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  1. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    To be fair, I've just checked and his first class average is only 20 and he's only one century. I've got extended family in Taunton so I keep an eye out for them. They're never won the County championship and have found new and innovative ways to lose it on the last day - two or three times in the last dozen years or so. In lockdown, they seemed to specialise in top order failures, only for someone at the tail end to take a stand and drag them to something near respectability. Overton's name rings a bell because of that, but it can't have been him all the time with that average - van der Merwe might have been another one. All of which is informative, if not interesting...
  2. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    Is it the same Overton that was at Somerset? If so, I'm sure he batted 7 or 8 for them and often dug them out of bother in the County Championship when they were 6 down for not many.
  3. DA-go Par Adonis

    Friendly last night

    Maybe I shouldn't have included the throw away line about his lack of steps during one of the games. However, I think he looked disinterested - and I'm basing that up against his performances for us in the previous season rather than in comparison to, for example, Kenny Miller, in his prime, leading the line for Scotland. I don't think anyone expects Wighton to be playing like that.
  4. DA-go Par Adonis

    Friendly last night

    "I always 100% take issue with anyone who says players don't try. Fans seem to believe this myth that for you to be of any value, you need to be running about like a daftie at all times, Pars fans have always loved a busy fool." I agree but I've never been one of them. I'm not into players running around diving into unnecessary challenges just to try and show us all how much they care. Hughes obviously didn't fancy him but Peter Grant gave him plenty of opportunity and he didn't look like he wanted to be on the park most of the time I saw him.
  5. DA-go Par Adonis

    Friendly last night

    If Wighton is fit and motivated, I think he should score goals in League 1. I don't blame Hughes for loaning him out last season though as he looked totally disinterested to me. I know his game is more to link play and finish off chances - rather than rushing about harassing defenders - but I think I racked up more steps going on the bridie run at half-time than he did in an entire half of football during one of the league games last season. Fair enough if the manager is terrible but at least try and show something when you're on the pitch for the folks in the stands paying your wages. He also started 16 Championship games and came off the bench in another 11 in 2021/22 - and managed a grand total of zero league goals - so he's not coming into the season with much momentum.
  6. DA-go Par Adonis

    New Falkirk home shirt

    Got to say, that works so much better!
  7. DA-go Par Adonis

    New Falkirk home shirt

    Sponsorship can really ruin a football top! Obviously, I find the whole thing offensive due to the Falkirk badge. However, if you were one of them, it's a classic looking kit... if there wasn't a massive sideways carrot emblazoned across it. "If" is a massive word though.
  8. DA-go Par Adonis

    Supporters Meeting

    I think it's safe to assume ST holders get first shot at away tickets for limited capacity grounds - even if it's only for a couple of days. It's always been that way.
  9. DA-go Par Adonis

    Australia v Peru WC Play Off

    "Show me a football fan who doesn't love a bit of ****housery, and I'll show you a liar." Whilst we've all got a bit of an ego, proclaiming to speak for all football fans world-wide is a bit excessive. There will be plenty of people who don't like that side of the game at all, some Pars fans included.
  10. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    The white ball side seem to be struggling for runs without the likes of Hales and Bairstow.
  11. DA-go Par Adonis

    Supporters Meeting

    Looking forward to sitting at the front and asking Cooky some pertinent questions...
  12. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    Potentially thrilling conclusion to the County Championship match at Taunton for any grass roots fans out there...
  13. DA-go Par Adonis

    Airport Bus - help please

    Looks like arrival and departure times to me. It looks like you can get the bus on 19 minutes past the hour, it will go via the Halbeath and Ferrytoll Park and Rides and end up at the airport 52 minutes later.
  14. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    England to end on 300 for 9 would be my bet
  15. DA-go Par Adonis

    On this day/ Cricket discussion

    Looks like Bairstow doesn't fancy playing for a draw