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  1. Secure Par

    Pars v Albion Rovers

    That pass for the 4th goal taking 4 Albion players out was great to watch.
  2. Secure Par

    St Midden v Pars

    I thought Scully took a sore one in the 1st half gathering the ball from the corner? maybe that effected him but he needs to command his box with crosses more. Im surprised every time St Midden got a free kick or corner they didn’t swing it in near Scully at 3-2?
  3. Secure Par

    New signing and Smith out on loan

    He was Airdrie's POTY last year and they are churning out good young players. I think Smith going will see a more experienced striker coming in.
  4. Secure Par

    St Midden v Pars

    Hopefully the team look at the game today and learn what mistakes were made. its the GK’s first game like the rest of the team so let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.......👌
  5. Secure Par

    St Midden v Pars

    Scully isn’t very good at coming out for crosses but that can be worked on in training. If I had been Jim Goodwin every corner and free kick would have been put right above Scully during the game but thankfully St Midden didn’t do this. second goal was never a foul and Scully should have been more stronger. Im sure SC will work on this.
  6. Secure Par

    St Midden v Pars

    @scottyboy Albion Rovers at EEP on Wednesday. I can only see us winning our next 3 games with a lot of goals.
  7. Secure Par

    St Midden v Pars

    Good result today and great 1st half performance. Lost 2 silly goals but what I liked was the team dug in and got the result. We would have lost that game last season imo. A good spine to the team and the boys out wide worked their erses off. For a young guy Morrison was great today.
  8. Secure Par

    Championship League Table Predictor

    1 Dundee United 2 Dunfermline 3 Partick 4 Dundee 5 ICT 6 Allos 7 QOS 8 Morton 9 Ayr  10 Arbro
  9. Secure Par

    friendly v Hibs

    £15..... no chance. I’ll just take wee secure down the park for a kick about.
  10. Secure Par

    New strips

    Home kit is ok but that away top is dreadful! The wee man wants the away kit😩
  11. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    @Vinnie I’m sure the last 2 seasons have been bespoke designs for the kit but could be wrong. Only Mikey I suppose that used to work for the club could answer.
  12. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    Hope the yellow is like the old Avec! I thought we were getting bespoke designs as that’s what we got for that past couple of seasons? If the home strip is all black with the thin white stripes and Joma badge in red with red number on the back that will look good.
  13. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    Home top looks like my boys top for East End Boys with different badge.
  14. Secure Par

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Heard he had a great season with Clyde so let’s hope SC can get the best out of him and the new team!
  15. Secure Par

    Players put through their paces today

    😅😅 we will see!