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  1. the saline hill puma

    What makes a great manager?

    He is at EEP the now learning his trade
  2. the saline hill puma

    Chelsea Man U

    average game at best
  3. the saline hill puma

    Prediction League Week 25 Fixtures

    Sat 23rd Feb 2019 Ayr 1 v 1 Dunfermline (1987) Falkirk 0 v 1 Dundee Utd ICT 1 v 0 Morton Partick 1 v 2 Ross County QoS 1 v 0 Alloa
  4. the saline hill puma

    Changing a Winning Team

    No He has had plenty of game time and one decent 45 minutes does not mean he should walk back into the team
  5. the saline hill puma

    Football Manager 19

    how does that work? would potentially be interested
  6. the saline hill puma

    Pars V ICT

    Much needed win and hopefully we can go on a run which sees us pull away from the relegation battle. Quite a few big games coming up, hopefully we can get atleast a point down in Ayr who seem to be a hit or a miss in terms of recent form.
  7. the saline hill puma

    Charlie D's Pre - match Today.

    Was good to meet you @Andycarp
  8. the saline hill puma

    Man U v PSG

    He won the best seats in the house thing, so you got that wrong. Hang your head in shame
  9. the saline hill puma

    Pars Season

    See you Saturday
  10. the saline hill puma

    Pars Season

    That's a issue for every club that are having a bad season, people find other stuff to do. When you are not enjoying it, no point in continuing to go for what they see as a waste of £20. Its not just a Dunfermline issue and they will likely come back when things pick up, just the way football works for some people.
  11. the saline hill puma

    Pars Season

  12. the saline hill puma

    Pars Season

    We can win but it will come down to the players to attitude, it shouldn't be on the fans who have been largely supportive throughout games all season, its on the players now to give something back. The first half vs County was a start and hopefully they take confidence from that into this weeks game.
  13. the saline hill puma

    Emiliano Sala

    I believe the pilots family have set fund to keep the search going
  14. the saline hill puma

    Emiliano Sala

    Would imagine they agreed 50% as they either dont have a lot of cash and either paid a small fee or nothing to get him but agreed to higher sell on clause
  15. the saline hill puma

    Emiliano Sala

    Nantes themselves are being chased by another French club who are to get a % amount of the transfer fee so they most likely need the money to meet this agreement. They are well within the rights to request the money.