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  1. worldwiderab

    Fans to be allowed back at Playoff finals

    Well if it is restricted to 500 you are not getting to go as you count as two ya big lump.
  2. Will it be only Sevco and Celtic that are allowed to have their B team in the league? What happens if they end up at the bottom, will they be kicked out? What is the qualification for other teams to do the same, is it they have to be first or second in the premier or does a history of bigotry qualify them?
  3. worldwiderab

    Pars v The Wee Team. Playoff 1/4 Final

    I think I will watch this one from behind the sofa. On Sunday night I had a dream that we had signed Lionel Messi and still got beat 6-0. After the game they were interviewing Stevie Crawford and he said that Lionel Messi was the worst goalkeeper he had ever seen.
  4. worldwiderab

    Panini trading cards.

    AWP, know what you mean but these are English league cards so if anyone wanted them they can have them and if they are worth something to someone what's a few million here or there. Now if they had been Scottish league cards with The Pars team being the gold cards then they would have been woth tens of millions.
  5. worldwiderab

    Panini trading cards.

    I have recently aquired/was given a load of Panini English Premier League trading cards that I do not want so if anyone on here wants then for themselves or for their children they are free to a good home/dartboard. There are 65 packets with 5 cards each unopened and a lump of lose cards.
  6. worldwiderab

    Pars badge is not quite drawn right

    SanguinePar, this is something that all the other posters on here knew about and have discussed it in private without telling you because we thought it would keep you awake at night.
  7. worldwiderab

    European Super League

    I wonder if the ugly sisters will try for this one?
  8. worldwiderab

    Crawford Out

  9. worldwiderab

    Good results tonight!

    I think this division we are in is so close anyone who goes on a run winning a few games will end up in a top four place as there is so little between all the teams with only Hearts fairly sure of a top four place. I would like to say the Pars have a slight advantage in that they have a couple of games in hand over those in 5th to 10th but I think I will keep very quiet about that one.
  10. worldwiderab

    QoS v Pars

    The better the opposition the better we seem to play so I will go for a 4-1 win for the Pars and Wighton to score three. Wighton scored two last week on his debut so if he does not score at least three it will show he is not improving so we need to out the lazy git.
  11. worldwiderab


    Lennon gone from Celtic and Kennedy stepping up until they appoint a permanent manager. Just surprised he did not go much earlier. Still if I was getting paid that much for achieving so little you would have to drag me out with a team of horses.
  12. worldwiderab

    Pars v Wasps

    I see your 3-0 and bid 4-0.
  13. worldwiderab

    Jan transfer window & nonsense

    6ft 6in so a big tall defender or as Sanguine would say another dwarf. Had a look on https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7xxruk I know many a player can look good on selective clips but I think he will fit in well. Give it a year and we will sell him to Hibs for £1million plus Nisbet.
  14. worldwiderab

    Eddie Connachan RIP

    One of the few world class players that I have had the privilage to watch in a Pars strip, yes I am an old git. Despite playing for the Pars and being only 5ft 9" he managed to play for Scotland when it was almost compulsory to play for one of the ugly sisters as well . There were many international class players that played for the Pars and on a good day they could step up and play for any team in the world, those days are gone now for a while but I always live in hope that some day another few players will emulate what Eddie did in 1961. Eddie Connachan won the Scottish Cup for The Pars, 1961. RIP
  15. worldwiderab

    Jan transfer window & nonsense

    Article in the Birminghammail.co.uk saying that Birmingham City have put a £2mil bid in for Kevin Nisbet. I assume we had a sell on clause and if so a decent %. Rumour also has it that Sunderland are looking at him as well, so with a bit of luck a bidding war to put the fee up a bit.