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  1. Rossmcno1


    You serious? Great setup at St mirren. Every stand in use every week. Superb atmosphere there too because it’s half to 3/4 full every time
  2. Rossmcno1

    Squad For Next Season

    I agree. Never really rated him. Just because he tries hard and does some running, his forward movement and passing was lacking for me. Seems a nice lad and all that but we need more in midfield. Wonder if his player of the year award was more about his popularity and the deficiencies of his midfield team mates more than anything else. I’ll say this. Every single one of them outside McCann, Todd, Allan could go and I wouldn’t even be fussed. Happy to leave that to the new manager to decide and give chances as he sees fit.
  3. I fully expect them to sink to the bottom of the Championship next season
  4. 🤣 what exactly were you expecting? A United front on the internet discussion forum about football!? C’mon 😆
  5. Rossmcno1

    Yogi out

    I’m not understanding the hate of McPake to Be honest. He got Dundee promoted by going on an incredible run of form, he managed some real tough characters in that side too. Sure there’s quality there but also some difficult personalities. By many accounts when he left Dundee the players there were very disappointed. He also wasn’t scared to drop Charlie Adam when he needed to at the tail end of the championship season which triggered that run of form. Ultimately if that’s who is employed we need to give him a chance. Considering the other names, who realistically would be a better option that is attainable?
  6. Rossmcno1

    Yogi out

    Wonder how much fishing McB is doing though buddy….
  7. Rossmcno1

    Yogi out

    Or one person pretending they are in the know and a few folk believing them. 🤣 mcbookie market is so sensitive, 4 folk put a tenner on Andre Schubert and before you know it a guy who’s managed in the champions league becomes favourite for the job….
  8. Rossmcno1

    Yogi out

    Where was the quote about him not being backed publicly?
  9. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    To be fair again to AJ, he kept them up for 2 seasons….
  10. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    I agree with all of this. @GG Rivas shout with this on AJ isn’t that bad a shout. League 1 the guy has a track record better than any on the market I’d suggest? However we all know it would be poison the minute things weren’t going bang on to plan.
  11. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    He’s finished 5th, 3rd and 2nd twice with Airdrie hasn’t he? Decent budget for League 1, he’s not really pulled up the trees or over achieved. Hence why I’m saying he’s not progressed them that much. He may be the answer, but I don’t see it.
  12. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    I’m not buying into Ian Murray chat. Arguably he’s not progressed Airdrie that much, and didn’t he jump before he was pushed out of St Mirren for being dreadful?
  13. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    They’ve all got more up top than our previous incumbents….
  14. Rossmcno1

    New Manager thread......

    Obviously not “random” but let’s follow a comprehensive managerial selection process that….erm…. Random pls after all. 😏