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  1. the saline hill puma

    In The Summertime

    @The Beer Baronmay be able to help you with that?
  2. the saline hill puma

    Betfred Cup

    Yes, Edinburgh City are ground sharing with them just now ETA link - https://www.footballgroundguide.com/leagues/scottish-spl-premier-and-football-league-clubs/scottish-league-two/edinburgh-city-ainslie-park-stadium-spartans-fc.html
  3. the saline hill puma

    In The Summertime

    Cant say I will watch any of that, not in the least bit interested in womans football.
  4. the saline hill puma

    Betfred Cup

    Hopefully the wee sports bar in Spartans ground will be open during the game like it was for the weekend friendly tournament (Ronnie Swan Cup??) a few seasons ago, nice wee set up.
  5. the saline hill puma

    In The Summertime

    going to the Scotland games on Saturday and Tuesday and then after that a few days out with the family. Not really missing the Pars games, but that's as they were mainly ****e last year.
  6. the saline hill puma

    Gabby McGill, striker, 2 year deal

    looks like we have had to pay some fee for him as well https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/gabby-mcgill-makes-move-to-dunfermline
  7. the saline hill puma

    Gabby McGill, striker, 2 year deal

    another player I have never heard of but good luck to him
  8. the saline hill puma

    Playing squad 2019/20

    According to the Press Andy Ryan has agreed a new contract and one other signing will be announced today
  9. the saline hill puma

    Betfred Cup

    pretty sure the top seed always plays 2nd seed at home. not sure how the other fixtures are then decided.
  10. the saline hill puma

    Season Tickets

    I'm not getting mine for a few reasons, main one being the increase in price, total rip off imo. The other reason is I missed a few games last year due to fixture changes and being away watching Scotland. So overall its not worth getting one anyway even if the prices hadn't increased. I will end up just patg most weeks unless the football is like last year
  11. the saline hill puma

    Europa League Final

  12. the saline hill puma

    How do you lose a penalty shootout 2-0?

    aye we missed 3 penalties in the shootout in the Scottish cup replay Was made worse by the fact we should have went through in normal time
  13. the saline hill puma


    its great seeing them fail
  14. the saline hill puma


    if we go up the rankings will folk like you accept we do have some decent players and they get talked up because they play at a decent standard and have simply under performed under McLeish
  15. the saline hill puma


    Good choice and it seems for once the SFA have done something right