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  1. All if's and but's. Onwards we go hopefully with another manager at the helm.
  2. Killie and County are far better teams, Hamilton I suspect would win over the two legs. Dundee would have pumped us anyway.
  3. It was over ages ago, even if we progressed this game and Dundee we were getting pumped in the final.
  4. Al k

    Wasps v Pars

    Grim again, not holding any hope for the play-off. Crawford couldn't win with any selection for the game. Full team everyone would complain about an injury or susoensions.
  5. Al k


  6. Al k

    Crawford Out

    Saw that horse and meant to stick a quid on. Bloody work got in the way and I forgot.
  7. Al k

    Our own closed shop - GAME NOW GOES AHEAD

    Nothing surprises me with the clowns in charge, especially after our issue and Doncaster proclaimed you can't unrelegate a club.
  8. Al k

    Pars badge is not quite drawn right

    Had never noticed that, the roof and the different width for the buildings had always annoyed me.
  9. Al k

    European Super League

    Chelsea/City fans on twitter claiming they only joined it to destroy it from within, can't make up that level of stupidity. It's failed now but will re-appear again. Inevitable it's going to happen, anyone with sense will stay away from the clubs involved. Watch the poor us begging cap coming out, we need more money now we are losing out on this from the clubs involved. Give your time and support to clubs that deserve it.
  10. Al k

    European Super League

    Relegate them all, and how the hell are tottenham in this? Apparently Juve wanted guaranteed they would be in the champs league every year from UEFA. Games dying a death, thank god we are small fish.
  11. Al k

    Pars v Doonhamers

    I can only see further doom. Maybe a draw, hope I'm completely wrong.
  12. Al k

    The Wee Team v the Pars

    Here's hoping its limited further tomorrow. The only brightside ugwu cant come on and score a penalty now.
  13. Al k

    The Wee Team v the Pars

    That's both our attacking midfielder off now. The only change iv agreed with was Wilson coming on.
  14. Al k

    The Wee Team v the Pars

    There's only one bit of paper Crawford should be passing round at the moment.