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  1. Salvo Montalbano

    Morton v Pars

    Confidence? How do you account for going a goal up in games and playing nice football to suddenly letting teams back into it? We surely should be at our most confident having scored but we go back into a shell. High expectations from the stands? This is nonsense that is trotted out all the time. We expect players to do the simple things that they are paid to do (short passes, etc.), we expect a bit of energy to be expended and for teams to be put under a bit of pressure at East End. We don't have too high expectations on the young players in particular although we do have high expectations of the senior pros (Ashcroft, Devine, Paton, Scully, etc) who for the most part have been amongst the poorest performers. If you think these expectations are too high then I have no idea what you think we should be expecting? It's like you think they should be applauded for not falling over when they come onto the park!
  2. Salvo Montalbano

    Morton v Pars

    Concede the first goal and we don't seem to be able to come back from that. Score the first goal and we don't seem to be able to hang onto the lead. Awful.
  3. Salvo Montalbano

    Stoke to poach Steve Clarke

    Didn't he take Weat Brom to their highest ever league finish and points total in the Premier League?
  4. Salvo Montalbano

    Russia v Scotland / Euro qualifiers

    Not really understanding the first point - had anyone known McLeish was to be the replacement, most Scotland fans would have preferred Strachan stayed. The fact that the SFA should have done better is irrelevant in this hindsight scenario. Also not understanding your second point - given Cyrpus has just went to Kazakhstan and won surely highlights how much of a shocker it was. The apologists were saying after the game that the Kazakhs would cause a few problems and they have not. Had we won that first game, the confidence would have been higher and we wouldn't have been playing catch up in the group.
  5. Salvo Montalbano

    Russia v Scotland / Euro qualifiers

    I think had people known that by getting rid of Strachan we would end up with McLeish, they wouldn't have been calling for that decision to be made.
  6. Salvo Montalbano

    Partick Thistle v Pars

    Thought Turner was by far the poorest midfield player tbh, and not for the first time...
  7. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars V ICT

    Thought it was a better performance for the most part today, although that should have been a given after the Arbroath and Alloa games. Having said that, it was a game that had 0-0 written all over it - Ridgers didn't have a save to make and Gill made one save from a long range shot and wasn't able to save the penalty. Neither team looked good although Inverness looked a helluva lot stronger and harder than we did. Partick away is now a massive game.
  8. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars v Alloa

    Quite a strong side against a team we'll have to break down 4 times in the League this season and we failed miserably. Kiltie looked decent although I'm not sure where his best position is, Lang had a few good and a few bad moments then went off with a tight hamstring by the looks of things and Comrie was probably the only other player who looked halfway decent. The rest? Awful. McGill out his depth and isolated. Turner constantly trying the fancy stuff rather than keeping it simple. Paton as slow as I am. Beadling looking like a little boy lost. Todd shunted out to the left flank. Ashcroft all over the place. Gill culpable for the first goal, at least in part. We are really struggling, make no mistake about it.
  9. Salvo Montalbano

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    Ah, good. I had a look at the website on the first day of the English Premier League season and saw it still had the last results up so assumed it wasn't running any longer.
  10. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars v Alloa

    Seems a tad petty. It might not be the best place to view the game from, although I think most of the Main Stand gives you a good view of the game, but if that's the reason for not attending it seems bizarre given that there are a fair few grounds - including Parkhead a few weeks ago - where the view is just as bad if not worse. If you're not going because it's the Challenge Cup, our form, you've got something else on, it's a pay game rather than on the ticket etc. then fair enough, but because it's just the main stand? Can't see the argument there tbh.
  11. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars v Alloa

    It only costs you money if you decide to fly to and from London and stay overnight in a hotel tbf
  12. Salvo Montalbano

    Greg Kiltie

    Thomson will be coming back by then and we can obviously replace anyone who leaves in the window. There's nothing to say they'll leave in January anyway of course unless their parent club needs them and it can be in our best interests too if a player isn't having a positive impact.
  13. Salvo Montalbano

    Prediction League Week 4 Fixtures 30&31/8/19

    Forgot to do this last week so already out of things but hey ho. Friday 30th Aug ICT 2 V 1 Morton Dundee Utd 3 v 1 Dundee Sat 31st Aug Arbroath 1 v 3 Dunfermline (1,374) Partick 1 v 1 Ayr QoS 1 v 0 Alloa
  14. Salvo Montalbano

    United on Saturday

    His second was very lucky too - Scully got down to it but it seemed to squirm under his body and then had loads of back spin and sneaked over the line. I wasnt impressed by Shankland yet again today yet he scored twice and will go on to score between 30 and 40 this season. It's baffling. I'd like to see the 2 penalty incidents again - for theirs it looks like it's very close to the cross and his arms looked like they were across his chest so shouldn't have been given but at the other end it looked like the United defender got an arm in the way of a shot. Think the referee was poor today with a few poor applications of the advantage, lots of arm wrestling going unpunished and the bizarre one where he gave them a throw in at the Main Stand side. Can't complain top much though as we didn't deserve anything from the game today. Very disappointing.
  15. Salvo Montalbano

    United on Saturday

    Ryan in for Turner and Coley in for Edwards the two changes.