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  1. Bartshaft

    Favourites for relegation

    That would be us in my eyes. Partick and Falkirk on form and Alloa can grind out results. We are shocking. Cardle to send us down would be a fitting finish to the season for all the people who thought we were right to let him go and sign dross like Hippo.
  2. Bartshaft

    Club finances

    We are not saying we are well off we do however have a bigger budget than most teams in the league outwith Ross County and Utd.
  3. Bartshaft

    What is it about Liverpool?

    They don't
  4. Bartshaft

    Clever lyrics that make you smile?

    Now you get to watch her leave,Out the window, guess that's why they call it window pane Also Eminem
  5. Bartshaft

    Clever lyrics that make you smile?

    Love is evil, if you don't believe me spell it backwards Eminem
  6. Bartshaft

    Salmond arrested

    100% fabricated evidence by the British state. They have history with this kind of thing. I feel sorry for him having to go through this. It may actually have the opposite affect from what the Brotish state want and galvanise Scot's desire for Indy. Who wants to be part of this horrible corrupt country the call Great Britain anymore. It's horrible. See beloe link for their previous with things like this. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2019/01/the-uk-government-manufacture-of-false-sexual-allegations/?fbclid=IwAR2dUozimatzy9ihETFxdOTrnRlblQ7fLF2jAxEIXvoxXrkGRez0R3fp4aA
  7. Bartshaft

    SFSA Awards / Marv Stewart

    A true Dunfermline legend. Not just her work wi the Pars, but her work with youth football teams in Cairneyhill.
  8. Bartshaft


    Went along today full off optimism following our win over Falkirk. I missed the Falkirk game due to work. I can only assume the players picked it up a level last week off their own backs because I highly doubt Johnston had any influence on it. He just stands on the sidelines looking completely lost. Time for him to do the right thing and walk.
  9. Bartshaft


    I agree that Johnston is hopeless but what I'm saying is it looks like we are stuck with him until at least the end of the season so we should try and support the players as much as we can.
  10. Bartshaft


    I think most folk ken I'm not a Johnston fan and I stand by my view he shoulda been punted in the summer. However, after the effort Jason went to yesterday and the great response from the players, I think now is the time to forget who the manager is and get right behind the players on the pitch. Might be enough to push us into playoffs. But if we fail to go up this year we have to get a new manager in next Summer.
  11. Bartshaft


    Thinking about getting a flag for the Lizzy supporters club. One that is light enough to take to every game. This one is 6ft x 12ft, lightweight material and will cost £160. What's folks thoughts? Any suggestions on a better design?
  12. Bartshaft

    Half Season Report Card

    Manger failing to get the most out of his players and also signing too many players rather than getting the right quality in. Absolute fail. F
  13. Bartshaft

    Gary Harkins

    Gary Harkins has just been released by QoS due to Harkins no longer wanting to play for them. Good player although a bit slow. I reckon he could be a good signing for us as he unlocks defenses with his passing and could be a provider for our strikers. I'd move a couple of our midfielders on first though. Whats everyones thoughts on him?
  14. Bartshaft

    Liam Henderson

    Did anyone see Liam Henderson's interview on Scottish Football Extra last night? Surely this guy deserves a call up. He won the Scottish Cup with Hibs, plays in Italy and said he would walk back to Scotland for a cap. He's definitely better than Kevin McDonald.