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  1. Rossmcno1

    Stay of execution.

    I’m in the North West and while there are some rockets as with any support - majority are sound. Overwhelmingly supportive and positive I thought on Saturday in terms of the fan reaction. This has indeed bought enough good will to take to the Hamilton game. A draw at home will bring negativity but maybe not enough to derail him for the Raith game. He needs to win one from the two and avoid defeat at both. I do fear a loss in either really is (and should be) the end. Ultimately it’s a results business, everyone knows that, and to be bottom after playing those two still would be completely unacceptable.
  2. Rossmcno1

    Pars v ICT

    I first read that and thought you were kidding on and at the wind up. Then I googled… 😂.
  3. Rossmcno1


    This. I was there at the end at the corner of the terracing watching it. Basically the players had to walk within 2 feet of some of the fans who were bent over the barriers screaming abuse in their faces. When Dorrans came in the volume went up a wee bit and one fan in particular was almost within touching distance. Something obviously quite personal was said and Dorrans said to him (only him) “f*** off”. That was all I saw. Fan got off lucky I think considering. If they were face 2 face in the street doubt he’s that brave. Dorrans has been woeful for us, but one thing for him, he keeps trying, making self available. He makes mistakes, he’s doing that classic player from a previous high level thing of expecting much more from those about him. He may not work out for us, but he is by far the least of our problems I think.
  4. Rossmcno1

    New Manager

    What always interests me is how we never think outside the box about these things. Example, if we decided to bin Grant and appoint Petrie, a good sized marketing campaign to welcome the new manager, return of a legend would easily pull In a 5000+ crowd. 2000 extra sales at £15 average per pop, theres 6 month wages for them in the bank - sorted! easy innit? Gies that CEO job now eh.
  5. Rossmcno1

    New Manager

    Think you underestimate the fickleness of football fans, and especially Pars fans. I reckon a win v Inverness and you’ll have a large section starting to give it the “give him a chance, he’s turning it round”. I actually can see us drawing on Saturday, and the board continuing to keep him. The whole thing is utterly depressing.
  6. Rossmcno1


    Merely pointing out the irony of someone bemoaning drivel on the BBC, furthermore saying that if fans read more of their own posts then they’d be better informed, and then not proof reading your own posts. I’ll let you crack on and have a grown up conversation with someone else then 👍
  7. Rossmcno1


    If only you could spell the name of the man right, at least the BBC got that correct. Better informed eh? 😂😂
  8. Rossmcno1


  9. Rossmcno1


    Yup I was there too at the game. Watched the full 90 minutes plus added time. Completely disagree with you. Certainly not his best game for Scotland, but to write him off as dramatically as you have done is too far. He had a direct involvement in the goal and set up two other great chances. Thoughts of many at the game was that on two occasions he wasn’t helped by team mates playing the ball behind him when a more structured pass with pace would have been perfect for him to run on to and get a shot away. Additionally when he was taken off, many were bemoaning that Dykes should have been taken off instead. Must say when Adams came on I thought he was awful too. Finally, whether it’s your view or not, fact remains that plenty do read the BBC for updates and information, and many more will see that than your wee angry rant 😉
  10. Rossmcno1


    From the BBC match report:- “What did we learn? Scotland had scored once in four games without a victory before defeating Moldova and goals remain the Achilles heel for Clarke's side. However, they have given themselves a fighting chance of finishing runners-up behind a Denmark side who now appear out of sight, five points clear at the top. Patterson shook off early nerves to give Clarke food for thought at right-back even once Stephen O'Donnell is fully fit, while Nisbet proved himself at this level with his part in the goal. Dykes at times was anonymous, but with four goals in his last five games for club and country, the Queens Park Rangers striker is the match winner Scotland might need in Austria.” Would seem to be at odds with your assessment.
  11. Rossmcno1

    SPFL TROPHY/Challenge Cup

    Then why say it?
  12. Rossmcno1

    The Matchday Programme

    Because the players have shat them all? 😉
  13. Rossmcno1

    Transfer news & gossip

    Lol This is where I worry he has one of his St Mirren seasons and bangs in 25 goals. then I remember he’s playing for Morton and has had two good seasons in ten.
  14. Rossmcno1

    The Matchday Programme

    Just another wee insight that things aren’t right? How much of this is on behalf of the investors and how much is someone being a bit cunty in the background?