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  1. sabino

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    My selections are made. I'm away for next 3 weeks ,hopefully the 8 hour time difference doesn't get in my way. Not that I'm a lot of use anyway.
  2. sabino

    7 of the Best 2019/20

    Yes, I thought they had gone. Looks like they managed to pull a Bolton. Prizes down, but at least it's not bets this year.
  3. I queried what to do next. They told me I had left the team "some time ago" They asked me to send a screenshot. I'll see what happens next..
  4. It was the same for me. I thought it was like last year and Celtic matches were excluded anyway. Have they changed
  5. Nowhere near. But I wasn't surprised by that. If you had seen the way I did it. Anyway, back home and fighting fit. So no excuses next time. Well done to the guys that got us of to a great start. 11th place as a team.
  6. Yep, stuck in a hospital bed, but still having a go. Found this one difficult, but done.
  7. Sorry guys, this was just a thread for the new 7OTB season ( https://www.7otb.com/myteam/ ) Although discussion of the Pars chances is never a bad thing
  8. The new season starts next week, and hopefully we are going to do as well, if not better than, last season. COYPclub
  9. sabino


    Love the photo. BTW, which one is Lizzie?
  10. sabino

    Image from Sky

    What a wonderful sight.
  11. sabino

    Brechin Match Preview

    On the stats. The highest Pars win is equal to the Highest aggregate at 11 goals
  12. Frighteningly, it feels like yesterday. Great read, thanks.