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  1. Digs

    Pars v Alloa

    To be fair, it's not the only reason, I don't go to the Challenge Cup games usually anyway, but I was thinking about going to this as it feels like ages since I've been to a home game. The view however is absolutely terrible. Pillars in the way, atmosphere is even worse than usual when there are no fans in any other stand, and it's generally a poor experience in my opinion. It's not petty, I just don't like it, and I never have, and even if some do think it's petty...
  2. Digs

    Pars v Alloa

    Just as an FYI, all fans for this game will be seated in the main stand. And for that reason, I'm out.
  3. Digs

    Greg Kiltie

    He was until he broke his ankle. Spent second half of the season on Loan at Morton. Played 14 times, scored 6.
  4. Arbroath v Partick 1-1 Ayr v Dundee Utd 0-2 Dundee v Alloa 1-1 Dunfermline v ICT (Crowd) 1-1 (4329) QoS v Morton 1-2
  5. Digs

    Arbroath v Pars

    From what I've seen, we should have more than enough in the locker to beat them, they only struggled to beat Hill of Beath 4-3 a few months ago with near enough a full strength team and that is when they were flying. I'd settle for 1-0 as it gets us a win under our belt and we can build from there.
  6. Digs

    Woodmill HS Fire

    Well done for sharing Vinnie. I also agree on the order they should be going back. As somone who has had two kids go fully through the exam process, I know the work they have to put in and the pressure they are under and these kids will absolutely be worried about this. This is the thing, his mum made a comment on facebook criticising the stick he was getting saying 'No-one died', but this is these kids futures we're talking about here. The SQA won't take this into account when marking their exams, so they are effectively disadvantaged against everyone else competing for university, college and apprenticeship spots that rely on the grades you achieve. It shouldn't be understated how important this is.
  7. Friday 30th Aug ICT V Morton 1-1 Dundee Utd v Dundee 0-2 Sat 31st Aug Arbroath v Dunfermline 0-2 (1298) Partick v Ayr 1-1 QoS v Alloa 2-1
  8. Digs

    Woodmill HS Fire

    Setting fire to my opponents was never something I considered though to be honest...
  9. Digs

    Woodmill HS Fire

    Well one thing I can say is, it's been proven how people leap to all sorts of conclusions when these sorts of things happen, as my daughter was getting bombarded with questions at school about why her brother set fire to the school because he shares our (fairly uncommon) surname.
  10. Digs

    Woodmill HS Fire

    That's not actually true. The kid who made that post on Snapchat wasn't the one who did it. Was he involved? Who knows, but the Police haven't arrested anyone else so it looks like an idiot, for reasons best known to himself, was trying to claim 'credit'. The kids mum posted on facebook saying that wasn't him, apologising profusely for what he's done and he has also posted himself making an apology for the whole thing last night, and he clearly knows what he's done and how serious this is. Reading his mums post I did feel sorry for her. It's easy to blame the parents but it happened on a Sunday afternoon, so she would have had no reason to know what he was up to, it's not like he was out all night. Also, it was his dad who took him in, so it seems like they have their heads screwed on at least. It's going to be an expensive lesson for him though. Silly laddie.
  11. Digs

    Bury FC

    The thing you can criticise the EFL, and the FA for is allowing the financial recklessness that is going on in England just now rather than not 'saving them'. The average wage to revenue ration in the EFL is 106%. Collectively last season, the three leagues were in £406m of debt, with League two teams being £10m in debt. You can't spend more than you're bringing in and expect everything to be ok, coutning on drip-down economics from the EPL, and that is where this comes from. The 'Greed is good' mantra from the top league who are alll sitting around smoking cubans made from £100 notes is not one that should be encouraged and sooner or later, the £5bn that is getting spent on rights for TV is going to go pop. I can't see how that is sustainable becuase all it does is push subscriptions for these services up, and more people will eventually sack it. It has to peak at some point. If it does go pop, that whole league from the EPL down is in big trouble.
  12. Digs

    United on Saturday

    If my own coupons are anything to go by, I'd just delete it right now...
  13. Digs

    United on Saturday

    Agreed. It's got the makings of an end to end game with lots of chances and goals IMO.
  14. Digs

    United on Saturday

    Everyhone said that last week about Celtic, and Utd haven't swept aside everyone they've played with ease, so I don't think it's as cut and dried as that. If we can deal with Griffiths etc then Shankland and Pawlett shouldn't present a greater task.
  15. Now everyone has got bored of winding up all the crying Celtic Da's on twitter, what are everyone's thoughts for United on Saturday? Both teams have been scoring and also conceding so it seems a good bet for the BTTS coupon this week, and I think it will be a high scoring affair, hopefull as exciting as the 3-3 game back in the day. I think it will be a draw, so I'm going for 2-2 at full time with an entertaining game. We could really do with the win after a tough start and having been unlucky against their local neighbours, could maybe do with a slice of luck. Looking forward to it!