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  1. Digs

    New Owners

    Sky Sports Score app too. I've got it set up to notify me when they are released, although Twitter does have it first from the official page.
  2. Digs

    Charlie D’s this Saturday ?

    Aye, I'll be there.
  3. Digs

    Pars v Hamilton

    It definitely does. We do need some characters to stand up and be counted now too though. I don't buy into the philosophy of a captain per se, but it is important for the senior players in the dressing room, particularly those who have been there and done it like Dorrans, to make their voices heard in that dressing room in terms of expectations of standards at training and at games and keep those expectations high and encourage all members of the team to call out those who aren't doing their job no matter how senior they are, or how junior the person saying it is. Togetherness isn't just about patting each other on the back and saying 'hard lines, we'll get through this together' it's about pushing each other to be the best version of themselves. If everyone trains and plays to a high standard because they know there is an expectation, then it will elevate performances on the pitch. That's a fact.
  4. Digs

    Rovers away

    Any idea if you just use your original tickets?
  5. Digs

    New Owners

    I think it depends where you sit. If you are right under one of the speakers, generally it's fine but if not, it's sketchy at best. I think the fact they are at the front edge of the roof probably doesn't help as a lot of the sound 'escapes'.
  6. Digs

    New Owners

    Yeah, I was there too. It didn't fill up until nearer 2pm. Charlie D's is where I normally go, but you can see why they aren't keen on paying for staff for them both to be dead. Oktoberfest is in September 😉
  7. Digs

    Stay of execution.

    Aye. O’Hara somehow finished top goalscorer last season I’m sure but he missed so many chances and most of them were down to a hatrick off the bench against Alloa and a purple patch at the beginning and end of the season. Wighton offers more to the team as well as being a better finisher but they are different types of striker. I think he should be one of the first names in the team sheet personally and I think we looked a lot more dangerous when he was on with Todorov on Saturday.
  8. Digs

    Stay of execution.

    I'd be happy with a clean sheet and us just taking one of the many chances we'll no doubt create. Again.
  9. Digs

    Pars v ICT

    No, it's not like that. We created lots of good chances. Again. We still didn't take them though which was my only negative. We looked solid and limited them to shots from distance for the most part with the exception of one good save from Fon Williams in the first half. We were a solid unit, were far more organised and the midfield were actually always trying to get on the ball. We've not turned any corners yet, but we're on the right track.
  10. Digs

    Pars v ICT

    What exactly are you basing that on? Have seen them train? Sat on the bench with them?
  11. Digs

    Stay of execution.

    This is what I saw too. I'm generally really critical of our support for the nonsense some folk come out with, and they way folk lose their head over daft stuff, but I didn't see any of that.
  12. Digs

    New Owners

    I got an email about it, asking if I minded telling them why so they could track cancellations but I told them I wasn't cancelling totally, just the extra ones and that I'd only done it to do a wee bit extra when times were tough for the club. Never heard a thing back, but it wasn't an arsey email from them. I also won it in March, so I'm glad I didn't.
  13. Digs

    New Owners

    500 down isn;t that bad if you consider some folk might not feel 'safe' going back due to covid etc, due to their own situation, some will have just gotten out of the habit of going on a saturday, which for me is probably the biggest reason. Folk have just found other stuff to do, and the current goings on are likely to see them feeling vindicated in that decision. That's a bit poor with the sponsorship. Especially last season when they could easily have been collected safely from the club. I'll stick to sponsoring my laddie, that only costs £40 😂 Lifeline has been going down for a while, not sure why, I think covid/furlough etc probably hasn't helped but I also know some aren't happy at some of those involved with it, certain individuals, which I can kind of get but my previous point on that still stands, it's not like the money is going directly to those individuals. I took out two extra during Covid just to help out but I've since cancelled those extra ones.
  14. Digs

    New Owners

    Well, there is that...
  15. Digs

    New Owners

    Season tickets were roughly the same as last year. There wasn't much in it. Also, folk are obviously free to do what they want with their own money, but I'd venture that anyone cancelling their lifeline for the sole reason that they're unhappy with a managerial appointment, is probably lacking a bit of emotional maturity as a supporter. That money is about the survival of the club as a whole, and reducing that does nothing positive for the club, whilst also barely even registering an impact as an individual protest.