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  1. Boston Red Sox

    Serious Leek found

    That’s root
  2. Boston Red Sox

    Newcastle Takeover

    Horse was looking at wor lass
  3. Boston Red Sox

    Newcastle Takeover

    Always found games at St James' park to be full of character but also free from violence. Whilst the Georgies are a bit self entitled due to the size of their support they always seem to be a friendly enough bunch with some quality mullets and porno 'taches
  4. Boston Red Sox

    Paul Watson

    If this is correct then we are well rid. Absolute fudburger irrespective of his thoughts on Grant. Lets hump Partick.
  5. Boston Red Sox

    Paul Watson

    All rumours and gossip but if the reason given is the holiday, something must have gone on before the Raith game to get Connelly in pending Watson's departure. Anyhow, I think my line manager is a complete spangle of a spunktrumpet but I wouldn't just **** off on unauthorised holidays as I do like being in continuous employment.
  6. Boston Red Sox

    Lifeline Legends Wall

    I think we use the term "legend" very loosely if I'm being honest
  7. Boston Red Sox

    Lewis Martin

    Would be good to see the laddie get back into the game, he was showing a bit of consistency and form before the injury.
  8. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Killie

    Not the first time I’ve volunteered to go shopping and low and behold the pars are playing there. Got rumbled when I suggested a shopping trip to Dundee only to find out I had made a mistake, the furniture shop we were looking for wasn’t actually in Dundee and we were playing Utd
  9. Boston Red Sox

    Dan Pybus

    🤣 yip have a good one bud
  10. Boston Red Sox

    Dan Pybus

    Oh please, it’s really not becoming of you.
  11. Boston Red Sox

    Dan Pybus

    Trying too hard
  12. Boston Red Sox

    Paul Watson

    What's the script with this guy? Now that Dom Thomas has been permitted to leave the naughty step is there any word on Watson, what he has done, or if he is likely to play with us again? Thought he looked quite solid with big Vytas the bear next to him.
  13. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Killie

    Couldn't agree more. There was a time, even during AJ and Stevie's tenure I would still have a bit hope even thought he rational side of the brain was telling me I was stupid. That has gone now. Grant was the wrong appointment for the club from the outset given his track record of failure and his performance during his last appointment with Alloa. This is compounded by with his delusional over confidence and self absolution for inept tactics and management. If we had appointed a coach like Petrie, you could understand the clubs ambition and he would have had more time to achieve. Giventhe resistance to Grant's appointment every loss or bad performance is going to have a large chunk of fans calling for his head, irrespective of how good other results go. Leishman got time as the fans were onboard and some of his results were honking by the way (remember watching us lose 4-2 to East Fife at EEP where we did not deserve the 2 goals and the atmosphere was "oh well" as opposed to the toxic mess just now). It's not a sense of self entitlement because we once were a big club but, like the majority of our webbed fingered friends across the water must feel, we are better than this. We can still win the league ⬆️ Grant out.
  14. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Killie

    Was never looking likely to be a tune getting played the night😁
  15. Boston Red Sox

    Pars v Killie

    Dunfermlinenil struggling now