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  1. Fifes Elite

    Opinion 2

    Still wear a tie though
  2. Fifes Elite

    Opinion 2

    Dont let him bully you mods
  3. Fifes Elite

    Opinion 2

    play each other twice, 18 games to get completed between March and July (5 months). 1 month off, new season starts in august along with the premiership If fans arnt coming back until March-ish then its either this or no league at all, which means no football/income for 18 months
  4. Fifes Elite

    Opinion 2

    Spring/summer league for the lower leagues.
  5. Fifes Elite

    Investors Interview

    30 mins watch on social media platforms
  6. Fifes Elite


    Cant see it happening tbh. I wonder if theres plans in the works to try and start a league in march/april and do it over the summer instead (in a similar calendar to the Irish league). Not sure how viable that would be tbh
  7. Fifes Elite

    Premiership Club finances

  8. Fifes Elite

    Premiership Club finances

    Obviously most of the discussions on the leagues have centred around our club recently and it looks increasingly likely that mothballing may be an option without crowds if the media outlets are correct and we won't be back until March. There will be a number of clubs in our league that will protest against mothballing (the ones who hope to make a speedy entry in the premiership) however it may not work out as disastrously as the premiership if we do. Looking simply at the wage bill of the premiership teams from last year a number of clubs without crowds until March which has been mooted could potentially see themselves in financial trouble. The numbers below are from last year so not completely current and might be lower if many players took some sort of wage cut, but the premiership was started on the basis that TV money would see them through for the start of the season until crowds were back (along with whatever season tickets they have sold). There additional costs associated with testing the issues with season tickets and sponsors and now we have started the league with TV obligations to fulfil the premiership clubs could be heading for a financial meltdown. Edit - Just seen the bbc Scottish gossip column and one premiership exec says clubs will not survive without fans until March https://www.sportekz.com/football/scottish-premiership-clubs-wage-bills-2020/ Scottish Premiership Clubs Wage Bills 2020-21 Clubs Wage Bill Maximum Players Salary (Per Year) Celtic £60 million £870k Rangers £42.5 million £721k Aberdeen £15 million £140k Dundee United £5 million £140k Hamilton £4.75 million £135k Hibernian £5.4 million £120k Kilmarnock £6 million £70k Livingstone £3.65 million £57k Motherwell £3.25 million £60k Ross County £3 million £51k St Johnstone £3.45 million £55k St Mirren £4.25 million £45k https://spfl.co.uk/news/spfl-prize-pot-reaches-25m Ladbrokes Premiership1st - 13.40% - £3,350,000 2nd - 9.60% - £2,400,000 3rd - 8.25% - £2,062,500 4th - 7.25% - £1,812,500 5th - 6.75% - £1,687,500 6th - 6.25% - £1,562,500 7th - 5.75% - £1,437,500 8th - 5.50% - £1,375,000 9th - 5.25% - £1,312,500 10th -5.00% - £1,250,000 11th - 4.75% - £1,187,500 12th - 4.50% - £1,125,000
  9. Fifes Elite

    Falkirk investment

    Seems they now have an American based investor coming in and taking around 25% of their club. Scottish football seems to be a hotbed for foreign investors at the moment. 2x americans at the Dundee clubs Ourselves with german investors I'm pretty sure dumbarton are owned abroad (or were) Rangers and Celtic have a number of foreign investors Ayr owned by an american due to family ties Anymore?
  10. Fifes Elite

    Scotland v Israel (and v a Czech Rep XI)

    I'm not sure the SFA were involved in that vote/decision? Seen the last 15 mins and we were under the cosh for most of it seems like we rid our luck for large spells
  11. Fifes Elite

    Scotland v Israel (and v a Czech Rep XI)

    I'm not even going to watch it, appears the odds on the Czechs is 6/1. Fill your boots
  12. Fifes Elite

    Scotland v Israel (and v a Czech Rep XI)

    Defo putting a bet on the Czechs tbh
  13. Fifes Elite

    Archie Grey ~ get well soon

    Someone in the bruce just asked how he was. Seems to he a well kent face
  14. Fifes Elite

    Scotland v Israel (and v a Czech Rep XI)

    It is a bit **** we hardly get sat games tbh. Kick in the teeth for people who have to travel from aberdeen etc and take 2 days holiday each time theres a home game. No wonder the support is dwindling.
  15. Fifes Elite

    Scotland v Israel (and v a Czech Rep XI)

    Och not surprisingly really. Midfield was pretty brutal. Frustratingly we had an english premiership central mid on the bench and one playing CB. While we played 4 in our midfield who play in the spfl which is gash Edit - 3 EPL central mids, forgot about fleck