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  1. Secure Par

    Stenny v Pars Friendly 1-1

    We better up the tempo... slow football!
  2. Secure Par


    A very good player that reads the game well.
  3. Secure Par

    Youth Players

    I really hope the pars get their own youth team set up started ASAP. I can honestly say the set up to bring young boys that has talent in fife is terrible. There is no real pathway set out to the Fife Elite. At the start there was a great bunch of boys that had a lot of talent but most moved to other pro youth teams as they had a plan set out. The youth structure needs a major change in Fife as we are loosing local talent to every other team.
  4. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    @Piracy from what I have come across if money has been provided and certain say timelines not met then they can take over etc. The top boys will have a plan... whatever money they put in will have rules in what they want and the current board will have to make sure this happens.
  5. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    Iv dealt with investors and they don’t take any **** tbh. There will be a lot of folk who are at the club doing the volunteer status and not needed. They want control and use their power!
  6. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    You have to give credit to Ross and the other board members for what they have done and putting in another £300k to get the club on track and going forward. 7 years of trying to get the club moving forward but more investment needed.
  7. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    Just looking into the background of the 3 guys coming onto the board and tbh they are not millionaires on paper.... but they could be backed by a guy with money.🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    Tbh we don’t get told any transfer money received but I hope the club would say how much money has been invested by the Germans?
  9. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    A copy of socks post on.net and he comes over as a good one on there tbh. Bit of a shock to read, this, and for the time being and until there's a bit more information, I'll treat it with a good dose of scepticism. I don't doubt that those running the club in recent times genuinely care, but at one time Gavin Masterton was also a big Dunfermline fan and we all know how that played out, so I don't think anyone's actions in such a major issue should automatically jst be accepted. Too may people showed that acceptance and deferential attitude back in 2012/13, and ultimately it was not helpful.I've read everything with an open mind, but I do feel uncomfortable about it. The key to it is knowing what their motivation is - at the moment that isn't clear. Given that they have no real care about DAFC as the current board and we as fans do, you'd have to expect that they intend to profit financially somewhere along the line. If they didn't it just wouldn't make any sense at all.So, how do they propose to do this? Scottish football is hardly known as a vehicle for making money so I'm a bit perplexed by it. If someone can improve things for DAFC and make money for themselves in teh process I don't have any great philisophical objection to that, but how can that be done?Can anyone think of any past examples where similar arrangements ahve been successful? Fergus McCann at Celtic is the obvious one, but beyond that I'm really struggling. What's the worst case - something like Anelka at the Rovers?When the club made it out of 2012/13 alive, I was impressed that provision was put in place to prevent any one shareholder having overall control. In the various statements today it's stated that the plan is for this group to own >75% in time, which means they would have complete control. Such a shareholding will allow them to pass any special resolution and nobody can do anything about it. That provision was put in back in 2013 to prevent a Masterton-type situation arising again and so in my view it's regrettable that such a safeguard is about to be destroyed. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    I think this is a very positive move as new investment and new ideas with 3 new on the board. I would like to see a youth development policy as the Fife Elite set up is quite frankly crap. Stop all the boys in Fife going to Dundee, hearts and Hibs to bring them to the pars and develop from a young age. As for the stadium imo it’s to big anyway and the up keep costs must be high. A smaller stadium with full training facilities on site would be ideal. Anyway I suppose that’s a plan for the future maybe.
  11. Secure Par

    The club sold - German consortium

    This investment could lead us into the Premier next season. i can’t wait to hear what they say on our youth as the pars need their own youth set up imo. Exciting times!
  12. Secure Par

    Transfers / signings

    Honestly why can’t clubs now say what money they get for players etc? we get a sum of money for Nisbet then we pay a sum of money blah blah!
  13. Secure Par

    Transfers / signings

    Let’s remember o hara was a young lad and made a stupid mistake. He apologised so let’s move on...
  14. Secure Par

    Transfers / signings

    Nisbet off to Hibs for 250k? Good bit of business in these times and a good sell on clause?.... maybe a player from hibs on loan for next season aswell? Good luck to the lad.
  15. Secure Par


    The stats look right and he may have been used as a CD as back up.