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  1. Al k

    Benitez gone……

    I did wonder about Rooney doing well at Derby with the Circumstance's. Bit like Barry Smith at Dundee after they got the 25 points taken off them and went on that crazy run. Funnily it can be easier when you have a siege mentality with "Everyone against you". He then got other jobs and was rank rotten everyone of them.
  2. Al k

    Team v Hamilton

    Just watched the highlights very impressed, could have had a few. Some of OFW decision making with balls into the box leaves a lot to be desired, still think we should have kept Goodfellow with him coaching. The young lads looked to have had their best game today. Still badly need midfielders and a finisher, McCann caused the defenders no ends of problems but he really should have done better with a couple of chances. I wonder if O'Hara is the better option in a 433.
  3. Al k

    Team v Hamilton

    Fair play it is. Hats off he pulled that one out the hat. Next game is vital, as bad as we were that was night and day from what I heard.
  4. Al k

    Team v Hamilton

    Really need the points today, QoS and Morton now winning. Hearing we are the better team and playing 433?
  5. Al k

    Airdrie fans plumb new depths

    That clubs a jokes.
  6. A few have been humming since the start of the season.
  7. Can they play midfield?
  8. Al k

    Scottish Free Agents

    Was going to say Lewis MacLeod but think he's out all season. Was a bit surprised he was without a club.
  9. Al k

    Morton v Pars

    The one thing is we are only a win away from getting of the bottom. Where this coming from is another thing. The situation for me is its awful, Stevie leaving us with his previous seasons being very poor I'm not sure we had more than 15 decent games in his time. Also having some money to spend on players and still having no midfield. Grant coming in was a utterly baffling decision, he then proclaimed no signings would be made for the sake of it. Fannied around for weeks then signing players for the sake of it. When it was clear we needed midfielders before the loan market closed then brought in another defender. He never made the changes needed when his mismatched squad couldnt play the formation he wanted. The directors then kept him in place far longer than he should have been. It was clear after the Rangers game he was way out his depth and there was something far wrong in the background with the squad. Hughes comes in, things seemed to be a bit better but his selections are just as baffling. I can only hope the transfer window is a good one but why on earth would anyone come here at the moment. Covid has ruined a lot of the plans for the investors which I can accept, the only positive we have had is the training ground plans and the academy. Its hard to even be positive about that now as the guy who ran fife elite and brought through next to nothing has got the top job. We are an utter shambles and there needs to be a lot of soul searching at the top, I genuinely can't see where we are going to better. Only Falkirk are a full time club in worse situation that us and I'm quite sure they will be in a better situation than we are in the summer. Hope I'm wrong about this but I don't think I have ever been so disillusioned and that's taking in to account, Munro, Scott, Hay and the Potter days.
  10. Al k

    Morton v Pars

    SAKE 2 now, looks like we are down. I really can't see us picking up at all. Who would really want to sign for us this season?
  11. Al k

    Lee Bullen

    Think there's more chance at managing Ayr this season than jury duty.
  12. Al k

    Ross Graham loan cancelled

    I assuming that wage would allow another in? Sure Yogi would have known about the situation with Gaspuitis and the possibility of Graham, Connolly too? that wasn't a signing of his and may want to send him back. Not that i would expect him to return, the best we have at the moment.
  13. As expected confirmed now, sad really Grant did him no favours keeping him in the team when he did. All the best but sadly didn't work out for him.
  14. Al k

    Pars v Arbroath

    Killie and Ayr asking for the derby to be played at a later date so they can have more fans. Couldn't make this up should be told to bolt.
  15. Al k

    Merry Xmas from The East End Bounce

    Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you, the team and everyone on the forum.