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  1. worldwiderab

    Paul Watson

    You play for the team you play for the club and if you have serious problems with the manager at least speak to the man. You should not stomp off in the huff like a little boy and got on holiday when told not to.
  2. worldwiderab

    Squid Game.

    I have watched the first few episodes and find it quite good but get slightly annoyed by the main character who needs a boot up the erchie. Scottyboy if you like Squid Game try the film Animal World (2018).
  3. worldwiderab

    Pars v Killie

    Well if it comes out his pumper it will have knowlege of wind instruments.
  4. worldwiderab

    Peter Grant Courier interview

    I think I know who Peter Grant is, he is the Black Knight from Monty Python who gets chopped up and refuses to concede defeat declaring "tis but a scratch"
  5. worldwiderab

    Peter Grant Courier interview

    In my opinion it is clear that he can talk a good game, unfortunately I understand that he has been with several teams and has failed with them as well. Therefore talk does not translate to results.
  6. worldwiderab

    Ross McArthur

    Anyone who is anti McArther I would ask what do you think he has done for the Pars and what have you done for the Pars that gives you the right to criticise.
  7. worldwiderab

    New Protest

    I think just about everyone would get banned for their thoughts on that one. By the way I must have slipped into a parallel universe where I agree with everything you have been posting recently, keep it up. Those who wish for the removal of Ross should be very careful of what they wish for.
  8. worldwiderab

    New Protest

    It will also mean that the bins will be full of food and that will only attract rats and F*lkirk fans.
  9. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    I am having nightmares that that could be next season.........maybe.
  10. worldwiderab

    Board statement

    Grant is like a sad old uncle that has come to your house for an extended stay.
  11. worldwiderab

    Board statement

    I get the feeling that there will be more away fans than home fans at the next game at EEP.
  12. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    Thanks for that Deutsche Par now just trying to think who to go to bed with.
  13. worldwiderab

    New Manager

    Just checking in every so often in the hope that there is breaking news of a new manager or getting rid of an old one, I presume I am not the only one.
  14. worldwiderab

    QoS v Pars

    Or better the begining of this season.
  15. worldwiderab

    QoS v Pars

    Is there anyway the team bus can leave without Grant onboard?