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  1. Fifes Elite

    Training Ground

    I did ask this question directly to RM recently at an event at EEP as I has concerns. I asked him in the reception area when I first turned up which saved me asking in a room full of people. He said in terms of ongoing costs the money we save from the fifes elite academy as well as the cost of renting training facilities will cover it. I said I was concerned we might end up with a white elephant of an asset which we can't afford however Ross was confident that running costs were fine and it was all about gaining the asset with the investment from the GMBH guys. I put him on the spot and he answered pretty well.
  2. Fifes Elite

    Visitors at training tonight

  3. Fifes Elite

    Questions for the SC Meeting

    Correct Btw cheers for the updates @Buffy and @Piracy since I couldn't make it
  4. Fifes Elite

    Training Ground

    I thought we were owning the site and developing it. Seems strange we might be developing someone else's land to lose the asset after a while. Maybe get clarity on that in the next few weeks.
  5. Fifes Elite

    Training Ground

    To clarify they have leased the grounds so don't own it? Any idea how long the lease is for?
  6. Fifes Elite

    Kelty Hearts

    Aye they definitely don't have the fanbase to go full time in any way so a PT team punching above their weight in the championship is the best they can really ever get I also hate the maroon machine nickname that's cropped up in recent years.
  7. Fifes Elite

    Kelty Hearts

    I have a season ticket along with my pars one and tend to head there if the pars arnt at home/and not getting bevied on our supporters bus. I have a family connection with them and supportered them since I was a bairn. My dad even did the plumbing on the (then new) changing rooms between jobs. I still take an interest in checking on a few of the old fife junior teams like Oakley and the haws to see how they are doing on the pyramid too. It's not really a derby for us though, there's no history to it. A neutral supporter asked a friend of mine why everyone was so friendly at the cowden v kelty game recently and has mixed sections of fans. They also probably all drink in the same pubs and went to school together as well. I don't really expect pars fans really to give a toss either way about kelty tbh.
  8. Fifes Elite

    Well done to Shields and Whittaker

    There's a good angle on pars social media of them celebrating Thomas's goal
  9. Fifes Elite

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    Depends on the tone. Could have been joking around.
  10. Fifes Elite

    Yogi Hughes is the new Manager

    I think @Buffy has a point tbh. Grant tried publically flogging players in the dressing room and it didn't work. Hughes did the same at rovers while they were in a similar position to where we are now and it didn't work. There does seem to be allot of negativity around the place(understandably). From that interview he might bring a bit more personality to the club and a bit of humour around the dressing room I suppose. Tbh though my gut is this isn't the right appointment but let's see how he gets on.
  11. Fifes Elite

    Rangers Finances

    Why would an Englisman with no previous links to the club before taking the job leave to go nearer his family back to his home country's league where he played his whole career and is cited as the best and richest league in the world over staying with them and going to Dingwall. It's baffling tbh
  12. Fifes Elite

    Rangers Finances

    I'm fairness to Park (the chairman) although a bit of a bawheid I think he is a big rangers fan and does have their best interests at heart. But it's interesting he has tried to throw the ex chairman under the bus. The current board have taken over from 3 previous boards where at least 2 of them have set up dodgy contracts with Ashley and large consultancy bonuses for themselves and now the third and more recent one the chairman(King) has recieved 800k into his family trust just for interest. What would be worrying for rangers is if King was forced to loan that money then no financial institution who would offere better terms wants to touch them which would be a red flag in my eyes. The business model they have isn't working and its only so long directors loans and share issues (that keep devaluing existing shareholders making it less attractive long term to new investors) will stump up. O and the messiah stevie is gone, already seen comments on social that he is a "traitorous fenian *******". Horrible cunts
  13. Fifes Elite

    Rangers Finances

    To give some context to the recent accounts, Craig Whyte managed to buy Rangers for £1 in May 2011 on the basis of the bank having a floating charge of 18m over the club(albeit the total debts could be up to 33m dependent on what you read). The previous financial years results just announced have confirmed in just one year they have lost £23.5m, and have lost more than 100m since starting 9 years ago. Theres been allot of chat around the accounts for a number of years however what I have found interesting is Dave Kings statement last night on the accounts He came out with a statement yesterday to say that rangers had reported a loan given to them incorrectly in the accounts that it was his family trust and not money directly from him. He received 800k in interest repayments on a 5m loan (16% which is pretty high, however he does claim it is market rate and was demanded by the trustees of the trust). The loan was given by King/the trust just before he stepped down as chairman to and it may be he is trying to hide cash from the SA authorities and make some money by the way of interest payments into his family trust?. What's even more noticeable he says that it shouldn't have been reported/mentioned in the accounts/agm because the interest payments were only made last week and don't fall into last years accounts. The current board are obviously starting to make things public about large cash payments leaving Rangers on deals made before they were in charge. Covering their arses before oblivion imo
  14. Fifes Elite

    Pars v Morton

  15. Fifes Elite

    New Manager

    Noted. This will be discussed at the lodge tonight and repercussions will be severe.