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  1. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    The floodgates have opened now with Forest sacking Chris Hughton..... no club particularly wants to be first but after one takes the plunge it's open season.... BBC Sport
  2. Peter Grant addresses rumours of bust up with Dom Thomas....... apparently no issue between then and DT agrees with Grant's assessment that he doesn't work hard enough off the ball. Courier article
  3. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    Just read that article myself, always want the club to win but can't see it happening unfortunately.
  4. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    Whilst I'm firmly of the point of view that Grant needs to go, this is also very true. Lots of younger fans who didn't experience the depths of the Munro or Scott eras.... Yes, we've had Hay, Kenny and Potter who just didn't work for a variety of reasons but this is the first time I've felt like I did when those two were at EEP. Hay didn't inspire me, I really wanted Kenny and Potts to work out, the same with AJ and Crawford but this time it feels different. I wasn't convinced by Grant but his gift of the gab pronouncements got all our hopes up only to be dashed against the rocks.
  5. Mr Mac

    Boycott until Grant's gone?

    "Mr Grant, Mr Warlock will see you now." "Mr Dorrans, he'll be with you shortly...."
  6. Mr Mac

    Honest Men v Pars

    2-0 now....
  7. Mr Mac

    Honest Men v Pars

    I assume this relates to the first 15 minutes.......
  8. Mr Mac

    Honest Men v Pars

    Team line-up....
  9. Mr Mac


    Clutching at straws..... can we read anything into the choice of graphic for today's advert Pars Picks?
  10. Mr Mac


    Press had an update tonight with Grant saying we don't need to keep checking our social media for signings....... that's not why I keep checking it Peter!
  11. Mr Mac


    Not advocating for him to remain, have said before that I saw a touch of the Leishman about his gift of the gab but that's as far as it goes. Leish knows his strengths in terms of coaching and always had a strong no 2. Leishman could also make the tough decisions when needed.... I can't see many signs Grant can turn this around, think it's nigh on time he was "encouraged to seek alternative employment opportunities". If his early statements are to be believed he'll know this himself.........
  12. Mr Mac


    That's how the board system works; the Chairman in essence keeps order during meetings, has the deciding vote if votes are equal and then presents the boards decision.
  13. Mr Mac

    Rovers away

    Post match interview with PG (trying not to read anything into the lack of initials on his kit...) Explains Comrie was on the bench as he and his wife had a baby yesterday morning.... Interview on club YouTube
  14. Mr Mac

    Rovers away

    Aye, heard that, assuming there's more than one system off wifi; ticket/ entry was mentioned iirc. Could also be CCTV I suppose but the Director definitely mentioned lighting. Still no reported power outage on the Scottish Power website......
  15. Mr Mac

    Rovers away

    The lights in the stands would be emergency lighting - battery powered to allow evacuation of the ground in the event of a control system/ power failure etc. Can't believe they don't have the option of sending someone to switch the full lighting on in case of WiFi failure etc.