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  1. Yorkie

    The Wee Team v The Pars 1/4 final 2nd leg

    I would add an attacking midfielder to the shopping list
  2. Yorkie

    The Wee Team v The Pars 1/4 final 2nd leg

    Second half was a non event we created nothing subs did nothing to change the game. I would have taken Henderson off . Sadly Wighton and OHara were poor .For me Crawford has to go.
  3. Yorkie

    The Wee Team v The Pars 1/4 final 2nd leg

    Heavy rain forecast between 3-5pm, will that make the pitch play any better in our favour ? Looking for small margins here. I am concerned that Wilson will be missing , I think I might be inclined to start McInroy or Mayo in mid and bench McManus saving him if we need to chase a goal second half.
  4. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team. Playoff 1/4 Final

    Increasingly normal over the last few weeks l think. Having said that I thought for the majority of the season he has been decent.
  5. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team. Playoff 1/4 Final

    Edwards has given the ball away at least 6 times having a very shaky game.
  6. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team. Playoff 1/4 Final

    that midfield gives me the fear
  7. Yorkie


    I was wondering how Thistle managed to secure 20 points from 7 games. That isnt mathematically possible!
  8. Yorkie

    Dunfermline v Arbroath

    While our goals were great Arbroath had us on the back foot for long parts of the game and were unlucky not to grab an equaliser. I dont think we can approach the QF with just Whitaker in CM as he struggled.
  9. Yorkie


    When are the play-offs?
  10. Yorkie

    Dunfermline v Arbroath

    Every time OFW kicks a high long ball it comes straight back as our forwards can neither win high balls nor retain possession. Arbroath keeper kicks long and they win the aerial battle and build an attack. Every game the same. Need to get Thomas and Wighton more involved.
  11. Yorkie

    The run in - fixtures

    I can see Inverness picking up at least a point on Saturday. Hearts were pretty rank last night , I dont think they fashioned a single scoring opportunity and didnt work the Morton goalie all night. The only thing is that it will be Hearts last home game and surely they will have enough pride as league champions to put in a decent shift ? Hoping so. The following week Inverness are at home to Ayr who have imploded recently, cant see anything other than a home win there. Looking at us v Arbroath , well I think it will be a keenly fought , tight affair. Last time out at EEP I think we scored in the 90th+ minute to win but it was harsh on Arbroath. Then there was the "windy" game. By all accounts Arbroath are playing well at the moment and 4-0 flattered Ayr on Saturday. Campbell will have them well up for it. So I think most likely outcome is a draw, I think Crawford's approach will be cautious and he will be content to take it to the last game. While 6 points would guarantee a play off spot I dont think Crawford will "go for it" until he has no choice.
  12. Yorkie

    Pars v Doonhamers

    Better performance for parts of the game but fell completely out of it towards end of first half and much of second. We need to sustain a level of performance for 90 mins.Very well played Thomas.
  13. Thanks for that SP -just stumbled upon this, had never heard of AMA. Can remember listening to Thick as a Brick in the common room at school 71/2/3 ? Didn't own that album but did buy Songs from the Wood -still got it on vinyl somewhere. I recall going to see them at the Edinburgh Playhouse in mid 80's- came out high as a kite!
  14. Yorkie

    Pars V Dundee

    The guy has suffocated all enjoyment out of watching the Pars and is probably doing a lot of damage to the commercial aspects of the fanbase. If he is still in post next season then I am out.
  15. Yorkie

    Pars V Dundee

    Great to watch a game with a crystal clear picture. Pitch looks pristeen.