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  1. The Beer Baron

    Coventry City's Third Kit

    Not a fan of having a 3rd kit, smacks of "kerching, our sucker fans will eat this up". HOWEVER, one of my favourite Pars kits was the "Faulconbridge" black effort with gold trims and The Pars in lettering along the bottom back. Glorious! Pretty sure that was a 3rd kit.
  2. The Beer Baron

    Coleen Rooney / Rebecca Vardy

    Normally I'd agree but it's utterly fascinating this one
  3. The Beer Baron

    Stevie Crawford

    Nah, just one.
  4. The Beer Baron

    No Deal or Remain?

    I'm interested on being on the frickin' winning side of one of these for a change! 🤠
  5. The Beer Baron

    No Deal or Remain?

    For those who want independence, the fact that Scotland voted remain is very much relevant in this case.
  6. The Beer Baron

    Stevie Crawford

    We only seem capable so far of beating a manager less Thistle team. I want this to work. I really do but how long does it go on (if it does) and we're isolated near the bottom? Experience is all good but relegation is not an option for us.
  7. The Beer Baron

    Morton v Pars

    I wish WE would prove that.
  8. The Beer Baron

    Morton v Pars

    Utter ****ing ridiculous. Bad luck only gets you so far, come on Crawford you need to pull some wins from these games. Ayr and Dundee Utd now, we're getting **** all from those.
  9. The Beer Baron

    Iconic album covers

    Definitely Maybe and WTSMG are as good as each other, but WTSMG is definitely more iconic. Perhaps biased but was my first Oasis album and still a go to today.
  10. The Beer Baron

    Alloa 1 Dundee Utd 0

    I agree and I believe in patience right now. However, we still need to start gaining more points or we will find ourselves in a horrible relegation battle with players having no confidence.
  11. The Beer Baron

    Alloa 1 Dundee Utd 0

    Hold on, are people suggesting last week was a good result?
  12. Alloa 0 3 Dundee Utd Ayr 2 1 ICT Dundee 1 1 Arbroath Morton 1 0 Pars (2468) Partick 1 0 QotS
  13. The Beer Baron

    ICT call EGM tonight Thursday 3rd Oct

    Shame and a bit of a surprise to hear that.
  14. The Beer Baron

    CL - Love it or Loathe it?

    Rather watch games involving teams I support. No interest watching Liverpool, Real Madrid or the likes.
  15. The Beer Baron

    No Smoke Without Fire............

    Nah I get it, just don't think either side wants to risk it.