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  1. DA-go Par Adonis

    Transfers / signings

    I do realise that I am a liberal snowflake though.
  2. DA-go Par Adonis

    Transfers / signings

    So, he was a teenager and he said something really daft in the heat of the moment. He then apologised, went on a disability awareness course, left Falkirk for a smaller club to kick-start his career, scores a bunch of goals, wins their player of the year and now wants to join the Pars. Good enough for me. Let's also remember, our chairman was front and centre in support of Dene Shiels throughout the sorry episode. If there was any doubt over O'Hara's character, I think the club would steer well clear. It says a lot for the player to back himself to come and join us and suggests that we, as a club, are happy that he will do well for us both on and off the park. He could be a great ambassador having made a very public mistake, learning from it and dealing with it head on rather than trying to run away from it or blame someone else.
  3. DA-go Par Adonis

    Book recommendation

    When you got to the basket, did you press the right button?
  4. DA-go Par Adonis

    17 Players Released

    Not that you're asking me but, instinctively, I think they'll be ok. I figure that HMRC's resources are such that they'll have to prioritise. If I was in charge of a football club where cashflow was an issue, I don't think I'd risk it though. Especially if the government presiding over the whole saga were starting to look like a law unto themselves.
  5. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    I would have thought someone on the board at Dundee of all clubs would display a bit more humility. I'd be pretty p!$$ed off if one of our directors publicly derided a raft of smaller clubs - all/virtually all with a substantially less embarrassing financial past than ours.
  6. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    Hearts pitch: "Here's our plan to save ourselves and then put the little clubs back in their box in 2 years' time* *Unless we're in the bottom 3 at that point." 28 teams in the top 2 divisions, most likely going back to 22 when it suits them. After all, according to Budge, that's all we should have in the professional ranks in the first place. I sincerely hope they tell her to GTF. Almost as ironic as Strachan, on the payroll at twice in administration Dundee, lecturing the wee teams that haven't had such issues as to how they can't call themselves professional. Also, criticising their production line of talent, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Scotland's current captain and Champions' League Winner made his name at Queens park.
  7. DA-go Par Adonis

    17 Players Released

    Rovers apparently confirmed that they'll be asking the taxpayers of Scotland to cover the wages of their imminent cast-offs for another 3 weeks. Not quite how it's phrased, but it's basically as blunt as that.
  8. DA-go Par Adonis

    17 Players Released

    We've a Tory government that have had to act like socialists. There will be a bill to pay at the end of it - and one could speculate that hammering their core supporter base might not be their preferred strategy.
  9. DA-go Par Adonis

    17 Players Released

    Ross County have done similar to us, citing legal and HMRC guidance as the rationale.
  10. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    Maybe we can just make The Rangers champions, end the 9/10 in a row nonsense for another few years at least and leave the two of them to argue about it?
  11. DA-go Par Adonis

    NO SPFL Investigation

    How did the "neutral" clubs vote i.e. ones who are not gaining or losing out of the decision to end the season?
  12. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    It's a video call with all 42 clubs represented. It will be an absolute disaster of a meeting. That is the absolute certainty.
  13. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    Ross McArthur has now issued a statement. Doesn't quite paraphrase the above.
  14. DA-go Par Adonis

    No SPFL league reconstruction ~ yet

    I'd probably break the silence by saying: "If Falkirk, Hearts, The Rangers and Scott Gardiner are all raging, the by-product of any decision to end the season - made in the best interests of Scottish Football - is extremely amusing." Thankfully I don't write the statements.
  15. DA-go Par Adonis

    When will we be allowed back inside a ground ?

    Could be, but it's pretty divisive and is committing to no live football in Scotland for just about a year (from the start of the lockdown).