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  1. Yorkie

    North West Stand

    always maintained NW was the lace to be ! Looks Great
  2. Yorkie

    Run in

    i think next three games will largely determine our final position: 6+points and we will finish top4 4-5 points we will finish 5th-7th 3 points or fewer and we will finish 8th Looking at the points already accumulated i reckon the team finishing bottom will have at least 34.
  3. Yorkie

    Pars v QoS

    I thought I read somewhere that Fon Williams was 6 ft 3in?
  4. Yorkie

    Transfer news

    Interesting reading his Wikipedia entry, he has had a few major injuries throughout his career, including a broken leg.
  5. Yorkie

    Transfer news

    He has started the last three games for Accies , a bit odd that they are letting him go out on loan, unless .........
  6. Yorkie

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    Think they have almost hit the target which is good going given the c@@p that was spewing from some posters.
  7. Yorkie

    Lang out on loan

    Are you referring to Mark Hill?
  8. Yorkie

    Bobby Brown

    Manager of the Scotland team who beat England 3-2 at Wembley in 1967 has died. He resigned from the Scotland post in 1971 and is the first Scotland manager that I can remember.
  9. Yorkie

    So where do we go from here?

    I adopt an approach that I will only post what I would be prepared to say face to face to whomever. Its too easy to hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard and a user name. That is not to say that I am not really concerned with the current direction of travel, where our next points are coming from and how our crowds will hold up.
  10. Yorkie

    Morton v Pars

    Just watched the highlights , their third goal is utterly dreadful and worringly is becoming a very regular occurrence. I am now convinced we need to bring in another keeper.
  11. Yorkie

    So where do we go from here?

    To being unable to recover from going a goal down we have now added being unable to hold on to going a goal ahead. Which can only lead to disaster.
  12. Yorkie

    Morton v Pars

    Can someone who was at the game actually describe how we lined up in midfield - did Murray and Martin play in midfield? I was following the text commentary on COWS and it looked like we were on top till the moment they equalised and looking at BBC stats apart from the score they point to a pretty even game. Looking at PnB Morton fans are complementary in respect of us as an attacking unit, less so about us defensively.
  13. Yorkie

    Morton v Pars

    Don't share your confidence at all Vinnie.
  14. Yorkie

    Transfer news

    I cant see us selling Nisbet and letting Ryan leave on loan. Highly unlikely scenario.
  15. Yorkie

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    I would rather play poorly and win. 5 points off bottom of the league as things stand.