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  1. Fifes Elite

    Greg Kiltie

    even with Thomson coming back that's still disruption to the team if these guys have become the first team regulars and then whipped away from us, and do we even know if Thomson will come back the same player From the Hearts fans I speak to they have plenty of cover in central Mid so the chance are Cochrane might stay, You are right though, both those managers are on shoogly pegs and the new man might want to recall them
  2. Fifes Elite

    Greg Kiltie

    Good signing imo the challenge will be keeping him fit One slight worry I have is we now have 3 players in midfield on loan who can be recalled in January. What happens if these 3 players fill up the two wide positions and then Cochrane becomes first choice central Mid. Our midfield could be ripped apart mid season.
  3. Fifes Elite

    Arbroath v Pars

    I would really be looking for 7 from the next 3 games. we need to really be beating teams like Alloa at home and we should really be looking at 4 points from a home game against ICT and bottom of the league partick. If we are really only hoping for 1 point out of those two games we are already in trouble. And thats not even taking the 4th game into account which is Morton who just got spanked 5-0 from ICT.
  4. It's not funny. It's dangerous, football bodies who can't even work out their own hand ball rules are telling us what we can and can't say? We all hate bigotry (I think) but disliking certain establishments and being vocal about it doesn't make me a "bigot"
  5. Fifes Elite

    Celtic v Pars

    He is ****ing dreamy
  6. Fifes Elite

    Abertay Uni

    I went to uni and I always regretted not going into halls.
  7. Fifes Elite

    Kelty v Killie Colts

    Kelty were far superior on the day. I really hate the nickname maroonmachine its cheesy as ****
  8. Fifes Elite

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    That might just be for the Scottish cup though?
  9. Fifes Elite

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/1779/scottish-cup-rules-2017-18.pdf 13. Grounds for Ties Notwithstanding anything which is contained in Rule 11 if a club notifies the Scottish FA that it considers that its registered ground as detailed in the Official Return (Rule 6 and the Articles of Association refer) is unsuitable for the playing of a Cup match for whatever reason, or if the Secretary considers that a club’s registered ground is unsuitable for the playing of a Cup match for whatever reason, and (in either case) the Board is satisfied of the validity of such reason, the match shall be played at the nearest available registered ground of at least equivalent capacity which in the opinion of the Board is most suitable for the occasion. If a replay should be necessary, it will take place at the ground of its opponents.
  10. Fifes Elite

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    I seem to remember something like this now you mention it
  11. Just having a look at the cup draws again and noticed these two play each other. Am I right in thinking that a game against these two was re-arranged to East End Park in the not too distant past? I seem to remember something like this happening. If this was to happen again does anyone know how the host club is paid in these circumstances? Is it a cut of the gate money or a set fee and do we get any cut from hospitality? I'm not sure I like the sound of them coming here for a game but tbf if it earns us some money it might be worth putting up with it. The obvious choice would probably be Starks but we have a bigger capacity and better hospitality facilities.
  12. Fifes Elite

    Better Together

    Blackford is terrible, half the time at PM's questions he doesn't ask a question and just blusters about random stuff. The other week he starting ranting about Boris to May...I thought the point of PM's questions was to hold the government to account on the way they are running the country. May just swiped him away. Angus Robertson was much better.
  13. Fifes Elite

    Fantasy Football Scotland

    I downloaded it last week after a boy at my work set up a league. I will join yours anaw
  14. Fifes Elite

    Betfred Cup 2nd Round

    1-0 Pars I reckon
  15. Fifes Elite

    Edinburgh City (a)

    Good lesson for the young team. What do you do if plan A doesn't work? I would rather have the lesson now while we are still topping a group in the league cup. Hopefully they can learn from it, hopefully Thomson recovers quicker than expected.