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  1. The Beer Baron

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    They're free to send a telegram if need be.
  2. The Beer Baron

    Are Fans Criminalised?

    Let's be honest here, a lot of police are just bullies being paid.
  3. The Beer Baron

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    Nobody mentioned illegal until you did. You'll hear from my lawyer soon.
  4. The Beer Baron

    Mt. Rushmore of Pars greats.

    You're leaving a space?
  5. The Beer Baron

    Are Fans Criminalised?

    Probably that.
  6. The Beer Baron

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    If anyone finds a good stream of this tomorrow, be magic if it was shared...
  7. The Beer Baron

    Stevie Crawford

    I hope we can keep all 3 of them, they all seem to be bringing something important to how we're doing.
  8. The Beer Baron

    Are Fans Criminalised?

    I've had my season ticket taken from me by a steward for standing in the Norrie, despite everyone around me doing the same things whilst not blocking anyone's view. It was returned by the security officer at the time who acted like an almighty ****ing **** towards us.
  9. The Beer Baron

    Mt. Rushmore of Pars greats.

    That's incredible. That's a t shirt! I'd buy that.
  10. The Beer Baron

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    I don't think we should just turn up and expect to win, what I mean is that we should be more than capable of turning up, putting in a proper shift and come away with a win. If we actually want to qualify for a tournament again we simply HAVE to take 3 points from them. No more "aww unlucky again, if only we'd beaten those minnows away from home, that win against the world champions means **** all now".
  11. The Beer Baron

    Scotlands vs Khazakstan & San Marino

    Anything less than 9 points from our first 3 games and it's all over. We need to win all the games against the dross in this group and somehow try and better Russia over the two games against them. People are complaining about all the call offs for these 2 games but I'm not entirely fussed. We should have more than enough for 6 points here, Kazakhstan are an absolute gang and there's a reason they are so low down in the rankings. San Marino? I'd except the wee team to turn them over.
  12. The Beer Baron

    Mt. Rushmore of Pars greats.

    If you could create a Mount Rushmore of your top four favourite Pars player, who would be on yours? And no picking five, it's difficult enough narrowing it down so be strict on yourself! For me in no particular order: Andy Tod- my first hero in a Pars shirt. Scored some terrific goals for us, was versatile and perhaps not given enough credit for his ability as he was. When I was at Primary school and there was ever a Dunfermline event going on, he would always be there and talk to everyone. He is such a tall guy that when you're 9 years old you think you're meeting a giant, but he's so approachable, friendly and I became a huge fan of his from day one. Also, he was part of Paton's Pars, enough said. Andy Smith- Another for whom I believe his footballing ability was overlooked due to his aerial prowess. I still firmly believe he deserved a call up around 1997 and possibly for the 98 World Cup, he'd have offered us something different from the old, washed up strikers we had there. Andy was another really likable, friendly guy and another giant in my eyes as a young boy. I always felt when I went along that we had a chance to win with Smith playing, he just had a knack of getting on the end of a cross or holding the ball up perfectly for an on-rushing midfielder. Bert Paton- where do you begin? If you're familiar or not with Bert, I urge you to go on Youtube and look up his 2 part interview with the Heritage Trust, he talks about his time as a player, then as manager. For me, I'm far too young to remember his playing career but his time as manager isn't just something I remember- it is part of who I am. His team were exciting to watch, direct and always attacking. I always knew that I'd see goals watching his team and if it meant we had to score 3 after giving away 2, we could do it. The way he handled things during Norrie's just holds him up in even greater light. He assembled an incredible team and to finish 5th in the Premier Division with a fraction of the budget of every other team in the league was an achievement that really isn't given enough credit for in hindsight. That's not to mention beating United to the 1st division title. Get reading Into The Valley and stick on the Champions VHS if you haven't anytime recently. A great man. Again, when I was around 9 or 10, I got the chance to meet him at a Young Pars event. I was so scared to meet the manager, the guy I saw on Sportscene and Scotsport talking about the team and getting crazy on the touchline when need be. He couldn't have been nicer and I'd honestly love nothing more than to share a pint with this great man and talk about those times. In my eyes the greatest ever Par due to his fantastic playing career as well as managerial success. I could write all day about him and his team! Scott M Thomson- I'm not picking Nipper to blow smoke up his ass on here, but he deserves to go up there with the time and effort he put in for the club over the years. Shouts for a national call up during his best years were deserved. Scott played almost everywhere on the park except goalkeeper for us. I believe he came in as a striker? and ended up playing left back and centre back. He had two good feet, could strike a free kick and despite not being the tallest, was handy in the air. Not much got past him and he came up against some of the best strikers in this country has ever seen in the likes of Michael Mols and Henrik Larsson. This was a flip of a coin type choice between Nipper and Stewart Petrie. Nipper got the nod simply because I've been lucky enough to have met the guy a number of times, including working in the club shop and when I was in hospitality work in Aberdeen and he knew my face years later. To me, it goes a LONG way being an approachable personality in terms of how the fans remember you, as this small collection of Pars greats shows. Obviously, I've left out a huge number of club legends and important figures. I've actually changed my choices a few times, I had Stevie Crawford there before I changed it up a bit, Stewart Petrie would easily be there along with many other. Who would you have on your Mount Rushmore of Pars?
  13. The Beer Baron

    v Dundee United (H) Postponed :(

    Exactly this. If this was the other way round, we'd all be talking about how amateur United appear to be.
  14. The Beer Baron

    Is English Football Best in World?

    My experience today just again confirms that German football is a class above British football in terms of match day experience. Also, the quality is pretty high even when teams play **** at the top level. Leverkusen were rank rotten against a great counter attacking Bremen side, but would have still slapped around a great deal of "top" clubs in England I believe.
  15. The Beer Baron

    v Dundee United (H) Postponed :(

    It does make us look a bit silly.