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  1. GG Riva

    Schools project

    Of course it would be great if local school children who develop an interest in watching football ended up as Pars fans rather than heading to Ibrox or Parkhead on alternate Saturdays but that is outwith our control. The Schools Engagement Programme aims to consolidate some of the topics covered in schools, especially relating to Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and the World of Work. We can only hope that meeting the players in their own schools and visiting EEP will influence some of them to support the Pars, rather than follow older family relatives to Glasgow or Edinburgh. How you would measure this or whether you would want to do it is a moot point. The benefit the children derive and the good reputation the club enjoys in the community after the damage caused by the near collapse in 2013 is arguably reward enough.
  2. Nigel received a letter from a 10 year old boy, allegedly, in which he claimed teachers in his school were trying to brain wash the children into being pro-Europe. https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/twitter-users-mock-nigel-farage-letter-from-supporter-1-6120489 Some of the disparaging replies have given me the best laugh in ages.
  3. GG Riva

    Platini and Qatar

    It's not really contradictory, Vinnie, just not very well put across. FIFA won't take the WC away from Qatar for fear of a legal challenge which could see them having to pay £billions in compensation, so if the participating nations simply boycotted it there would be no WC, but they could agree among themselves to hold it in a different country in 2022 and stick to fingers up to FIFA. Can't see it though.
  4. GG Riva

    Next Prime Minister

    At least wee Noel's getting a break now........😃 Johnson is an heady blend of Donald Trump and Phil the Greek...... God help us all.
  5. GG Riva

    Next Prime Minister

    Fair enough but I find it disturbing that Johnson is called Boris by many interviewers whereas the other candidates tend to be addressed far more formally. Why do you think this is?
  6. GG Riva

    Next Prime Minister

    Why do you use the first name for one and the surname for the other, Vinnie? Is it because the buffoon is such a lovable, charismatic chap?
  7. GG Riva

    Platini and Qatar

    FIFA will not strip Qatar of the WC. Can you imagine all the lawsuits coming in for all the money they've spent on stadia and loss of potential earnings during the tournament? I wouldn't expect the world to do without a WC in 2022 either, but they could move it to another country which already has the infrastructure (UK?) and hold it in June/July as in previous editions, if the will was there.
  8. GG Riva

    Platini and Qatar

    These people have no shame and there's no limit to their greed. You would think ulta rich people like Platini would have no need to stoop to such underhand tactics for sums of money that are almost loose change to them. Many fine journalists have been calling those in power at FIFA and UEFA out for decades about corrupt practices. Those in Africa, Asia and the American confederations are no better, but everyone buried their heads in the sand and they continued to act with impunity. Every nation should stand together and refuse to participate in the 2022 WC. Failing that, the major clubs should refuse to release their international stars. What could FIFA do? Why should a WC be played in a searingly hot environment at a time which will disrupt almost every league of participating countries around the globe.
  9. GG Riva

    Next Prime Minister

    Remember he pulled out of the last Tory leader race citing that he'd realised he didn't "have the necessary skills, at this time." So what's changed since 2016?
  10. GG Riva

    Next Prime Minister

    Boris in now 1/6. Joint 2nd faves are 18/1. There hasn't been such a racing certainty since Remain in the Brexit Referendum........ Here's hoping lightning can strike twice.
  11. GG Riva

    Players put through their paces today

    Good to hear. A fitter squad should enable us to win more points in the last quarter of games, when opponents who are less fit begin to tire. Where is Michael Woods, btw? I thought he was a Techy teacher at Lochgelly HS. 😊
  12. GG Riva

    In The Summertime

    I thought this thread was about Mungo Jerry's greatest hit. Imagine my disappointment. ☹
  13. GG Riva

    Scotland v Cyprus

    Earlier this year, when the FYR Macedonia agreed to the name change after a prolonged row with Greece. Historically, Macedonia also incorporates northern Greece as well as a bit of SW Bulgaria, I think? What is Keyser doing in the OP? Trying to wind up gullible auld gits like me? ☹
  14. GG Riva

    Liverpool v Spurs

    Well of course the CL is the successor of the appropriately named European Champions Cup, which was an unseeded, straight knockout tournament. This didn't go down well with clubs who got a tough draw in an early round and were subsequently eliminated. The final straw was when Napoli and Maradona were knocked out in the,first round by Real Madrid. Seeding was introduced the following season and the new name and group format soon after that and the Champions Cup became the Champions League and the big clubs from major European countries threatened to form a breakaway league if they didn't get more representatives in the tournament. This soon knocked the @r$e out of the ECWC, followed by the UEFA Cup. Now clubs like Inter in Italy want all past winners to be included as of rights, irrespective of their league position.
  15. GG Riva

    Liverpool v Spurs

    I was going to head this thread CL Final, but it grates a bit since nether team has won their national title for yunks - Liverpool for almost 30 years and Spurs for double that. Having said that, they've beaten every team they've faced, according to the rules of the competition, so it could be argued they deserve to be in the final, though Spurs in particular have had a large dollop of luck along the way, with Inter failing to beat PSV at home in the last group game, allowing Spurs to squeak through, courtesy of a late equaliser in Bacelona with the hosts already through. They should probably have also gone out to Ajax and Barca should never have surrendered a 3 goal lead to Liverpool, but hey, they did, so it's game on tonight. I much prefer a European final between teams from different countries, the contrasting styles usually make for a better game. Previous final between teams from the same country haven't always produced a great game. Liverpool must start favourites since they have greater experience at this level. Spurs are in uncharted territory for them. Liverpool to win and both teams to score seems like a good bet.