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  1. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars v Hamilton

    Wighton and Todorov were both injured. Not sure about Kennedy but he was down in the first half too. Dow certainly looked the more obvious one to be subbed all things even.
  2. DA-go Par Adonis

    Stay of execution.

    O'Hara is decent at this level if you're looking for an instinctive, one-touch finisher. If you're looking for any more than that, he's not your man.
  3. DA-go Par Adonis

    No feud with Thomas but he's a lazy ****

    And anyone that does, probably only retains the source as they know it won't go on a public forum as soon as they disclose anything.
  4. DA-go Par Adonis

    Saturday Walkout

    It would be quite amusing if we're winning 3-0 after 60 minutes on Saturday.
  5. DA-go Par Adonis

    Honest Men v Pars

    Grant, Shields and Whittaker were all defensive minded players. I can't believe they're coaching our centre backs to stand still, watch runners into our box and hope for the best.
  6. DA-go Par Adonis

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    I probably shouldn't bully Matt Hancock. Lesson learned.
  7. DA-go Par Adonis

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    Hope you're ok Keyser - that was pretty hostile. I've set up a JustGiving page to cover the cost of any therapy. I'll be honest, it's had a slow pick-up - but it has still raised more than Matt Hancock.
  8. DA-go Par Adonis


    Before my time but I was guessing that the directors tended to less trigger-happy in those days.
  9. DA-go Par Adonis


    Off the top of my head, and aside from temps like Jimmy Nic, I'd guess it's John Potter. Probably Davie Hay or Dick Campbell otherwise.
  10. DA-go Par Adonis

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    I've clearly got the club's short-term interests at heart alright.
  11. DA-go Par Adonis

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    We could win the next 6 games and then lose the following week - and it would still be papering over the cracks for some. For the record, I don't think we'll win the next 6 games. I hope we do though, I don't subscribe to the viewpoint that we should hope for a defeat so that the manager gets punted.* * Exception made for Jocky Scott
  12. DA-go Par Adonis

    Rovers away

    I reckon it will be 3-5-2 with Dow playing behind the front two.
  13. DA-go Par Adonis

    Rovers away

    Got to say, I hate the starting XI. Hoping to proven wrong though.
  14. DA-go Par Adonis

    Rovers away

    We'll play 4 at the back, Thomas and Dow will terrorise their defence, Dorrans will pick out passes at will, Wighton will get a first half hat-trick and Toddy and O'Hara will come off the bench and score one each. That's not even accounting for Kennedy's man of the match performance.
  15. DA-go Par Adonis


    Looks like you did.