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  1. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Ryan Dow

    I'm sorry that he's up against us, but glad he's got a contract. Think he could have got Cove but opted to play for old team, managed by his father in law. Understandable. Will he stay full time?
  2. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    New home shirt

    Love it!
  3. The Roy Barry Fan Club


    Without I hope betraying any confidences, I would merely say that I think it would be a reasonable assumption that Dorrans will be much more in tune with McPake than either of the two previous managers.
  4. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    John Potter to Kelty Hearts?

    I recall John Potter telling me what an outstanding prospect Lewis Martin was -- and that was nine or so years ago. I do hope that Lewis gets a contract somewhere, even if he plays against us.
  5. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Season tickets?

    I like the way that this is structured: well done to David Cook. Some pretty good prices for the younger support.
  6. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Andy Goram

    Sad news indeed. I met him at EEP once when he was coaching. Had a very light hearted conversation: nice guy.
  7. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Next season's strip

    RP : I'm not aware of any changes in the shirt sponsor.
  8. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Next season's strip

    Like Deutsche Par I am a devotee of the pin-stripe. Hope for something of the 1960's... including the football next season. I am pretty certain that we are still with Joma.
  9. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    🎶 Let's all laugh at Airdrie 🎶

    Good to keep it in the family: Fordyce and McCabe are first cousins. I share GG Riva's views on both: good lads. Hope we stuff 'em though.
  10. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Let the fans pick the manager.......

    And there is this rather dull thing called money.... Some of our 'fans' would likely heap abuse on an entire short list of people we can afford.
  11. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    McPake to be appointed [Courier report - NOW CONFIRMED ON COWS]

    Feel positive about this. Good luck to him in restructuring a team that really wants to play for the shirt, and indeed play positively. For what it is worth, my hunch is that he'll get on well with David Cook and Thomas Meggle. That will be important. I wonder if Graham Dorrans might stay on as player coach?
  12. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Yogi out

    In my view his position is untenable.
  13. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Dunfermline v Queens Park Play Off 2nd leg.

    I've absolutely no idea how it will go!
  14. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    DADSC: Morecambe Bay Sponsored Walk

    I'll be supporting Stanza in this. Slightly concerned as he isn't the tallest of men....
  15. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    The 2021/22 Prediction League Winner - Andrew283

    Well played Andrew. Congratulations! Thanks to Superally for an enormous amount of work. Just about the most enjoyable part of being a Par this season.