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  1. da_no_1

    Could Dorrans be on the move?

    There's no arguing Dorrans was a class player. There's no argument he showed glimpses of it last season. There's no argument he suffered from a lack of a full pre-season for whatever reason. There's no argument he was part of one of the slowest, most ineffective midfields I've ever seen in my time watching the Pars. If he stays, he really needs to start bossing games & making things happen. It's League One FFS. Some of the abuse he got last season, at Ayr in particular, was completely & utterly out of order.
  2. da_no_1

    New Falkirk home shirt

    FFS where to start...........
  3. da_no_1

    Season tickets?

    Was considering just paying game to game and taking the risk of losing my seat after 23 years so delighted to see there's a finance option. If my seat costs pretty much the same to allow youngsters to get in for next to nothing then that's fair enough as well. Well done to David Cook & DAFC.
  4. da_no_1

    Squad For Next Season

    There has to be another explanation for this if it's true. I'd be amazed if anyone at the club thinks this is a fair way to treat any employee.
  5. da_no_1

    Squad For Next Season

    Extremely harsh on Todd
  6. "Which leave two condiates who I think are viable, Thompson and Murray, both have there plus and negative points." "Kettlewell was in the reckoning before, wouldn`t be shocked if he threw his hat back in the ring." Hardly glowing recommendations Maybe stick your neck on the line & say who you think would be guaranteed to be a good appointment rather than just either slagging folk off for having an alternative opinion or just dismissing everyone as "wild"
  7. I did. Three of them you admitted were unlikely & one of those was Jack Ross, another you told us was done with football. Try living on planet earth.
  8. Imagine having a different opinion from yours......... I deal with clients every day who are good at saying who they don't want. Tell us who you want that would 100% guarantee success or just GTF. Honestly.
  9. This was always on the cards. Pitch invasions seem to be the norm these days. What an absolute scumbag.
  10. da_no_1

    Queens Park v Dunfermline Play Off 1st leg

    I'm not ***ed whether we win an away play-off match or not. It's over 2 legs that matters.
  11. da_no_1

    Paul Watson

    I would never, ever wish injury on anyone, honestly (especially an ACL as I did mine back in the day) However.............
  12. da_no_1

    Pars v Morton

    Realistically the target now is 9th. Finish the season with as many points as we can gather. Then throw the lot at the playoffs. Let every one in for £5. The atmosphere was superb tonight and it may be just enough to see us through. Total rebuild in the summer if we somehow survive.
  13. da_no_1

    David Goodwillie

    The ****hole of a manager publicly backed this signing twice. He has to go.
  14. da_no_1

    David Goodwillie

    To be fair that's a bit like Peter Sutcliffe saying Fred West was a gid gardener. Benedictus has previous.
  15. da_no_1

    David Goodwillie

    Have to say I'm baffled why a man like McGlynn, who always struck me as a thoroughly decent man & and an excellent manager at this level, would want anything to do with signing this scumbag.