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  1. Fifes Elite

    Squad for next season

    I was there that night as well. I might have heard it then
  2. Fifes Elite

    Squad for next season

    Williamson is 23 now. At what age do we consider him no longer a youngster? Good player but has failed to establish himself in the team and hasn't really progressed for a catalogue of reasons even though he has had plenty of chances in the team. Theres definitely a player in there somewhere but I think he needs to go somewhere and get 30+ games a season under his belt at a level he can work on certain areas of his game. His confidence is pretty low and maybe needs a fresh start, at a game fairly recently a group of guys in the NW were laughing at "how **** this guy is" for most of the game and were shouting at him for everything and anything. And that's suppose to be his own supporters. Martin is another one, his reading of the game when he first came into the team at 18 was excellent. he could also play all across the back 4 if required, however he's a managers dream as he can sit on the bench and fill in anywhere when theres injuries when really he probably needed to go somewhere and get game time for his own progression.he was another one who got stick from his own support. Again in the NW either earlier this season or last season he had his back to the opposition goal half way in his own half and no passes on while getting closed down and someone shouted at him for passing back to the goalie and he turned to the crowd and did a gesture as if to say what the **** am I suppose to do. Then theres the treatment of Millen when he was scared to attend a club function and then then theres the stick Byrne got (folk claiming he isn't hard enough or didn't tackle was bizarre I seen him tacking all the time). It's hnot really a surprise we don't really have a great track record of bringing through youngsters that stay on at us. I'm sure Davie Bingham said before an interview that he didn't have the greatest of times at Dunfermline when he was coming through due to the stick he got and being a local boy (it may have been the heritage trusts interview but I would need to double check that)
  3. Fifes Elite

    Squad for next season

    Cheers Plenty of room to work with..Out the loans I would try and keep Anderson and Blair. Although reading social media Blair seems to be getting slaughtered for his performance the day
  4. Fifes Elite

    Squad for next season

    Probably the first two out the door if given the chance tbh
  5. Fifes Elite

    Well, that was terrible

    It sounded on the audio we were miles the better team but just can't seem to stick the ball in the net. Story of our season in allot of games really. That's twice now this season at home against falkirk there have been what ifs. Missing an open goal in the first one and a penalty in the second
  6. Fifes Elite

    Squad for next season

    Does anyone have a list of the current squad and their contract situation coming into the end of the season?
  7. Fifes Elite

    A View From The Terrace

    Not watched it yet but a few people have been giving it decent reviews. Might have to tune in
  8. Fifes Elite

    Racism in Football

    It's like that in some fife villages I have been in😂
  9. Fifes Elite

    Racism in Football

    Racism creeping in while society is having a political meltdown and going towards extreme views. Did this not happen in the 70s and 80s if the older crew can enlighten me? Is it a societal problem raising it's head more predominantly again due to what's going on at the moment?
  10. Fifes Elite

    Friday night football - good or bad

    I like it. Football done and leaves the rest of the weekend free.
  11. Fifes Elite

    Joe Thomson

    Disappointing I think he's been our best player this season(There wasn't many other candidates tbf)
  12. Fifes Elite


    I was there and thats pretty much what happened. CC was pretty steaming but he sounded genuine when he said he cheated imo and he had a big grinn on his face Also a link to an article years ago when he sent off Phinn https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Hungover+Pars+slipped+a+Nicky+Phinn%3B+FIRST+DIVISION.-a0183581828
  13. Fifes Elite

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    Are there not different types of plastic pitches? (Not that I'm saying it's an excuse for today)
  14. Fifes Elite

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    Correct Today was disappointing but not really a surprise.
  15. Fifes Elite

    v Dundee United (H) Postponed :(