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  1. Nippert666

    Losing the dressing room

    I could safely say again, I've not ever came up against an opponent who looked like he wasn't trying......I've seen guys who have had off games and lacking confidence but never guys who don't want to beat you or get better of you...EVER...
  2. Nippert666

    Losing the dressing room

    Spot on also....Here's my opinion of what's happened at Manchester United, Mourinho good manager but was slagging the players, blaming everyone bar himself and making it very public....makes the environment not a nice place and players will be going in to training feeling low and not sure what to expect next. A new manager comes in and they get a freshen up and a feel good factor and he's saying how good they are instead of berating them to the media or press. Plus the fact they start winning games....when Mourinho is there and Im the manager of an opposition team, I'm saying get at these early doors and don't let them score and the crowd will not like it and especially the manager and be thinking I'd definitely get a point at Old Trafford at worst... Now under Ole I'd be going to Old Trafford saying..right boys get a point here and we've won a watch and let's get out of here and up the road, it can be as simple as that....IMO
  3. Nippert666

    Losing the dressing room

    This is spot on, there could be a number of things both on the pitch or away from the pitch that is effecting them, playing with an injury, playing in positions that they can't or really don't want to play etc is just a few on the pitch.
  4. Nippert666

    Losing the dressing room

    In training and especially in games I would not tolerate that....I'm still the same now in 5s and charity games, over 35s etc and will except people making mistakes or not having a good game but would never EVER accept someone being lazy and not trying. And at professional level it just would not happen. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut, winning becomes a habit that is brilliant but losing can become a habit also and once you get into that downward spiral, it is very hard to get out of it.
  5. Nippert666

    Losing the dressing room

    Down tools......I played in many dressing rooms and also at a few different clubs where the manager got sacked....I could safely say with my hand on my heart, I never seen any players downing tools in training or games in all that time. It would not be accepted by their fellow pros and more importantly by the manager themselves also.
  6. Nippert666

    What makes a great manager?

    I'm not into the stats side of games myself, as if you played Rangers or Celtic in their heyday when I played, they were 9/10 going to have more possession, more corners, more shots on goal etc but if we sneaked a 1-0 win then what does that stats prove. It's exactly the same when teams are playing against say Manchester City or Liverpool at a much higher level also in this day and age, I don't think there is a certain type of manager that is good or bad, as all managers are individuals and have different ideas but the best ones that I worked with, were all very good at the man management side of things and also had totally different no2 characters to themselves.
  7. Nippert666

    Police and football supporters

    Looks a mad one.......🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. Nippert666

    What makes a great manager?

    Because he didn't change with the times....or was he trying to play players that were simply not good enough or out of position....being too nice to certain players.....the list is endless as to what it could have been with Jose.....what you need probably most in football management and also in any walk of life....is a decent bit of luck I'd say IMO.
  9. Nippert666

    Pars Season

    I'm hoping to get along to this game also. COYP
  10. Nippert666

    Aiden Keena

    I seen him a couple of times this year and thought he looked like our most dangerous striker this season before Bruce came in....I'd have liked to have seen them both play together.
  11. Nippert666

    Brian Rice

    Yip the Mad Moroccan at his best....lets just say he wasn't too shy at putting the boot in at training also.....ha
  12. Nippert666

    Brian Rice

    That is spot on The Beer Baron.....We went to the famous 2-4-4 against them in the second half....😃
  13. Nippert666

    Football Mavericks

    Not sure....he was definitely some boy for one boy.....😄
  14. Nippert666

    Football Mavericks

    Played with John Budgie Burridge at Aberdeen.....he was an absolute nutcase but a real funny character and brilliant in the changing room....no a bad goalie and really fit also for a 42/43 year old at that time.
  15. Nippert666

    Which game tonight?

    Will probably try watch a bit of both, with Manchester United playing, plus an interest in the result of the Ayr v Utd game for Pars....