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  1. Digs

    Saturday v Falkirk

    A @Nippert666 phrase comes to mind...Worse than a man doon...
  2. Digs

    Kids V Bairns

    That's not strictly true either. Every place up the table gives an increase in prize money, and that could mean the difference between securing a signing target and not. Every penny is a prisoner still, we need to make every single penny of our budget count.
  3. Digs

    Kids V Bairns

    This gets trotted out all the time and the logic behind it always puzzles me, it serves no purpose. If you want to see what we've got coming through then go to a reserve game. The ones that are doing well, like Matty and Lewis, are getting their chance. You have to remember most of the squad in the reserves are 17/18, not 19/20/21 and to be getting in the first team at that age means you're doing REALLY well. There is no need whatsoever to push boys before they are ready, it's an absolutely massive step up from reserve football and it would be ridiculous to imply if they're not ready now, they never will be. I don't think people realsie how big a jump it is to make. Bear in mind, I was watching the likes of Matty Todd, Paul Brown, and Gregor Jordan playing School football last year. To be in the first team now, less than a year later is a massive accomplishment for anyone making it. Give them a break. I'm all for pushing young boys to kick on, but only if they are ready to do so.
  4. Digs

    Joe Thomson

    He got a knock earlier in the game, but seemed to run it off, then as he was changing direction/running backwards he just collapsed with no-one near him. Sometimes it’s as innocuous as that. All it takes is an odd change in direction and your quads not to kick in and away it goes. My son did his in July, and it looked like nothing at the time, and his was completely gone.
  5. Digs

    Joe Thomson

    I didn’t mean for me personally, obviously, by ‘for me’, I meant, ‘in my opinion’ since it ruins what has been a good season for him.
  6. Digs

    A View From The Terrace

    Meh...I've watched a couple of times, and it's been OK. You've got to give them some allowances for never having done telly before, and I like the fact the cover the lower league stuff and seem to know their stuff about it too. It just hasn't gripped me enough yet. It just comes over a bit hipster sometimes. Not woeful, but not brilliant either IMO. I've got about 4 episodes to watch so I'll give it another go.
  7. Digs

    Ross County

    I've been twice to Dingwall, and I've never seen the team I went to see win. I'm not the best omen, so I'll stay at home.
  8. Digs

    Joe Thomson

    He's confirmed the worst fears then and it is his ACL. Absolutely no chance he'll be back for the start of the season. It will depend on the damage, but going by his tweet it's a rupture rather than a fully torn ligament. They likely won't perform surgery if there's no further damage or no clean up needed. If that's the case it will likely be keyhole. It's all about the rehab after that. He will have already had a lot of muscle atrophy, and that will continue until he can start moving it again which depends on the swelling, whether he needs keyhole, and the resulting swelling from that, and he will be starting from scratch. It wouldn't surprise me if he's out until November at least. If he has full reconstructuve surgery, (which they don't recommend automatically nowadays as there is no real long term benefit and you can play without one) it's just about the quality of the rehab and maintenance of the muscle, but he would still be out for 9-10 months, so early Feb 2020. It's a real scunner for me, as he was my POTY, and this is a long hard road ahead of him. Best of luck though Joe.
  9. I don’t disagree with any of that to be fair.
  10. That’s the point, it wasn’t caution or nerves. It was downright disrespect being shown to Stevie, and Sheildsy at the time with no basis in fact. Even when I pointed out why I thought it was a good idea because I’d spoken to him about it a few months previous and he exuded passion, knowledge and thought for the game, I was dismissed, hilariously by folk who have never set foot inside any football club in any capacity, whilst telling me why it was a bad idea based on reasons that didn’t make sense because of the fact they have never set foot inside a club in any capacity. That’s not arrogance on my part, IMO, it’s arrogance on theirs that they were willing to dismiss someone who has done what he’s done in the game as if they are in a position to A) know better than him, and B) judge him. I also preferred to have faith in the board who have mostly performed really well since stepping up to the plate and again, the same people dismissed them too. It’s infuriating.
  11. Digs

    Losing the dressing room

    All I’ll say is any pay i received to kick a ball was commensurate with my ability 😂
  12. No, never bothered looking to see what was said on there, but I can imagine. Just all round social media. I seen it said by lots of people. Usually backed up by something that made no sense in any footballing circles.
  13. Digs

    Losing the dressing room

    To be fair, it was more the ‘Surely You must realise...’ that annoyed me. I’m only pulling your leg.
  14. Don’t know about that, did he not get a run earlier this year? All I can genuinely remember from that was his horrendous miss with an open goal gaping. Id loved him to have been our fox in the box, but he’s never seemed to get going. It’s a shame as I do like him but he’s just never managed to grab his chance with any consistency.
  15. I for one would like to congratulate Stevie who has stuck to his guns and turned a corner, along with Shieldsy and Callum, proving what a ridiculous reaction it was by those who made comments like ‘cheap option’ etc when he’d only had the job 5 mins. This was never going to turn round instantly, it was always going to take a couple of games for changes to take effect. Whilst this is not indicative that he is the Messiah or anything like that, it certainly proved the point that a huge amount of people were behaving like absolute bed-wetters without even giving him a chance. Hopefully, he is now doing enough for those folks to see the merits in what he and the club were trying to achieve with the new structure. Well Done Stevie 👏👏👏👏👏