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  1. worldwiderab

    How to get into game ?

    As DD says get her punted, you can always get another wife but you can not get another Dunfermline Athletic.
  2. worldwiderab

    Transfer news & gossip

    If he signs for us then plays for the Chinese national team as well we might get a bit of a following from China, if so we might need a bigger stadium.
  3. worldwiderab

    Morton v Pars

    With the amount of goals we are going to score you may end up with very numb hands.😀
  4. worldwiderab

    New posters

    With .net I still on an occasion have a look just to see if there is any news that has not yet been posted here but it is many years since I have posted due to the fact that no matter what you post someone will come on and tell you you are wrong. If you won the lottery and donated £1million someone would call you an arrogant tw*t and someone else would be saying is that all ya miserable git, you're no a real fan. Also I know it goes without saying but everyone on here is better looking than .net.
  5. worldwiderab

    Transfer news & gossip

    A good £5,000 less than Hamill, what an insult, who would turn out for £15,000?
  6. worldwiderab

    Pars v Dumbarton

    Definate sign of not being a real fan here.😉
  7. worldwiderab

    Spartans 2-2 Pars

    I think we should have a look at Sam Jones
  8. worldwiderab

    Transfer news & gossip

    With the German influence I thought we would be signing Muller Rice as well. I'll get my coat.
  9. worldwiderab

    We've lost one of our own

    Very sad at only 46. My condolences to his family and friends.
  10. worldwiderab

    Goal keeping coach

    I think we should sack his coach.
  11. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    As with all normal sensible Pars fans I will give the man the benefit of the doubt and give him a fair chance and if we are not up at least 4-0 by the first 45min of our first game I will lead the enraged mob chaseing him back along the Halbeath Rd.
  12. worldwiderab

    Ross County and Malky Mackay

    No Piracy he is not that nice.
  13. worldwiderab

    Ross County and Malky Mackay

    Do they not get the internet up at Dingwall yet?
  14. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    Jurgen Flopp?
  15. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    I would favour someone from dafc.net many of them seem to be experts.