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  1. Rossmcno1

    Qatar in the Copa America

    And don’t get me started about Australia in Eurovision....
  2. Rossmcno1

    Playing squad 2019/20

    Aye good point. It’s an approach which has been needed for a wee while, build young, 2 year contracts so we get a full season of development then can push on. I don’t buy into the theory about our fans being any worse than others about giving youth a chance or backing our players. Our fans get antsy if players don’t apply themselves- that’s the key thing. Christ it’s not as if we’re all about the quality. Tam McManus was adored by our fans because he did put a shift in when he first arrived. He wasn’t very good but because he made an effort he was forgiven many shortcomings. looking forward to the new season starting, if only to wipe my memory of that horror show last season!
  3. Rossmcno1


    You could actually see the confidence drain out the guy this season. He definitely needed a move to be able to make any kind of progress. The fact that he was kept out the team by a decent bit not great centre midfielder says it all. All the best to him, BUT we can do better ourselves.
  4. Rossmcno1

    New Kit Design

    Let’s hope there never is one like it...! 😂 i do prefer the thicker black and white stripes to be honest, the pinstripe never quite sits right with me, but that is definitely an age/era thing. I grew up with the pars in the mid to late 80’s so fond memories of thicker black and white stripes. Be interesting to see what is tried for this year.
  5. Rossmcno1

    v Dundee United (H) Postponed :(

    Official site and twitter say no. Just checked forecast and it’s changed to rain for next few hours. Should be fine. should.
  6. Rossmcno1

    Championship champions

    Livingston finished 2nd last season. Hence why we played United in the playoff. I still maintain that had we beat United, we’d have gone all the way. AJ had Livingstons number and Partick were laughingly bad. There’s yer “luck”.
  7. Rossmcno1

    Stevie Crawford - Manager of the Month

    Unfortunately I think it’s just society as a whole. With social media and the internet, that dude you’d hear about in the pub with their fantasy theories on the world and life who you’d previously just ignored, now has a platform with literally thousands of others. Football and indeed DAFC are not unique for having zoomers following them and spouting ****. Just way of the world nowadays. Back on topic it’s a tremendous achievement and is a good endorsement of the boards actions this year, long may it continue.
  8. Rossmcno1

    v Partick (h)

    Irony.... that and your absence from that post for several weeks until we started this winning run. 😉
  9. Rossmcno1

    v Partick (h)

    Our gameplan so far seems to be as follows:- 1st half, be incredibly turgid, but just don’t concede. We’ll work out what to do at half time. 2nd half, all the learnings from 1st half into action, get a goal and shut it down, if the opposition leave gaps, torment them. its not the prettiest to watch but so far it’s frighteningly effective. That 1st half today was as bad as the last two games 1st half, but it’s three wins. Whats so welcome is that the obvious stuff that we saw under AJ is acted upon much quicker, so if a gap appears it’s plugged, shapes are changed, subs are used, there’s no fear on making decisions and changing things. AJ was open about saying that he felt he’d find his best 11 and leave them on as long as possible. We now seem much more adaptable to the opposition.
  10. Rossmcno1

    Media Leaks

    Not obvious to me and I’m sure a few others. Who you on about?
  11. Rossmcno1

    Pars v Alloa

    Haven’t we moved to a 4-3-3 last few games? Which ironically would be AJs third formation this year.
  12. Rossmcno1

    v Falkirk (A)

    What’s the stuff about dressing room and certain practices...? excellent performance (from 5 mins in to 70!) from all involved and a good way to end the year.
  13. Rossmcno1

    Falkirk found guilty of tapping Ray McKinnon

    15 point deduction would be fair in my opinion.
  14. Rossmcno1

    Sunderland til I Die

    It’s excellent. Aiden McGeady comes across as a right little snake. As I expected.
  15. Rossmcno1

    v Morton (H)

    I really enjoyed Saturday and it answered my worry that the players weren’t behind AJ, they certainly are if performance is anything to go by. The second half we pulled down the shutters and stopped Morton playing. They weren’t very good but you can only beat what’s in front of you. Couple of winnable away games coming up and unbelievably we could be in a playoff position. this league is so wide open.
  16. Rossmcno1

    Are Ayr running away with it?

    Saw Fraser Aird jogging about a bit tonight and that reminded me exactly why I think he’s at times a complete cretin and waste of skin. Of the 4 that went, he was the one I miss the least. A charlatan who only plays when he wants to (generally when there is a contract to be had). Ayr with the individual players they have have absolutely no right to be doing what they are, but collectively they are some unit! Moffat with his PT business is definitely at the peak of his powers, with his fitness now being an absolute asset. Well done to Iain McCall and those players. November and December was when their bubble burst back in 15/16, if they can continue their form in December then it really is game on for them for the title.
  17. Rossmcno1

    Former Players

    Yup that’s the one. Forgive me getting his name wrong at first he did little for us, but for Livi he’s a big part of the team.
  18. Rossmcno1

    Former Players

    Indeed Scott Robinson. Played a few times did he not after we won the league? AJ deemed him not good enough but he was instrumental in Livi’s playoff win.
  19. Rossmcno1

    Former Players

    Maybe not a full team, but Byrne, Spence, Scott Robinson all now in the Premier league. Geggan, Moffat, back at Ayr now would say they’re on better things, along with Shankland who AJ had on trial but didn’t take on. BRE seems to be doing ok down south. Fordyce playing for team better than us according to the league table. Of course this formula means that we then have to say Shaun Rooney has gone on to bigger and better things at Inverness....anybody really upset when he went?