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  1. Parzionale

    New home shirt

    A tease for tomorrow's release. looks like it's mainly white with a black pinstripe. https://twitter.com/officialdafc/status/1539307410602332160?t=1BANS5mhE_JfKNm5k3Vvpg&s=19
  2. Parzionale

    Australia v Peru WC Play Off

    Same here 🥴
  3. We have a real problem with leakers at East End Park.
  4. Parzionale

    Players leaving

    Put all your news of players leaving in this thread. First one. Dom Thomas is now officially away.
  5. Parzionale

    New Manager thread......

  6. Parzionale

    Yogi out

    I'm feeling the same. I'm sadly starting to not give a ****e anymore. Really serious about just walking away from it all. Its ****ing depressing being a Pars fan. Seems the fans are never taken seriously by the club anymore, despite saving it from oblivion. Our thanks is an entitled board who couldn't give a **** even if we never turn up, as we are just an inconvenience and a nucience to them.
  7. Parzionale

    Yogi out

    Wonder if they'll approach Mark Fotheringham after his stint in Germany. Maybe @Deutsche Par can spread the knowledge of his goings on in Germany? Surely Hughes role is unattainable.
  8. Parzionale

    Club Statement

    And Meggle taking on 'more football responsibilities'. 👀
  9. Parzionale

    Club Statement

    https://www.dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Club_Announcement &ID=13774
  10. Parzionale

    The board

    This would be a good start to mend their relationship to the fans. Unfortunately, I expect the exact opposite happening. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Parzionale

    The board

    Grant, OzPar and Digs. Thank you for your most reasonable posts. Some of the other crap I'm reading is laughable. And anyone questioning Ross McArthur's integrity really don't know the man and the sacrifices he's made to keep this club going. Our German investors need to come out with a statement of intent urgently to stop all this nonsense.
  12. Parzionale

    Donald Adamson: Thanks

    A lot of fans really don't know how lucky we are to have Donald. Another huge loss along with Ross. These two legends were the main hierarchy who saved our club. I was honoured to work alongside them in Pars United and learned so much from them. I'm hopeful Donald continues with the Heritage Trust as his knowledge of the Pars past will be needed for our current and future generations to come. To you Donald, I tip my hat. Huge respect sir, and thank you for everything you've done for the club and me personally.
  13. Parzionale


    Why does everyone think we are playing Airdrie? We are playing Queens Park. A team that have ambition and have had a good season, so will be full of confidence. I'm actually really worried playing them. Our players don't seem to have any fight going with our performance against an already relegated Queen of the South side who were more hungry. Regardless of were we play next season, I think John Hughes has to go.
  14. Parzionale

    David Goodwillie

    The Raith Rovers woman's captain who has been there for ten years has just resigned. This is a massive own goal by the board of Raith Rovers. Ooft.
  15. Parzionale

    Florent Hoti

    Has the signing of non-internationals been relaxed? Quite a few teams recently signing non-internationals from abroad. If so, maybe we will start to see those players coming over from Europe.