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  1. livipar2

    Ryan Dow

    Jim McNally his father-in-law? wish him well, good player but that Achilles injury really set him back.
  2. livipar2


    Given his age and fitness/injury issues it’s a big risk to give him an important role next season surely?
  3. livipar2

    Season tickets?

    Removing the streaming option is a massive step back IMO.
  4. livipar2

    Club Leak

    And it does fill the massive void where ‘official’ comms should be….
  5. livipar2

    Club Leak

    Totally agree. Makes the Club look amateur and shambolic.
  6. livipar2

    Squad For Next Season

    Absolutely pathetic if that’s the case.
  7. livipar2

    Squad For Next Season

    What is the point of Meggle and his ‘day to day involvement on footballing matters’? I’m the absence of a manager surely he could pick up the slack with contracts? That’s Thomas, Donaldson and Pybus away - arguably our 3 best players last season.
  8. livipar2

    Squad For Next Season

    I thought Todd showed more conviction at RB than he ever showed in midfield. I’d like to see him given a run in midfield.
  9. Ridiculous that stuff like this seems to be leaked in a regular basis. Makes us look even more rank amateur than we are.
  10. Agree about the players. Unfortunately we are lumbered with some of the biggest culprits for another year.
  11. I should clarify I thought they were both terrible appointments. Same as this one.
  12. How many does McPake tick exactly?? it’s uninspiring and average at best. Same as the last two appointments, they got my support this one doesn’t at all.
  13. livipar2

    Yogi out

    Would be a ridiculous appointment. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the job.
  14. livipar2

    Yogi out

    Surely not. We’d have been as well keeping Yogi.
  15. livipar2

    New Manager thread......

    I wonder how much the increased day to day involvement of Meggle will put people off? Dick, for one, would not put up with that.