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  1. Surface Agent X20

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    It is a no brainer, my point is that it is often the OF who get blamed by fans wanting reconstruction to a bigger league, but the sticking point is as much non-OF premier teams.
  2. Surface Agent X20

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    it is often said that one of the reasons there will not be a larger league is because of the need for 4 old firm games, but last week showed that the other clubs are as much a barrier as the OF
  3. Surface Agent X20

    When will we be allowed back inside a ground ?

    It's certainly moving that way. I still don't understand how the players and officials can socially isolate during a game, or imagine there was a fixture between 2 teams. One of the players (or the ref/linesman/manger) tests positive,both teams need to isolate meaning the entire league is of again. It would become a farce.
  4. Surface Agent X20

    Dunfermline Takeaways

    I saw Genaro's (robbie road) was open when i passed one night last week
  5. Surface Agent X20

    SPFL Season 2019/20 Ended

    The hun rage is pleasing
  6. Surface Agent X20

    Moving from EEP

    Am not having a go, however, what is the more regular upkeep compared to a new build? I don't understand what this means. Also 3 out of 4 stands are basically 20 year old. Hardly Victorian and dilapidated (My words, not yours) The Norrie, the Cowden end and the main stand was gutted when the changing facilities moved and they put in the hospitality. The pitch is another story. plastic had to be put down I could live with it. This idea that the stadium costs more money when it not in use than a 6K or 8K ground does not make any sense to me. When not getting used a breezeblocks and plastic seats. Also if we move I can see crowds falling way lower than now. This idea is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  7. Surface Agent X20

    Moving from EEP

    Hi, This is really cause i cannot post on .net and their is a thread there with someone saying we should move to one of these souless out of town new builds. I would hate that, EEP is a cracking stadium and the envy of other teams. See people like this there things and they gather traction and next thing you know EEP is gone and the Pars are playing next to a motorway. Would be a nightmare in my opinion. Its our home for gods sake. Ask any Falkirk, East Fife, Hamilton, St Murn, Dumbarton, St J, Clyde etc etc. Anyway as i say its the wrong board but i can't be ***ed joining across there.