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  1. Bartshaft

    We're s***e...

    No surprise most of us new we were doomed this season when the board made **** decisions like giving johnston a two year deal and letting cardle go (mind you quite a few couldny see that). And when they finally let Johnston go they made another ****e decision getting three coaches and mcnamara in. On the back of other **** decision like closing Section L, I'm very concerned about The Pars going forward.
  2. Bartshaft

    Stewart Petrie

    The boards decision making worries me. Johnston two year deal was terrible and giving charge of the team to three coaches and an advisor never seemed right to me, although I really hope I'm proved wrong coz I do like Crawford as a person and a Pars legend. We are crying out for a manger that can get the most out of the players.
  3. Bartshaft

    Crawfords interview

    If Crawford is to succeed it will be down to who he brings in, I hope he has some good contacts coz January wasn't inspiring
  4. Bartshaft

    Crawfords interview

    In his interview after the Queens game Crawford talks a lot of **** about tweeking tactics. He says it numerous times. Forget aw that ****. The reason we lost is because we lost battles all over the pitch. It's about fight and desire and not tactics. This just kinda backs up my initial thoughts that he is a coach and not a manager. We nned a manager that can motivate players and get them up for it. LIke what Leishman and Paton did.
  5. Bartshaft

    Stewart Petrie

    I can see Petrie getting a bigger job in Summer and going on to be a very good manager. That's why I say I think we missed our chance.
  6. Bartshaft

    Stewart Petrie

    It was obvious choice. He has taken Montrose from the bottom League 2 to the verge of the Championship. Crawford was the easy option and I can't see him taking us to Prem
  7. Bartshaft

    Stewart Petrie

    We shoulda got Stewart Petrie in when we had the chance. Montrose are flying. Most of you won't agree the now but in 6 months to a year you will.
  8. Bartshaft

    Is English Football Best in World?

    Personally i think EPL is boring as **** to watch and I'd rather watch a Scottish game.
  9. Bartshaft

    Squad for next season

    Williamson will be off for free. Best youngster we've had in years and we let him go for nothing. Bad business.
  10. Bartshaft

    Tottenham ban fans for "persistent standing"

    English Premier league is ****e. Boring football and ****e atmosphere.
  11. Bartshaft


    Nah honesty it wasn’t just banter from him. He was bitter and came accross like he really hated us. That was one example but it was pretty clear that he was bias against us every tie he refd us.
  12. Bartshaft


    So I’m sure most of you are aware about the Charleston story and aware it was my good self that was involved. Fair amount of nuggets putting their tuppence worth in online that weren’t even there so I thought I’d take the chance to tell you exactly what happened. There was a bit of friendly banter to start with and then I said to him, tell me the truth did you ever cheat us. He then told me about a time where he cheated by sending Nicky Phinn off and walked away. I was standing raging thinking over and over how I could get away with sticking the nut on him but despite being steaming managed to control myself. 5 mins later he came bouncing up topless wi his Falkirk socks on pointing at them and flashing an imaginary red card in my face. I snapped at this point and splashed the dregs of my vodka over his head. At this point I turned and walked out the door looking back only to catch a glimpse of his wet baldy head and look of shock. One of the proudest moments of my life I reckon.lol I was surrounded by the Falkirk tartan army. None of them said a word. Next day they were trying to act like victims on Facebook but I refused to back down to them and said I regretted nothing. They were effectively trying to Shame me by bending truths to make me seem like some sort of animal. Saying things like I attacked him. They were trying to publicly embarrass me online. The real embarrassment is an ex grade one ref admitting to cheating. There is a snake or two in the pars support that tried to jump on the bandwagon so they can **** off to whoever they are. We will never know coz they are spineless creatures that hide behind a screen. Hiwever, i want to say thank you to all the pars fans who defended my actions on dot net (the vast majority) a d believe I showed incredible restraint in this situation. the one thing I shouldn’t have done was boast on social media but that was due to drink and adrenaline im apologising to absolutely nae can’t especially that horrible Falkirk *******. COYP
  13. Bartshaft

    What represents success this season now?

    Success this season for Crawford is keeping us up and improving performance levels, confidence and getting more fans in the stadium. He's well on track to achieve all of this.
  14. Bartshaft

    What's changed?

    Couple of scrappy/lucky wins builds confidence. We always had good players....just needed confidence and a bit luck. I think new management team is also better tactically and the time they have spent on training field is starting to pay off
  15. Bartshaft

    Favourites for relegation

    That would be us in my eyes. Partick and Falkirk on form and Alloa can grind out results. We are shocking. Cardle to send us down would be a fitting finish to the season for all the people who thought we were right to let him go and sign dross like Hippo.