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  1. Rossmcno1

    Null and Void

    Why can’t we just resume from where we are when this eases off? The fixtures are there to be played, just pick up when we are able to restart and play to full completion. To me that’s the only way to retain sporting integrity in face of a huge global crisis.
  2. Rossmcno1

    Lang out on loan

  3. Rossmcno1

    Quick Free Kicks

    Referees “should” police it better but it’s tough to enforce, when do you make the stance? The rule is ten yards but that’s impossible to enforce with a quick free kick if the attacking team wants to do it immediately. The reason you don’t see many players doing the kick off an opponent trick is that the referee will in many cases just ignore the first offence, consider the game restarted and then it becomes an issue for the free kick taker as possession is lost and game moves on. ultimately another example of players making the rules difficult to enforce so we have this grey area
  4. Rossmcno1

    Stranraer v Pars

    @GG Riva so you’re saying yes. No win v Thistle then he has to go? im just asking because that is eye opening with your support of SC previous. Not a dig, just an illustration of how it’s not worked out.
  5. Rossmcno1

    Stranraer v Pars

    GG, so lose or draw v Thistle and he should be sacked?