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  1. Teuchter


    Bobby “if ye want entertainment, then go to the cinema” Williamson.
  2. Teuchter


    Personally I am disappointed that John Hughes or Jim Duffy didn’t get a well earned shot at instead of handing it to an arriviste like Clarke.
  3. Teuchter

    Jocky Wilson Said

    Look forward to watching it.
  4. Teuchter

    Why Scottish Football is Screwed

    There is a great paradox between Europe and the U.S. In society, compared to the U.S., we have a more redistributive set up. From taxes, to social security and healthcare, European countries have generally accepted since the war that the state should intervene to aid those less well off. Just look at the rabid right wingers in the states who foam at the mouth about "socialist" Europe. When it comes to sport however, the polar opposite seems to be true. I think it is correct to say that in the U.S. there are certain redistributive practices in place to try and preserve a degree of competition (the draft system being one). In Europe however, football is the epitome of the relentless redistribution of wealth towards the already rich and powerful. The Old Firm just ape this behaviour. The irony in their case however is that their short sighted destruction of domestic competition has cost them their place at the European top table. No idea what can be done. Actually, I have one utterly naive suggestion to make. A great deal of Celtic fans indentify themselves to be left of centre - often to a nauseatingly self righteous extent. Perhaps a charm offensive to appeal to their better natures, chip away one by one until their fanbase accept the logic of redistribution in football for the same reasons they advocate it in society.
  5. Teuchter

    New Kit Design

    That is the Brexit deal of football kits. It tries to please everyone but in the end pleases nobody. Red splatters à la 92 to 94 would actually improve it I think.
  6. Teuchter

    New Kit Design

    There does seem to be a split within the support on this. Thankfully there are never any calls for a repeat of the red paint splattered kit - although I did buy it.
  7. I think maybe the original decision in England was actually based on an observed decline in goals scored - I am not sure if the change worked. I think there is a definite logic to what you propose - it would certainly take the sting out of conceding last minute equalisers - but for me it over complicates things.
  8. Teuchter

    New Kit Design

    I bought this the other week simply because it resembled a Pars top. I don't think there has been one like this.
  9. On the original post, I think it maybe illustrates that there is a perpetual notion, common to all eras, that somehow the modern game has become boring. 3 points were introduced in the early 80s in England for the reasons given above, to incentivise attacking football. The strange thing is, no one looking back seems to associate that era (70s / 80s) with defensive football.
  10. Don’t know and don’t really care about the EPL, but a bonus point system in Scotland would simply entrench and reward further the financial dominance of the OF.
  11. Teuchter

    MacIntyre Leaves Dundee

    Proportionally, I am sure meaningless end of season games for relegated teams in any league have the same drop in attendances. Swathes of empty seats in provincial stadiums aren't exactly unknown in England, even in the promised land of the EPL. There was an end of season Pars game at St Mirren in 1992, both teams already relegated. The crowd was 700. Unfortunately this did not prevent the interest of the TV companies during the following decades. Was anyone here at that game?
  12. Teuchter

    Solskjaer Confirmed As Next Man U Boss

    Somebody dubbed today's game the future derby of clubs that have sacked Solskjaer. Depending on what happens next season, obviously, his first few months in the job could serve as a text book example of a new manager bounce.
  13. Teuchter

    MacIntyre Leaves Dundee

    I wouldn't think so. I imagine he will be the first name on the speculation list to replace the first managerial casualty in the Championship next season however, whoever that may be.
  14. Teuchter


    Looks like Cove after yesterday's 4-0 win, although if this week has taught us anything about two legged ties...... Montrose hammered, but it stills doesn't detract from what Petrie has achieved in a couple of seasons. Hopefully Raith will see off QOTS.
  15. Teuchter

    Is English Football Best in World?

    It doesn’t go above 5. The extra place would go to Austria as the are the highest seeded country without something or an other. In some other scenario the 3rd placed French team would go straight into the group stage since they are the highest seed country who have not got a whatchoomacallit. I skim read something on it a few days ago.