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  1. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    Could do with one a winger as back up to Dow and Thomas and also a bit of cover in centre midfield If we can l get a Keeper in on loan would be a decent option to loan out Gill so he has more chance of getting 1st team football. Would also loan out McCann if we could get someone like Afolabi in on loan.
  2. the saline hill puma

    Championship 20/21 fixtures

    Normally get a bit of a buzz about fixtures being released and the looking forward to the days out but not knowing if we can attend games or not is making it a bit meh this year One thing is certain though last day of the season = Inverness away
  3. the saline hill puma

    Goalkeeper Situation

    I wasn't totally convinced with OFW last season, was better than Scully and slightly better than Gill. Not sure who else we could get and maybe he is the best available atm.
  4. the saline hill puma

    7 St Mirren backroom staff test positive for Covid-19

    I think they should be relegated and the Pars should be promoted to take their place.
  5. the saline hill puma

    Goalkeeper Situation

    We need a new Keeper to be No1. Gill is not ready and ideally should be loaned out to get game time
  6. the saline hill puma

    Drinks break.

    needs binned, total waste of time now. Wouldn't be surprised if the TV companies want to keep in order to get a few adverts in the gap in play
  7. the saline hill puma

    SFA charge Hearts & Partick Thistle

    The SFA cant hand out a points deductions or relegate a club as its not a SFA run league. They can revoke a clubs license (basically kicking them out of the game all together) or ban them from the Scottish Cup as they run the competition. I would imagine the most likely outcome is a smallish fine or a years ban from taking park in the Scottish Cup for both teams
  8. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    Sadly that is correct, maybe get another round this time next year
  9. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    I was minted until the pubs reopened 🍻
  10. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    Not a chance I'm buying a season ticket just now. Its not even confirmed if fans can get into games in October
  11. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    McManus confirmed, 2 year deal
  12. the saline hill puma

    Transfers / signings

    nah **** the dirty Falkirk *******
  13. Do you think our chairman was part of that? bearing in mind he is part of the SPFL board
  14. the saline hill puma

    Season Tickets

    The ticket site has been a joke for years.
  15. the saline hill puma

    When will we be allowed back inside a ground ?

    Personally I think its quite simple. If folk can go to shopping centres and shops and for head out for protests all over the place I see no reason why a crowd of people cant attend a football match just now.