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  1. Secure Par

    Pars v ICT

    Maybe The club and Meggle have pulled together and sorted this situation out… I think PG needs an experienced coach next to him as Greg Shields is not good enough.
  2. Secure Par

    Pars v ICT

    I have a feeling there has been a bit of talk between manager, board and team this week…. I don’t believe for one minute that would have been PG’s team selection this week but there probably has been talk on what formation and players preferred positions… there’s no way that megle the way he spoke during the week would just let PG put a team out. Anyway Wighton has to start up top with Todorov.
  3. Secure Par

    New Owners

    Just looking into our German friends background and they tried this move with a European team before…St Pauli? there is imo a big agenda.🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Secure Par

    New Owners

    Plus I’m a bit not understanding on how PG could be in the Scottish news on how **** he is doing plus call Dom Thomas out on not trying hard enough…. Surely our board would see this and imo it’s an embarrassment to our club that PG has come out to say this?
  5. Secure Par

    New Owners

    That’s excellent news Rosythpar.. As long as they bring in their own youth academy coaches and don’t take on any from the current set up at Fife Elite imo. Need a fresh start at our young academy level.
  6. Secure Par

    New Owners

    Cheers for the info…. I just really wanted to know what position the club is in nowadays with owners/shareholders etc. Digs I know the info is out there but tbh I should have tried harder at school so that’s why Iv asked on here😅 The problem I have now is…. nothing about PG but he was on the news last night…. Was it him that set that interview up? Any info from the board regarding our new training facilities and academy set up? Someone higer up needs to come out and speak about the dire situation of the club at the moment…… unless there is a more sinister move going on like trying to sell EEP….. that’s only my view but I said this months ago…. these German guys aren’t loaded with money so will look at all avenues of getting the £££ back quick then put more money in..
  7. Secure Par

    New Owners

    Right guys can anyone explain who own what at DAFC now. Does our German friends rule the club now and Ross is chairman running day to day operations? How does our board have any sayings in what goes on at the club… do they still own a part? Who owns EEP now? This is where I find myself loosing more and more interest every week with the club as a whole…. Everything seems to be a secret and for a decent sized club us as fans get told nothing🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Secure Par

    New Manager

    So was this PG on his terms inviting the news as if I was chairman of my team there is no way I would allow that? The whole situation is a ****show now and someone from the above needs to come out and speak!
  9. Secure Par

    New Manager

    Tbh Iv never seen a manager on the news and headline he’s fearing the sack… wtf is that all about? Strange one.
  10. Secure Par

    New Manager

    Nah not a chance if PG plays the same team and formation on Saturday we will get anything from the game. If Graham and Dorrans are starting then ITC will take advantage and they will have looked at the **** show that was Saturday.
  11. Secure Par

    Honest Men v Pars

    Did you not hear even the seagulls were laughing in the background…
  12. So since our German investors took control of the club a few weeks ago what is the management structure of the club? Ross has taken the role of Chairman and I believe that is the day to day running so who is inbetween to talk to the manager and board level? I just dont get the structure and if you don’t have a good behind the scenes management team then imo that’s what’s happening right now… someone with authority needs to come in and sort this mess out.
  13. Secure Par

    Boycott until Grant's gone?

    😅 double punch to the puss! Now make both of your ways along Halbeath Rd to the motorway and drive never to be seen again!
  14. Secure Par

    Honest Men v Pars

    God almighty!
  15. Secure Par


    Sounds like Dom is a big motivator in the dressing room with a bit of attitude which is good and he was made captain. Made captain…. Taken off….on subs bench I think there could be a problem😅