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  1. Digs

    Aiden Keena

    No idea why they called Martin back too, presumably lack of game time but I also saw him get on a flight to Brussels this morning with his Mrs and baby so he’s either not wanted there either or he’s injured. Strange one.
  2. Digs

    Perceived Refereeing Bias

    Which was usually justified. 😂
  3. Digs

    Perceived Refereeing Bias

    Jock Campbell. Only blew his whistle about three times a game 😂😂
  4. Digs

    Ross County at home

    No. Berry pretty much nails it above. some of the posts I’ve read online since Saturday about the subs are actually rage inducing. We lost the middle of the park and he was trying to get us on the ball and stop the service to Gardyne who was running riot after coming on at HT. He was pulling out already shaky back four all over the shop. Obvious solution - Stop him getting on the ball. It’s alwats annoyed me how 451 is automatically seen as negative. He made the change to get us back ON the ball. Having one up front doesn’t necessarily mean he was trying to sit in, we’ve no idea what his instructions were when he made the changes. I’m guessing though it was for Blair to get on the ball and either Vincent to get forward when we do, or the wide men to support Smith. Also, who else was he supposed to take off? Anderson is just coming back from 2 months out and had clearly been asked to do us turn, put in a shift for as long as he could and we’d replace him when he starts to flag. Given we were also struggling in the middle of the pitch he had to make both subs. Smith was a straight replacement for Anderson and Faiss was sacrificed for Blair. The only other option to accommodate that would be to go 352 which, the way Gardyne was pulling us all over the shop and the space he was finding, would have been suicide especially since we don’t have the personnel to play it. The thing that is giving me the rage the most though is that he is being questioned on his tactical ability and tactical knowledge by people who by self admission haven’t played the game at any level. I still try and kick a ball, and have played organised football for 35 years. I played with him last year in the over 35’s and the standard is pretty decent. Most of the boys are ex-pro or junior and I am still learning from them and guys like him and Nipper. I like to think I understand the game but it’s clear to me that I don’t know all that much relatively speaking. He is a really knowledgeable guy who knows how he thinks the game should be played and he comes across as a proper student of the game. To suggest a guy who has nearly 30 caps for Scotland is ‘tactically naive’ is weapons grade stupidity. Folk need to wake up to the fact our squad is paper thin and realise the limitations that places on him. Our Bench on Saturday had Connolly, Hippo, an 18 year old, a 19 yr old and a 17 year old. Folk need to wise up.
  5. Digs

    Scully signs

    Robinson not even in the squad today...👀👀 Something’s gone on there IMO
  6. Digs

    Scully signs

    When Thomson was at Dumbarton he was the best striker in the league at the time in my opinion. Mobile, quick, great at keeping the ball and scored goals. He got his move to Morton and it hasn’t happened for him. As for Robinson, he’s part time and that’s a problem. I’ve been saying for weeks that it can’t be good defensively if he doesn’t train. The relationship isn’t there with the centre backs imo and you can see it on the pitch, they don’t trust each other. It seems Craw agrees given what he said the other day:
  7. Digs

    Neil Lennon

    The alleged story doing the rounds on the internet (so it must be true 🙄) is this: Excuse the swearing..
  8. Digs

    Football Mavericks

    I vaguely remember something about this. It was either that he signed but didn’t play or he only played one game, or he was supposed to sign but didn’t.
  9. Playoffs should absolutely be the aim. We’re only four points away. If we stop conceding horrendously soft goals, we’ll achieve that.
  10. Digs

    Greg Shields

    Ross McArthur said he spoke to Greg at yesterday morning. He told him he was going straight into his club to resign that day, and would be on the first plane back. He arrived this morning at 0930 with two hours sleep. If that’s not a statement of intent, I’m not sure what is.
  11. Digs

    New coach...

    Been saying Gogs Forrest for weeks. A Dunfermline boy, played senior with Leish at Livi, and also the Rovers and Berwick. Retired early to concentrate on his Community development role in Fife, Davie Honeyman got his job when he went to New Zealand to coach the women’s U17 side at the London Olympics, then went to the MLS with Vancouver Whitecaps, initially as the head of their academy then becoming assistant manager until recently. He recently completed his Pro-Licence, with Craw, and shares a similar philosophy. I could sit and listen to the pair of them talking football all night, two more passionate and knowledgeable guys you’ll struggle to meet. If we can afford him, I’d love him at the club. His 10 year old laddie is also an absolute baller, so if we can get him signed up too, that would be great 😂
  12. Digs

    Gary Harkins

    I like him as a player but our biggest problem is lack of tempo in our play and he’s slower than a week in the jail. I don’t think he would solve our problems but would more than likely add to them.
  13. Digs

    Welcome to East End Bounce!

    Most folk appreciate being treated like an adult and when someone points out that they’re being a banger, they usually accept it, so there’s no need. Most people have a decent sense of self-awareness and once they calm down are willing to hold their hands up. Dishing cards is the equivalent of slapping someone in the dish when trying to stop a fight.
  14. Digs

    Joe Cardle

    There you go again with the common sense DA-Go..jeez man...
  15. Digs

    Joe Cardle

    This. Saved me a post.