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  1. Stanza

    Co-op Supports DADSC

    We have a number of ambitious (large-scale) projects in mind - the main aim is still to get wheelchair access to at least some of the 1st Floor Function Suites, preferably by a lift but if for any reason that proves impracticable then we will consider other methods. We would also like to improve the accessible toilet arrangements for users of the Purvis Suite, and in the longer term (when DAFC is in the Premiership!!!) an additional viewing platform in the North Stand would be desirable. There will always be other smaller outlays, and anyone is welcome to attend the next DADSC meeting at 7pm on Monday 27 January in the Jock Stein Suite at EEP.
  2. Stanza

    Co-op Supports DADSC

    Thanks to everyone who has signed up to this scheme (1% of what you spend on Co-op goods and services will find its way to DADSC - just remember to take your Co-op member's card!) £75 has been raised in the last few weeks, so by the time the project ends in October 2020 there could be several hundred pounds coming our way. Every little helps. Here's the link again: https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/39515
  3. Stanza

    Easyfundraising for DADSC

    Once you're registered and supporting DADSC, you have the chance to win a £250 New Look gift card for yourself, and £250 for DADSC every day until Christmas Eve. PLUS, on Christmas Day someone will win £5,000 to spend at John Lewis & Partners and a £5,000 donation to DADSC! Just click THIS LINK FOR TODAY'S DRAW – It’s free to enter, and there's no risk. PLUS - you get extra entries if you then share the prize draw on social media.
  4. Christmas brings loads of begging letters for good causes, but this is one that WILL COST YOU NOTHING!Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters' Club (DADSC) has joined with easyfundraising.com and every time a supporter makes an online purchase from one of about 4000 retailers (most of the biggies are included), a small donation from the retailer comes to DADSC.Just click "Support This Cause" on this link: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/dadsc/ then almost any online purchase you make through easyfundraising will help DADSC. You'll deal directly with the retailer as normal, the only difference is that a small portion of their profit margin will come to DADSC.The biggest donations are from insurance companies, so especially if you're changing your home or car insurance, please consider using this system. Any questions or problems, just ask.
  5. To celebrate the Co-op's 175th birthday, you can win £175 for yourself in Co-op vouchers. All you have to do is watch a 90-second video and answer 5 simple questions about it. PLUS - the Co-op will also give £175 to any local community cause they are currently supporting, and for this you could choose Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters' Club (DADSC). Go to this link - good luck! https://joinin.coop.co.uk/opportunities/271
  6. Stanza

    Charity Draw

    Thanks for persevering!
  7. Stanza

    Charity Draw

    It worked for me! Make sure that you're using ZERO and not "Capital O" for both instances in the charity number. Let us know how you get on.
  8. Stanza

    Charity Draw

    Ecclesiastical Insurance have a draw where 120 UK charities can win £1000 - draws takes place each weekday between 5-20 December.You can nominate any UK charity (you'll need its charity number) by following this link, but please consider Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters Club (charity number SC048550) - the more nominations a charity receives the greater chance of its winning. http://www.ecclesiastical.com/movement-for-good/
  9. Stanza

    Co-op Supports DADSC

    Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters' Club (DADSC) has been chosen to benefit from the Co-op Local Community Fund, from now until 24 October 2020.Whenever a Co-op member buys selected own-brand products and services, 1% of the money goes to local causes, so please consider choosing DADSC as your preferred cause at https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/39515If you're not already a Co-op member you will need to sign up, but it's worth doing so anyway for the benefits you receive.
  10. Stanza

    Name these players (please!)

    From suggestions made elsewhere:No 1 is Bill Dunn (confirmed by his son).No 2 - no suggestions so far.No 3 it's been suggested this could be Bobby Kirk - can anyone confirm this?No 4 seems to be Ernie Turner (identified by 2 people).
  11. The Heritage Trust recently acquired several glass negatives of DAFC players of the mid/late 1950s. Most of them we recognise, but we are struggling with these ones - can anyone help?
  12. The Heritage Trust is pleased to sponsor the hospitality table cards for the Purvis Suite, starting in the new season. Each of the 14 tables will feature one of the many great games played at East End Park since the first one on 19 August 1903.
  13. Stanza

    Supporters' Council Thursday 16 May

    Part of me agrees with Buffy on this - airing it with such force in a public forum does lead to speculation, even though presumably the players involved and the previous manager will all have moved on. I had heard similar stories before, but equally I had heard stories about the previous management team's approach - I don't know what the whole story is, and perhaps no-one does. Ross and Stevie both admitted making mistakes (without going into detail), but I wonder if, perhaps unconsciously, there was an element of deflection in criticising the attitude of some players. They clearly felt strongly about it, but I'm a believer in keeping dressing-room problems in-house. Although it probably doesn't matter much now, an affair like this tends to hang around for years in supporters' minds, and it's a fair bet somebody will refer to it on a forum somewhere down the line.
  14. The Heritage Trust has access to 49 interviews (sometimes quite lengthy) with former DAFC players and staff, originally collected for the superb "Into the Valley" book.We would like volunteers from the Pars fanbase to listen to one or more of these, and pull out some suitable quotations for possible use in another format - fully crediting the “Into The Valley” project of course.If you are interested in helping, please send an email to "enquiries@daht.org.uk". Thanks.
  15. Stanza

    DADSC - Bucket Collection on Saturday

    Thanks to all the Dunfermline (and Falkirk!) fans who contributed £663 yesterday to DADSC's 1st Floor Access Fund. HMRC will eventually add 25% to that through the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. We also raised £82 on the merchandise stall, so we hope you think you got value for your purchases. Well done to everyone who helped, in particular bucket collectors Adam, Bob, Clover, Elaine, John B, John F, John S, Nicola, Paul, Roger, Russell, Stephen and Wullie ;our super salesmen Mike and Stuart; and our cash counters Jean and Jim.If you missed out on contributing, you can donate online at any time to the DADSC bank account at:Sort code – 80-06-55Account- 0602 8646Please mark the payment “DONATION”.