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  1. DA-go Par Adonis

    QoS v Pars

    Wighton will score after 35 seconds. We'll then sit back in our own half and see out the rest of the game. The penny will then drop that last week's 2nd half was a training session.
  2. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars v Wasps

    DJ Waspstinger on the decks, MC Repellent on the mic.
  3. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars v Wasps

    Organising an illegal warehouse rave tonight with the visuals being Wighton's goals on loop. Thought you might be interested Keyser?
  4. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars v Wasps

  5. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars v Wasps

    We will eviscerate Alloa this afternoon
  6. DA-go Par Adonis

    Pars V Dundee

    Pretty confident that we won't lose on Saturday.
  7. DA-go Par Adonis

    Jan transfer window & nonsense

    Let's rein in the expectation, given he's only 19 and played only for part-time teams or u23 football in England. Having said that, I think this pretty much means you can start engraving our name on Championship trophy.
  8. DA-go Par Adonis

    Morton v Pars

    If you regard it as 3 points dropped, your initial expectations are perhaps unrealistic?
  9. DA-go Par Adonis

    Null & Void

    Did the Scottish authorities put anything in place rule-wise should the season end early? There is a precedent for points per game based placings, but that was in a situation where each league had played more than 75% of the scheduled games i.e. the tables had a pretty definite shape to them. I would have hoped that there would now be a minimum number of games stipulated before a league could be called - so at to avoid the scenes at the end of last season. It would be a bit of an oversight if not, given the nature of the virus.
  10. DA-go Par Adonis

    Null & Void

    This would be really unfortunate for Falkirk. Which you'd have to say was a pity. Also would likely see Brechin release Covid celebratory kits.
  11. DA-go Par Adonis

    Null & Void

    Is that 90% likely that league one and below will be declared null & void?
  12. DA-go Par Adonis

    Morton v Pars

    A few hours later and my suggestion no longer seems as daft as it was intended to be.
  13. DA-go Par Adonis

    Morton v Pars

    I think they should give the clubs the option of doubling the jeopardy. Play one game for both the league points and progression in the cup.
  14. DA-go Par Adonis

    ICT v Pars

    We will eviscerate the cloggers from up north, destroyed by a perfect display of counter-attacking football. 4-0, O'Hara with at least 3 of them.
  15. DA-go Par Adonis

    Dundee v Pars

    Presumably we'll just rock up to Kirkcaldy and take who we fancy. Usually seems to work.