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  1. GG Riva


    He was just paraphrasing Allan "Sniffer" Clark of Leeds,× who said "If people want entertainment, they should go to the bleeding London Palladium. "
  2. GG Riva

    Why Scottish Football is Screwed

    The only time I can remember fans having a direct bearing on club politics was when the SPL was ready to shoehorn Sevco straight into the top flight to replace Rangers when they were liquidated. The lack of ST sales soon brought the Chairmen of these clubs to their senses as fans United thanks to social media. It didn't stop them trying to then slip Sevco into the 2nd tier, so they would (hopefully) only miss one season, before Rovers Chairman, Turnbull Hutton, stepped forward to say "NO!" Within the hour, his email was in the public domain and he was receiving death threats......
  3. GG Riva

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    The way I understood it, there were several players in the squad who had a poor attitude, both under Johnston and Crawford. It wouldn't be too difficult to work out who some of these jokers are - they would be those who rarely got a game. I heard from a reliable source that some players didn't want to play in our last game in Inverness, in case they were injured and it prejudiced their chance of securing a move to another club.
  4. GG Riva

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    Far too sensible, Piracy. The two old guys were able to dominate proceedings because too many folk sat on their hands. The vast majority of the audience never asked a question which I thought was disappointing. After a season like we've just had, I thought folk would be champing at the bit....
  5. GG Riva

    P J Crossan

    I only saw the lad playing once for the first team and I thought he was decent. Maybe not good enough for Celtic but could probably do a job for us in the Championship.
  6. GG Riva

    Why Scottish Football is Screwed

    Indeed, TRBFC. That's an excellent analysis by Teuchter and very much at odds with our perception of country dwellers.😊 It would take a lot of courage from practically every league club outside of Celtic and Rangers. They would need to band together, united in single minded purpose and demand a recalculation of the distribution of the TV cake. The idea of a sliding scale, based on league position is sound, but the top clubs have too large slice. The problem is that any decision appears to rest solely with the 12 Premiership clubs and they're unlikely to vote contrary to their own narrow self interests. Even if they did, the two Glasgow clubs could block it thanks to the ludicrous 11- 1 majority needed to effect any changes. What then? A strike by the 40 clubs? I can't ever see it happening, but hope springs eternal.
  7. GG Riva

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    I think maybe you did blurt out once, when a punter on the other side of the room, started greeting about Legends being closed after a game and that when it's open a pint costs more than in a town centre pub. Sounded like you, if you were sitting behind me. I didn't turn round. Apologies if it wasn't you. Did you notice how old most those in attendance were? Looked like most of the young keyboard warriors from dot.net stayed at home.
  8. GG Riva

    Why Scottish Football is Screwed

    I've known for a while, Vinnie - what amazes me is that 40 SPFL clubs allow themselves to be bullied and dictated to by the other 2. Celtic and Therangers need the other clubs more than the other way round. You can create viable leagues with 40 clubs.......
  9. At Thursday's Supporter's meeting, I asked Ross McArthur why clubs like our own don't get together and demand a more equitable split of the income the SPFL generates from TV. The clubs finishing 1 and 2 in the Premiership (no prizes for guessing who they are and are likely to be for the next 100 years) receive 23%, so the remaining 40 clubs have to share 77%. Here's the full breakdown:- Premiership 1st - £3.18m (13.4%) 2nd - £2.28m (9.6%) 3rd - £1.96m (8.25%) 4th - £1.72m (7.25%) 5th - £1.6m (6.75%) 6th - £1.48m (6.25%) 7th - £1.36m (5.75%) 8th - £1.3m (5.5%) 9th - £1.24m (5.25%) 10th - £1.19m (5.0%) 11th - £1.13m (4.75%) 12th - £1.07m (4.5%) Championship 1st - £533,000 (2.25%) 2nd - £450,000 (1.9%) 3rd - £379,000 (1.6%) 4th - £308,000 (1.3%) 5th - £237,000 (1.0%) 6th - £213,000 (0.9%) 7th - £201,000 (0.85%) 8th - £190,000 (0.80%) 9th - £178,000 (0.75%) 10th - £166,000 (0.7%) League 1 1st - £119,000 (0.50%) 2nd - £102,000 (0.43%) 3rd - £83,000 (0.35%) 4th - £81,000 (0.34%) 5th - £78,000 (0.33%) 6th - £76,000 (0.32%) 7th - £73,000 (0.31%) 8th - £71,000 (0.30%) 9th - £69,000 (0.29%) 10th - £66,000 (0.28%) League 2 1st - £64,000 (0.27%) 2nd - £62,000 (0.26%) 3rd - £59,000 (0.25%) 4th - £57,000 (0.24%) 5th - £55,000 (0.23%) 6th - £52,000 (0.22%) 7th - £50,000 (0.21%) 8th - £47,000 (0.20%) 9th - £45,000 (0.19%) 10th - £43,000 (0.18%) He replied that to bring about a change, the Premiership clubs require an 11 to 1 majority and the two Glasgow clubs will always vote against any proposal to redistribute the money in a way which would benefit smaller clubs. Unbelievably, Aberdeen helped Celtic to vote down such a proposal after Rangers were liquidated in 2012. How short sighted was that? What the big Glasgow clubs do not appear to understand or care, is that football clubs are businesses like no other. When supermarkets like Asda and Tesco send little corner shops to the wall, they corner more customers for themselves. Football clubs need their rivals to be in good health to provide competition and stimulate interest and excitement among their paying customers - the fans. I remember there was talk of the ''other 10'' top flight clubs, withdrawing from the SPL as was, with John Yorkston acting as their mouthpiece in the media and attracting a lot of abuse from OF fans at the time, but nothing ever came of it, among fears that FIFA/UEFA would ban the rebel clubs. Surely the time has now come for the 40 clubs to grow a set and challenge the two, who regard the 40 as parasites that this unfair system, in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, cannot and will not be tolerated any longer. I can't imagine that there would be much appetite for 36 Glasgow derbies per season, if the remaining 40 resigned en masse from the SPFL.
  10. GG Riva

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    Accurately summed up, Piracy. You'll forgive me if I don't follow your advice in the last paragraph. Mr Sherry is an absolute tool. A mate told me it's a plea to sack the Board.
  11. It hasn't become boring in general, but some teams do lack ambition and are set up not to lose. My proposal would be to try and nudge them out of that, by increasing the reward on offer. Winning teams would still get 3 pts, 0-0 draws 1 pt and 0 pts for a loss. Only the team opening the scoring in a game finishing as a score draw would get an extra point. There might not be that many over the course of a season. I'd really like to see it trialled for a season in a lower league.
  12. Why would you need to be ****ed to have a discussion of this idea? I wasn't advocating a return to 2 pts for a win. If a team has a chance of a bonus point for scoring the first goal, it just might make them less likely to sit in from the start. 1950 Par, how about 1965? Would the Pars have been champions with 3 pts for a win?
  13. GG Riva


    Ryan is a top lad, with a great mindset. A lesser person might have buckled after suffering two horrific injuries in quick succession but he battled his way back to full fitness and the first team. Maybe not quite the player he threatened to become as a result, but he's still only 20/21, I think. I wish him well at Thistle, except v the Pars, of course.
  14. When 3 pts for a win was introduced in England in 1981, it was hailed as a great initiative that would change the mindset of defensive coaches and encourage attacking football. It was soon adopted all over the world. Has it really made any significant difference? I don't know if there are any stats on this but a cursory glance at some final league tables suggests that it hasn't. In most cases, the same team would win the league and the same teams would be relegated if we'd stuck with 2 pts for a win. There are exceptions, of course, but they are rare. This season, Liverpool would have pipped Man City to the EPL title by a point. Has 3 pts for a win brought about the desired switch to more attacking, high scoring, entertaining games? Can't say I've noticed. Now I'm not advocating that we go back to 2 pts for a win - that would be silly. Besides, it can't be denied that 3 pts for a win is a psychological incentive for teams to go out to win. My main objection to 3 pts for a win is that it has made no appreciable difference to the entertainment value and a point is "lost" when a game is drawn. To address this and to encourage teams to adopt a more positive approach, which the present set up has failed to deliver, I would like to see the team which opens the scoring being awarded a bonus point ONLY if the game finishes as a SCORING DRAW. Games finishing 0-0 would only receive 1 pt each, as at present. Teams would know that if they can get the first goal in a game, they'd be guaranteed at least 2 pts if they concede an equaliser, hopefully making them less likely to sit in and play for a 0-0.
  15. GG Riva

    Board end of season statement

    I know Dave, thanks. Two great kids. I hope you can hang on to that tiny crumb of comfort. When we're gone, all we leave are memories. Your laddie's left many good, positive ones. He'll be remembered with affection by everyone who came in contact with him. Much of the credit for that must go to his mum and dad for the love, time and effort invested in him. May you and your family find the strength to get through this very difficult time in your life.