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  1. Mr Mac

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    Carers are covered by the same exemption however I know from my wife, who is one, that even following a big recruitment drive and with that exemption the service in our area is on its knees due to sickness and waiting for results. Carers are quite often the only person her clients see, there are some with families who appear to struggle with taking basic precautions to protect their relatives though. I can understand the frustration of small business owners, whilst there may not be immediate threat to life or of illness/ injury its not to say the restrictions may not cause those type of issues.
  2. Mr Mac

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    NHS, Emergency Service and other critical infrastructure staff have been granted an exemption to the 10 days - provided they are symptom free, triple-jabbed, negative PCR result and take daily LFTs prior to attending work. But still there are issues with staffing these organisations........
  3. Mr Mac

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    I'm sure "the club" had a masterplan to waste the time of staff and volunteers selling tickets they knew they were going to have to refund....... In terms of matches spreading Covid, I believe its more related to travel to games on supporters buses and public transport and lessening the strain on emergency services who may be needed to Police games etc when their staffing levels are also being hit by Covid and self isolation......
  4. Mr Mac

    Threat to supporters in stadia.

    With regards to Omicron appearing to be less severe based on evidence from South Africa, the other thing we need to be aware of is that it is summer in S.A......
  5. Mr Mac

    Sports Psychologists

    I heard Rangnick talking about this at the end of last week when he said the Sasche Lense will be working on the training field alongside his coaches so they need to get on board with it. Said something along the lines of its not about players lying on a couch. Quite an interesting field probably the next area for big gains and somewhere we could probably benefit from with the right input.
  6. Mr Mac

    New posters

    An app would be good but, a work around for those on phones/tablets is to create a shortcut to the site on your home screen.......
  7. Mr Mac

    Supporters Council

    This is probably a better way to frame a question "what lessons were learned........"
  8. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    Warnock - Bamba dream team? 😂😂
  9. Mr Mac

    Hearts "mini rangers" tagline

    Claiming the system was hacked........ PA should be secure so nobody can use it to cause a panic etc https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/hearts-launch-probe-after-tynecastle-22027074
  10. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    That would be amazing..... and also highly unlikely 😂😂
  11. Mr Mac

    Paul Watson

    No matter how much of a ****-show you may believe a manager is, it is not acceptable to bugger off on an unauthorised holiday. Ever. If this story is correct then I'd expect a disciplinary process to be followed, potentially resulting in termination of contract; even if it were a star player in a high performing team. To not do so would lead to a host of other issues.
  12. Mr Mac

    Board meeting today

    This all day long.....
  13. Mr Mac

    New Protest

    Spitting is being treated very seriously by the police and PF during Covid-19 .... someone could well be in for a nasty shock if police catch up with them.
  14. Mr Mac

    New Protest

    I really hope that Ross doesn't walk away, mainly because from everything I've seen he's a good man with the clubs best interests at heart. We all make mistakes and he has said as much before. If he does walk away the cretins involved in publicly abusing board members, spitting and what is criminal damage at the very least will see it as a "victory" and feel vindicated...
  15. Mr Mac

    New Manager

    My take on that is that nothing else can be said until the legal side of stuff is sorted out as it could cost the club a pretty penny by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Times up imho, we would all have been delighted if Grant had done well and we were on a winning run but that's not the case......