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  1. Rossmcno1

    New Manager

    Peter Houston is a shout btw. It ended badly for him at the end up but not many available managers with a Scottish Cup win under their belt. maybe the board will offer out a short term (one season) deal to an older coach knowing that the investors will take over end of the season and roll out the big plan and have more of a say on the setup?
  2. Rossmcno1

    COVID - getting back to the game

    Am I on the right forum!? 😂
  3. Rossmcno1

    The Wee Team v The Pars 1/4 final 2nd leg

    Thanks Sanguine, a reasoned post from yourself too. I do need to pick you up on OFW though, I can recall several occasions where he has been at fault for a goal. Indeed he has a tendency to push the ball back into play rather than make safe. And with the overall keeper position, Crawford doesn’t give me confidence at all considering he has signed 2 keepers, both for me have been well below standard we need - on top of that yet again Cammy Gill has been left to rot without game time, even no opportunity to send out on loan. As for if he’s done enough to earn another chance, well I just worry that we are yet again underselling our potential. We don’t go changing managers THAT often, 2 in the last 6 seasons. We’re not talking lots of contracts being torn up here, it’s potentially as low as one, maybe two. And without being horrible about it, if it isn’t done then we will lose so much more cash by fans simply switching off and not paying money in. Then we really are snookered.
  4. Rossmcno1

    The Wee Team v The Pars 1/4 final 2nd leg

    Sorry Sanguine but for me we are missing so much more. Crawfords inability to sign a decent goalkeeper over the last 2 and a half seasons has really impacted us. I throw doubts over the centre of defence, the entirety of midfield and feel to be fair attack cannot really be judged as they rarely get the service they need. You may be surprised to hear me say entirety of midfield but let me go into some detail. Dow is a huge miss, however even before his injury he wasn’t exactly consistently performing, due in my opinion, to the complete lack of balance in midfield. Whittaker is good for up to 60 minutes, then tires and we struggle. Whatever happened with Turner has caused a tipping of that imbalance, as we miss his energy. On top of all of this, we then have Dom Thomas, who in his decent 1 out of 6 games can be excellent, but for the other 5 is a shell of a player, not even doing the minimum of a shift to help out the defensive side of the game majority of the time. My biggest gripe with Crawford on this, is the over reliance on loan players, which he has chosen to fill his midfield with. McInroy, Mayo, Banks, Murray, Henderson - all here on loan and all midfield/wide midfield players. This gives us a huge problem for next season where we have no base to build on and no development potential (the McCann, Todd and Allan having had little game time this season). I accept that as a club we have to balance the books, furthermore it’s been a stated aim to develop young players, but this has gone out the window this season at the expense of loan players who won’t be here next year. Doesn’t make sense. there are too many gaps and mistakes this season to give me any confidence he is the right man to take us forward. Style of football, performances, results, future transfer sales from this squad, there is literally nothing there that makes me think we have the right manager in charge. get him out rapid. Then let’s look at strategising with the new investors, advertise, take time to look at candidates and elect for a different strategy. We need to find a different way of doing things to succeed and build. Failure to deal with this means the board will risk much lower season ticket sales and further risk us progressing in what will likely be one of the weakest Championships in years.
  5. Rossmcno1


    Mediocrity would have been finishing 5th. For all that I agree that we should be doing better and Crawford out etC, If he wins through the playoffs, and we get promoted, he stay should stay. If he doesn’t, he goes. For now though, I’m happy we’re in the playoffs. Technically this could be our best season since 2012 if the team win the first round of playoffs, or our equal best season since 2012. depends how you chose to look at it all I suppose....