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  1. They're not contractors. The club pays their tax and NI the same as any PAYE employee. They are effectively on a Fixed Term contract, which is a permanent role for a set period of time. Thousands of people work on this basis, particularly in the public sector. If you want to be pedantic regarding the men vs women argument in the context of the USA, the mens team is absolute dung, whilst the women have been the best in the world for years. They have also brought in more revenue than the mens national team in the last year. 'Deserving parity' You are aware how mysogynistic that sounds?
  2. Digs

    Recent Form

    Hopefully none of them are too serious. We've already seen this season what just a couple of injuries do to our team, since our squad is paper thin. Demonstrated last night with a bench full pretty much of teenagers.
  3. Digs

    Eric Dier - Shades of Cantona

    Why would he not feature in the Euro's? That would be an over-reaction to say the least. He confronted some banger opening their big mouth thinking they were doing so consequence free. It's about time more fans were pulled up for some of the stuff they shout. Nipper told me of an instance that happened at Falkirk (the game where there is a photo of him giving it the GIRFUY at the corner). A few guys in that corner had called him a paedo, said things about his dad, his wife, his kids, the lot for the full 90 mins. That was his response. The police came in to the dressing room afterwards to speak to him about it, and he basically told them them to poke it after the abuse he had received and they had stood there along with the stewards and done nothing. He said, shout what you want at him, it's water off a ducks back, but don't be shouting stuff about his family and his response was mild compared to what he wanted to do. Those same people shouting that abuse reported him for that. Fitba fans are the most thin-skinned folk going sometimes despite coming out with horrendous stuff themselves. Folk seem to forget, footballers are just guys at their work.
  4. Digs

    Arbroath v Pars

    A tough game awaits tonight. We are a better footballing side than them if we can keep the ball and match them physically but they are extremely well organised so we will have to play as well as we have for the last couple of games. Low scoring game awaits I think and I'd be happy with 0-1
  5. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    That puts a different perspective on where it appeared you’re coming from. I know who you mean and I’ve had similar thoughts to be fair. I’ll let you enjoy your day off, enjoy your pint 🍺
  6. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    Wages to Turnover is always a good indication of the precarious state of a club. I heard last year that in the English leagues from the Championship down, every club is way over 100% wages to turnover and the debt combined for all clubs is over £100m. That’s why you see clubs like Salford easily able to pay more than an SPL club like Aberdeen. It’s nuts.
  7. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    That's comparing apples with lemons. For a start, we already know the advertising revenue was compromised by selling valuable advertising space, such as the billboard outside Macklin Motors, for absolute sweeties. Secondly, they annoyed so many of the sponsors that they were dropping like flies. That is why this revenue dropped, which is conveniently not mentioned here, it was downright mis-management. One of the things the current board has worked really hard on is getting these businesses back onside to ensure it is a constant revenue stream. Also, the fixture point is a fair one still. We can only guess that there will be one period, usually January/February, where the fixtures don't run for us, but again, this is a guess as the fixtures are random. It's not set in stone that it will be that way. The budget is set before the fixtures are announced, it needs to be to get players in, so they are taking an educated guess on how regular the income is going to be. Even if it wasn't, it has been upset several times this year by games being moved for TV or postponed, how exactly are they supposed to plan for that? The only certain way is to budget conservatively and assume you will be screwed at one point which will have an negative affect on budget released to the manager for the playing squad. This in turn will then have a negative affect on the future budget as we likely won't be as successful. There will always be an element of speculating to accumulate. We don't have any spare cash to do otherwise unless everyone is willing to accept what we get on the park. In this league, as competitive as it is, I don't think that is a realistic option. Nor is it one the support would accept, rightly or wrongly. Not sure why you seem intent on saying that the board are no better than Masterton. By all means question but I'd be interested to hear how you would do it any differently.
  8. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    I'll be honest, I'd rather it wasn't open to the public. That's not why it's there. For one, I've seen the way people treat the facilities in Gyms, and we'd end up with much higher maintenance costs with the higher volume of use. We did it before, when the gym is where the club shop is now, and it didn't last long.
  9. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    Aye I know you weren't. When I said 'sailing close to the wind' I'd guess they might budget to lose a little, but if they were to forecast really conservatively by budgeting for a profit, without taking into account any success, we wouldn't have much of a team on the park I don't think. On the report it does actually state what they budgeted for in terms of cup success, and I think only once out of the last three we over achieved. I might be wrong on that though?
  10. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    I never accused you of anything. I stated a fact. Pretty much all of your posts are replies to others. You continually make antagonistic comments, often insulting the people you are quoting with the sole intention of winding them up. I have no issue whatsoever with a differing view, I disagree with lots of posts. I do however have an issue with you continually dragging threads down with sarcasm, and outlandish comments on peoples character. It seems to amuse you but no-one else is laughing and you're the only one who does it. You single yourself out in that respect. I'm especially annoyed about this since the one time I did speak to you about it, asking you to tone it down because we were trying to offer something different, you said fair enough. I assume you got bored of that. This website isn't about any of that, there's been plenty of debate on this thread alone that is sensible and civilised. You always, always, seem to want to be personal though, ignoring the debate with any meaningful input and I'm tired of it to be honest. It's not what we're about. At all. I could quite easily delete your posts, edit them, warn you, ban you etc, THAT would make me Brian. We don't though, because we're not about that either. Aside from that, it didn't work the one time we did try it to get you to see sense and it only made you even more annoyingly sarcastic. Seriously, give it a rest.
  11. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    I don't have a problem with questioning decision making, I've said so in two of my posts here. As I said though, unless they are incredibly lucky, like really lucky, they are never going to get their budget spot on and the goalposts move so much (think games being moved for TV that we don't actually make any extra money for, but end up losing because it's moved to a time where we will inevitably get less through the gate, meaning less spent in the ground too) that it's difficult to blame them for it all. They do need to sail close to the wind to give the club the best chance of succeeding, and that is always going to be a risk. I do think they shot themselves in the foot with AJ's contract, giving him an extra year but you've also got to remember how many of them had experience of running a club before this, and actually, guys like Ross accepted the responsibility reluctantly. They certainly didn't do it for any sort of gain. We've got to cut them some slack. I think with the new business model, they are least trying to do something different but also with less risk doing so. That's the sort of creative thinking I like to see as opposed to just chucking money we don't have at our problems. That is what annoyed me so much about the Masterton comment. Ross does strike me as the sort of guy who won't continue to make the same mistakes. For our part, we all need to be thinking what more we can do again as I think, as a fan base, the majority of us have just gone back to thinking all is rosy in the garden again, and it's far from it. That is why these accounts might come as a bit of a shock. The board also has to be careful though, as they can't say this as it's interpreted as blaming the fans. They really can't win sometimes.
  12. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    True, but you see the point I'm making? It has no basis in reality and is therefore why it's unhelpful. As I said, criticism is helpful. Questioning judgement when huge chunks of the losses come from unforeseen circumstances is not though and actually quite unfair. As I said, folk need to accept where we are and take the best we can deliver. This league is difficult enough to escape without unrealistic expectations of success when we are doing it with one hand tied behind our back. People will argue we have bigger budgets than others, but none who are successful or are ever likely to be, in the context of what is defined success for us, ie promotion/a Championship. As long as the board can show they are doing what they can, then they have my support. If I have problem the way things are going, I will ask them, and I will likely get an honest answer, and I'm ok with that. That's not happy clapping, it's realism.
  13. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    See next time you're in Charlie D's, ask one of the other guys to point me out, and come over and we can have a sensible discussion because I'm told you're a sensible guy. Your posts do little to display that sometimes, but I'm happy to give you the benefit of the doubt in person. I'm not going to entertain whatever pleasure you get out of the ridiculous comments you make to wind folk up though. You can accuse me of acting like Brian then and I'll be happy to give you a full and frank explanation as to why that is utter bollox.
  14. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    Of course it doesn't cover the full losses but it's hardly pocket change either is it? The board have got a tremendously hard job in balancing what we spend and what we are able to put on the park. Unfortunately the second point will determine exactly how much they have to achieve it. It's a fine balance between taking calculated risks to get as strong a team on the park as possible to ensure we can challenge and therefore increase our revenue, and actually balancing the books if that doesn't pay off. They are the finest of margins, and it's not an exact science because there are lots of variables during the season which are fluid and just can't be realistically accounted for. I don't think they took too many risks but, trust me, guys like Ross will reflect on decisions made and tell you himself that they might have done things differently. As GG says hindsight is 20/20. Most people don't realise just on how much of a shoestring the club is run. There is only 4-5 permanent employees, Ross and David McMorrin that run the club on a day to day basis. Everything is is volunteered, and begged, borrowed and stolen. Also, you know as well as I do, that if we were sitting 6-9 position every season, but in the black or breaking even, that would not be acceptable to the majority of our support. I'd accept it, that vast majority would not though, and they would be kicking off even more than they do already. It's hypocrisy at best, and complete stupidity at worst.
  15. Digs

    Accounts to May2019 715k loss

    I'm reading this wondering how many of you actually read the full thing? Context is important and the preamble gives significant understanding of how the loss came about. The major contributing factors are the fact we had to pay off Johnston and Clark, which wouldn't have been cheap. Our wage bill was higher, and we had 14(!) injuries that required surgeries and further consultation as well as the associated travel costs etc that go along with those. That is unprecedented. To give an idea of that, keyhole knee surgery is about £5-7k. Now, they won't all have been that cost, some will have been less, some will have been more so taking that as an average, that's a minimum of £70k on it's own without factoring in the travel and rehab costs. Also, given this is only until May last year, it won't include the money we received for Jackson Longridge and we have reduced the wage bill with a manager from within, on a different type of contract, and signed younger players on less money to then sell on, which at the moment, we look like we may have a chance of with Nisbet. I get the concern, of course it's concerning, but talk of this going back to the Masterton era is just idiotic and unhelpful. You've got guys like us running the club, handing over £300k of their own money interest free just to keep the club afloat, meanwhile, you've got absolute bangers stopping going to games, and stopping their Lifeline (clue is in the name) because they don't like Stevie Crawford, and think we should be strolling this league when you've got Dundee Utd who have emptied an entire squad and replaced it. Folk seem to have forgotten the situation we were in. We're not there yet and the board won't let us go there again either. However, folk also need to realise that that comes at a cost and so need to be much more patient than they are being in regards to what is happening on the pitch. You can't have it all ways.