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  1. Coming up for this one, third game of the season for me and desperately hoping for a win. Might we see Dow back for this or perhaps he will still be a week or two away. Our luck has got to change sometime, hopefully starting on Saturday.
  2. Yorkie

    Pars V ICT

    not up for this one - will be at Firhill. Unfortunately i cant see anything other than an ICT win. Hope so much i am wrong.
  3. Yorkie

    Scotland games

    indeed , whatever became of it? we certainly need a root and branch review of the whole set up from grass roots to top level. we should learn from the set ups in Iceland and Belgium and import the aspects that would work for us.
  4. Yorkie

    Pars v Alloa

    Agree eith that Salvo , Comrie and Martin our best
  5. Yorkie

    Pars v Alloa

    well from my perspective high up in the stand : no width no pressing one up front - what? ball speed slow passing behind players rather than in front to run onto no momentum just @@@@@ awful
  6. Yorkie

    Pars v Alloa

    Agree BB, it makes a pleasant change from the back row in the NW. I like the elevated position and it gives a different perspective.
  7. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    as soon as i saw the weather i felt we would lose.
  8. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    sort of proves my point
  9. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    we have had one shot on target with wind behind us can see Arbroath winning this now
  10. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    given the weather and very strong wind i fear that will hand the advantage to the home side.
  11. Yorkie

    United on Saturday

    Agree with SP, we were second to everything, our passing constantly put the receiving player under pressure whereas United’s passing took out 2-3 of our players, we had no midfield no width. The only pleasing thing was McCann’s aggression. Sitting in the NW i thought the first goal was marginally offside but that could be wishful thinking.
  12. Yorkie

    Fass signs!!!!

    Exactly how many fans have that opinion - not shared by me or many I know. According to team sheet he is starting today.
  13. Yorkie

    Players put through their paces today

    Geggan has become very injury prone.
  14. Excellent post Piracy, I wasn't aware of / heard the rumours you refer to. But leave it at that.
  15. Well I have considered not renewing my season ticket if SC is still here. I was utterly underwhelmed by his appointment. I think it's a massive risk continuing with him. One point gathered from twenty one would see most managers fired.some of his lineups have angered me before a ball has been kicked- that's a new experience for me. And did I mention the sheer tedium of his style of football.