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  1. Al k

    New posters

    Just need Adam Warlock to punch everyone's puss.
  2. Al k

    New posters

    You better you bet, The real me.
  3. Al k

    New posters

    Relax and you won't be fooled again. Its like Heaven and Hell....
  4. Al k

    Pars Shots

  5. Well my dog loved the second part and refused to do his walk.
  6. Al k

    Pars v Stenhousemuir

    Maybe let him stay. Good first half going by the stats.
  7. Al k

    Pars v Stenhousemuir

    Grant out, we were 2 up this time last week.
  8. Al k

    Seven years ago

    Remember honk posting lots on the other "forum" about our situation, back when we were in SPL asking where we were getting money for the Jan window signings. Also the promotion season too if remember correctly. Wasn't until our relegation he posted more frequently and posts started disappearing and then black carded when it hit the fan and dodgy share option appeared. Wasn't sure what to make of it all as i had been living in Wimbledon at the time.
  9. Al k

    Transfer news & gossip

    Looked a good player in a poor Parick team
  10. Al k


    You would hope so, but given the stick the site is currently getting that would be removed sharpish.
  11. Al k


    Mates just told me someone suggested we should look at a certain Everton's players availability on a transfer thread. 🤦‍♂️
  12. Al k

    Pars v Dumbarton

    Some start.
  13. Al k

    Partick v Pars

    Should that be tap me up?
  14. Al k

    League Cup group

    Update from club regarding the next few fixtures. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Ticket_information_for_the_upcoming_matches_at_East_End_Park&ID=13196 Small chance I could still get a ticket. Just none of you get one until I have mine yeah? 😉
  15. Al k

    Leigh Griffiths

    Beyond I think, you have to wonder what goes through peoples heads.