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  1. William Hills were showing it today. I immediately thought of your prediction. Sorry for posting late - in case folk actually did want to see it. I saw in the comments that even Celtic fans weren’t keen. My highlight of the day was sitting in front of Pat Jennings. Hands like shovels.
  2. He played in the Highland League until his early 20s (finishing his apprenticeship before finally accepting Jim McLean’s offer). You can imagine how he stood out in that environment. I think he is a legend at Keith also.
  3. Hopefully the crisis will be finished before the 2007 cup final is dragged out of the vault.
  4. Agree with that. The inconsistency you highlighted made me curious enough to check it out more - seem to have a bit more time on my hands just now.
  5. If Facebook is full of bad information - which we know it is, there are two reactions. Either ignore it or counter it. The guy is countering what he sees is bad information on Facebook. I don’t see what is contradictory about that. I am not sure what was so difficult to understand about @GG Riva ‘s original post. I could see straight away but couldn’t be bothered doing the search that @Al k did. The guy seems to be an Italian academic at a U.S.University. Edit - as in Italian who studied originally in Italy. Biography Dr. Guido Silvestri received his MD in Ancona, Italy, and completed Residency training in Internal Medicine & Clinical Immunology (Florence 1990) and Pathology (U. Penn 2001). He is currently a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in Comparative Pathology, and Professor and Vice-Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, where is also serves as Chair of the Division of Microbiology & Immunology at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center.
  6. Teuchter

    Working From Home

    I worked from home one a week anyway - or more if there were transport strikes or other problems. It was a case of a long lie, maybe shower at lunchtime and have music on. There was also the occasional nap. I would work longer so was not short changing anyone. It was definitely less structured. It is completely different now. There are lot of good tips from @SanguinePar , and the only thing I had to add was implied by @Vinnie - getting up and keeping a routine. I am on holiday for a week from tomorrow evening unluckily enough. At least the work breaks up the day.
  7. Teuchter

    Null and Void

    Budge "ah'll syooo yoos in the court" Lennon "gee's the title" Meanwhile, Klopp: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/390397-jurgen-klopp-message-to-supporters Scottish football really is a small minded hive of sheightbaggery at times. At the moment, there is nothing wrong with keeping the option of finishing the season open. As the weeks pass, null and void will become the only option.
  8. Teuchter

    All Scottish football cancelled

    Completely agree @Piracy Football is awash with money at the top end. There will be ****holes running the game (and we know the type well in Scotland) who will view that letting lesser teams go to the wall will be a good thing. Hoping that the more farsighted individuals prevail and that a redistribution of the wealth can help clubs get through this.
  9. QOS P - P Ayr J Arbroath P - P ICT J  Dundee P - P Pars. (0) J Partick P - P Alloa J  Morton P - P Dundee Utd
  10. Women should certainly get paid fairly for what they do in the context of the business that they are in. The law already makes that clear in most countries. The differential in club football is largely down to the same differential that exists between (for example) the Pars and Chelsea. Both employ professional footballers but they are paid differently for good reason. For the specific example of the Yank woman's team, they probably have a case to be at least closer to their male equivalents. The same wouldn't apply to Scotland, Engand or France, for example. In Tennis when there were massive discrepancies years ago, the woman rebelled and took matters into their own hands. Good luck to woman footballers if they want to try the same and put themselves directly in the market under the umbrella of a breakaway governing body. There may be increased rewards waiting for them like for the tennis players, I don't know.
  11. Dundee 1 v Ayr 2 ICT 2 v QoS 1 Partick 1 v 1 Dunfermline (2167)
  12. Teuchter

    NW barriers

    If I recall correctly, they guy who Clough hit, met him later that week and apologised for being on the pitch.
  13. Your views are in accordance with the Liverpool FC manager. As for myself, I am awaiting Neil Warnock’s take on the whole thing before I decide how to react.
  14. Alloa 1-1 ICT  Ayr United 1-2 Dundee Dundee United 2-0 Partick Thistle Pars 3-1 QoS (3789)  Greenock Morton 1- 1 Arbroath