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  1. GG Riva

    Pars v ICT

    You've been around long enough to know fitbaw disnae work like that, Yorkie. The Pars were awful in previous league games, so ICT, who are top of the league, could have reasonably been expected to wipe the floor with us. Instead, they got a very hard game and going by their time wasting near the end, were happy to escape with a point. I hope the Accies are awful again next week, but they could equally get their act together and give us a hard game.
  2. GG Riva

    Stay of execution.

    I try not to get too despondent when results and performances are poor, although it's been especially tough recently. By the same token, I don't let myself get carried away after one good performance, but at least we can look forward to the next game with a degree of optimism. PG will not necessarily be sacked if we lose, but it would heap some more pressure on him. If we really have turned a corner and go on a good unbeaten run, calls for his head will disappear.
  3. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    England started to lose their way before half time, Yorkie. The game should have been done and dusted by then. Asking two young lads to come on and take a penalty straight away was completely insane. The reaction from the moronic element in England's support was depressingly predictable. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57800431 Southgate can kiss his knighthood goodbye now.
  4. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    Amazing what some folk can work out about you, just by looking at you, Ross. 😃 As for the fitbaw, Southgate ballsed it up bigtime, imo. An electric start, playing at home, big crowd, what did he do? Got every man behind the ball and let Italy dominate possession. Why not go for the jugular when your opponents are still shell shocked?
  5. GG Riva

    England v Italy

    Although my family emigrated to Scotland over 60 years ago, I still have an emotional attachment to the land of my birth and many relatives still living there, so I`ll be hoping the Azzurri can upset the odds tomorrow evening and stop Football Coming Home. I can`t honestly say I`m optimistic. Playing at Wembley in front of some 60,000 noisy England fans will hand the hosts a massive psychological advantage. Even if it was being played at a neutral venue, with a 50-50 fan split, I`d make England slight favourites because they have more quality in their squad. Some of the players who will be sitting on the bench and may not even get on, would walk into Italy`s team. Gareth Southgate will set his team up to be defensively solid, relying on the pace of his front players to profit from swift counters against Italy`s aging central defenders, Bonucci and Chiellini. They may have the experience but they don`t have the legs to live with the likes of Sterling and Kane - which leads me to ask, what are the respective odds of England and/or Italy being awarded a decisive penalty? I know who my money is on. I hope my analysis is totally wrong and glad I`m not doing the pre-match team talk.😀 Italy have a fantastic team spirit among the squad and I can`t see them being satisfied at having reached the final and meekly accepting loser`s medals. They`ll want to win alright and if they open the scoring, they just might pull it off. Hope springs eternal....
  6. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    Really? Anyone offended by that would have to be ultra sensitive and I don't have you in that category, or anywhere near it. No one else appears to have been offended and obviously took it in the light hearted spirit it was intended. It's just another name for John among Scots, after all. I have been jokingly called Luigi in the past and managed to survive without a permanent mental scar... I will not use the term in future and apologise unreservedly to any poster offended by it. ☹️
  7. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    Lighten up, min!
  8. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    So you're a mixture of scotch broth, minestrone, irish stew and whatever they like in Hull? ☺
  9. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    I was playing the Jackie Charlton card there, Piracy. He always referred to you Jocks as "the Scotch." 😄
  10. GG Riva

    Leigh Griffiths

    I think he's about as bright as a blackout . Celtic should sack him before he brings any more embarrassment to the club. He's 30 but his mental age must be nearer 13.
  11. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    How can you be the real McCoy if you're half Scotch, min? Your dad is more Scottish than haggis, neeps and tatties. 😃
  12. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    Aye, some English footballers have learned the lessons from their Latin teachers in Europe and S. America really well, Dougie. Further irony is that Ciro Immobile has been getting ripped mercilessly by the rest of the squad after that ridiculous dive v Belgium. 😄
  13. GG Riva

    It’s coming home…

    Unlike you, DA-go, I'm the Real McCoy - born in Italy of Italian parents and lived there until aged 7, before emigrating with my family to God's ain wee country for economic reasons. I can therefore claim that my leanings towards the Azzurri are not fuelled by any antipathy towards our Anglo-Saxon brothers in the South, but that may not stand up to closer scrutiny. I'm not optimistic that Italy will be able to bring any joy to its burgeoning Scottish fanbase on Sunday evening. Home advantage is massive and on top of that, England have some fabulous players in the squad who have spent much of the tournament on the bench. Imagine being able to bring on the likes of Foden, Mount and Grealish when your opponents are tiring..... Italy's bench is much shorter in quality but they do enjoy a fantastic, almost club-like team spirit, which might carry them over the line if they score the first goal. A pity they lost Spinazzola with that Achilles injury - he carried most of the Azzurri's attacking threat. I wouldn't bet on Italy getting a penalty during the game, either. In spite of their notorious, stereotypical reputation, none of the current Italy squad (Immobile included) are in the same diving league as Kane and Sterling.
  14. Taken from dotnet. Topic Originator: OzPar Date: Tue 8 Jun 23:20I am very sorry to report that one of our own, Keith Brown - known on here as parforthecourse – passed away this morning, following what is thought to have been a massive heart attack. Keith had been a healthy, happy 46-year-old. He became a Pars fan in 2001 when his wife, Sarah, “forced” him to move to Dunfermline. He and his 16-year-old son have been season ticket holders at East End Park for many years.Keith was the primary driver behind the establishment of the Pars Fan Loan Fund earlier this year. His enterprise and initiative got a group of us together to create the zero-interest fund that could provide Pars fans in temporary financial difficulty with a means to access small loans, and thus avoid the loan sharks. The fund will continue.The group members - Donj, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and I - are unified in our admiration for Keith and the type of person he clearly was. Although, most of us only knew him “virtually”, the word gentleman very easily comes to mind. His professional manner, combined with the time and effort he spent in setting up this fund to help others, spoke volumes about the kind of guy Keith appeared to be.We have certainly lost an honourable member of the Pars family today.Our deepest condolences to Sarah, their two children, and all of the family.
  15. GG Riva

    European Super League

    Yes, we've been here before and no doubt we'll be here again with another elitist proposal a few years from now, but at least this one has been kicked into the long grass by football fans up and down the land - thank feck!