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  1. Salvo Montalbano

    West Germany/Germany top 25 footballers

    He's no. 22. Having Neuer higher than Khan (who was higher than Sepp Maier) didn't seem right to me and Klose was very high up the list (maybe for his longevity?). Number 1 is fair enough though, although Beckenbaur would have been mine probably. Can't think who the missing player could be so off to Google. Good video though.
  2. Salvo Montalbano

    Football gone mad...

    Juve have saved the €20-30 million they'd have had to fork out on a transfer fee so it makes sense that the basic salary will be higher. It highlights that Arsenal maybe wasn't completely wrong in not offering him a new contract though if that's the sort of money his agent was looking for.
  3. Salvo Montalbano

    Suspensions for Red Cards

    For totting up (as opposed to the difference between two yellows and a straight red for violent conduct) I believe it does increase the more cards you get. First suspension (5 yellows or 1 red for 2 yellows/DOGSO) is one match then the next is 2 then the next is 3 and so on. There are different rules for violent conduct etc. and I think yellows (but not reds?) get reset at some point throughout the season.
  4. Salvo Montalbano

    Favourites for relegation

    If you'd said "I think we'll be fine" or "I believe..." or "... because of x, y and z" then that would be fair enough and maybe saying it's being positive. Just saying "we'll be fine" is the sort of thing that fans of teams who have been relegated (or worse) have said. All IMO of course.
  5. Salvo Montalbano

    Favourites for relegation

    "We'll be fine" has been said many times by many fans and employees of many clubs bigger and better than us. We won't be fine if we have that kind of attitude. We need to get at least 5 wins I'd say, and even that may not be enough. So realistically we need to beat Morton, Partick and Falkirk at home and Alloa away, while avoiding defeat at Firhill would also be a big plus. That may still leave us a win or two short, so we need to get a win or two against the likes of Inverness, Queen of the South, Ayr and Dundee Utd who we've struggled against recently. It'll be tight, that's for sure.
  6. Salvo Montalbano

    EPL trivia

    I'm very much a pedant. Not into pegging though.
  7. Salvo Montalbano

    EPL trivia

    Pedantry corner - it's not EPL trivia if one if the answers pre-dates the formation of the Premier League surely? 😊
  8. Salvo Montalbano

    East Fife in the Diddy Cup

    Kelty aren't a Junior club. They play in the Lowland League and teams from that league and the Highland League already play in the tournament.
  9. Salvo Montalbano

    Old Scottish football grounds

    Add me too. It was a lovely day I think, and we still had a chance of promotion/the title but they upped their game for the occasion (I think I remember the match ball being delivered by parachute?), we contrived to not score and we lost. And similarish to what happened with scottyboy, when we returned to the car we got a lift in, the window had been panned in and the radio nicked.
  10. Salvo Montalbano

    VAR and the FA Cup

    They have to be linked to the VAR Control Centre at Stockley Park. Only Premier League grounds have the secure uplink, I'm sure was the explanation
  11. Salvo Montalbano

    Old Scottish football grounds

    Been to Brockville, Kilbowie, Firs Park, Douglas Park, Muirton, Broomfield, Meadowbank, Boghead, Bayview and I think I've been to Annfield of those that don't exist. Broomfield was horrible, mostly because Airdrie at time were a horrible club and we didn't have a good record there. Been to Hampden, Parkhead, Dens, Tannadice, Tynecastle, Easter Road, Stark's Park, Firhill, Fir Park, Pittodrie and of course East End prior to their redevelopment. In fact, I've never been to Parkhead since it became all seated. Most of the big bowls weren't great tbh, although beating Celtic 2-0 at a terraced Celtic Park was a fantastic day.
  12. Salvo Montalbano

    Stevie Crawford

    It is pretty insurmountable when you've won 2 (two) home games all season, have strikers that can't score and have to reply on not just going on a good run of form ourselves but rely on Morton, Queenof the South and Inverness to have a poor run of form and also hope that Alloa (or even Falkirk) don't have a good run of form too.
  13. Salvo Montalbano

    What represents success this season now?

    Of course it was Morton we eventually overtook, who were only 6 points ahead having played a game more. There's lies, damned lies and...
  14. Salvo Montalbano

    Dundee Utd (away)

    Better team in the first half, had a few good chances including one great chance that Vincent put wide from about 10 yards when he should have scored. They had one chance in the first half when they had a free header from 8 yards that he put straight at Robinson. Other than that, I can't remember our goalie making any saves which highlights the importance of having a clinical striker - Clark had 2 chances and scored one. Dundee Utd weren't any great shakes and it's going to be a tight run in for them with Ayr, Ross County and maybe a couple of others still in which a shout. Thought the midfield three were good today, especially in the first half with Hippolyte having an effective game too. Think any talk of us being relegated are over egging the pudding but we'll struggle to make the play offs at the right end without a bit more guile in the final third.
  15. Salvo Montalbano

    New coach...

    Think he's a coach at Wolves.