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  1. Cup half full eh. Welcome onboard James, now get to work clearing out and rebuilding.
  2. Boston Red Sox

    Yogi out

    With you on that one. Not my first choice but did ok with Dundee in the championship, sure he will have learned from his time in the premier too. Let’s see how it all pans out.
  3. Boston Red Sox

    Yogi out

    Seems to be off
  4. Boston Red Sox

    New Manager thread......

    Really don’t know with this one. The chat of Petrie or Campbell is fine, they have had plenty of time to build part time teams and given grace as they punched out their weight divisions. Dunfermline fans are not so forgiving as there is still an element of entitlement from the success of Munro/Leishman, Bert and dick and the two jimmies. I would have liked to see Lee Bullen (pars connection and a decent coaching background) come in when Grant left to stabilise and build but now not an option. I do think the next manager has to have a Pars connection and affinity with the club to understand the expectations and to try and pull together the fragmented state we are in. Anyways JH is away so that’s a bit progress. this where SAF comes out of retirement or DM realises the hammers are not the team for him
  5. Absolute coward, pity the Sheffield lad hadn't seen him earlier and sparked him out
  6. Boston Red Sox

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    Little chance, this has dug them out a hole so many times this season
  7. Boston Red Sox

    The close season

    Sick of football the now, plenty of fishing and hopefully some decent mountain biking
  8. Boston Red Sox

    Charlie Adam 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Had himself at 7-1 for an assist and stmidden to score
  9. Boston Red Sox


    Not a fan but to be fair they have done well. The zoo that is Ibrox looked to be bouncing last night. Like neither of the big two but do tend to “support” them in Europe
  10. Boston Red Sox

    Queens Park away on the telly?

    Perfect bud cheers👍
  11. Boston Red Sox

    Queens Park away on the telly?

    Cheers chaps, is it Queen’s Park tv?
  12. Boston Red Sox

    Queens Park away on the telly?

    Is this game on the telly and if so, long shot, does anyone know any pars friendly pubs in Tenerife that might have it on. Bad time to be abroad I guess.
  13. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    We deserved nothing from that but ‘Mon the pars
  14. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    Oshahoorsir. That is the best smash and grab I’ve ever seen