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  1. Digs

    Fass signs!!!!

    Another wage thief. Runs like he's towing a caravan and has a first touch like a trampoline. He can control a ball further than I can kick it...
  2. Digs

    VAR in the Premier League

    ...and we already had that with referees! As much as there are refs who I think are hopeless, the majority of decisions most refs make are correct 100% of the time.
  3. @Superally You'll see I've edited the post, it was just to add my username on here to my name as I have been completing this on facebook for the first couple of weeks. I have been posting my predictions where I've seen it first.
  4. Digs

    VAR in the Premier League

    That's the point of it though isn't it, to limit mistakes and help the ref make the correct decision? As far as I can tell, it only adds to the arguments, and actually, you could argue that 'wrong' (by that I mean technically correct, but possibly unfair/ridiculous ones like the one above) are worse than a ref just making an hoest mistake based on his interpretation. It's actually putting more of a spotlight on the refs rather than assisting them.
  5. Digs

    Celtic v Pars

    As much as I am enjoying the way we are playing at the moment, I am genuinely fearful of an absolute mauling next week. I know it doesn't matter as we are never going to win the cup this season, but what will a trouncing do for the teams confidence? I foresee, a reasonably tight first half performance with us tiring in the second conceding several goals as a result. Hopefully, it's not too bad...
  6. Digs

    VAR in the Premier League

    At first I thought the introduction of VAR would hep the refs ad therefore improve the game, but there is now plenty evidence to the contrary. The Women's World Cup was a bit of a shambles, and decisions like the one yesterday when Raheem Sterling was adjudged to be offside because his shoulder was about 3 mm ahead of that of the attacker, is an absolute joke. What happened to the attacker being given the advantage? We want to see more goals, as that is what the game is about, not using technology to rule them out! No-one will ever convince me decisions like that are good for, nor improve, the game.
  7. Digs

    Fass signs!!!!

    I hope so. The boy's murder. I've said it since day one, and I was told I was talking rubbish and I've been proven right. He's got loads of tehcnical ability but little to no idea how to play the game. His awareness is poor, his decision making is poor, and he gets by, by scoring the odd worldie when people forget how woeful he is for a few weeks. As @Piracy says, he's had one good season. Credit where it's due he scored a lot of goals that year, however, that was in the thrid tier and due in no small part to Moffat, and the service from Paton and Cardle. I think if he plays alongside Dobbie, he will get the odd goal and should learn from him, but I genuinely don't see why folk seem to worship the ground he walks on. He scored one goal last year, ONE! The boy is League One or Two level at best. I genuinely expected him to turn up at Kelty or somewhere similar, as I can't see what he offers at this level, at all. Aside from that, the petted lip when he didnt start becasue his maw came to see him play despite being told he needs to sign a contract to do so, which he didn't, instead signing for Dundee for £100 a week more than we were offering, then mugging off the support at the official club POTY to 'go on holiday' is behaviour that should have seen him get absolute pelters. Then we produce that cringe-inducing video on his return. When you think about the stick that some others have recieved from our support despite contributing exponentially more to the club, this ridiculous hero worship of a dud is mind-blowing.
  8. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    That's perfect. You can buy a Fife+ ticket that covers Fife and Dundee. He can compare the price of that versus his Young Scot discounted ticket. Thanks again. 👍
  9. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    Cheers @Vinnie
  10. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    Not heard of that but I'll look into it. He can use his Young Scot card for discount which is about half price. I'll see if theres anything over and above that. Thanks.
  11. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    It's not about being introverted or anything like that, it's lots of other stuff. Financial for one, he's also just starting to get somewhere with his coaching down here, starting to earn money from it after months of volunteering and he needs the flexibility of being able to jump in at short notice. He also still plays and trains three times a week down here, so missing some of the social side isn't a huge thing for him at the moment, the other things take priority for him. He's focussed on the end goal, that's just the way he is, and all of those things back up the course he is doing and, as he sees it, might give him an edge come the end of his degree as he will already have years of experience as well as his degree. I also made the point about making use of the time too, whether it be train or bus, it's effectively two 'free' hours a day where he won't have any distractions.
  12. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    Cheers for the replies folks. He's not going to go into Halls, he's not ready to move out just yet. That's from him by the way, not me. Looks like he's got the delights of the Megabus to look forward to...😳
  13. Digs

    Abertay Uni

    Cheers mate, he drives already but mileage on the car will hammer his insurance as it’s mileage based, so don’t think that’s an option every day. Eventually though it might be fine. He’s just a bit of a homebody to be fair, so he might go eventually, it’s just for the short term to be fair.
  14. Digs Jnr no 2 has got a place at Abertay Uni and he is considering his options in terms of travel etc as he’s not looking at moving out just yet. Has anyone here travelled? If so, is it easy, what’s the best mode of transport, bus, train, car? Opinions appreciated from those that have done it.
  15. Digs

    Pars V Dundee

    Agreed, I usually do, but this time I was even more half jaked than usual, so memory is hazy...