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  1. Stanza

    DADSC Meeting (This evening at 7pm)

    Not only are you allowed, you're encouraged ....
  2. There is a meeting at 7pm this evening (18 January) of Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC).It will be held using Zoom, and is open to non-members. Click HERE to join the meeting.The Agenda is as follows:1 Chairman’s Introduction - Dave Nugent2 Minutes of: (a) Meeting 17 (27 January 2020); and (b) Post-AGM discussion (26 October 2020)3 Matters Arising from Minutes etc4 Secretary’s Report - John Simpson5 Membership Secretary’s Report - Timothy Curle6 Treasurer’s Report - Roger Hyde7 Disability Access Officer’s Report - Graham Ross8 Mental Health Awareness Report - Eddie Martin9 Access to 1st Floor at EEP - Drew Main10 Fundraising - John Simpson11 Any Other Business12 Date of Next Meeting
  3. We`re delighted to welcome 20 new supporters of DADSC through easyfundraising in the last week or so, and your online shopping will really make a difference.If you’re planning to switch your car or home insurance, or your broadband or energy provider, you can raise up to £45 for DADSC and save money when you use easyfundraising. Uswitch, GoCompare, Confused.com and many more will all donate for FREE! Visit https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/compare-and-raiseAnd remember to keep entering the Advent Calendar prize draw every day - daily prizes PLUS the more times you enter the better your chance of winning £2000 for yourself on Christmas Day!Please note that at DADSC we don`t know who you are or what you buy, so your privacy is assured. The system is easy and completely FREE, but if you have any concerns or problems please get in touch.
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  5. Dunfermline Athletic Disabled Supporters` Club (DADSC) now brings you the chance to win a £250 Amazon gift card for yourself! Just follow these steps.1 Register with easyfundraising at THIS LINK - it won`t cost you anything to register, and most online purchases you make will then benefit DADSC (at no cost to yourself.)2 Download the Donation Reminder at This Link - it will then give you a pop-up to benefit DADSC if you use the website of one of the over 4000 suppliers who are part of the scheme.3 Do Steps 1 and 2 no later than 8 December (even better, do them NOW!)
  6. Stanza

    Seven years ago

    Those were bad times, and emotions were raw. I will contend that NOBODY knew then (or perhaps even knows now) the full story. Those who were involved to any degree saw parts of what was happening but a lot went on behind closed doors that was unrecorded and is perhaps best forgotten. There were also a lot of accusations and personal abuse against individual Pars fans - sometimes deserved, usually not. With very few exceptions, everyone was doing what they thought at the time was best to save the football club from extinction, even if they differed in their methods. There were some bends and wrong turnings in the road and mistakes were made, but in the end the COLLECTIVE efforts were successful and a much healthier football club emerged. It's a little ironic IMO that as we go into 2021 we're looking at the club moving back to a situation where the majority shareholders will be people who until recently had no connection with DAFC! Let's hope the events of seven years ago were a one-off!
  7. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    Long ago ....
  8. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    The timing and administration of Supporters' Council meetings is now the responsibility of Drew Main as the club's Supporter Liaison Officer, and the notes of all meetings are still published on the club's official website.
  9. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    @Adam101 Thanks for the offer of help. If you can send me a message with your real name and contact details I'll be in touch. TBH, in between the quarterly meetings there isn't really anything the Supporters' Council does - up to now we've just had an ad hoc group of about half-a-dozen who have a pre-meeting about a month ahead to arrange the content and speakers. You're welcome to join in and pehaps come up with some new ideas. That's all that's involved - unless you are helping at the meeting or an action point emerges. It's really up to supporters how they want to see the Council develop - there are several supporters' groups who each do their own thing and there is no desire to change that, but (I think) only the Supporters' Council offers a regular opportunity to meet and challenge the Board. I think a lot of the ideas put forward in the last few weeks can be easily incorporated into the present arrangements. But if supporters want it to become something quite different from what it is, either in style or content, eg a body with more teeth, or a completely different way of holding the meeting, eg using then there have to be volunteers willing to take it on. One thing that concerns me slightly is the idea that some fans are not attending because they don't see any benefit to themselves from what they would get out of being there. That may be true, but we should be looking at it from the other direction - ie, what benefit can we bring to the club by taking an active part in setting its direction? Surely as Pars supporters we have learned the bitter lesson of what happens when there is a disconnect between the Board and the ordinary fans.
  10. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    Thanks for pinning this, Piracy. It would be good if anyone could chip in the occasional idea - there have been lots of good suggestions, both here and in "the other place" and we'll certainly look at all of them before arranging the next meeting. But what would be most helpful would be some new blood, who might organise things differently - we all tend to arrange things in a certain individual way, so somebody doing something completely different might be beneficial. (Maybe we should have a one-off organiser, like magazines have a celebrity editor now and then!) I'm sure Paradox is correct - many fans just want to get back to being ordinary supporters and not have to worry about the mechanics of how the club is run - I understand that, but I think it's vital to embed the Supporters' Council NOW into the way the club works. Otherwise, there is a risk that somewhere down the line, perhaps when the present BoD etc have moved on, the gaps that existed in the past between Board and Supporters may reappear. There's really no point at all in having a "supporter-owned club" if over 95% of the supporters don't want anything to do with how it's run.
  11. Stanza

    Supporters' Council - The Future

    I'm not saying "non-traditional" ways of holding/transmitting meetings are necessarily a bad thing, and maybe that's the preferred option for a generation who often choose to watch football on TV rather than to attend in person. But anything other than a standard presentation-type meeting will need the involvement of someone with more technical knowhow than any of us currently involved in organising the meetings! But again, that's no bad thing - we won't be around for ever and it would really make sense for someone younger to take things to the next stage, if that's what people want.
  12. The Supporters' Council is part of the fabric of DAFC and aims to offer a genuine chance for fans to hear from the Board of Directors regularly (and to quiz or challenge them on anything they say.) But it will only work if fans turn out in sufficient numbers to do so. There were about 40 people in the Purvis Suite last night. We have 3000 season ticket holders, so if you take away the Board members and those involved in organising the meeting, we only attracted about one supporter in a hundred to last night's meeting, and we simply have to do better. It is unfair to expect the Board to turn out in numbers, and the club to employ hospitality staff etc, if fans do not turn up (and I know there will be hundreds of genuine individual reasons why people couldn't do so.) So at last night's meeting, we opened a debate on what shape the Supporters' Council should take in future. There were some excellent ideas put forward from the floor, particularly along the theme of having a top-rated guest speaker from outwith the club, to go along with the local DAFC information and updates. Some of the ideas were: - referee supervisor - member of DAFC football management team - TV/radio pundit - former DAFC player - someone from SPFL/SFA - someone from another football club - someone from another club's equivalent of Supporters' Council - include a stadium tour, particularly undercroft etc (apologies if I've missed any, they'll all be picked up in the official minutes.) But it would be great if everyone on this forum would pitch in with their own ideas. Think outside the box as well: - do you want something different from a conventional meeting? - should there be a formal membership and committee? - how can supporters better challenge the Board's decisions? - do you want different people to do the organising? - does the online reporting actually reduce the number attending? - are there too many (or too few) meetings? - how should meetings be advertised/promoted? - do we even need the Supporters' Council if we have supporters' clubs? Not everyone's ideas will be practicable, but to begin with, but let's get them out there in a non-judgmental way and see what diamonds we get. There is a genuine desire at the club for the Supporters' Council to succeed, but it's up to u̶s̶ you ....