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  1. The Bad Guy

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    Limited selection of English games to choose from this weekend.
  2. The Bad Guy

    Stevie Crawford

    The penalty that cost us a point against Inverness was also questionable.
  3. The Bad Guy

    Russia v Scotland / Euro qualifiers

    Like @Superally I am beyond caring. Saw the result and it got a shrug of the shoulders. There should be a complete root and branch review of the SFA but nothing will happen while there are still people who willingly fork out good money after bad to watch the national side no matter how **** they are.
  4. Alloa 1-3 Dundee United Ayr 1-1 ICT Dundee 3-1 Arbroath Morton 2-0 Dunfermline (1700) Partick Thistle 1-1 QoS
  5. The Bad Guy

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    Reminder to get your predictions in. Very nearly forgot myself and missed tonight's games.
  6. QoS 0-2 Dundee Arbroath 1-2 Ayr Dundee United 3-1 Morton Dunfermline 1-1 Alloa (3210) ICT 3-0 Partick Thistle
  7. The Bad Guy

    McCall to Partick confirmed

    I remember McCall's second spell as a player and if I remember correctly he was lazy, fat and disinterested. I think because he had left us for Rangers for a decent fee he thought he was above it despite being punted and we signed him back from a mediocre Bradford City side who were only too glad to see the back of him. As a manager he is an absolute rat. Wasn't it him who was seen watching Dundee United while the previous manager was still in place then was announced as their new manager around a week later? I think that him returning to Thistle is a stupid decision on his part. He has left a club that he had punching well above their weight but are a stable club with an owner willing to back them and some decent players. Thistle are absolute dog ****e on the park and a complete basket case off it. Harold Bishop, their lottery winning supporter withdrew his backing and is now part of another takeover bid.
  8. The Bad Guy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    3-0 Turner
  9. The Bad Guy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    2-0 Dow
  10. The Bad Guy

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    1-0 Pars Nisbet
  11. Alloa 1-3 Ayr Dundee United 2-1 Arbroath ICT 1-0 QoS Morton 0-2 Dundee Partick Thistle 2-0 Dunfermline (3890)
  12. The Bad Guy

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    It's open again lads
  13. Arbroath 1-1 Partick Thistle Ayr 0-3 Dundee United Dundee 2-1 Alloa Dunfermline 0-3 Inverness (4988) (J) QoS 0-0 Morton
  14. The Bad Guy

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    It's back on the 18th September with cash prizes again https://www.7otb.com/ Anyone who would like to leave can do so and anyone who wants to join can or set up a new team of 5-7 members if the current team remains the same
  15. The Bad Guy

    Greg Kiltie

    Signed on loan until the end of the season with recall option in January. I was under the impression that Kiltie was a regular for Kilmarnock. Seems to be a decent signing on the face of it.