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  1. Yorkie

    Gordon McQueen

    Perhaps you could ban heading in age groups ie children up to age 18. Maybe extend ban to adults while training but keep as part of actual game. I recognise banning it in training might mean players dont develop correct techniques which might even make matters worse. I cant envisage removing headering from the actual game but who knows. It would be a different ball game if they did.
  2. Yorkie

    Ayr sack Mark Kerr

    The new Ayr owner has taken quick and decisive action in dismissing Kerr after a run of poor results /performances. Ayr fans had been calling for a change for many weeks. Our old geographically challenged goalie Derek Stillie has been give temporary charge- he is goalkeeping coach there. Ayr fans banding names such as McIntyre,Young and Petrie about as permanent replacement. An appointment is expected within next 10 days.
  3. Yorkie


    Thought it was obvious I was referring to league games but maybe it wasnt.
  4. Yorkie


    We have failed to score in 5 of our last 7 games. We have won just 1 Away game all season.
  5. Yorkie

    QoS v Pars

    Another woeful performance , there have been so many this season, almost got to the stage where I wont walk the length of the hall to watch the game. Crawford is fortunate fans havent been in this season because his approach would have been castigated. Our passing is slow and pedestrian and without thought - too often the recipient is quickly closed down and ends up passing the ball backwards. Our players seem incapable of thinking two passes ahead. Not a single player played well today . Thomas started lively but faded - perhaps expectedly. Why play Whitaker is beyond me.
  6. Yorkie

    QoS v Pars

    No Euan Murray ! Strange selection - hope it works.
  7. Yorkie

    QoS v Pars

    I thought we were quite lucky to win at EEP so a draw at best this time 2-2.
  8. Yorkie

    Pars v Wasps

    Agree the positives were the result itself and the performances of Wighton and McDonald but that second half ! We are playing poorer and poorer every game ,the central midfield was non existent . We lost possession so often , we couldnt string two passes together most of the time. OFW had a couple of cracking saves and apart from our goals we created nothing. Turner MUST come back in -sort it out Crawford.
  9. Yorkie

    Pars v Wasps

    If we do lose that will be cue for a meltdown on . net . Justifiably.
  10. Yorkie

    Null & Void

    Either scrap the cup this season or restrict it to Premier and championship clubs. Controversial though !
  11. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    Utterly ridiculous tactically in second half. We tried to play football out from the back , why not go long , get defence turning ? Cant begin to sat how awful we were , utterly no one gets pass marks
  12. Yorkie

    Arbroath v Pars

    I was impressed with Arbroath two weeks ago when they played Dundee on the BBC Scotland match which ended 1-1. They didnt look a team fighting relegation. Well organised, had a plan and stuck to it.Played neat pass and move football. I notice the forecast is for strong winds from the east (which I think means blowing across the park?) and light snow, so conditions will favour the home side. Hard one to call, probably a draw.
  13. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team

    Wilson's pass for the opener was superb, I wish he would do that more often. I am overly critical of him I suppose . Had earlier texted mate saying "only Wilson can turn attack into defence" as he passed the ball backwards for the umpteenth time when we were in the middle of the Raith half.
  14. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team

    lets score goals in 2021
  15. Yorkie

    Pars v The Wee Team

    Looks a bit snowy in Dunfermline between now and kick off.