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  1. Stanza

    DADSC Meeting (This evening at 7pm)

    Not only are you allowed, you're encouraged ....
  2. There is a meeting at 7pm this evening (18 January) of Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC).It will be held using Zoom, and is open to non-members. Click HERE to join the meeting.The Agenda is as follows:1 Chairman’s Introduction - Dave Nugent2 Minutes of: (a) Meeting 17 (27 January 2020); and (b) Post-AGM discussion (26 October 2020)3 Matters Arising from Minutes etc4 Secretary’s Report - John Simpson5 Membership Secretary’s Report - Timothy Curle6 Treasurer’s Report - Roger Hyde7 Disability Access Officer’s Report - Graham Ross8 Mental Health Awareness Report - Eddie Martin9 Access to 1st Floor at EEP - Drew Main10 Fundraising - John Simpson11 Any Other Business12 Date of Next Meeting
  3. We`re delighted to welcome 20 new supporters of DADSC through easyfundraising in the last week or so, and your online shopping will really make a difference.If you’re planning to switch your car or home insurance, or your broadband or energy provider, you can raise up to £45 for DADSC and save money when you use easyfundraising. Uswitch, GoCompare, Confused.com and many more will all donate for FREE! Visit https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/compare-and-raiseAnd remember to keep entering the Advent Calendar prize draw every day - daily prizes PLUS the more times you enter the better your chance of winning £2000 for yourself on Christmas Day!Please note that at DADSC we don`t know who you are or what you buy, so your privacy is assured. The system is easy and completely FREE, but if you have any concerns or problems please get in touch.
  4. Here`s your chance to get a Christmas windfall (at no cost!!)You probably already know that Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) receives a donation via easyfundraising for most online purchases of goods and services. It really is one of the simplest and cheapest ways (ie it costs you nothing!) to help DADSC financially and you can sign up HERE (there`s no charge) to support DADSC.Once you`re registered, then from tomorrow (1 Dec) easyfundraising will give you the chance to win £250 for DADSC every day, just by opening the next window in the FREE Advent Calendar. Plus, on Christmas Day you could win a £2000 John Lewis gift-card for yourself PLUS a £2000 donation for DADSC! (The more daily entries you submit, the better your chance of winning £2000 on Christmas Day.) You can find out more about it how it works at THIS LINK.We`ll be publishing reminders at 9am every day on the DADSC Facebook Page - please go and like the Page NOW so you don`t forget to enter the free draw every day, and maybe miss out on a bumper Christmas present.Good luck, everyone.
  5. Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) now brings you the chance to win a £250 Amazon gift card for yourself! Just follow these steps.1 Register with easyfundraising at THIS LINK - it won`t cost you anything to register, and most online purchases you make will then benefit DADSC (at no cost to yourself.)2 Download the Donation Reminder at This Link - it will then give you a pop-up to benefit DADSC if you use the website of one of the over 4000 suppliers who are part of the scheme.3 Do Steps 1 and 2 no later than 8 December (even better, do them NOW!)
  6. You can now donate to Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters' Club (DADSC) without it costing you a penny, if you take out a trial subscription with a company on this link (eg Now TV, Apple Tunes, etc.) Or you can get a free check of your creditworthiness from Experian - no card details needed.https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/free-donations If asked, register your details and enter your good cause as "Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters Club". And remember to cancel any trial within the time limit if you don`t want to continue!
  7. DADSC got a lovely surprise out of the blue yesterday!A Pars fan who wishes to remain anonymous donated £250 to the DADSC fund for 1st Floor access at EEP. And because DADSC is a registered charity, the donation is eligible for Gift Aid so HMRC will add a further £62.25 to its value next year.Yet again Pars fans are proving their generosity and willingness to help those less fortunate than themselves.Anyone who wants to donate any amount (large or small) to DADSC can do so at the Club Shop or by making an online payment to:Sort code – 80-06-55Account- 0602 8646Please mark the payment “DONATION”.
  8. Stanza

    Seven years ago

    Those were bad times, and emotions were raw. I will contend that NOBODY knew then (or perhaps even knows now) the full story. Those who were involved to any degree saw parts of what was happening but a lot went on behind closed doors that was unrecorded and is perhaps best forgotten. There were also a lot of accusations and personal abuse against individual Pars fans - sometimes deserved, usually not. With very few exceptions, everyone was doing what they thought at the time was best to save the football club from extinction, even if they differed in their methods. There were some bends and wrong turnings in the road and mistakes were made, but in the end the COLLECTIVE efforts were successful and a much healthier football club emerged. It's a little ironic IMO that as we go into 2021 we're looking at the club moving back to a situation where the majority shareholders will be people who until recently had no connection with DAFC! Let's hope the events of seven years ago were a one-off!
  9. Stanza

    Smile - Amazon supports DADSC!

    Thanks for signing up, SP<, and for the running commentary! I totally agree that the methodology isn't very slick, and I would have thought Amazon could have done better. However, possibly it will improve over time.
  10. Stanza

    Smile - Amazon supports DADSC!

    You're right! It looks like if you use the USUAL Amazon URL (amazon.co.uk) your purchase won`t be eligible for a donation. You may get a notice on your screen that says if you want to donate to DADSC you need to make your purchase via https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/SC048550 , but it doesn`t work as a hyperlink in the notice - you have to copy and paste that into your browser, which is clunky IMO. If you use your mobile to buy via Amazon, you can add an icon for Smile to your home screen - either go direct to the Smile url above, or search for "Smile" on the usual Amazon website. To nominate DADSC, type "Dunfermline", click "Search" then click DADSC. Sorry about all that, presumably that`s why Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world!
  11. Stanza

    DADSC AGM (This evening at 7pm)

    The meeting went well and Zoom worked fine, but not a lot turned up, unfortunately. DAFC's new Disability Access Officer (Graham Ross) took part, so that was good. Minutes have been sent to all DADSC members (whether or not they attended), but there's nothing secret so if anyone wants a copy then let me know.
  12. Amazon UK now donates to DADSC any time you buy from them - at no cost to yourself. The money (0.5% of your purchase) is paid directly to DADSC and goes to the fund for disabled access to the 1st Floor at EEP.Just use this link and nominate DADSC - start typing "Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club" and it should quickly be filled in. Then shop as normal.http://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/SC048550 Once you have nominated DADSC on your Amazon account you should not need to do this again, but if you encounter any problems please let me know. You may want to bookmark the smile.amazon URL just in case you need to do the steps again.Every little helps!
  13. The AGM of Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters. Club (DADSC) is this evening at 7pm.Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting will take place by video-conference using Zoom. Non-members are welcome to attend and take part in the discussions (although not to vote).To join in, please click on THIS LINK from 6.50pm onwards.Hopefully that will take you straight through, but if you need them the sign in details areMeeting ID: 281 813 1960Passcode: 21116
  14. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    Long ago ....
  15. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    The timing and administration of Supporters' Council meetings is now the responsibility of Drew Main as the club's Supporter Liaison Officer, and the notes of all meetings are still published on the club's official website.