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  1. Teuchter

    Jack Charlton

    Another smoking great gone. I can’t think of anyone else’s considered a legend in both England and Ireland. Some achievement.
  2. Teuchter

    Transfers / signings

    I was expecting Elvis Costello - what is the song they did in fact play?
  3. Teuchter

    Transfers / signings

    Quite the opposite. “Liberal snowflakes”(as typified by baying mobs on social media) would have had him permanently “cancelled” for a misdemeanour such as this.
  4. Teuchter

    Scotland Top 50 team

    I could have written that response for you. That photo was taken before he ripped the **** out of the World Champions - I didn’t realise however that he was on the wane even then. He was equipped enough for that era however - although retired at 30, only 3 years later even more out of shape. You are stating the obvious about fitness. These inter generational lists and team selections just assume some sort of magic leveller that applies contemporary training and nutritional standards to the natural talent.
  5. Teuchter

    Scotland Top 50 team

    That is a bit like saying that the Wright Brothers were useless ****s because they ended up building a shaky biplane instead of Concorde.
  6. Teuchter

    Trump Supporters Rally

    Agree about not making him a martyr, but what good would come from trying him? It would just be the liberal equivalent of “lock her up! lock her up!”. One side getting their jollies whilst another side rages. It would be the best way to continue his legacy of division and continue the slide towards ungovernability, where increasing numbers on each side refuse to recognise the elected mandate of the other. I actually think the U.S.A. is beyond hope and there is no going back. The best way to try however would be to move on from him as quickly as possible and don’t rake up the coals.
  7. Teuchter

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    Agreed SP. Bawbaggery is not unique to scousers.it was just amazing to witness such stupidly. The worst scumbaggery I have witnessed was when PSG won the first of their UAE funded Ligue 1 titles. Some genuinely terrifying moments including a car driving along the Champs Elysee getting pounced on by a mob and the windscreen broken. The "celebrations" were accompanied by rioting and criminal damage.
  8. Teuchter

    Funny Football Video Clips

    He took one for the team there, but he will have been disappointed when he watched the part of the video that shows that the ball was going wide.
  9. Teuchter

    Well, someone's got to mention it...

    I did see footage of rockets getting fired at the Liver Building. What is wrong with these cnuts?
  10. Teuchter

    Dad Jokes

  11. Teuchter

    Offensive Statues

    A Glasgow counciller has had a good idea regarding street names. Leave them as they are, but erect plaques along side telling the real history. A similar thing in Dunfermline for Carnegie would be a good start too.
  12. Teuchter

    Is this a bribe

    Accept them in on the condition that in all publicity and listings, the o and l in Colts are to be replaced by * You could then have Sky results flashing up Elgin City 2 Celtic C**ts 1 / Albion Rovers 3 Rangers C**ts 0
  13. There are around 37,000 reasons, but it is true to say that after the recent activities, notably the protests, we should have a good picture in a few weeks of how cautious or not the restrictions need to be. At the moment we don’t know for sure, but at least the events of the last few days should tell us a lot in the coming weeks.
  14. Teuchter

    Championship behind closed doors?

    Have you actually looked at any of the statistics between the U.K. and Germany. The number of tests? The number of deaths per 1 million people? They are far, far ahead on every front. They also were infected earlier and peaked earlier so it is normal that there is a gap between there and here. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries It is two weeks since the VE Day parties and coming up two weeks since the partial lifting of the lockdown. So far the spikes predicted by a lot of snobby judgemental twats sneering at proles out and about have not arrived. My guess is that it will be over the next couple of weeks that decent estimates, from experience, can be made on how to proceed. There has certainly been a lot more activity recently, so if no second wave arrives then it will bode well.
  15. Teuchter

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    42 - Christ! The screen will look like an episode of Celebrity Squares on steroids.