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  1. parsforlife

    Squad For Next Season

    On how to treat players. Football is largely a heartless world, there’s a lot of **** that goes on and a lot of people involved in the game consider some behaviors acceptable when they wouldn’t be elsewhere. We obviously as a club should be trying to rise above that and also trying to improve the overall culture in the game. However not every player wants treated the same, Euan Spark spoke on a podcast about being ****ed off at AJ for inviting him in for a meeting instead of dealing with things straight off the bat. There are perhaps some that a text would be suitable, maybe not out the blue, but if there was some discussion beforehand it could possibly work. I think that’s just one of the many arts of management. Got to act differently for each individual.
  2. parsforlife

    Coll Donaldson

    Massive blow that. This why our slow action in getting rid of hughes and appointing a new manager was a problem.
  3. parsforlife

    Squad For Next Season

    Mcpake played with allen at Dundee, maybe a factor. On the current squad. Keeper Happy with mehmet as first choice. I think alexander was only meant to be coaching until the end of the season so potential for a player/coach for backup Full backs I think we're covered here, possibly 1 move on, likely comrie but wouldn't be my pick, just the one more likely to have other offers. Center back I think we need a first choice reliable player to sign, if that's Donaldson I'd be incredibly happy, likely we need to drop our standards a bit from that tho, Broadfoot is a possible, but I'd think we'd face competition for his signature from championship clubs. I'd give martin a deal and have him and breen fight for the other slot(or more have martin start when fit and Breen cover) We could do with another body as cover, maybe not someone who's main position is centre back. Wingers I'd give Dow and lawless offers, dow we'd likely keep, lawless will probably get other offers and wouldn't be worth fighting too hard for, but there's a chance he'll stay when his period with us was quite meh, I doubt he'll be getting offers he can't refuse. Need 1 or 2 more direct traditional style wingers to offer a different option. Center mid Our biggest problem, Dorrans has dropped massive hints he's ready to move on, if that's as a coach for us or moving elsewhere then it would be a reasonable outcome if it helps free up funds. If he players I think he'd be ok, just not worth the money and time missing through injury. Chalmers can get in the sea, heart of a pea and that makes you no good at five a sides never mind in pro football. Allan will be ok back up as would todd or martin changing position. Need 2/3 starters to come in. 1 would be pybus if we can agree a new deal. The other 2 are hard, 50/50 on Cole. Up front Well covered here, could possibly move 2 on to free up funds.
  4. parsforlife


    Rosyth have a fund from losing the ground to Lidl that is to be put to a new ground, I think had they been involved they would have contributed that.
  5. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    Why not?
  6. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    Over here good athletes tend to leave/suspend their studies around 16 where they enter a professional sports club academy. Those that play in the best uni sides typically fall outside of that, end up missing the opportunity to play pro-youth and instead focus on the academics. Uni’s with a strong sports program end up picking the best of that group and very small handful end up signing for pro clubs and the end of their studies. In they pro clubs don’t typically run youth programs and the uni/college take that role, the most talented youths go to these colleges who over the best deal(scholarships 1 to 1 tuition etc) and then sign pro. These college sides often play in front of large crowds. Towns without a senior team will often support their college side instead.
  7. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    Uni/college sports are a world of difference in the US compared to Europe.
  8. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    McPake isn't grant levels of mental, but it would still be an underwhelming appointment. I obviously don't know the discussions that happen in our board room, but IMO it looks like they try to overcomplicate what you want from a manager. Ability to win games week to week should be by far the main(maybe only) criteria. Everything else is just a bonus.
  9. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    Not sure that's true, interviews are a two way process, somebody could apply and decide they didn't want the job under certain conditions, happens in every industry.
  10. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    Is this going to be a game of guess who? I liked that game as a kid. Are they under 40?
  11. parsforlife

    New Manager thread......

    Just to clarify by method are you talking about head hunting vs inviting applications? If so I agree, both have their merits
  12. If action is taken against Viera it would be a total joke. Is this football authorities you're thinking of? Surely the police would classify this as self defence?
  13. parsforlife

    New Manager thread......

    I don't have a problem about the club picking a preferred candidate and reaching out to him. That's not what was wrong with the appointment of grant, it was the process that lead to that point. In the main how when he was first suggested it wasn't laughed out of the room and the board member be asked to only provide serious options.
  14. parsforlife

    New Manager thread......

    You could say this about a lot of appointments, so it maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I honestly can't remember a bigger one. I thought replacing grant was a big appointment, but this seems even more important..
  15. parsforlife

    Yogi out

    🍾 he’s gone! My day just got a lot better.