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  1. the saline hill puma

    Premier Sports Cup

    Buckie game also likely to be at home
  2. the saline hill puma

    Squad For Next Season

    He wasn't, he done ok in a few games and credit to him, also scored a couple of important goals, but he wasn't the best right back and imo isn't the standard of player we need to move forward.
  3. the saline hill puma

    Squad For Next Season

    from that list: Mehmet - keep as back upComrie - keep, best right back and hopefully new manager will get him back to his bestMacDonald - keep, done well at this levelTodd - punt - not good enough.Breen - 3rd/4th choice centre half Edwards - keep, decent left backFenton - loan out to get some football in L2Chalmers - offer him to anyone who will take himDorrans - good player but been hopeless for us, hopefully be goneAllan - not good enough, get ridMcCann - 3rd of 4th choice strikerO’Hara - keep, should get goals Todorov - keep Wighton - keep 1 year options for pybus and cole shouldn't be taken up
  4. the saline hill puma

    Let the fans pick the manager.......

    fans have been picking the manager at our club for a while.....its going great isn't it?
  5. the saline hill puma

    Cammy Ballantyne

    Cant say ive seen or heard of him. One area we need to get right early on though, cant be going using different centre defenders every few games like we did last season
  6. the saline hill puma


    Was it not delayed until October time?
  7. the saline hill puma

    Yogi out

    in fairness it doesn't take much money to change the odds in manager betting.
  8. the saline hill puma

    The close season

    Weekends will be taking up with my daughters football and wee days out now and again Also got the Scotland games coming, massive game vs Ukraine in a couple weeks then trips away to Armenia and Ireland booked (hopefully Wales aswell depending on result v Ukraine)
  9. the saline hill puma

    Edinburgh City

    Also hope Annan win. Decent day out on the train
  10. the saline hill puma

    New manager

    Tommy Wright
  11. the saline hill puma

    Charlie Adam 🤷🏻‍♂️

    looks like he was trying to switch it to the right back but didn't see the St Mirren player, silly decision.
  12. the saline hill puma

    The board

    Reading the last few pages of this has given me a right laugh and cheered me up after a couple of ****e weeks.
  13. the saline hill puma

    Dunfermline v Queens Park Play Off 2nd leg.

    Aye you are probably right will take that part off I'm ****ed off....no need to put me on warning whatever that means, got a problem send me a message and we can sort it over a beer or 6 👍
  14. the saline hill puma

    Lewis Martin

    Good luck to him But like every other player don't let the door hit you on the way out . Waste of money
  15. the saline hill puma

    Yogi out

    I hope he stands on lego in bare feet then chokes on his own slavers. Total wank stain **** *****. Every single one of the players can **** off aswell