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  1. Al k

    New Owners

    Pop along to the Norrie and ask Fu to get the teamsheets online with his fancy mobile phone for you.
  2. Al k

    Pars v ICT

    So what was the thoughts then? I didn't bother with the stream in the end. Clean sheet and the first team to take point from ICT. I have taken that beforehand.
  3. Al k

    Pars v ICT

    If its 442 and the players are in their correct positions. Then that's looking nearer how we should be lining up.
  4. Al k

    Pars v ICT

    5-0 for caley. I really can't see anything else at this moment. Utterly soul destroying, teams a mess, the way its been handled is a mess and our infighting just can't see anything positive. On the plus side by 16:45 we will be one game nearer the end of the season.
  5. Al k

    The Scottish Disease

    The only thing they are doing is nothing.
  6. Al k


    Grant was being sacked at 10 am, apparently its being held up as he's still running through the excuses as why its not his fault. Hope to have an announcement by the final game of next season when he's finished.
  7. Al k

    New Manager

    As much I like him, he also says he's a pars man but his songbook history would suggest that's not the case.
  8. Al k

    New Manager

    Hell I'd start a crowd funder to pay off his contract. I'm hoping to god he only had one year....
  9. Al k

    Boycott until Grant's gone?

    I stopped streaming games, way too angry. Get more enjoyment telling the pup not to dig the garden up or pull branches off my trees. I don't like that either.
  10. Al k

    Honest Men v Pars

    We have all saw that since preseason. Pants being pulled down every game.
  11. Al k

    Honest Men v Pars

    Knew I should have have went -1 for Ayr.
  12. Al k

    Honest Men v Pars

    Cracking start again...
  13. Al k

    Stuart Arnott

    Very sad news, thoughts with the family.
  14. Al k


    There would be an element of patience as it was the (Majority of) fans choice. If he started the same way shambolic friendlies, only two wins against teams struggling to make up numbers. I'm sure there would be plenty of disgruntled voices.
  15. Al k


    His performances have been awful, I can't think of anyone other than tordorov who possibly gets anywhere near a pass. As I said to have someone captain then in space of two weeks removing that, without any explanation really isn't great is it? If something had been said Dorrans came in with experience to lead, Dom's vice captain now or Dom felt the role was taking away from his game etc... I have no idea on the game being called off, I saw it suggested by someone that may not have been the true reason. I have no conspiracy theory, simply mentioning what I saw referring to my post about rumours. A semi educated guess would assume they were referring to a player revolt.