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  1. Teuchter

    Pars v Albion Rovers

    Wage thief was a term that was used a lot if I recall. Not an altogether unjust description. I was chuffed when he signed thinking he could do a good job in the 2nd tier. I first watched him at a Hibs v Rangers game where he not only scored the winner, but turned in a very impressive performance. Another promising young Scottish player who failed to fulfill his potential.
  2. Teuchter

    Pars v Albion Rovers

    I see the return of Kevin Harper to EEP is getting treated with indifference - which seems appropriate given his time as a player.
  3. Teuchter

    St Midden v Pars

    A good start. The Pars have done well in this contest for the last few years, and I hope it is the case this season. As far as a barometer for the season ahead, it doesn't tell us much, good or bad. That home performance against Hearts last year was a freak as it turned out. Hopefully Scully's second half performance today will be similarly out of character.
  4. Teuchter

    Conspiracy Theories

    Three sketches on the subject.
  5. Teuchter

    Conspiracy Theories

    You need to remember that David Icke once claimed that she was a shape shifting lizard, so it could have been Lazard kids that she hunted. The theory is that random kids are abducted to be used in hunts by the rich and powerful.
  6. Teuchter

    Conspiracy Theories

    When Liz is gone I think a lot of stuff will come out about Phil’s affairs in the 50s and 60s and Princess Margaret’s life. There will be a lot more besides, but I am not sure if any of it will be about the Queen hunting human children (another from dot net).
  7. Teuchter

    Conspiracy Theories

    One of the best I have ever read was actually posted on dot net. A long rambling tale about how Prince Phillip was in league with the Nazis during WW2, detached from any reality about what he actually did - auld fud he may be, but his war record in the RN is one of his better points. It also included a convoluted story about how the the Queen Mother’s introduction into the family was part of some plot or another about the Royal bloodline. There was long and winding story of how she married George (probably including assassinations of love rivals), but strangely, no explanation of how they pulled off the abdication- which is how George ended up on the throne. There are loads like this on the internet that cover all manner of subjects, but this one just happened to appear somewhere that I visited every day.
  8. Teuchter

    Hibs Ownership

    You could be right - I think Ayr actually knocked him back. He definitely tried to buy them.
  9. Teuchter

    Hibs Ownership

    McCann is a great example of someone who actually acted like a custodian, and despite the criticism he received at the time (even booed by the Celtic fans), he was proved right. I am not saying that Gordon is a shyster, and he may be good for the game, but despite what has happened at many clubs, scrutiny of new owners always seems very light. Remember even Mad Vlad had a honeymoon at Hearts until he sacked Burley. The team that the owners support has no bearing I think given that clubs have been wrecked in the past a self styled lifetime supporters.
  10. Teuchter

    Hibs Ownership

    Masterton and Yorkston were Pars fans. Murray was a Rangers fan.
  11. Teuchter

    Hibs Ownership

    I haven’t read any in-depth coverage on the subject, but I get the impression that the entrance into Hibs by Ronald Gordon is seen almost universally as a good thing and there is even speculation that a spending spree is imminent. From what I can make out, Hibs have been put on a sustainable footing under the last regime. Maybe the new guy is a good thing for the club, but relatively little seems to be known about him. Many tragic tales of football clubs pushed to the brink of their very existence start with “once upon a time, there arrived a supposed multi-millionaire who promised great things” Perhaps proper due diligence has been done, but has anyone noted any questions getting asked in the media about this guy’s credentials?
  12. Teuchter

    Championship League Table Predictor

    1. Dundee United 2. Partick 3. Dundee 4. ICT 5. Dunfermline 6. Ayr Utd 7. Queen of the South 8. Arbroath 9. Alloa 10. Morton Good that somebody remembered this year. The only thing I really predict is that one team will do much better/worse that expected. What is the car in the photo @Superally ?
  13. Teuchter

    Next Prime Minister

    Jeremy Hunt against a total Jeremy Hunt.
  14. Teuchter

    Next Prime Minister

    Exchange between Mark François and Boris Johnson: MF: do you give me your word Boris that we leave on 31st October come hell or high water? BJ: look Mark, we have to leave, otherwise the Tory party is finished. As from the beginning, Brexit has never been about anything other that the Tory party.
  15. Teuchter

    Next Prime Minister

    Of course he is not a fool but he is a self serving opportunist. He is a calculating nasty piece of work. Do you actually believe he is a long term Euro - sceptic and committed Brexiteer? What do the MPs see in him? The best chance of keeping their seats quite simply, against an onslaught from Farage. The only fools are those who view him as some sort of Churchillian vessel of principles.