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  1. The Bad Guy

    Police and football supporters

    I see the police are now claiming that they found drugs on that bus...
  2. The Bad Guy

    What makes a great manager?

    I disagree that Shilton was a genuinely talented goalkeeper. I thought he was adequate at best and that Nottingham Forest would have been successful with any goalkeeper. I seem to recall that he had a poor record at saving penalties and that led to the rumour that England wanted to bring Dave Beasant on for their penalty shootout that they lost against Germany.
  3. The Bad Guy

    Chelsea Man U

    Absolutely fummin that they cancelled EastEnders for that ****e. #SNPBad
  4. The Bad Guy

    Football Manager 19

    Someone hosts a game on their server and people ask to join
  5. The Bad Guy

    Football Manager 19

    Would anyone who plays this be interested in trying to get a network game set up?
  6. The Bad Guy

    Declan Rice

    Similarly a lot of the best players for the Netherlands are/were from Surinam
  7. The Bad Guy

    Prediction League Week 24 Fixtures

    Alloa 1-2 Partick Thistle Dunfermline 0-2 ICT (4222) Morton 1-2 Ayr QoS 1-2 Dundee United Ross County 2-0 Falkirk
  8. The Bad Guy

    New member of coaching team

    It's Callum Davidson. Good appointment imo
  9. The Bad Guy

    Man U v PSG

    If memory serves, it wasn't actually him that won it...
  10. The Bad Guy

    Declan Rice

    Completely agree with the comments here even though we got lucky with Stuart McCall after he was an unused sub for England. Once a player has been part of a squad for one country's under 21 side in a match competitive or not, he should be no longer eligible for anyone else unless there are extenuating circumstances i.e. Kosovo
  11. The Bad Guy

    Aiden Keena

    Is this where we rue allowing a loan player to his parent club in something we had no control because he scored against a junior club? 😉
  12. Got the same black box on my Chinese spy phone
  13. The Bad Guy

    Perceived Refereeing Bias

    That was an end of season match v Morton in Jocky Scott's last match and was only a temporary thing as I seem to remember the official linesman coming back. I believe that the Beer Baron is referring to match where a replacement linesman was taken from the NW due to injury to the ref. The replacement linesman in the Airdrie match made a questionable decision in favour of The Pars and an Airdrie player shouted "That's just because you are one of those ****s". The linesman flagged to the ref and the Airdrie player got booked.
  14. The Bad Guy

    Have you ever wanted the Pars to lose?

    Never wanted us to lose but have bet against us hoping to **** my bet up. Same goes for the prediction league.