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  1. I did wonder why he was getting so hung up on that, it was 'we' at the time. If he'd said 'they' in the context of what he was talking about (his teams achievements and ethos etc) it wouldn't have made sense. He's obviously heard how crabbit Pars fans are 😂
  2. Digs

    Squad For Next Season

    If Scott Allan could keep himself fit, then he would tear up this league. I don't see why he'd want to sign for a league one club though tbh. I think there are a few in there that did enough to deserve to stay. Todd, Pybus, Edwards, to name a few. I think there are a few others who maybe didn't but under a new manager, if they can click, would also do really well in this league. I think he needs to meet with them all individually, get a feel for each other, looking into the whites of their eyes and see who wants to stay, buys into what he's saying and if not, what they need to leave, and help them out the door. Once he's got a core of guys who are good enough, want to play in this league, under him, then he can see what money he's got left and where he needs to spend it. One thing is for sure, none of them have any right to stroll this league, they need to want to do well for him to have any success. Turning up thinking we're good enough, as demonstrated by last years failings, isn't going to cut it and that applies no matter who is in the squad and McPake needs to get that message across, and bin those he doesn't believe share that attitude no matter who they are.
  3. Digs


    I can't answer that, but I'd imagine given it is public money that the info would obtainable somewhere, you could maybe find out if you know the name of the scheme the grant is issued under? I'd have thought that sort of info would need to be publicly available?
  4. The fact this was put forward as a serious suggestion is demonstration in itself of what an absolutely idiotic idea it is.
  5. Digs

    Yogi out

    Just my opinion based on the fact we will need to rebuild half the squad, we've probably had to come to some agreement with Hughes as I don't think it's as straight forward as him resigning, even if it was pre-agreed. The new board have already said there is money available for players and have paid small fees, but they have also said that they are concentrating on building an infrastructure, which implies they won't want to keep chucking good money after bad appointing their third manager in a year.
  6. Digs

    Yogi out

    Aye, it sucks being right all the time.
  7. Digs

    Yogi out

    😂True story
  8. Digs

    Yogi out

    Listen, we're arguing over semantics and minutiae of detail, the overall point is this. He's coming in with half a squad, and most of that squad has performed for us at the league above in the past. Therefore, it should be expected that they can do so at this level. Where he will earn his corn is when he starts to make signings to compliment or even improve the squad, and to see if he can get a tune out of it as a whole. This league is going to be tighter than two coats of paint this year, make no mistake, so this isn't going to be like last time in this league. However if he gets us up, even if it's by the playoffs, I won't care. Title is the target, promotion is the minimum. How he does that shouldn't matter to us.
  9. Digs

    Yogi out

    Yes, and No. He wasn't expected to win the league, he wasn't even expected to get to the playoffs, survival was his target and he waaaaaay exceeded that, therefore the table agrees that he has had an outstanding season worthy of praise. Had he been expected to win the league or get promoted, then absolutely, the table wouldn't be lying. Using this analogy in the context of the thread above, it was put forward that McPake underperformed due to the players and budget at his disposal. In his case he did exactly what he set out to do, get promoted, so therefore, the table didn't lie and he achieved exactly what was expected of him.
  10. Digs

    Yogi out

    You should tell that to chairmen the World over who seem to disagree.
  11. Digs

    Yogi out

    Absolutely, he still won nothing though, except some extra prize money. I'm merely countering the argument that this is a poor appointment because of the players McPake had at his disposal at Dundee and that he should have done better, when in fact, he got his team promoted, ultimately finishing where he would be expected to having the second biggest budget. I'm also pointing out the flaw in the argument that he seems to be getting no credit for doing so, whilst taking all the blame for them struggling after promotion. He's either liable for both or neither.
  12. Digs

    Yogi out

    He got promoted. I don't see any medals getting handed out for doing the job under more difficult circumstances. Commendable? absolutely. Important in the context of results? Not at all.
  13. Digs

    Yogi out

    As I said, Hearts were deserved title winners but the league was competitive, we beat them 3-0, they got beat 3-2 by the Rovers at home, they scraped by East Fife in the League Cup, conceded 3 in the Ayr game you mention above, got beat off Brora in the Scottish, got beat off QoTS again at home, and when they beat the Rovers 0-4 they were playing against 10 men for a 3rd of the game. So, I maintain, they didn;t blow teams away, as they didn't have it all their own way, the league was competitive and teams were all capable of beating each other on their day, which is illustrated by that. The league table is all that matters at the end of the day. If McPake tumbles us over the line winning the league on the last day are you not going to celebrate due to the manner in which it was won? All that counbts in football is the results. Yes, you can have opinions on how the manager has gone about his role but ultimately, if he gets results it matters not a jot.
  14. Digs

    Yogi out

    That's quite the straw man argument you've made there 😂 Rangick wasn't even in post for the whole season either.
  15. Digs

    Yogi out

    The League table disagrees