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  1. Fifes Elite

    Scotland Top 50 team

    Any team that doesnt have souness in it is a joke and the author of the posts credibility is completely destroyed tbh S'ally has it largely right albeit I think you have to put Hansen ahead of Gough at CB
  2. New signing. Seems decent enough for this level. I wonder if we have offered deals to any if the guys released, not heard anything.
  3. Fifes Elite

    French Clubs Lose Appeal over Relegations

    It's a total disaster and terribly handled. There was a simple solution of 14-10-10-10. Everyone's promoted if in promotion places,no relegation and the pyramid respected. But the clubs couldnt even do that. Listen to Donald Donald findlay on sportsound with levein and English and he comes across as a total ar** and all he was voting for was either a 10 team league or a 10 team league for his club. Btw I was speaking to JG today and your name came up, he was asking after you and asked me to pass it on.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/53167718 Interesting its today the hearts court case needs responded to.
  5. Fifes Elite

    French Clubs Lose Appeal over Relegations

    I would suggest then allowing your competitors with a clear conflict of interest to vote on your trading ability might be construed as breaking competion law so it may actually work in their favour that the clubs voted for it.
  6. Fifes Elite

    Are we all inherently racist?

    Just re-read my post and it said superficially which completely changes the whole point I was making(dam auto prediction). Now amended.
  7. Fifes Elite

    Season Tickets

    Aye I'm still having bother. I tried to go through the "contact us" section as well but no one has came back. Tried a reset again this morning with no luck. Is anyone else still having problems?
  8. Fifes Elite

    Are we all inherently racist?

    They are all nationalities rather than races are they not? Prejudice can exist based on anything nationality included. Seems GG was specifically trying to discuss the race issue.
  9. Fifes Elite

    Summary of recent events

    Correct. And it's pretty obvious from who.
  10. Fifes Elite

    Season Tickets

    Cant get a password reset for some reason. Will be renewing when the techie stuff is sorted.
  11. Fifes Elite

    Are we all inherently racist?

    I don't agree with apologising for something someone else did. Related or not. Tbh racism doesnt seem to have entered my life in any way.....I mean the only people that care about it are idiots. I do think there are prejudices around though that's fairly obvious and that is leveled at all races. The biggest prejudices I have seen in this country is against working class and Catholics(I consider myself the first and not the latter). Fife is predominantly the same race and even my stint in Edinburgh I didnt see much racism and gorgie road where I lived for the last 3 yeare before coming back to the toon is a mix of all sorts of races.
  12. Fifes Elite

    Summary of recent events

    Well this past 2 months or so has been a shambles in Scottish football. As a team finishing mid table and not really effected massively heres a summary of what we have had to deal with. 1- Lies made up of bullying and leaked / edited whatsapps to a forum about our chairman, refuted by a host of clubs that attended the call 2- Allegations made in a dossier which provided zero evidence and turned out to be nonsense(included a transcript of the whatsapp messages)- this dossier wasted weeks. 3- Lies being made up about what way we voted in regards to reconstruction. Intent on destroying our reputation and hurting us financially and then a journalist posting it as fact. 4- Nothing to note we lost money by ending the season based on positions rather than voiding it and equal shares paid out(in the interests of the wider game if rumours are to be believed about compensation for the broadcasters) 5- Two offical statements having to be released to deal with all this nonsense while we try and get on with keeping the club alive and ready to play again (and our chairman trying to deal with spfl business on their board) Tbh I'm glad my club took the same moral stance as I have had because I would have been embarrassed if they didn't. Next stage is court so let's see how that pans out
  13. Not a surprise at the start date. Does it not coincide with the ending of furlough?
  14. Fifes Elite

    SPFL League Reconstruction Fails

    Someone(or group) has came forward and offered to pay the legal costs
  15. Fifes Elite

    SPFL League Reconstruction Fails

    Depends if the courts find the companys rules and regulations breach competition law (or any other law of the land). The courts dont give a toss what rules the spfl has in place.