally

    Prediction League Week 2 Scores

    Such Honesty It was 23 and you are bumped oot the top 5. Typo on my part
  12. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2019/20 Prediction League Week 2 Scores Friday 9th Aug 2019 Partick 1 Dundee Utd 2 Sat 3rd Aug 2019 Dundee 1 Ayr 0 ICT 2 Arbroath 1 Morton 4 Alloa 1 QoS 1 Dunfermline 1 (1,563) The Top 5 1. Andrew Whitaker 34 (Inc Crowd Bonus) 1. The Bad Guy 34 2. Charlene Fyall 30 3. Andy Carp 26 3. Superally 26 Second week in and the table is stretching out already. This weeks plaudits are shared between Andrew Whitaker and The Bad Guy with an impressive 34pts. Andrew Whitaker should be pleased he won the crowd bonus too. Vinnie tops the table knocking the Beer baron aff his perch by one point with Charlie 1 & Andy Carp 10pts further back in 3rd place. There is plenty of time left to make your mark and join in and Jokers can make a massive difference. Still plenty of time to join up too if you haven't already. Good Luck with week 2. COYP ThePars.Club League Table 1 Vinnie (4 Jokers) (23) 53 2 The Beer Baron (18) 52 3 Charlie 1 (5 Jokers) (23) 42 3 Andy Carp (5 Jokers) (26) 42 4 Oxpar 9 (5 Jokers) (24) 41 5 Superally (5 Jokers) (26) 39 6 Craig Doogs McAuliffe (5 Jokers) (25) 39 6 Andrew Whitaker (5 Jokers) (34) 39 7 The Bad Guy (5 Jokers) (34) 38 8 Teuchter (5 Jokers) (20) 36 8 The Saline Hill Puma (5 Jokers) (24) 36 9 SeaBass (5 Jokers) (21) 35 9 Andrew283 (5 Jokers) (21) 35 10 Salvo Montablano (5 Jokers) (16) 32 11 Chris Whitaker (5 Jokers) (16) 30 11 Charlene Fyall (5 Jokers) (19) 30 12 Buffy (5 Jokers) (13) 27 12 Ian John (5 Jokers) (21) 27 13 The Roy Barry Fan Club (5 Jokers) (9) 26 14 Mike Dignan/Digs (5 Jokers) (21) 23 15 Secure Par (5 Jokers) 21 16 Richard Rutherford (5 Jokers) (14) 18 17 Krisg84 (5 Jokers) (14) 16
  13. Superally

    QoS v Pars

    Sounds Like a bad neck injury, Hopefully a quick recovery, seemed to concede a lot of possession and ground before they scored but we picked up again once Coley came on for Ryan. Glad we took a point albeit I would have been more happier with the 3.
  14. Superally

    QoS v Pars

    1-1 now
  15. Superally

    QoS v Pars

    1-0 Pars Turner