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  1. GG Riva

    Worst Premiership Transfers

    I think in Owen's case, they judged him by the high standards he set at Liverpool and to a lesser extent, Real. With Kozma, it didn't work out for him at Anfield, for whatever reason. He was never the most consistent or hardworking player I've ever seen, but when the mood took him, he was simply sublime. In almost 60 years of following the Pars, I think I'd rate him up there with Alex Edwards, in terms of skill, but he could and should have given so much more.
  2. Although it is the Daily Mail and probably just one guy's opinion, I think this is a decent discussion topic:- https://www.stadiumtalk.com/s/worst-transfers-premier-league-history-6caad174a33f48e2?utm_campaign=transferspremier-07943f0602994d29&utm_source=tab&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=dailymail-uk A quick scan reveals that 22 clubs are mentioned, but Man U and Liverpool are well out in front with 10 and 9 nominations, respectively. Chelsea a distant 3rd with 5 candidates, so that these 3 clubs account for almost half of the total. I wonder why that is? Perhaps it's because these clubs have higher expectations, so a player who may have been regarded as decent at another club was deemed a failure at these clubs? Another thing I find annoying is the way lazy journalists in England only go back to 1992, as if football didn't exist before then. I wonder if any players would have made the Top 50 if Scotland had been included? I have one outstanding candidate, but I'll keep my powder dry for the moment. 🙂
  3. GG Riva

    Captain and Vice Cpt

    Haven't met Ryan Dow but impressed by Euan Murray. He speaks well and has the respect of his younger team mates. An obvious choice as captain. I'd imagine that may mean a return to a central position in defence for him, even though he filled in well at left back before the lockdown.
  4. GG Riva

    Brazilians at EEP

    Aye, I remember Chico signing for the Pars amid great excitement. Unfortunately, I didn't see his only game at Cappielow as I was too young to be allowed to travel to away games, but an older friend did and told me he was the best player on the park, a view not shared by anyone connected with the Pars. ☹ Good article.
  5. GG Riva

    Hear from our Chairman

    Some excellent posts on this thread, as DD says (and great to see him posting again.) I'm in the optimistic camp, but I understand why some posters are concerned about how it will pan out. Like Piracy, I've got to know Ross and Donald quite well and feel I can trust their judgement on this. Of course, it could turn out very badly for the Pars, but I don't think it will, because the BoD will have done a thorough "due diligence." As for integrity, they have sackloads of it in the Boardroom.
  6. GG Riva

    Hear from our Chairman

    Some folk are instinctively cautious or even suspicious. I think Ross is smart enough not to sign up to a deal if it wasn't in the Pars best interests. Sure we went for the fans owned model, but it clearly wasn't getting us up to the Premiership in the timescale most of us would like. This deal will hopefully help to speed things up for us.
  7. GG Riva

    The club sold - German consortium

    You're probably right, SP. I never thought of that. Assumed that was the investing company's name all along.
  8. GG Riva

    The club sold - German consortium

    I'm excited at the prospect. We've been stuck in the Championship because We've been unable to compete with clubs who have had greater resources and our lack of credit facilities. This will hopefully be the shot in the arm we need to get into the Premiership and establish ourselves there. I'm sure Ross and the BoD have thought long and hard about this before signing up to it and I'm reassured by TRBFC's endorsement of it, as his ear is closer to the ground than anyone else's on this forum. That's a very good post from Socks, making some very pertinent points and expressing a few legitimate doubts. I can't help wondering why this group want to invest in the Pars. Is it simply because they share the same abbreviations, DAFC? Unlike Red Bull, they won't need to change the club's name to promote themselves...🙂
  9. GG Riva

    Aberdeen - idiots

    The thread title sums it up quite succinctly.
  10. GG Riva

    OFW signs

    Steve Ratomski, I mind him well. He took that excellent QAHS team which starred Maurice Malpas and Jim Dobbin along with another teacher with a Tom Selleck moustache - I think his name was Ally Hunter. That QA team got to the Scottish schools U-14 Cup Final. St Columba's, starring Kenny Ward, knocked them out of the Fife Times Cup semi-final at U-16 in a ding dong game, 4-3. Stevie and Ally weren't best pleased with the ref. Saints beat Inverkeithing 2-0 in the final. They had Gordon Durie and Craig Levein in their team, but weren't as good as QA.
  11. GG Riva

    Photo of the week

    Yes, Josh is an all round, great wee guy. His enthusiasm for football is so infectious, that helps make him stand out captain material. Delighted for him and Harrogate.
  12. GG Riva

    Danny Rose Interview

    I'm genuinely astounded by your post, 1950Par. You say it's down to individual interpretation. I'd love to hear the logic underlying your conclusion that I don't like black people. Am I obsessed with race because I posted on this topic more than once? No, but I am concerned as to why a number of prominent politicians stoked up the inherent xenophobia among a section of the electorate, by leading them to believe that a vote for Brexit would help to reduce the number of foreigners entering the UK. (A man I know told me he voted for Brexit because there are too many Muslims in this country. I asked him which part of Europe he thought they'd come from. That stumped him.) We're now inching towards a No Deal Brexit - something Parliament was dead set against a year ago. 21 Tory MPs voted with the opposition. Where are they now? No Deal will mean a shortage of food and medical supplies, dearer foreign travel with long queues, etc. Our political leaders are elected to act in the best interests of their citizens - this Government clearly has its own agenda and it doesn't include the average citizen, but there will be some who will make a lot of money out of this. The pandemic is distracting everyone from the real issues, which will still be with us when Covid-19 has been vanquished. The national media has been preoccupied with the pandemic, so the Government has had a very easy ride concerning its lack of effort in the post Brexit arrangement negotiations. Am I influenced by ''Bloody Foreigners'' by Robert Winder. Guilty as charged, m'lud. It's a wonderful, uplifting account of the history of immigration to Britain and d'you know what? It's very sympathetic towards immigrants, (like me) including those of non Caucasian origin. Have I been in a cupboard for 6 months? I'm sorry, you've lost me there. Perhaps you can illuminate me?
  13. GG Riva


    Is there no end to this man's stupidity? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/04/donald-trump-on-the-ropes-in-interview-over-us-covid-19-death-toll It would be comedy gold if he wasn't the President of the good old US of A. I wouldn't bet against him winning a second term. The fact that this is a distinct possibility speaks volumes about the American electorate. And we needn't feel too smug either. That Buffoon in 10 Downing Street is likely to be in charge of the UK for most of this decade. Where did I put my happy pills? ☹
  14. GG Riva

    Danny Rose Interview

    I'm not trying to deliberately be controversial, but the Brexit vote suggested that England has a higher proportion of the population who hold right wing, xenophobic views. One of the main planks used by Brexiteers like Johnson and Farage was "take back control" (of UK borders among other things.) It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that many in this same group will have a racist, we don't like bloody foreigners,* outlook. The police psyche seems to be that if a black man is driving a fancy car it's probably been stolen. They'll be able to justify that by pointing to the crime figures in which young black males are implicated, but of course there are many different reasons for that. *Being born in the UK is of no consequence to these people if your skin isn't white.
  15. GG Riva

    OFW signs

    He brings a lot of experience to his dual role and will be able to pass that on to Gill and Swinton to help them improve. Who will coach him though?