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  1. the saline hill puma

    Celtic v Pars

    We defended really well, restricted Celtic mainly shots from distance, I felt they ran out of ideas really early. We had the best chance of the first half and imo Nisbet has to do better. Andy Ryan done brilliant to set up the goal for Beadling, need to see that side of Andy Ryans game a bit more regularly. The ref was poor, we should have had a penalty and every niggly foul seemed to get given their way.
  2. the saline hill puma

    Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Cup

    will give it a miss Maybe go to the Kelty game instead
  3. the saline hill puma

    VAR in the Premier League

    I'm glad it will never be in Scottish football
  4. the saline hill puma

    Celtic v Pars

    I think it will be similar to the defeat at ibrox a few years ago. If we play well we will score 1 or 2, but we will concede 4 or 5. I hope Celtic play that left back that played v Motherwell, he was terrible
  5. the saline hill puma

    Fass signs!!!!

    He is ****e
  6. the saline hill puma

    Prediction League Week 2 Fixtures

    Friday 9th Aug 2019 Partick 1 v 2 Dundee Utd Sat 10th Aug 2019 Dundee 1 v 1 Ayr ICT 4 v 0 Arbroath Morton 1 v 0 Alloa QoS 1 v 2 Dunfermline (1885)
  7. the saline hill puma

    Kelty v Killie Colts

    From posts seen on pusbook sounds like it was a easy win. Shame a few of the other u20 teams got through though
  8. the saline hill puma

    sky sports fantasy football

    created a league for the above fantasy football game if anyone wants to join. https://fantasyfootball.skysports.com Pin for the league is - 8448251
  9. the saline hill puma

    Getting PARS tv on iptv (amazon firestick)

    Not sure how that works, but going by the service provided for the friendly games I wouldn't bother trying to watch live games and just wait for the full game replay to be put up.
  10. the saline hill puma

    Pars V Dundee

    Really good performance for the most part. Seemed to run out of energy towards the end, but not surprising with the amount of work they put in. Could do with a couple more players being signed, lack of options in the bench is a worry when things aren't going for us.
  11. the saline hill puma

    Pars V Dundee

    best way to watch the Pars most of the time
  12. the saline hill puma

    Pars V Dundee

    3-0 either way.
  13. the saline hill puma

    TV Coverage Friday v Dundee

    go round a few pubs early and ask if they will show it.
  14. the saline hill puma

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    if they did wish to move this game the Rangers would have not problem selling around 7000/8000 tickets imo, regardless of it being on TV.
  15. the saline hill puma

    East Fife v Rangers East End Park

    you are correct that the game was moved to EEP- http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/7010992.stm Not sure about the financial workings of it all though.