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  1. Deutsche Par

    Coll Donaldson

    Disappointed that's he isn't staying however he has to do the right thing for himself and not sit at home with his thumb up his arse waiting for an offer that might not come. That said, he is a DFB now.
  2. Deutsche Par

    Squad For Next Season

    https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/transfers/endendevertraege/statistik?plus=0&jahr=2022&ausrichtung=alle&spielerposition_id=alle&altersklasse=alle&land_id=190&yt0=Show Out of contract Scottish players for anyone who wants to draw up a wishlist...
  3. Deutsche Par

    Premier Sports Cup

    Ross County Alloa Athletic East Fife Buckie Thistle Pretty dull tbh. Normally Buckie would be decent enough but we have played them twice in cups in the last few years.
  4. Deutsche Par

    Cammy Ballantyne

    Has announced he is leaving Montrose because he wants to play full time football again. 25 year old defender. Was in last season's League 1 team of the year. Worth a punt?
  5. Deutsche Par

    Let the fans pick the manager.......

    Cannae. He's deid. As for the topic, nae chance. A good proportion of our support shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for themselves without a carer present.
  6. Not sure what to make of the appointment tbh however I do remember that there was a great deal of surprise when Dundee sacked him as they were in the middle of an unbeaten run iirc. He has achieved every objective that he has been given at Dundee and I believe that he probably would have kept Dundee up had he not been harshly punted. Best to get behind him and see what happens. I get that he probably wasn't first choice for everyone (me either) however as a club in the third tier of Scottish football I don't think that the board would have been drowning in applications. We do need to get the leaks plugged though. That really is amateur hour.
  7. Deutsche Par

    Yogi out

    Kevin Thomson has pulled out of the running for the Raith job. Does it mean anything for us? Probably not.
  8. Deutsche Par

    You thought Scottish football was bad?

    There's clearly commas in my post, so yes.
  9. The football authorities have to much derision from fans pushed through a restructuring of their top division for 2023/24 and it looks awful Increasing the top league from 10 to 12 teams. A split after 2 rounds of games then the teams in each section play each other twice. The two clubs at the top of the league to play a play-off series of three games to determine the Champions, all games to go to extra time and penalties if level after 90 minutes to determine winner in each match. The other four teams in the top half to play the 4 teams at the top of the bottom half in standard play-offs to determine who gets the European places. Bottom team goes down automatically (standard) 2nd bottom club plays 2nd top of Challenge League in standard play-off. The last two Swiss leagues have been won by more than twenty points, and this new system makes an absolute mockery of that, as does the potential of the 10th place club getting into Europe. Only the team who are directly relegated avoid a play-off. The Swiss fans hate this so much there has been petitions against it and many are saying "we wanted the Scottish model". It's a poor league if the fans are envious of Scotland.
  10. Deutsche Par

    New manager poll

    From McBookie's page. They have rightfully been pulled up for spelling Stewart Petrie's name wrong. Apparently there have been some new accounts opened in the Inverness area piling on Kettlewell.
  11. Deutsche Par

    New Manager thread......

    Possibly Mark Fotheringham also.
  12. Deutsche Par

    Will we still be called Townies/Toonies?

  13. Deutsche Par

    New manager poll

    Previously I would have said Petrie but given how fickle our fans are, if he gets off to a bad start (and I get that he would be afforded more time than most) then every chance that his legacy could be eroded. So for that reason I would like us to go for the guy I mentioned on the other thread Jan Zimmermann who took Havelse from the sixth tier of the German system to the third tier.
  14. Deutsche Par

    New Manager thread......

    If he isn't out of our price range then I would like us to make a move for Jan Zimmermann who has a track record of getting teams promoted.
  15. Deutsche Par

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    Given that a few of them have been lifted before they have even got there I'm not at all optimistic they will behave.