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  1. Taken from dotnet. Topic Originator: OzPar Date: Tue 8 Jun 23:20I am very sorry to report that one of our own, Keith Brown - known on here as parforthecourse – passed away this morning, following what is thought to have been a massive heart attack. Keith had been a healthy, happy 46-year-old. He became a Pars fan in 2001 when his wife, Sarah, “forced” him to move to Dunfermline. He and his 16-year-old son have been season ticket holders at East End Park for many years.Keith was the primary driver behind the establishment of the Pars Fan Loan Fund earlier this year. His enterprise and initiative got a group of us together to create the zero-interest fund that could provide Pars fans in temporary financial difficulty with a means to access small loans, and thus avoid the loan sharks. The fund will continue.The group members - Donj, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and I - are unified in our admiration for Keith and the type of person he clearly was. Although, most of us only knew him “virtually”, the word gentleman very easily comes to mind. His professional manner, combined with the time and effort he spent in setting up this fund to help others, spoke volumes about the kind of guy Keith appeared to be.We have certainly lost an honourable member of the Pars family today.Our deepest condolences to Sarah, their two children, and all of the family.
  2. GG Riva

    European Super League

    Yes, we've been here before and no doubt we'll be here again with another elitist proposal a few years from now, but at least this one has been kicked into the long grass by football fans up and down the land - thank feck!
  3. GG Riva

    Pars v Jambos

    The fact that they're not expected to take anything from this game could just take the pressure off the team, but I'm fully aware that this is a fine piece of strawclutchery on my part. Still, it's a f@nny old game, Saint.........
  4. GG Riva

    The Wee Team v the Pars

    Yea, that game is in my nightmare Top 10, too. It was the first preliminary round, FFS! I didn't think we could sink any lower.... The players appeared bewildered by the tactics (were we trying to play like Man City, with the full backs coming inside?) and that has to be down to the manager, but the fight, pride, passion and desire has to come from them. I didn't see any.
  5. GG Riva

    The Wee Team v the Pars

    I've been following the Pars a bit longer than most on here (1963) and I rate that in my, err... Top 10. Abject, dire, dismal, dreadful, feckless, unacceptable..... I could dig up a few more adjectives but you'll catch my drift. I can handle losing a game to a promotion rival, away from home, provided the team shows a bit of fight and desire.
  6. GG Riva

    Crawford GONE

    It's difficult to see how Crawford can survive beyond the end of the season. I was apprehensive about this game after the way we capitulated at Dens. Confidence and morale will be shot after that abject performance last night and it will need a minor miracle to sneak into the play offs at this rate. The Board will review the targets set out at the start of the season and if they haven't been met, he will go. Sad for Stevie, cos he's a Pars legend and a real gent but that cuts no ice in his job.
  7. GG Riva

    Crawford GONE

    I don't subscribe to the argument that 'we're not ready to go up." Promotion brings extra revenue into the club, meaning we can budget for better players. Most of the teams who have been promoted in recent seasons have managed to consolidate their Premiership place, including Livingston, Ross Co. St Mirren and Hibs. Dundee Utd look like adding to that list.
  8. GG Riva

    Crawford GONE

    Fair enough, Keyser, but who is out there, willing to take the job and who you think can turn round our results? Can the Pars afford him and pay off Crawford and probably his management team at the same time? If only we were an EPL club, awash with TV money or from a billionaire investor....
  9. GG Riva

    Crawford GONE

    If only sacking a manager and bringing in a new man was guaranteed to produce an immediate and significant improvement, eh? The last Pars manager to manage that was some bloke called Jock Stein.... The time to assess Crawford's progress - or lack of it - is at the end of the season, imo. Pointless to sack him now, unless the BoD have Harry Potter lined up to take over.
  10. GG Riva

    Rangers fans title celebrations

    I agree, S'Ally the Celtic fans also behaved disgracefully, but no number of wrongs make a right. I can't remember if it was highlighte on this site, but I called them out for it on Dotnet.
  11. How embarrassing were the TV pictures of the scenes outside Ibrox and in George Square at the weekend? Pictures beamed not only across the UK, but to many other countries. The lack of foresight and paralysis shown by Rangers FC, the SPFL, Police Scotland and even the Scottish Government is a real eye opener. Was it so difficult to predict that many fans would want to celebrate their team`s title win and descend on Ibrox - even in the middle of Covid restrictions? Why were Rangers players allowed to go out and celebrate with the fans? Why did no one from Rangers condemn the fans behaviour or ask them to go home? Could the roads around Ibrox not have been blocked off and fans firmly turned away by police? Why were the police caught out again the following day and why escort the fans from Ibrox to George Square? I wonder if the authorities are working on a plan to prevent these disgraceful scenes being repeated at Parkhead on the 21st of March, or if they`ll be caught unaware for a third time? I`m not holding my breath.
  12. GG Riva

    Null & Void

    It's hard to see how it can possibly carry on, given the present circumstances.
  13. GG Riva

    Pars Fans Loan Fund

    Keith from dot.net asked me to put this on here as he doesn't have an account. He had an idea to create a small fund to help out any Pars fan in financial difficulty with a short term, interest-free loan. Some of us have chipped in to make this possible. Hi all, We are pleased to say the Pars Fan Loan Fund is now available. The fan-funded and fan-run fund, with no association to DAFC, is available to provide loans of up to £100 to fellow pars fans, interest free. Donj, Oz, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and myself have put up a small amount, which will allow us to see if there`s a demand for the fund. There is enough funding available for a few loans. Others are very welcome to join us in putting money in. There are some light conditions attached to obtaining a loan, for the protection of the borrower. If you need a loan, or want to put money in, then please email parsfanloanfund@gmail.com for details. Cheers, PFTC.
  14. GG Riva

    Null & Void

    According to the BBC, Ian Maxwell emailed the Championship clubs https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55684189 What's the point of asking them? They'll just vote in their own self interest. Those in with a chance of promotion will want to carry on, while those in danger of going down will want to pause it, in the hope that the season will be declared null and void. What happens if it's a 5-5 split? Will bad boy, Ross McArthur, be asked to lean on any Chairman who voted the wrong way? 😃
  15. GG Riva

    Liverpool v Man U

    Perhaps surprisingly, it's been a good few years since this fixture was a top-of-the-table clash. It's a great shame that it will be played in an empty stadium. It's an intriguing game all the same and much too close to call. Home advantage will count very little without the fans and it could be that both teams will play a safety first game, rather than risk losing. No doubt some folk will be convinced that their English team will win and statistically, a draw is the least likely result, but I wouldn't be surprised if the teams have to settle for a point each.