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  1. average white par

    Iconic album covers

    The first person to post "Abbey Road" will be shot at dawn.... Here's some crackers to get started...
  2. average white par

    Climate Change Protesters

    I've been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time around Native American people, and , reading this thread, I was reminded of this little pearl of wisdom, which is a very old Cree prophecy... When all the trees have been cut down When all the animals have been hunted When all the waters are polluted When all the air is unsafe to breathe Only then will you discover you cannot eat money Simplistic? Possibly.. True and incisive and pertinent? Absolutely...
  3. average white par

    Climate Change Protesters

    "The planet will do just fine whatever happens" Very much this... the human race will soon discover that no player is bigger than the club... Hopefully I won't be around to see it...
  4. average white par

    Photo of the week

    Oh yeah... pick that one out of the net...
  5. average white par

    Fed up with Glastonbury?

    That's a very good point actually... definitely one of the Joneses that you really don't want to keep up with...
  6. average white par

    Fed up with Glastonbury?

    I love Grace, and I've pulled up to the bumper baby many a time... however, despite your Grace Joneses, Tom Joneses and even Davy Joneses, there is still only one king... "THE LOOOVE BOAT, SOON WE'LL BE MAKING ANOTHER RUN..."
  7. average white par

    Opening fixtures.....

    Do you guys have a bit of an occasional thing going on like...?
  8. average white par

    New strips

    Also, does anyone else think that Murray is holding a half smoked spliff in his right hand? This may be my "Specsavers" moment, I fear...
  9. average white par

    New strips

    I quite like the home one actually, and the badge thing isn't a big deal imo, a wee arty farty touch which is quite cool... Away strip.... let's just say it has a unique style and a singular charisma...
  10. average white par

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Yet again, the Craw totally outshines his new signing with a mind boggling display of style, panache, sartorial elegance and a humbling lesson in male grooming techniques, reminding us all (lest we forget) that naebody's as braw as the Craw...
  11. average white par

    Players put through their paces today

    ^^ I noticed this myself... looks like the work of giant killer ants to me, Vince...
  12. average white par

    In The Summertime

    "I'm away on holiday on Sat and will be working to raise the height of my frogeye..." Aye well, I'm also away on holiday on Sat and will be working to raise the height of my Japs eye... each to their own, I suppose...
  13. average white par

    How do you access the forum?

    I had to access through a previous post but there seems to be a problem with direct internet access...I'm in Spain on a Chrome laptop, although not in the Biblical sense of course...
  14. average white par

    Happy birthday

    Indeed sir... every time I go near the guy he's surrounded by fannies... myself included...
  15. average white par

    Happy birthday

    If I'm not mistaken, I think Fu Manchu is 134 years old this year as well, and damn fine he looks too... some boy...