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  1. The Beer Baron

    Co-op Supports DADSC

    What projects are the DADSC looking to get funding for right now?
  2. The Beer Baron

    Pars v Morton

    **** offffffff. It was hilarious and the defender has utterly ****ed it
  3. The Beer Baron

    League Cup Final

    Hope they both lose.
  4. The Beer Baron

    Pars v Morton

    Sak thu bored
  5. The Beer Baron

    Team of the decade

    Doesn't Murdoch hold that now? Also many other players came and gone in that time. Keddie?
  6. The Beer Baron

    Team of the decade

    I can't believe Chris Smith or Jackson Longridge get in this. Martin should be a choice for left back I feel, with Morris and Ashcroft as centre half choices as well as Rusty. Martin fully deserves to be in.
  7. The Beer Baron

    v Ayr (away)

    Does the location matter? Honest question because I feel that way too Digs. However, sometimes I'll have the per eption we're approaching things differently based on where we're playing. Its easy to distinguish at home but for example Alloa or Dundee Utd it can feel... Different... Maybe my point isn't so clear.
  8. The Beer Baron

    v Ayr (away)

    If the pitch is in good condition I think we'll get a point. If it's a **** fest, we'll lose.
  9. The Beer Baron

    v Partick (h)

    Nothing wrong but being positive, but being realistic is where most people fall. Also, Nisbit is second top scorer in the league now. Feels like he has scored more already this season than we managed all of last year. That's a great thing about us now, most (MOST) games we are creating chances at the very least. Games like Arbroath and from what I heard Stranraer where we created sod all is where I get most frustrated.
  10. The Beer Baron

    v Partick (h)

    Why? Thankfully it wasn't a meaningful goal but it was another weak goal to give away, no matter how well it was hit from that distance. Don't say it's because he's young either, he's old enough to be considered to play so he's got to take the criticism and responsibility that comes with it.
  11. The Beer Baron

    v Partick (h)

    First half we were great, ten men for then or not. Pressing and getting forward with intent. Defence barely tested the whole game, Devine strolled it although Miller gave him nothing to worry about. Comrie looked fantastic and first half their narrow midfield gave him loads of room to go into. Dow and Kiltie have such quick feet.
  12. The Beer Baron

    v Partick (h)

    Boils my **** giving away that goal though, shouldn't be beaten from there although saying that it was reminiscent of Hardie against Inverness.
  13. The Beer Baron

    Prediction League Ayr v Pars 3rd Dec

    Pars 3-0. 1560 there
  14. Every game 1 each, 3900 at East end
  15. The Beer Baron

    v Partick (h)

    Kiltie back in makes a huge difference. McCann simply isn't a left midfielder and it's baffling that Craw seems to think he can play there. I'd even play Turner on the left with Thomson back in and Kiltie off Nisbit. Ryan hasn't played well for a few weeks and we might need his explosive sub appearance from the bench.