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  1. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    I’ll never buy a top for myself but the club need to think about the kids who want to wear the kits.
  2. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    I like that. That’s where the club miss Mikey as he was more or less spot on with strips etc. Who does the strips now?
  3. Secure Par

    Dundee Utd - ICT

    No way a penalty but Utd were the better team and could have scored 5. There is no chance we could have ever competed in the play offs. Interesting to see the 3 we have signed but can’t name as they are still signed by other teams?
  4. Secure Par

    Dundee Utd - ICT

    McMullan is a class wee winger. Iv always rated Clark..... he gets goals. I would take the big CB Anderson? From ITC. He had a lot of potential to be a great player.
  5. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    I would like the Juve strip above with the red line down the middle. A bit different. Away strip all red with black shorts for a change.
  6. Secure Par

    New Kit Design

    Was it not mikey that did the last 2 seasons strips? He left so who decides now?
  7. Secure Par


    I think so Vinnie. I always rated Ryan but his confidence was shot and was it Ashcroft that went mental at him at one game? There was no need for that. He needed a fresh start and wish him all the best. In a way I hope he proves everyone wrong at DAFC.
  8. Secure Par

    Playing squad 2019/20

    If you have a positive team that want to work hard for each other then you just have to fine tune them into believing in themselves and be winners.
  9. Secure Par

    Playing squad 2019/20

    If SC brings in players that are hungry and have passion in every game then that’s all I want to see.
  10. Unfortunately I can’t make the meeting next week but I’m not against the board and believe SC can build a good team. The board have put out a statement and need to stabilise the finances again after going for promotion last season imo. We can all point the finger who is to blame but it is what it is and let’s see where we can go from here.
  11. Secure Par

    New pitch.

    Iv just looked into this and the cost to relay turf on a football pitch goes into the thousands and up to 14k.
  12. Secure Par

    New pitch.

    Nothing against the board so why bring that up? The board came out with a statement increasing prices etc and a perfectly fine pitch is getting re laid.... how much did this cost? I was on the pitch last week and it was in a very good condition with hardly any sand at the goalmouths etc. A lot of other parents said it was the best grass pitch they have seen and looked new...... I did say there was not a lot of good football played on it😅 Again you will say go to the meeting but I can’t as my wee lad has training. I wonder why this was not mentioned in the statement? Surely It can’t be a contract for the pitch to get re laid every season as we can’t get credit etc for loans........ or can we?
  13. Secure Par

    New pitch.

    Popped into EEP and the old pitch turf was getting ripped up for the new season. The old pitch looked great so could this have not saved some cash? I was just wondering as to re lay a new pitch will cost a lot of money? Even to re seed the surface will take a lot of time and money so surely this could have been saved for next season?
  14. Secure Par

    Season Tickets

    I’ll just choose home games to go go now as £20 is laughable to sit in a stadium with hardly any atmosphere and 3/4 empty. I did notice that there was no mention at all about fans behaviour that a few board statements were put out about last season..... Again it’s all about the money.... the board have went for it and it has backfired. Now all fans are called upon where last season the so called trouble fans were told they were not welcome..... Open up the whole NW again and let fans sit where they want... BUT if players are brought in that want to wear the Pars shirt and give everything for 90mins, show the fans and management they want to be winners I’ll buy a season ticket..... time will tell!
  15. Secure Par

    Board end of season statement

    Grim reading about the financial side but you can understand why prices have to increase. I think the club went for promotion and it cost us dearly. Mind you 13 operations to players is a lot so not much luck on that side of things. Would I have paid £20 to watch that team last season... not a chance but I would pay £20 to watch a young team fighting for every ball and giving their all in every game. As long as the spine of the team has experience in it then we should be ok. Hope Jackie Mac can get us a few Josh Falkinghams, Andy Geggans etc. I think a return of Jojo Cardle would benefit the club and help the younger players.