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  1. Salvo Montalbano

    Celtic v Pars

    Great performances, especially from an immense Lewis Martin but also Beadling, Nisbet, Ashcroft, Morrison and Ryan when he came on. Two goals conceded, one a cross and one a deflected daisy cutter. Celtic hit the post and Scully had a few good saves from long range shots but other than that we were worthy of taking it to extra time I reckon. Would like to see the clip on Ashcroft's heels at the end again but we didn't exactly get any 50/50 or even 60/40 decisions today. The "take one for the team" foul on the half way line we didn't get and then penalising Coley when Ajer went down awkwardly were particularly awful. Lots of positives but I hope that hasn't taken too much out of the boys today with United next week.
  2. Salvo Montalbano

    VAR in the Premier League

    Yes, that's what I heard. Seems the Premier League are just making up stuff as they go along, and that their clubs are going to be having different rules in the league and in Europe. It's a bit of a farce tbh.
  3. Salvo Montalbano

    VAR in the Premier League

    Just a small point of order, the Man City retake wasn't for the keeper coming off his line but for encroachment by Declan Rice.
  4. Salvo Montalbano

    VAR in the Premier League

    I've never been a fan of VAR but I couldn't agree more with the gist of the post above. For one thing, who is to say where the shoulder starts and the arm ends? When are we judging the ball being played - the moment it's first touched or when the ball leaves the foot? When it is a matter of millimeters, these things become important as does technical details like the frame rate and when the live picture is frozen. Is that really what we want? I think VAR is here to stay sadly, so if it has to be used, either give the attacker the benefit of any doubt or have the same system as in cricket when close decisions are "Umpire's call" and any original decision stands. As for the handball, while that isn't the fault of the VAR system, why did it take that long to decide that it did hit his arm, when any touch - accidental.or otherwise - would mean the goal would be disallowed?
  5. Salvo Montalbano

    QoS v Pars

    Former fan and disabled supporters liaison or something. There was confusion in the home end too due to the lack of announcement.
  6. Salvo Montalbano

    Prediction League Week 2 Fixtures

    Friday 9th Aug 2019 Partick VOID v VOID Dundee Utd - Totally forgot about this game. Sat 10th Aug 2019 Dundee 2 v 0 Ayr ICT 1 v 0 Arbroath Morton 1 v 1 Alloa QoS 1 v 2 Dunfermline (1,217)
  7. Salvo Montalbano

    Prediction League Week 1 Fixtures

    Friday 2nd Aug Dunfermline 2 v 1 Dundee (5,548) Sat 3rd Aug Alloa 1 v 2 Partick Arbroath 1 v 1 QoS Ayr 1 v 1 Morton Dundee Utd 2 v 1 ICT
  8. Salvo Montalbano

    Week 1 Prediction League reminder

    Yes, it should be on the BBC Sport Scotland section.
  9. Salvo Montalbano

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    Possibly. I wasn't sure.
  10. Salvo Montalbano

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    Pretty sure that new rules came into force recently that means that clubs can't change home venue unless there is some legal reason? It was to stop the likes of Albion Rovers who made a lot of money moving games to Airdrie and Bonnyrigg who played Hibs at Tynecastle.
  11. Salvo Montalbano

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round

    He isn't but he still has most of the players Rodgers signed at his disposal.
  12. Salvo Montalbano

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round

    That was Dalia's Celtic who are a different proposition altogether sadly. Our best hope is that they have an eye on their European game.
  13. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars v East Kilbride

    Dundee United played Dundee in the final group game to decide who'd be group winners and seeded and who would be runners up and unseeded. It went to penalties IIRC, then the unseeded team drew the seeded team in the first knock out round for a repeat fixture. Anyways, nobody from our group can qualify apart from us, the only way anyone else could qualify would be if we lost and then we'd be out anyway.
  14. Salvo Montalbano

    Pars v East Kilbride

    Shows how everyone sees different things. I thought Ashcroft was probably the weakest of the back four and while Paton was fine, his lack of awareness and lack of ability was shown up a couple times. Martin and Dow were very good though I thought.
  15. Salvo Montalbano

    Better Together

    We have cultural and emotional links to other places (including Europe), but surely sharing a language, cuisine etc (even though there are multiple differences in different regions let along the four nations of the UK) isn't enough to suffer the ****show that's surely to come? Boris doesn't believe a Scot should be PM, you just know he'll be looking at the Barnett Formula as soon as possible, he is a free trader anti-oversight, right wing racist and is going to make up a cabinet of like thinkers. And all of this on top of Scotland overwhelmingly voting to remain in the EU (voting No was the only way to stay in if you remember 2014) yet about to be faced with the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit (even as a pro-Europe Yes/Remain voter I'd have reluctantly accepted a soft Brexit a la Norway or an EEFTA style arrangement).