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  1. Secure Par

    Team v Hamilton

    I hope so as we need a big voice at the back.
  2. Secure Par

    Team v Hamilton

    The problem is who do we get in to replace Connolly? A big voice at the back etc.
  3. Secure Par

    Team v Hamilton

    Decent today and well deserved win. Conally away now so Yogi really needs another CB that leads and talks as last weeks pairing was a disaster. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Secure Par

    Craig Wighton

    Another big mess at the club again! More players going and we give our best striker on loan to our rivals at the top of the league..you could make this **** up! But hey as long as they look the part in training… utter madness!
  5. Secure Par

    Paul Allan

    He’s young and played decent in a shambles of a team around him. A tidy midfielder who works hard and can pass… hope he can be coached/developed more and all the best to the young lad.
  6. Secure Par

    Next UK PM?

    They are all lying thieving erses that treat us like a piece of ****. Wee Nippy can do one aswell as she is just as bad with her decisions regarding hospitality/football….
  7. Secure Par

    New signing

    I hope a CM signing that can play on Saturday. 🤞🤞
  8. Secure Par

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    That’s to much forward thinking as they just made their mind up to get 500 in for the game!
  9. Secure Par

    Club update

    So in terms of the loan that means it can be converted into shares In the Germans favour within 5 years. If not the club need to Find the equivalent amount to turn into shares to maintain control. So the investors dont take over and the club get a loan that is interest free with no timescale to pay back… I’m saying right now there is another agenda with these German guys and we will be in free fall next season. No chance there will be an investment in the squad etc.
  10. Secure Par

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    Sturgeon should have lifted restrictions for this weekends games… why Monday? Some of her decisions are crazy but hey ho we must comply.
  11. Secure Par

    Craig Wighton

    Are Arbroath not part time though so he would have to find a day job?
  12. Secure Par

    Team v Hamilton

    Just get whoever comes in and tell them to defend….. keep high up the pitch. Keep all play in the other teams half..
  13. Would the club still build the new training facility…. Would it keep the pro youth training academy? These are major steps to get the club going forward but relegation into the seaside league could see us there for a few seasons… At least a fife derby against Kelty and games against our six finger friends will probably generate money but looking at our position now it’s depressing.
  14. Secure Par

    Team v Hamilton

    Whatever the team starting is just play high up the pitch. The team can’t play the pass out the ball from the back. Play Todrov up front with another striker.. long balls and the team wins the knockdowns etc in the opponents half. Time to role up those sleeves and get stuck in as a team to grind out results.