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  1. Its off to the San Starko to settle the outcome of the Championship promotion playoffs after the 0-0 draw at EEP. Last time out at the San Starko we suffered a tanking - indeed our respective erse was handed to us on a plate with a humiliating 5-1 defeat. Simply the Pars have to be much better this time around and there were suggestions after Tuesdays game despite the draw that the Pars did have the upper hand with the vast majority of chances. However we need to convert the chances this time around. Raith will be happy not to have conceded and will feel confident of getting a result. While the Pars away form has been abysmal with one away win this season, I don't think you can look at the form book in this instance to pull out a confident prediction. Simply it's down to what team wants it more. Pars fans should feel some confidence that despite not winning on Tues we controlled large swaths of the game. I feel Craw will go for the same team last time out, as for a prediction the head says it will go to Pens, the heart tells me a tight 2-1 Pars win. COYP
  2. Aye one season only in the 2nd, until they win promotion to the 1st! GTF
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    There is only one Stewart Petrie
  4. Well we made it to a play off place, but only 4th place. and at 7pm on Tuesday we face derby rivals Raith Rovers in the first leg. With Raith finishing 3rd they have the advantage of playing at home on the 2nd leg. Either way who ever wins it will be the first game in 6 matches if they ever reach the final. The 2nd leg is played at the San Starko on Sat 8th at 3pm. Thus far it has been honours ever between both teams a draw and a spanking each. However the last meeting was probably the worst ever Pars performance this season by a country mile. For once the form guide suggests the Pars have a slight edge with Raith taking 7pts in their last 5 games but losing the last two games. The Pars have collected 8pts but lost their last game to Alloa. We will all be hoping that Craw's gamble of resting a few players and giving game time to players returning from injury will pay off. Indeed Craw should be close to having a full squad (Dow & Martin excepted). Its going to be a difficult game to call but we will all be hoping that the Pars will be in contention for the 2nd leg. 2-1 Pars win COYP
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    Man U

    Game postponed due to safety concerns lol
  6. Superally

    Man U

    Its all kicking off (or not) at Old Trafford for the Man U v Liverpool game. Around 300 Man U fans protesting against the Glazers, invading the stadium beforehand and even getting on the pitch. There are some reports of damage being done as well. Kick off is delayed or will be confirmed later. Potentially it might be postponed!
  7. Superally

    Wasps v Pars

    1 away win all season, Its remarkable we managed a top 4 place
  8. The East End Bounce Prediction League 2020/21 Prediction League 27 Scores Friday 30th April Alloa 1 Dunfermline 0 (Golden Goal) Arbroath 0 Morton 0 ICT 2 Ayr Utd 2 QoS 0 Dundee 2 Raith Rovers 0 Hearts 4 Top 5 1. The Saline Hill Puma 28 2. ian John 27 3. Richy Rutherford 26 4. Andy Carp 23 5. Sea Bass 22 Pars Golden Goal: (0m) No winners Well that’s it, another league campaign over and titles decided. Last seasons winner Charlie1 hands over his crown to Andrew Whitaker who wins the East End Bounce 2020/21 Prediction League. Well done to him but it was with a tight win over Sea Bass in second spot only 8pts behind. Ian John deserves a notable mention for coming third but led the table for 14 weeks. I would like to say thanks for everyone taking part its been decent fun. Now for Pars fans we have the Play off’s to look forward to! COYP 1 Andrew Whittaker (21) 564 2 SeaBass (22) 545 3 Ian John (27) 537 4 Superally (18) 511 5 Andy Carp (23) 505 6 Andrew 283 (21) 491 7 The Saline Hill Puma (28) 490 8 The Roy Barry Fan Club (20) 487 9Teuchter (21) 487 10 Craig Harrower (13) 482 11 Charlie1 (11) 465 12 Richard Rutherford (26) 463 13 Eggy Eggy (11) 449 14 Buffy (11) 431 15 Oxpar 395 16 Grant Smith 355 17 Davie Young (2 Jokers) 318 18 Chris Whitaker (14) 326 19 Craig Dougs McAuliffe (5 Jokers) 172 20 Scott Thomson (4 Jokers) 162 21 Andrew Mitchell (21) 126 22 Kris Griffiths (5 Jokers) 68 23 Ryan Dunsire (5 Jokers) 34 24 Gary McMeekin (5 Jokers) 20 25 Keyser Soze 20
  9. Superally

    Wasps v Pars

    Team news: Gill McDonald Watson Murray Edwards Allan Henderson McInroy McManus McCann O'Hara Bench: Wighton, Comrie, Gasputis, Mayo, Banks, Todd OFW
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    Lol BBC Have Tiffoney scoring on 32 and Cardle scoring on 72 PMSL
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    Bet365 showing 32 & 72
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    Cardle double too
  13. Superally

    Our own closed shop - GAME NOW GOES AHEAD

    Bloody shambles that the indecision was allowed to go this far. You have to laugh that Cowden were even raising concerns after their defeat to Brechin the other night lol
  14. Superally

    Wasps v Pars

    Friday night at the Indodrill we face Alloa for the final game of the season. Nothing left to play for - Alloa are relegated and head for the Seaside league and the Pars have secured a 4th Play off place with a remote chance of snatching 3rd. Ultimately Craw will be desperate to maintain a winning streak heading into the play offs. For once form is on his side with no losses in 5 games and collecting 9 points in the process. Home advantage has played its part in winning the last two games. However while the Pars home record is second only to Hearts, the away record is absolutely dismal. With only one league win it is simply the worst in the league this season. On the counterbalance form against Alloa who can be notoriously stuffy has been good this season with the Pars winning both games, scoring 6 and conceding 2 in the process. I think Craw can go into this game with a little confidence, But it all depends on what team he plays. There is a opportunity to rest some players but will that impact on a winning run of form heading into the playoffs. It may be a dilemma but i'll go for a 2-1 Pars win regardless. COYP
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    Pars badge is not quite drawn right

    FFS Big mouth!