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  1. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Pars - Christmas Food Bank

    Thanks for the heads up: I'll come along with a bag. But I have to say that in a country as wealthy as this, with a welfare state, something has gone badly wrong when folk are forced to rely on foodbanks. It does not sit well with me.
  2. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Paul Watson

    I might add that Clubs have to provide detailed evidence to the SPFL as to who is ill in the circumstances of a call-off. Would our Chairman, who is on the SPFL Board sanction such a ludicrous idea.? At the time, the Club were looking for a morale boosting win, and it was a considerable blow that the game did not proceed. Its a bad joke, and I am forced to wonder about the motivation behind this from the employee.
  3. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Paul Watson

    Just to be clear, the notion that a game would be cancelled because of the cost of a second bus is laughable. Not true.
  4. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Naming the new Training Academy

    Aye -- and a ticket in the NW stand.
  5. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Naming the new Training Academy

    I've thought some more about this. Here's a sort of compromise. Ross spoke about the provision of an educational sector within the new training academy. He appeared to be quite enthused about that in particular. Why not think about naming that after him in some way. Ross isn't stupid, he knows the work he's done and whether he likes it or not he's played a huge part in this clubs immediate history and it's future. He's not getting away without him understanding the huge amount of respect the majority of our fans hold for him. This isn't about unwarranted adulation, or lickspittle behaviours, it's the fans and clubs acknowledgement for his efforts. He's a thoroughly decent bloke 👍 Very much what I think Piracy. I can bring this up through official channels, and I''d like to know that I am speaking for the vast majority of supporters. That's a good suggestion that you made there.
  6. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Naming the new Training Academy

    I've made a few calls. Don't think this will fly because they want to potentially sell the naming rights of the new training ground: they think there is a reasonable sum to be gained for the Club. The other stumbling block is Ross' understated nature -- probably just not him. I very much agree with the views expressed above, by the way -- i think he has been an outstanding leader for the Club over the past 10 years. Think we should focus on something a bit more modest, which will make him less embarrassed. He does seem quite keen on the NW stand btw.
  7. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Prediction League Week 16 Fixtures 3.12.21

    Friday 3rd Dec ICT 1 v Kilmarnock 1 Sat 4th Dec Arbroath 1 v Raith Rovers 1 Hamilton 0 v Dunfermline 1 (55 min / 1725) Morton 1 v Ayr Utd 0 QoS 0 v Partick 1
  8. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Ross Mcarthur steps down

    I do wonder about starting a campaign to get the training ground named McArthur Park. It needs to be called something. It should be ready to open just as Ross is standing down as Chairman. Thoughts?
  9. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    The Pars v The Jags

    Dreadful pitch (which will only get worse through the winter as being over played with Queen's Park) and a strong wind meant that neither side looked entirely comfortable on the ball. Nothing really in the game in my opinion, but won by a wonderful shot. Sometimes I think you just have to say 'well played' to the other team and move on. [As I write this, I hear my Dad's voice from the 1960's, and not what I actually said last night when the ball went in].
  10. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    5 years ago today - Buckie Thistle 3-5 Pars

    There are a couple of copies. Silver, but copies....All based at Hampden.
  11. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Visitors at training tonight

    German investors are all good guys. Easy to talk with. Imagine being nine years old and talking to a Bundesliga player, manager and sporting director. Inspirational. Never knew St Pauli were originally green and white: so used to Brown and White of today.
  12. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Training Ground

    Detailed club statement just issued on training ground
  13. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    FT Walking Down The Halbeath Rd

    Not at all safe. Should be reported to Drew Main at andrew@dafc.co.uk. Can then be brought up with police.
  14. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Supporters Q&A 24th November

    The bar in all previous Supporters Council meetings has been open. So I think it should be on.
  15. The Roy Barry Fan Club

    Prediction League Week 15 Fixtures 19.11.21

    Friday 19th Nov QoS 0 v ICT 1 Sat 20th Nov Dunfermline 1 V Ayr Utd 0 ( 28th min, crowd 3625) Kilmarnock 1 v Arbroath 0 Partick 1 v Hamilton 0 Raith Rovers 1 v Morton 0