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  1. worldwiderab

    Will we still be called Townies/Toonies?

    Falkirk is happy as well as they have been upgraded to hovel.
  2. worldwiderab

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    I watched the game in a bar in Dar Es Salaam and was talking to a load of locals and tried my best to explain why I was not 100% behind a team from my own country but gave up after a while as I do not have a year of my life to give up.
  3. worldwiderab

    🎶 Let's all laugh at Airdrie 🎶

    That is good news that I finally caught up with as I have had a blackout for a long time. We had the most spectacular rainstorm here and it knocked out a few services. Just to save you the bother of looking out the window and saying what rain what is he gibbering about, I am in Dar Es Salaam. If I see any decent players or manager I will pay for theirTransport to EEP.
  4. worldwiderab

    Yogi out

    I will be flying over the Sahara desert next Saturday will I drop him off?
  5. worldwiderab

    Dunfermline v Queens Park Play Off 2nd leg.

    You all know this will go to the wire with many a fright along the way as I am positive The Pars get commission from the St Margarets Hospital heart and stroke dept for every new patient.
  6. worldwiderab

    Pars v QoS

    OzPar if we do go down and we have a good start to the season and Falkirk have a bad start and are near the bottom you will be watching so don't throw the alarm clock out yet.
  7. worldwiderab

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    I also think a good 5-0 win is on the cards and with the additional factor of no Rossmcno1 a possible 6-0 win. There is no way they will get past our goalie, not the way he is playing.
  8. worldwiderab

    Pars v Ayr Utd

    What with fans that rake through dusbins to see if there are any fat rats to cook up for dinner.
  9. worldwiderab

    Kelty Hearts

    But if we do on the bright side we will outnumber then by about 10,000 to one and we will get to listen to renditions of the Kelty Clippie and Buffalo Bill From Kelty Hill.
  10. worldwiderab

    Italy fail to qualify for the World Cup

    If only we had an Italian on this forum that could explain to us what went wrong.🤔
  11. worldwiderab

    Pars v Jags

    Geoff Hurst was an obscure Englishman that played for West Ham, often in pre-season friendlies against The Pars where Roy Barry would not allow him to touch the ball.
  12. worldwiderab

    Play Offs & Relegation.

    I have convinced my wife that it is against Prince Of the North.
  13. worldwiderab

    Hamilton v Pars

    I have a cunning plan, two or three of us sneak into every ground in Scotland and widen every set of goalposts by 3 inches.
  14. worldwiderab

    League Table

    The league table is obviously upside down.
  15. worldwiderab

    The Pars v The Jags

    What gets me is that we were going to beat them 6-0, now anything can happen.