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  1. Fifes Elite

    Run in

    13 games left. Only 2 of our last 6 games are at home so I wouldn't mind having plenty of points on the board before then. How does everyone think we will finish this year? Sat, 22nd Feb 15:00 away PARTICK THISTLE SPFLCH Tue, 25th Feb 19:45 home INVERNESS CT SPFLCH Sat, 29th Feb 15:00 home DUNDEE UNITED SPFLCH Wed, 4th Mar 19:45 away ARBROATH SPFLCH Sat, 7th Mar 15:00 home QUEEN OF THE SOUTH SPFLCH Sat, 14th Mar 15:00 away DUNDEE SPFLCH Sat, 21st Mar 15:00 home MORTON SPFLCH Sat, 28th Mar 15:00 away ALLOA ATHLETIC SPFLCH Sat, 4th Apr 15:00 away AYR UNITED SPFLCH Sat, 11th Apr 15:00 home ARBROATH SPFLCH Sat, 18th Apr 15:00 away DUNDEE UNITED SPFLCH Sat, 25th Apr 15:00 home PARTICK THISTLE SPFLCH Sat, 2nd May 15:00 away INVERNESS CT SPFLCH
  2. Fifes Elite

    Hobbies outside of football?

    If I knew you were one of "them" I would never have spoken to you I do a bit of reading myself but I dip in and out of it, I have a stack of books I need to get through at the moment. I should probably start taking them on the bus for my commute. No chance I would try and learn an instrument my concentration span for learning them isn't good enough.
  3. Fifes Elite

    Hobbies outside of football?

    No football this weekend therefore people can get on with other activities of enjoyment. What does everyone do outside of watching football?
  4. Fifes Elite

    Scotland to Ban Heading in U-12 Football

    Do they head the ball allot in U12s football? I thought at youth level we are trying to get them playing it on the deck to develop their technical skills
  5. Fifes Elite

    Gazing into my Crystal Ball

    I bet you 5 pounds that's not what happens
  6. Fifes Elite

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    I havnt seen the thread and tbh just by reading the comments on here by folk I know are pretty reasoned/honest/sensible/ people I dont want to. Meltdowns over something trivial is the norm at times.
  7. Fifes Elite

    Lifeline and club finances.

    Theres allot of questions floating about that need answered tbh
  8. Fifes Elite

    Dundee line up

    So four changes were made to the starting line up between the Morton and Alloa game, how do people think he will go this week? (players in bold are the changes in the line up between the games) Morton DUNFERMLINE: Ryan Scully: Aaron Comrie, Lee Ashcroft, Danny Devine, Lewis Martin: Ryan Dow, Paul Paton (c) Euan Murray Dom Thomas: Gabby McGill Kevin Nisbet. Alloa DUNFERMLINE: Ryan Scully: Aaron Comrie, Lee Ashcroft, Lewis Martin, Josh Edwards: Paul Paton (c), Kyle Turner Ethan Ross Ryan Dow Kevin Nisbet, Greg Kiltie.
  9. Fifes Elite

    Support Group

    I might come. Can we make the venue a very dark room?
  10. Fifes Elite

    Football Autobiographies

    Aye the podcast is decent Read both of Alex Fergusons and Roy Keanes and they aren't bad. Gary Nevilles is ok too. Scholes although was a great player has a terrible auto-biography Pauls Mersons was good as talks about his issues with substance and gambling abuse. And I think I will have a read of Tony Adams. From a Scottish football perspective I read Kevin Twaddles who also had a gambling addiction. he tells a story of how he was so busy looking at the scoreboard at celtic park to see the scores in other games for his bet he lost his man at a corner. John warks "wark on" was average I have read the clough autobiography and the damned united but I would suggest "provided you don't kiss me" which is a biography on Clough by a journalist that knew Clough well. You get more of a third part perspective on the guy, demons and all. I think out of them all I would recommend this one. I might have a look at some of the ones recommended by others above Has anyone read "I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic"? Seems to be a very polarising character. I met a group of Bosnians on the train in Germany on the way to Dortmund for the Scotland game and they hate him for choosing Sweden over Bosnia. He was born in Sweden tbf to Bosnian parents. He is now pretty hated in Malmo which is the club he came through as a youth since he invested in a another Swedish side and said he wants to turn them into the most successful club in Sweden. They cut the legs off his statue outside the ground and have vandalised it repeatedly.
  11. Fifes Elite

    European Super League won't go away

    I think a European league of some sort will happen eventually. I did think a few years ago the Atlantic league style league would happen between countries from the Non-big 4 leagues so they could try and compete. I envisoned it would be similar to when the juniors went from regional league (such as the fife, tay and lothians) and formed the super league then a few years down the line formed a second tier. If you win the Scottish premiership you then go into this European league, if you finished bottom you would go back to your own countrys league. Pretty much making a European wide Pyramid system. The gap has widened due to TV money between the big four leagues and the rest so in order to try and be competitive again I thought the likes of Celtic, Ajax, porto etc would try and band together to form a league of sorts like that. I think the clubs in the big four (especially English) would push back against any European league. A world league will happen but it will have to wait until technology catches up on the transport front. Where you can hop on a flight to south America in a couple of hours and its not too extortionate to do a regular basis.
  12. Fifes Elite

    Kicking Racism Out of Football

    Reminds me of Maurice Johnson signing for Rangers. These guys havnt even got to that stage yet since they havnt even signed an Arab player. The video even says that it's a hard core fan set that have these attitudes so saying later the majority of fans have came round to what the guy is doing doesn't seem to be getting to the route of the problem. Hopefully moving in the right direction and fair play to the guy for doing his bit. But it will take more than that to change a culture. It needs years or work and education not just in football but society as a whole.
  13. Fifes Elite

    Quick Free Kicks

    The grabbing of the ball or the little kicks they give the ball just to move it away from the attacking player to stop a player taking a quick freekick annoys me tbf. Its one of those thing though they need to stamp it out across the board. Its one of those things if other teams are getting away with it then I expect my team to do it too but would rather have it eradicated.
  14. Fifes Elite

    Stranraer v Pars

    That was a shocker of a performance. Days off should be cancelled and double training sessions given. Not acceptable.
  15. Fifes Elite

    Pars V Arbroath

    Messaged my mate to say Nisbet had been ****e. Proceeds to score a double. Happy with that.