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  1. worldwiderab


    I think Hibs will be putting Nisbet under far too much pressure to score more and more goals which will lead to burnout. So in order to avoid this happening he should be loaned out to us for a season just to make 100% sure he is ready.😉
  2. worldwiderab

    If you could wipe one song from existence...

    Fu, one worse than that on that jukebox was Jimmy Osmond, Long Haired Lover From Liverpool. Me and a friend Pete put it on so it would repeat at least twelve times, by the fifth time the natives were getting a bit restless and we departed for the escape route that was Edinburgh.
  3. worldwiderab

    If you could wipe one song from existence...

    The Floral Dance.
  4. worldwiderab

    Goalkeeper Situation

    Think you got that spot on Teuchter so I ran a quick algorithm and in Scotland we have 3.4 keepers, U.K. 56.0, all Europe 298.4 and all world 1,236.7. Hope that helps.
  5. worldwiderab

    Transfers / signings

    So what you are telling us is that not only did we miss out on you buying us our season tickets we also missed out on you buying the drinks?
  6. worldwiderab

    Jack Charlton

    Sad news indeed. Was his first game in management a friendly against the mighty Pars at EEP where the Pars won 4-0?
  7. worldwiderab

    Transfers / signings

    What I want to know is who the heck plays for Killie in front of Dom Thomas? If we draw Killie in the Cup and D Thomas does not score a hat trick should we boo him? Seeing who we have signed so far, what is the opinion of those on this forum, should I risk a dodecagon* pound on a top four finish? *round pound trademark of DD no longer applies.
  8. worldwiderab

    Book recommendation

    Try instead the talking book or sometimes known as the oral history it may come quicker.
  9. worldwiderab

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Sanguine, is the second last word of the last sentence a spelling mistake?
  10. worldwiderab

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Is that interviews for the next Dumb and Dumber film?
  11. worldwiderab

    Is this a bribe

    Sorry Sanguine, I could not link to the site at the time but I think you get the gist by saying fek right off.Thank you for the link. I am also at the point where I want to invite some of those nice Nigerian Princes, that offer me so much money on a regular bassis to take over Scottish football because I know you are much much less corrupt than the toss errs that run it at the moment.
  12. worldwiderab

    Is this a bribe

    bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52941423 Yet another attempt by the people that corrupt, sorry run football in this country to get junior bigots on to the playing field. I wanted to add so much more to this post but it always decended into a swear worded rant in so many different languages.
  13. worldwiderab

    Dad Jokes

    I saw an add that said "Radio for sale £2, volume stuck on full." I thought I can't turn that down.
  14. worldwiderab

    Marrying abroad

    Good venue Vinnie, BUT a small point being transport as Vegas airport is more or less shut. The Beer Baron is right with the legal side of things but try go a bit further south from Hungary and into Romania for the venue and I would suggest Bran Castle or Peles for the best ever for any Pars Fan on the planet.
  15. worldwiderab

    Dodgy Dundee

    "Might just call corruption," that lot that runs (into the ground) our football would make the average Nigerian scamster blush.