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  1. GG Riva

    Null & Void

    It's hard to see how it can possibly carry on, given the present circumstances.
  2. GG Riva

    Pars Fans Loan Fund

    Keith from dot.net asked me to put this on here as he doesn't have an account. He had an idea to create a small fund to help out any Pars fan in financial difficulty with a short term, interest-free loan. Some of us have chipped in to make this possible. Hi all, We are pleased to say the Pars Fan Loan Fund is now available. The fan-funded and fan-run fund, with no association to DAFC, is available to provide loans of up to £100 to fellow pars fans, interest free. Donj, Oz, LPF, Raymie, Rusty, Lux, GG Riva and myself have put up a small amount, which will allow us to see if there`s a demand for the fund. There is enough funding available for a few loans. Others are very welcome to join us in putting money in. There are some light conditions attached to obtaining a loan, for the protection of the borrower. If you need a loan, or want to put money in, then please email parsfanloanfund@gmail.com for details. Cheers, PFTC.
  3. GG Riva

    Null & Void

    According to the BBC, Ian Maxwell emailed the Championship clubs https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55684189 What's the point of asking them? They'll just vote in their own self interest. Those in with a chance of promotion will want to carry on, while those in danger of going down will want to pause it, in the hope that the season will be declared null and void. What happens if it's a 5-5 split? Will bad boy, Ross McArthur, be asked to lean on any Chairman who voted the wrong way? 😃
  4. GG Riva

    Liverpool v Man U

    Perhaps surprisingly, it's been a good few years since this fixture was a top-of-the-table clash. It's a great shame that it will be played in an empty stadium. It's an intriguing game all the same and much too close to call. Home advantage will count very little without the fans and it could be that both teams will play a safety first game, rather than risk losing. No doubt some folk will be convinced that their English team will win and statistically, a draw is the least likely result, but I wouldn't be surprised if the teams have to settle for a point each.
  5. GG Riva

    Orders of Importance

    While Celtic did not break any rules as they stood by going, senior figures at Parkhead showed a lack of sensitivity and empathy with the rest of the country. Just because they could go, doesn`t mean they should have. How much more classy would it have been for Peter Lawwell to have announced that Celtic had decided to cancel the trip in view of the spiralling numbers of positive Covid cases and as a gesture of solidarity with the population of Scotland.
  6. GG Riva

    Null & Void

    I don`t think the SPFL will repeat the ``mistakes`` they made last season. The situation is different now. Nobody knew where we were going with the virus last March - now we have vaccination as our Great White Hope. Even if football is suspended for several weeks, or even a few months, the season can still be completed by playing two games a week in April, May and June. Many countries were playing in July last year, after all. By that time, almost everyone who wants the vaccine will have been offered it. The only way the season wouldn`t be completed would be if the available vaccines do not offer the levels of immunity claimed by the manufacturers - let`s not go there.....
  7. GG Riva

    ICT v Pars

    7th, but only 3 pts off a play off place - hardly relegation candidates, Keyser.
  8. GG Riva

    Paolo Rossi ( D )

    Correction to OP. The game Rossi was banned for was Avellino-Perugia. It finished 2-2. He was at Perugia on loan for the season. His 15 goals the previous season had failed to save Vicenza from relegation. In his two previous seasons there, he scored 21 goals in Serie B to win promotion, followed by 24 in Serie A for Vicenza to finish an incredible 2nd to Juve in Serie A.
  9. GG Riva

    Paolo Rossi ( D )

    Woke up this morning to learn that Paolo Rossi, Italy's WC winning hero at Spain 82 has died at the relatively young age of 64. Italian media reports suggest he'd been suffering from an ''incurable illness'' for some time. (Many Italians are reluctant to use the term cancer.) Given the Spanish nickname "Pablito" after his memorable WC debut for Italy at Argentina 78, Rossi almost missed Italy`s winning campaign in Spain 4 years later, due to a two year suspension imposed for his part in a match fixing scandal. Rossi played for Lanerossi Vicenza at the time and claimed he was asked by a team mate how he would feel if the following weekend`s Serie A match v Perugia ended in a draw. He said he didn`t care, as long as he got to score a couple of goals. The game finished 2-2 and Rossi scored both Vicenza`s goals. When Italy`s main goal scoring threat, Roberto Bettega became an injury doubt for the 1982 WC, the Italian FA cut short Rossi`s suspension so that he was able to play in the last 3 games of the Serie A season and Italy coach, Enzo Bearzot, included him in the squad. Everybody remembers Pablito`s smash and grab hat trick in the iconic win over Brazil (a game tinged with sadness for this Italian because Brazil were the most dazzling team in the WC and would have been worthy and popular winners) but he finished the tournament as top scorer with both goals in the 2-0 semifinal win over Poland and the all important first goal in the 3-1 victory v West Germany in the final itself. RIP Pablito and thanks for the indelible memories.
  10. GG Riva

    Penalty Debate

    I couldn't agree more with both TRBFC and Al k, yet the incident I alluded to was hardly an isolated incident. This has led to the mindset among many players and pundits that they ''are entitled to go down'' if there's any contact at all, which is clearly dishonest. Why is it that VAR is so keen to get involved in millimetric offside decisions, often chalking goals off, yet stay out of blatantly obvious ''miscarriages of justice'' like the one I've highlighted?
  11. GG Riva

    Penalty Debate

    Yesterday's EPL match between Chelsea and Leeds provided a perfect illustration of the long running penalty debate, which divides opinion among fans, players and pundits alike. Leeds Povedo-Ocampo was clearly fouled inside the Chelsea box but managed or chose to stay on his feet and after stumbling he regained his balance to manage a tame shot at goal which Mendy saved with ease. Had he gone down, the ref would have almost certainly had to award a spot kick in real time. Even if he hadn't VAR probably would have asked him to review it and increased the pressure on him to give it. The MOTD pundits were split on it. Both agreed that it was a penalty and should have been given, but while Tim Cahill praised Povedo for his honesty in staying on his feet, Danny Murphy was less complimentary, suggesting that the Leeds player had been "stupid" and probably cost his team a point by not going down. I'd be interested to hear the views of folk on this forum.
  12. An insightful article, shamelessly stolen from dotnet - too good to not share on this forum. Thanks, Stanza. 😊 https://www.theguardian.com/news/2020/dec/03/rangers-football-forgotten-tragedy-ibrox-stadium-disaster-glasgow? The author was incredibly unfortunate and simultaneously lucky - he attended both games and could easily have become one of the victims, but lived to tell the story.
  13. GG Riva

    Diego Maradona (D)

    <https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11833/12149331/diego-maradona-lionel-messi-and-barcelona-fined-for-tribute-to-argentina-legend> How crass are the suits running the Spanish FA?
  14. GG Riva

    Diego Maradona (D)

    There are all kinds of reports emanating from Argentina now. Previously unknown people are coming forward, claiming Maradona was their biological father, wanting his body exhumed. He was allegedly in a house on his own and had been dead for over 12 hours when he was discovered. His doctor Prof. Leopold Luque is now under investigation. Sadly, I don't think Diego is going to RIP for the time being.
  15. GG Riva

    Diego Maradona (D)

    We had a wee debate about who the GOAT was quite recently. Given the many self-inflicted obstacles he had to overcome and the scant protection he got from referees, there is a case for suggesting he might well be the best. Not everyone will agree but he gets my vote. R.I.P. Diego and thanks for the memories.