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  1. Al k

    Aberdeen - idiots

    The players have social bubbles. It differs from the general public.
  2. Al k

    Aberdeen - idiots

    I don't have a problem with players having a social life. They broke the term by going out in a group of 8 to the city centre. There was an agreement in place to allow them to work again and have the club that pay their wages to start earning again. Quite frankly they broke that term, i couldn't go to my uncles funeral do to travelling and gathering restrictions. Considering the things people have had to miss out on wedding, funerals, seeing family's etc... I really don't think its too much to ask them to stick to 6. Frankly they deserve the condemnation from others and there really is no excuse. This will have been drilled into them on numerous occasions. Who knows the situation for the club and other clubs now affected by the loss of income. This could affect peoples employment.
  3. Al k

    Aberdeen - idiots

    After losing to that mob you'd have thought Aberdeen city centre would be the last place to go out. Hope they get punished heavily for this, total cretins.
  4. Al k

    Scotland! Scotland!

    Jim herriot, Jack(ie?) sinclair
  5. Changed my mind don't stop believing - journey
  6. Al k

    Scotland! Scotland!

    Alan Evans, Brian Rice, Neil Cooper and Hugh Robertson?
  7. Coldplay - fix you, worst of a truely horrible collection of songs.
  8. Al k

    Scotland! Scotland!

    Nicky Walker?
  9. Al k

    Scotland! Scotland!

    Anyway back on topic, do they have to have played for pars at the time? Crawford, Nicholson and Alex Ferguson? If not Ian Ferguson, Doug Rougvie, Derek Ferguson, Simon Donelly, Mark Burchill, Allan Mcgregor, Steven Glass, Paul Gallacher, Steven Whittaker and Jackie Mcnamara.
  10. Al k

    Championship 20/21 fixtures

    Thats a good run of games to start with. Hopefully we can start all guns blazing.
  11. Al k

    Scotland! Scotland!

    Berti Vogts gave 300 of the caps.
  12. Surely you mean Dundee for sporting integrity?
  13. Al k

    Goalkeeper Situation

    I wouldn't want us to get rid i think he has plenty potential and had more positive than negatives for us, a season on loan or bring someone with experience to coach him and be a back-up.
  14. Al k

    Goalkeeper Situation

    I think Gill looks a good keeper. A full season ideally elsewhere where could get a some game under his belt. I hadn't saw much of OFW to think he's better, I haven't convinced by some of Gill's positioning. Gill had a great game against Ayr but he knows he let himself down against Dundee united. I worry the fans expect promotion this season and he might be a scrape goat if he makes a few mistakes.
  15. Al k

    Goalkeeper Situation

    I would loan him out for season see how he holds up. Did ok with us but think he needs a good run in a team. I would prefer another keeper in the 1st team for now.