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  1. Teuchter

    Will we still be called Townies/Toonies?

    On a related matter, I think Elg*n should be forced into changing their name to Elg*n Town. And Brechin.
  2. Teuchter

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    If you narrow it down to hooliganism, clearly Rangers record going back 50 years is there to see (although they will have disappointed many smug finger pointers last night). There are many other measures however. Two cheeks of the same @rse, both clubs and fans.
  3. Teuchter

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    Ramsey was a game changer.
  4. Teuchter

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    That would have been the case with Celtic fans moving in similar numbers. The test will be in Seville.
  5. Teuchter

    They`re all off to sunny Spain....

    I really hope that they do behave. Firstly, for the sake of the people of Seville. Secondly, to puncture the smug self righteousness of the Celtic support, who in so many ways, are no better than Rangers. I am more optimistic than I was about Manchester with regards behaviour, but not convinced. Good behaviour at least would signal, in a very small way, that their support may be finally moving out of the dark ages.
  6. Teuchter

    League 1, 22/23

    By that do you mean the spending won’t ramp up in the same way it did at Cove?
  7. Teuchter

    League 1, 22/23

    With only two coastal towns present, perhaps it is time to ditch the moniker Seaside League. Not sure about favourites. What is the situation with Kelty? Will they be stepping up the investment?
  8. Teuchter

    🎶 Let's all laugh at Airdrie 🎶

    At least they managed to score against QP with their cobbled together squad of Championship “rejects”. That is more than the useless underachievers taking a wage at EEP could do.
  9. Teuchter

    Dunfermline v Queens Park Play Off 2nd leg.

    Vorsprung Durch Utter Pish
  10. Teuchter


    Those teams may not have been good enough to win the league, but their confidence will be riding high. Certainly higher than a team that has been rattling around relegation most of the season. I am sure Hughes will set out with a positive mindset, as he has since he started. A positive mindset means sod all if the competence is lacking on the pitch. This is not Private Frazer stuff, this is the cold hard reality. It will rank as a minor miracle if the Pars stay up. One that will have other teams cursing their rotten luck, as I am sure it will be down to luck if the miracle does happen.
  11. Teuchter

    Wednesday night at Firhill

    The 12th man (particularly the young team) is the player of the season for me. Consistent performer in a terrible season. Turning up and doing the business for every game.
  12. Congratulations @Andrew283
  13. Teuchter

    Prediction League Week 36 Fixtures

    Arbroath 1 v 1 Morton Ayr 1 v 1 Partick Dunfermline 2 v 1 QoS (30/4570) ICT 2 v 1 Hamilton  Raith 1 v 2 Killie
  14. Teuchter

    Killie v Arboath

  15. Killie 2 Arbroath 1  Sat 23rd April Hamilton 1 Raith Rovers 1 Morton 1 ICT 3 Partick 1 Dunfermline 1 (29/3333)  QoS 1 Ayr Utd 1 (J)