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  1. GG Riva

    Championship behind closed doors?

    Hard to argue with any of that, except that the Government have made a right pig's ear of it so far. A friend sent me a pic he took in Milan yesterday. It was like Princes St the week before Christmas, so the UK doesn't have exclusivity on people sticking two fingers up to Government advice.
  2. GG Riva

    Championship behind closed doors?

    The Government are clueless. On the one hand they're terrified of the backlash at how badly they've handled this and the on the other they're terrified about the damage being done to the economy, so they're hiding behind the "science." The number of opportunities missed by our arrogant, bombastic PM, has to be seen to be believed. <https://appeasement.org/>
  3. GG Riva


    Yes and while I'm at it I'll go up to Forest Mill with a black bag and collect the assorted bottles, cans, plastic cups etc which have been inadvertently dropped out of car windows when folk were out for a drive.... The lack of social conscience demonstrated by some people makes me sad, angry and frustrated. Maybe we need to get back to a campaign we had years ago. It consisted of beautiful, scenic pictures with the slogan, "Scotland is beautiful - Don't spoil it with litter."
  4. GG Riva

    17 Players Released

    Apologies to all. My attempt at a light hearted bit of humour on a serious thread certainly backfired. I have never regarded myself as even remotely arrogant or condescending, but if that's how others see me then maybe I need to have a word with myself. ☹
  5. GG Riva

    17 Players Released

    Thanks for clarifying that for us, TRBFC. Anyone who thinks the BoD made this decision lightly needs to have a wee word with himself. Extending the furlough scheme by a month and then releasing these players is certainly not in keeping with the spirit of it and could lead to accusations of exploitation of the scheme.
  6. GG Riva

    Great Football Ads

    Here's a wee collection to lift the gloom many of us might be feeling today:- https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/best-football-adverts-all-time-ever Feel free to try and top it. 🙂
  7. GG Riva

    Championship behind closed doors?

    I think they're just exploring a worst case scenario. I can't see any way it could be viable, but arguably no harm in talking it through. Hopefully, the virus will be under control before too long, so we can all get back to our previous routines.
  8. RS has just announced that the BBC has learned that the clubs in Scotland's second tier are exploring the possibility of playing its games without fans for the whole of next season. Wtf? Good to see this site up and running again, btw. 🙂
  9. GG Riva

    No SPFL league reconstruction

    I think all the stops will be pulled out to arrive at some kind of compromise in which the season isn't null and void but no team is relegated or declared champions. Watch this space.....
  10. GG Riva

    No SPFL league reconstruction

    Indeed. Therangers are so desperate to stop 9 in a row, they'll take this to court. If they were to win we really might have some kind of footballing Armageddon, if they lose, it'll cost them a pretty penny. Can they afford it? I had a wee look on Follow Follow. The mass seethe is hilarious and their siege mentality is something else.
  11. GG Riva

    NO SPFL Investigation

    By his own admission, Gardiner is a true blue(nose). His favourite team are desperate to have the season declared null and void, so they can have another shot at stopping 9 in a row next season. If the plan had worked, ICT would still have received the 2nd largest TV money payout in the Championship and been promoted into a new 14 team Premiership. This would have considerably eased any financial difficulties they may currently be under.
  12. GG Riva

    Chairman’s Statement 11/5/2020

    Not satisfied with the large hole they've excavated so far, ICT are still digging. In spite of Morton's Dave McKinnon endorsing our Chairman's statement as completely accurate, they're now attacking the Daily Record for ''scurrilous reporting.'' <https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/inverness-ct-chairman-backs-scott-gardiner-he-blasts-campaign-tarnish-club-2850384> Here's my conspiracy theory on this sordid saga:- There's only one club in Scotland who are desperate to have this season declared null and void - and it's not ICT, but a newish club who play in a large Scottish city. I wonder why? This club has many fans around the country, some of whom could easily be persuaded to go along with any ploy which might help achieve such an outcome. One such self confessed fan, is Scott Gardiner, ICT's CEO. My understanding is that he wanted his club to have their cake and eat it. Null and void the season, but use the current standings to distribute TV monies as if the season had been completed. ICT are now upset because 5 Championship clubs weren't prepared to go along with this little scheme. Can you blame them? Once this first part of the plan had been completed, ICT were to be rewarded by reconstruction resulting in an expansion of the Premiership to 14 clubs. There would be no relegation and they and Dundee United would join the existing 12. With Ann Budge on the SPFL committee looking at reconstruction and one big Glasgow club drumming up support among its member clubs, it looked a good bet until Ross McArthur pointed out the flaw in Boldrick's cunning plan.....
  13. GG Riva

    No SPFL league reconstruction

    It's not happening. <https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52631918>
  14. GG Riva

    Chairman’s Statement 11/5/2020

    I think it was more about setting the record straight and the perception folk might form about DAFC, rather than any concerns about his own image. TRBFC was spot on with his analysis. Ross was quite right to make all the Championship clubs aware of how five of its clubs felt about declaring the season "null and void " while using the standings to differentiate the prize money.
  15. GG Riva

    No SPFL league reconstruction

    Of course they are. The 4 games between Sellick and Sevco undoubtedly bring in more TV money than 2 would, but take any other club's perspective, e.g. Motherwell. Would you rather have 2 home games per season v S & S or just 1 v each, plus 2 games v ICT and Ayr? It's a no brainer, isn't it?