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  1. Salvo Montalbano

    A View From The Terrace

    It is, and its 3 if the regular contributors who are usually on the lower league podcasts (the Stenhousemuir fan and the Rovers fan along with the host) along with one of the Jambos who is there for a bit of Premiership expertise I guess. It's quite funny, has some lovely features (the Arbroath game shot in the style of a documentary was excellent telly in it's own right) and a few clips from games etc. It's far and away the best programme about Scottish football on TV or radio, for that matter, although there isn't much competition I know.
  2. Salvo Montalbano

    Stevie Crawford

    Did he not agree a one year rolling contact when he took over? So he'll be here next season until he's sacked or resigns in the meantime surely?
  3. Salvo Montalbano

    Are Fans Criminalised?

    Exactly. It doesn't help that people when asked not to do something will almost automatically continue to do so (even more forcibly if that is possible). In the vaping example, I wasn't there so without further information who's to say that the steward didn't initially simply ask them to stop/remind them it's against the rules and regs of the stadium etc then it continued? There have been plenty times when people have been asked to sit down for the sake of people behind them that can't see, people being asked to not stand on staircases, etc. The amount of people who smoke in toilets (even at places like Stark's Park where they let smokers out at half time) and the like don't help matters. That said, some stewards are ridiculous - one at Cappilow I remember telling people to sit down before the game had even kicked off, and this is a stand with very little legroom anyway.
  4. Salvo Montalbano

    Getting scores from elsewhere before the internet

    The Pink was great. 5 paragraphs about the first half then two lines about the second. Lots of L-L in the classified sections. I used to get the result off ceefax if we were at the shops but would occasionally take a tranny into the game with me if there was likely to be any games effecting us. Also bizarrely if I thought our game would be the commentary game - only one game was broadcast live, and even then it was the last ten minutes or so of the first half then the second half, and they never used so say which game was being covered until after kick off (I guess they thought it would put people off attending if they could listen live!). You'd also hear "As we welcome listeners to the World Service" at some point as for some reason they took the live Sportsound stuff rather than the Radio 2 (then Radio 5) Sportsday. First time I knew about the programmes thing was at Motherwell I think. Was listening to the announcer then he suddenly started giving it "A: 1-0, B: 0-2, 😄 1-1" etc. I asked my Dad what all that was about and he told me about the half time scores. I assumed they were in alphabetical order so thought I'd be able to work out the results (Aberdeen winning 1-0, Dundee losing 2-0 at home etc.) but he said no, they are printed in the programme at random. I also used to think the numbers in the Sunday Mail (Rangers and Celtic pools) were predictions on the following weeks games and would be happy or annoyed if they "predicted" our game on the classified list. I was a bit naive when I was younger it's true.
  5. Salvo Montalbano

    Photo of the week

    Photo of last week, surely? Wasn't it taken after the Inverness game?
  6. Salvo Montalbano

    Brendan Rogers

    Where did you see this? 7 hours later and I don't see a confirmation, let alone it being from the start of next season.
  7. Salvo Montalbano

    What's changed?

    Ayr weren't great tbh and Scully only had one save to make of any note (although they perhaps could have had a penalty when the ball struck Craigan's elbow - it was tough for the referee to see and it may have been outside the box) whereas the Ayr keeper had to make two or three (including a point blank save from Connolly) and Anderson also had the ball in the net but it was deemed that the ball was out before Criagan crossed it in. A draw could possibly have been fair but we certainly didn't deserve to lose.
  8. Salvo Montalbano

    What makes a great manager?

    Maybe not in the establishments you frequent but I've often seen pizze fritte on the menu in many a snack bar in il bel paese.
  9. Salvo Montalbano

    West Germany/Germany top 25 footballers

    He's no. 22. Having Neuer higher than Khan (who was higher than Sepp Maier) didn't seem right to me and Klose was very high up the list (maybe for his longevity?). Number 1 is fair enough though, although Beckenbaur would have been mine probably. Can't think who the missing player could be so off to Google. Good video though.
  10. Salvo Montalbano

    Football gone mad...

    Juve have saved the €20-30 million they'd have had to fork out on a transfer fee so it makes sense that the basic salary will be higher. It highlights that Arsenal maybe wasn't completely wrong in not offering him a new contract though if that's the sort of money his agent was looking for.
  11. Salvo Montalbano

    Suspensions for Red Cards

    For totting up (as opposed to the difference between two yellows and a straight red for violent conduct) I believe it does increase the more cards you get. First suspension (5 yellows or 1 red for 2 yellows/DOGSO) is one match then the next is 2 then the next is 3 and so on. There are different rules for violent conduct etc. and I think yellows (but not reds?) get reset at some point throughout the season.
  12. Salvo Montalbano

    Favourites for relegation

    If you'd said "I think we'll be fine" or "I believe..." or "... because of x, y and z" then that would be fair enough and maybe saying it's being positive. Just saying "we'll be fine" is the sort of thing that fans of teams who have been relegated (or worse) have said. All IMO of course.
  13. Salvo Montalbano

    Favourites for relegation

    "We'll be fine" has been said many times by many fans and employees of many clubs bigger and better than us. We won't be fine if we have that kind of attitude. We need to get at least 5 wins I'd say, and even that may not be enough. So realistically we need to beat Morton, Partick and Falkirk at home and Alloa away, while avoiding defeat at Firhill would also be a big plus. That may still leave us a win or two short, so we need to get a win or two against the likes of Inverness, Queen of the South, Ayr and Dundee Utd who we've struggled against recently. It'll be tight, that's for sure.
  14. Salvo Montalbano

    EPL trivia

    I'm very much a pedant. Not into pegging though.
  15. Salvo Montalbano

    EPL trivia

    Pedantry corner - it's not EPL trivia if one if the answers pre-dates the formation of the Premier League surely? 😊