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  1. Secure Par

    Squad For Next Season

    Just my opinion but these players are situated in the Glasgow region so what would you tell them? hi Dan, can you come to eep tomm please as we need to meet up regarding you leaving the team? Its business.
  2. And the nonesense coming from Hughes gub most of the time. He’s got a massive job on his hands and hopefully with the club and fans behind him we will be winning games and up to the championship.
  3. Just seen his interview on the club Twitter and he comes accross honest and the team has to start winning. None of the utter bull Hughes used to come out with being Jack the lad nonesense. I really think he will do well at the pars tbh.
  4. Secure Par

    POLL - early predictions on McPake

    I think he will bring in the right players maybe some from Dundee(within the budget). he’s a good appointment as we are league 1 so good luck and hopefully get us back into the championship next season. I hope the academy training ground will be set up even for the first team to train as we should be based locally and probably making a money saving not having to use Alloa Fc facilities.
  5. Well I would say his Dundee side liked to use the width of the pitch and attack.
  6. Yeh but you can play an attacking quick game playing 4-5-1 instead of the Hughes slow paced rubbish.
  7. He was on an unbeaten 6 game run and into the quarter finals? of the Scottish cup and Dundee binned him for McGhee🤷🏻‍♂️ I think he will do a good job in league 1/Championship. He’s young and I can’t see him playing the same formation Hughes did. He just has to get the right blend of players in.
  8. Secure Par

    Yogi out

    If McPake comes in we need to give him a chance BUT with his own backroom team and not Dorrans/shields. All ex backroom staff have to go and we start fresh. Folk say Shields to the academy set up but he was only coaching a university team in America so get him punted.
  9. Secure Par

    Yogi out

    I think its going to be Kettlewell or Mkpake…. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Secure Par

    Yogi out

    Just reading .net and a poster claims to know who the next appointment will be and it’s “uninspiring” Welcome to the club Mr McPake😅
  11. Secure Par

    New Manager thread......

    But we will have our own youth academy and not the fife elite so focus on young players that are brought in and developed through the club. A 3-5 year plan imo is the way to go and get everyone involved at the club plus get community involvement… there’s hundreds of kids that play and love football down at Pitreavie every weekend…..give tickets away or buy a adult ticket and child goes free… get players/coaches or even volunteers down to speak to the parents watching etc. Thats only Pitreavie so head out to the Glenrothes leagues youth to promote the pars?
  12. Secure Par

    New Manager thread......

    Nah imo we need a manager that’s never been associated with the club and works well with the new CEO on our new venture with youth and long term plan to get us back up to the top league. A manager to come in, not know anyone from the club and say “that’s what I’m planning over the next 3/5 years” The club back him and inform the supporters of what is happening and get behind the team… no nonesense and him and his staff concentrate on the football.
  13. Secure Par

    New Manager thread......

    Why Petrie or as some folk want Campbell? As a long future these guys are league 1/chamionship managers and part time…… surely we need a full time enthusiastic manager/backroom staff with a long term plan to work and get the club back up. I would also suggest training back in Dunfermline as that’s where we are based and use the facilities that can be provided during the day. It’s like a new breath of fresh air today since Hughes has gone!
  14. Secure Par

    New Manager thread......

    Thomson is the best up here at the moment for the job. Apart from that I would expect a manager up from the English divisions wanting a fresh start. Just look at Hibs appointment. I’m sure the new CEO will have a few contacts BUT we need someone with a fresh mind coming in. But I would love to see a guy come in from Germany with his own ideas and actually tell us about say a 3 year plan and building the squad. At least we will know what the plans are. If we need to stay in league 1 for another year as part of a rebuilding process to play young guys then so be it but just inform the supporters of the plan🤷🏻‍♂️ I hope Shields gets the youth academy job as I see him as being a real asset bringing on the future players. Anyway thanks for nothing Yogi and imo he goes just above PG as one of our worst managers in my lifetime with David Hay and Munro below those 2.
  15. Secure Par

    Yogi out

    I can’t get my head round why the club would want to keep Hughes. He failed in his job to keep us up and fans are not happy at all with him staying on for next season. If he does stay then we will have to take it on the chin and get on with it and be ready to start pre season.