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  1. Secure Par

    17 Players Released

    Was the club going to keep these players anyway even in these times?
  2. Secure Par

    Arbroath v Pars

    Nisbet could be out for a bit with ankle ligament damage😩
  3. Secure Par

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    Like @vinnie says why can’t we be told how much the club received for Longridge? Was it a good amount that they received and could they be looking for top dollar in the summer for Nesbit? If they were desperate for cash then he would have departed in the winter transfer?
  4. Secure Par

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    Tbh I never expected that either but the club must have received a good bit of money for Longridge that will show in next years? Also the board must feel the situation is sustainable or they would have sold Nisbet in January as I heard fees between 300-500k being offered? im no accountant but a directors loan/loans of 250k is a lot of money so they must see a transfer in the summer to get their money back? Stuff running a football club!
  5. Secure Par

    EEB Privacy Policy

    Just to say it was myself that sent GG a message. I clicked on his name then on the wee message icon........ Hope this helps to clear things up.
  6. Secure Par

    Dundee line up

    First 25mins was terrible but you could see both teams were nervous and not wanting to lose the first goal. Then we seemed to open the play up and used the big pitch creating chances. Solid performance so hope the team can build on it. Devine and Ash were solid and dealt with every ball hoofed at them. Really liked the look of Thomas. Good all round player with a bit of fire. nesbits goal was great watching it back on tv. Onwards and upwards...COYP!
  7. The clubs accounts are due out soon and that will be interesting to see where they have used the money etc. I heard and it might not be true but some directors put in 40k each investment to get the team for this season under Craw and to keep the clubs stable? folk cancelling their lifeline debits which is sad to see as this is a big resource for the club.
  8. Secure Par

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    I think if that half wit Brian made his topic on the post clear then he wouldn’t have had a bad response tbh.
  9. Secure Par

    Raise funds for a football tennis table

    The way that mule Brian put up the post, it was for the team then it was a suggestion by Mo Hutton and Greg Shields for the youth boys.... he’s a moron!
  10. I’m not to sure it’s the right time to ask the fans for a football tennis table tbh. i read this on .net so it might not be true.... I hope not.
  11. Secure Par

    So where do we go from here?

    I’m not trying to say a new no 2 as I don’t know Jason Dair and what he has done etc. Shields seems the perfect fit for youth/reserves. just maybe Craw/Dair need an experienced head in there just for a while? like a Jimmy Nic type of coach/character?
  12. Secure Par

    So where do we go from here?

    Oh no not like a Craig Levein! Just an old head I don’t know say like a Jimmy Nicholl who has vast experience and can give advice and help?
  13. Secure Par

    So where do we go from here?

    Imo it’s a strange/weird situation for the club to be in. Why did the board make a big decision of bringing in youth? I understand why as it’s money making but the Championship is the tightest league. I like SC and his vision but would he benefit of having an older assistant that has been at teams that can help him? I really hope he can get the team going but they need to work harder in every game.
  14. Secure Par

    Morton v Pars

    Maybe a good time for the board to come out with a statement backing Crawford and Dair? They have to do something as home crowds are down.
  15. Secure Par

    Morton v Pars

    Morton win imo.